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Bride Two Soon: Love Multiplied, Book 1

By: Rayanna Jamison
Published By: Blushing Press
Copyright: �2014 by Blushing Books� and Rayanna Jamison
12 Chapters / 33,800 Words
Heat Level:
4.6 Out Of 5 (4.6 on 19)   |  Write a review
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This is a story of love and life- long friendship against the odds.

What happens when two life long best friends Mollie, and Beth Anne find themselves married to the same old fashioned man?

Can they remain friends? Will jealousy get the best of them? Will their husband be able to fix the problem with a good old fashioned spanking, or two?

Chapter 1

Ben Randall left the Bishop’s office with a knot forming in the pit of his stomach. It wasn’t that he was displeased with the new wife that had been chosen for him�it wasn’t that at all.

He knew Beth Anne fairly well. He was comfortable with her, and she with him, and he knew she would make an excellent wife. It wasn’t that he wasn’t attracted to her, because to be perfectly honest, he had found himself drawn to her from the moment that Mollie had introduced them.

He groaned. With that last thought, he knew he had found the root of the problem. Mollie was going to be beyond furious. He knew for a fact that she was not ready to add to the family yet. While she fully embraced the polygamist lifestyle they had both grown up in, she had expected it would be a year or more before they added any more wives. Heck, they both had! They had only been married a few short months. And, that was only half of the problem.

Ben sat down on the bench outside the church with his head in his hands. He thought about Mollie, his beloved first wife. Mollie with her gorgeous red curls and fiery temper. No, Mollie was not going to take this sitting down.

Going over scenarios in his head trying to figure out how he would break the news, Ben sighed. Deep in his heart, he knew this could only end one way�with his beloved on the wrong end of his paddle.

He didn’t know exactly how it would happen, but he knew it would happen, because Beth Anne, his soon to be second wife, was Mollie’s best friend.

* * * * *

Ben ducked as the second glass candlestick flew across the room and winced as Mollie let loose a vicious string of obscenities. She would surely pay for this later, but pointing that out to her now would only serve to infuriate her further. If that was even possible, he thought wryly as the candlestick hit the door and shattered at his feet.

This had gone on quite long enough. He needed to end it now. The problem was�he had no idea how. He couldn’t possibly spank her while she was in this state, but he had been trying to calm her for well over an hour. The list of offenses she had managed to accrue during that time period was staggering, and he was dreading dishing out the punishment that would eventually come.

It was time to take action. He crossed the room in two long strides and grabbed his wife by the shoulders. “Now Mollie, I know you are upset but�”

“Get Bent!” she screamed, shaking him off. “What do you know of how I feel, Ben? I know that you have been secretly lusting after that�that hoochie for months.”

Okay, now, this was getting ridiculous. “Enough,” he roared. “I have been listening to you insult me, Beth Anne, Bishop Miller, and everyone else you can think of for over an hour! I expected you to be angry, and I fully intended to cut you some slack here, but you have disrespected me, our beliefs, my future wife, and yourself. You have cursed, screamed, and thrown things. You have acted with behaviors completely unbecoming of a lady, going against everything we believe, and I suggest young lady that you stop right now because you have one hell of a spanking coming!”

He never raised his voice to her and the shock of it had been enough to cut off her rant long enough to have his say. He saw in her eyes the exact moment she realized exactly how much trouble she was in. Regret flickered in her eyes quickly, but just as quickly, rage replaced it.

She screeched and fled to the bedroom, locking the door behind her. Ben turned and headed to the kitchen to fetch the broom.�

* * * * *

Mollie paced around the bedroom with big tears coursing down her cheeks. There was no way she was going to accept a punishment over this. It was just not fair at all! She had been betrayed by everyone she trusted, so why should she be in trouble?

How could Ben be so calm about this? They had barely been married three months! They were just settling in and getting used to each other. What could he be thinking, agreeing to add another wife so soon? He could have said no! He just didn’t want to, she decided angrily.

