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April 14th, 2017

Dear Blushing Books Customers:

As you can probably tell, we’ve once again, changed platforms for our online store.

After several years with our original store, we decided on an upgrade to a different service in August of last year. The store had many options we were excited about, but almost immediately after switching we realized that sometimes bigger isn’t always better. What we should have done is worked to improve the store we already had. In addition to us not being completely satisfied on this end, we received much feedback from you, our customers, who actually preferred the old store all along.

So, we made the decision to switch back and upgrade the older platform we were previously using. It's only been live less than a day and people ate already telling us how much they like it.

Unfortunately, there have been a few bumps in the road. As you’ve read about in the emails we’ve sent out over the past few weeks, orders placed from August till Thursday morning are not in the new store. The backend of the two stores was just too different and even though it was easy to go from the original store to the previous store, moving that data back just did not work out (& believe me, we tried). What this means is that in addition to these orders not appearing in your accounts, reviews over the last 8 months have disappeared as well. Also, if you’re a new customer who just registered in the past 8 months, your account is likely not in the new store and it will be necessary to re-register.

Other issues that we’re working to resolve is that some of our most recent releases are not yet back in the store (but they will be within the next few days to a week) and some of our older books are missing information like descriptions and other details. Both of these issues are being worked on and will be resolved as soon as possible.

If you’re coming back to the new (newest!) store for the first time your login info will likely be different from the one you used up until the changeover on Thursday. Your current login is the SAME as it was in August of last year. If you can’t remember what that was, simply click on the “Password Reminder” link at the top of the site and it will let you change/update your password. In the email that comes to you it will remind you what your user name is. From that point it should be simple to get back into your original account.

If you have any problems logging in, problems in purchasing our downloading orders, please email Susan at

If you have any website specific questions or concerns, please feel free to drop me a line at Our programmer is still working on the store and if you have any suggestions you think might make the store better for everyone, please send them my way. If it’s something he can do, I’ll try my best to make it happen.

We acknowledge what an inconvenience this is and we sincerely apologize. Please know that we’re working as hard as we can behind the scenes to bring everything current and iron out all of these current wrinkles. Everyone here at Blushing Books appreciates your understanding.

Take care and have a wonderful weekend,

Joey B.
Blushing Books Website Manager