She had always been happy to see him and Beth Anne getting along. What was she thinking? Everyone always liked sweet, demure Beth Anne better than wild outspoken impetuous Mollie. Beth Anne was smarter. Beth Anne tried harder, she was sweeter, and she was prettier. Mollie was always being compared to Beth Anne and coming up short. It was practically the story of her life. Why had she thought Ben was any different? She obviously wasn’t enough for him. He had probably begged poor Bishop Miller to find him a new wife soon. She couldn’t do anything right!

Mollie rubbed at her eyes. She knew her thoughts were silly. She was over tired and emotional, hurt and angry. And now she was in trouble with Ben to boot.

She couldn’t even think about that right now. She curled up on their bed and fell asleep.

* * * * *

It took Ben over an hour to finish cleaning up the mess Mollie had made during her temper tantrum. He hadn’t the slightest clue as to how to begin to punish her. He had expected a fight, but never had he dreamed his sweet Mollie girl was capable of such nastiness.

He would have to punish her severely and he was not looking forward to it one bit. So far, in their short marriage he had only had to spank her a handful of times and for minor offenses. This was going to be tough on both of them.

He climbed the stairs to their room slowly, resigned to his role as the leader of their home. However, when he got to the door, he found it locked, and he could hear his sweet wife snoring softly. Glad to be granted a reprieve for the night, Ben glanced at his watch. It was only seven o’clock. There was only one thing to do. He was going to see Beth Anne.

* * * * *

Beth Anne saw Ben’s truck as it pulled into the driveway of the home she still shared with her parents. She knew Bishop Miller had intended to talk to Ben today and expected him. And, she observed with a sigh, he was here without Mollie, which meant Mollie had taken it about as well as Beth Anne had expected her to. She wrung her hands and waited for her father to call her downstairs.

When he finally did, she flew down the stairs, pausing only a few feet away from Ben. “How is she?”

Ben ran his hand through his hair. “Beth Anne, you know her better than anyone on this earth. How do you think she is?”

She closed her eyes and sank into her father’s easy chair. “She’s furious with me.”

“And me, and Bishop Miller, and just about everyone right now. Hell, Beth Anne, you couldn’t have given me a heads up? You have obviously known for a bit that you were about to turn my world upside down! A little advance notice would have been nice!” he said.

It was custom in their church for a woman to receive a name in a vision or dream, the name of her future husband. Believing it to be from God, she then took the name to the Bishop. He then prayed about it, sometimes for weeks, before confirming it to be the Lord’s will. If he felt the vision was true, it was his job to inform the intended husband. A wedding would generally take place only a few weeks later.

“Ben, please understand,” she pleaded. “I thought for sure I had gotten it wrong! I never thought Bishop Miller would agree with me. It feels like someone is playing a cruel joke on all of us!”

Ben chuckled to himself, thinking that he ought to be offended by his future wife referring to their upcoming marriage as a cruel joke. But the truth was, he knew exactly what she meant. “Beth Anne,” Ben searched his heart for the right words. “I know we will all move forward and eventually become the family we are intended to be. It is His will. It will probably take a little longer for us to get there, and be a little harder than it should be, but I know we will all come through and be better for it in the end. I will be in touch with you early next week regarding wedding plans. In the meantime, Mollie and I have some things we need to attend to.”

Beth Anne gasped and her hands flew to her mouth, her eyes widening. Growing up in the community as she had, she knew that was code for ‘somebody’s getting a spanking.’ “Oh, Ben, please don’t punish her! This is all my fault. I can’t stomach the thought of her being in trouble because of me.”

“Beth Anne,” Ben leveled a look at her, his eyes twinkling. “I’ve heard all the stories. This wouldn’t be the first time, however,” he raised his voice slightly as he saw Beth Anne open her mouth to object. “This is not in any way, shape, or form your fault. Mollie’s misdeeds were her own doing, and she will be punished for them. You are not to place any blame upon yourself, young lady, and if I hear another word about it your first night as my wife will not be a pleasant one.” With those last words, a wink and a nod, Ben left, closing the door firmly behind him.

Beth Anne’s breath caught in her throat as she stared at the empty space where Ben had just been standing. Had he just threatened to spank her?

Redrabbitt on 02/29/2016 08:43pm
Newlyweds, Ben, and Mollie are still in the honeymoon phase, having only been married a few months. What happens when Ben is called into Bishop Miller’s office to be informed he has been chosen to be a husband again, now to Mollie’s best friend, Beth Anne? It is one thing for two girls growing up as best of friends for the past twenty years and another to suddenly become sister-wives. Ben will be facing some challenging times with the antics of these two women. My favorite line in the story, “We had ourselves a good ole Come to Jesus meeting, yes, we did.” The story covers Christian Domestic Discipline. There are no sex scenes, but several punishment spankings.
amber on 01/20/2015 04:48pm
This was the first book by Rayanna that I read, AMAZING!! I have always found the polygamist life fascinating and it was a great in-site and story line. Loved it and I can't wait to read the next one.
Felicity Nichols on 09/10/2014 11:56pm
Bride Two Soon is about Ben and Mollie who have only been married for two months when Mollie's bestfriend Beth Anne chooses Ben as here husband. Mollie is instantly furious about the prospect of having Beth Anne as a sister wife. As Beth Ann works her way into the family, she chooses to try to get rid of her. Bride Two Soon shows a polygamist relationship more realistically. It isn't all sunshine and roses like the tv shows portray. It can be a hard adjustment on all involved in the new marriage. I laughed, rooted for Mollie, and teared up for Beth Ann. My biggest brag to Rayanna is her ability to let us know the guilt Ben feels over spanking her knowing she is emotionally unstable. Rayanna shows this emotion perfect and while I read a lot of spanking stories, she is the first author to let us into how to male is feeling and his point of view. I thoroughly enjoyed Rayanna and cannot wait to read more from her.
Lynn on 08/22/2014 02:16am
This book was a perfect mix of love and discipline. The characters are really well written and I love the dynamic of a polygamous marriage. Going to buy book 2 right away!
Melanie on 08/12/2014 11:26pm
I have always had a love for the polygamy life style. I just love this book and the way it is written. The way Mollie and Beth Anne fight and make up, the way Ben looks at both of them is just amazing. I really enjoy that not only is it a spanking story, it is also very entertaining. I not only loved the story line I fell in love with the characters. I highly recommend Bride Two Soon to anyone and everyone.
Tiffany on 05/26/2014 06:47pm
I was pleasantly surprised by this story. I found it a delight to read. Beth Anne and Mollie make this book a unforgettable read. Poor Ben is the unsuspecting husband caught in the middle. But Ben does figure them out and puts an end to their fighting with a firm hand. The laughter, the tears,the ups and downs definitely make this a book you won't want to miss reading. I look forward to reading more of this series.
Krista on 05/12/2014 04:46pm
Anyone who is interested in the polygamy lifestyle--and I certainly am--will enjoy this tale of two best friends who have to learn to deal with the fact that they will share a husband. I really felt for Molly, who is sure that Ben will love his new wife more. I also enjoyed learning about this interesting culture.
Meg on 05/09/2014 06:45pm
This book was amazing, Introduced me to the lifestyle of having two wives and one husband and how to live together. Molly and Beth Anne were best friends until Beth Anne was going to marry Ben too. They did not get along at the beginning both were spanked many times - but Ben was fair and understanding. I would recommend this book - I read it in one day.
Joelle Casteel on 05/09/2014 04:46pm
When I read on Facebook that an acquaintance was writing a "polygamy spanking romance," I was thrilled! As a devoted polyamorist, I love reading about polygamy, the ways it's different and the same as what I live my polyamory. So as soon as Blushing Books released the book, I went and bought a copy. The blurb absolutely sold me on the book- best friends about to become sister wives after the first wife was married to the husband only a short time? Wow! I loved the way Rayanna worked through the issues of the best friends, Molly and Beth Anne; I enjoyed seeing the work these women did to regain their friendship and expand it as sister wives, both in love with the same man, Ben- who was gloriously clueless about the workings of women's relationships and needed his father's staid advice on returning the peace to his household. I didn't see anywhere in blurbs etc that this is a clean book, in other words, without sex scenes, but I find I enjoyed the story, the romance, and the friendships so much in the book that I didn't miss the graphic sexual scenes at all. I can't wait for the next book!
Katie on 05/05/2014 02:35pm
I tend to be extremely selective about what stories I read based on how well I like the author's writing, and I usually don't write reviews, but I had to for this one! I really enjoyed this story! Rayanna Jamison did an excellent job of drawing the reader into the thoughts of each character, including really showing Ben's internal struggles, which, agreeing with other reviews, I thought was a definite strength of this book. Also, regarding the polygamy side of things, I really like that Rayanna didn't just portray the typical farm-like or cultish stereotype, but chose to portray her characters instead like one of the many modern polygamist families that also exist today. Definitely a great spanking story, but also a great story on its own--intriguing, sweetly romantic, and held my attention from beginning to end. I can't wait to read more from this very talented author!
Pooky on 05/04/2014 04:49pm
I've had a "Secret* interest/fetish polygamist marriages for a while, (Okay I admit mostly since I started watching sister wives.) This book was perfectly done. Not too harsh, not too graphic. Rayanna Jamison has obviously done her research and I can't wait to see what she writes next. Ben and Mollie were perfect together when left alone- but when you add a bestfriend to the mix well things are going to get HOT! This books sizzles from page one all the way to the end. I went back and forth rooting for Mollie and then to Beth Anne, loving both of them in completely different ways. Owen was a hoot and the story would have been lost without him. I hope there will be more from Rayanna and soon!
Pat on 05/03/2014 06:12am
First let me say that I enjoy menage stories though this is the first one I've read with two women and one man. In the books I've read previously all the participates recognzed that each person in the relationship was a mature adult and they were respected as such. Where there were instances of jealousy or anger with another partner (and yes, many of them included DD where each man would provide discipline to the one woman, as necessary), it was never, ever, put down to that person (or the person's sex in general) having the emotional stability of a child because everyone in the story recognized that jealousy is an unfortunate but understandable emotion when there are multiple partners in a relationship. I thought this story was okay right up to the point where Ben's father gives him advice that began with explaining that women are like emotional children and need to be treated as such. How extremely condescending and insulting (and unfortunately, I suspect, it was the point of the entire book). This could have been a very good story that gave a window into the very reasonable conflict that would occur with the introduction of a new wife (particularly one who had been best friends with the first wife before the new marriage). Instead, it became nothing more than an insulting and unfulfilling novella where both women and Ben wind up agreeing with sainted daddy that women are emotional children. So here's my question, if tables were turned and it was Mollie bringing another man into the marriage, how emotionally mature would Ben have been? Since men have been known to get into fist fights due to jealousy for their women, I don't think it would be far fetched to believe that he would have been behaving very badly if the situation happened to him. It seems pretty darn hypocritical of either him or sainted daddy to talk about women as being like emotional children when very likely they would behave in as bad a manner or worse than the women they are talking about. There actually were a couple times when Ben apologized for his part in making a hash of the multiple marriage but he never actually tried to atone for any of the mistakes he made, even though he was definitely intent on getting his pound of flesh (pun - hah!) from both Mollie and Beth Anne so they could atone for their mistakes. I felt like he went to get the sage advice from sainted daddy simply because he was unhappy, not because he needed to make things right for his wives.
Meg on 05/02/2014 04:28pm
This is a book where best friends, Mollie and Beth Anne find themselves married to the same husband, Ben. It is in a polygamist community. I could easily see how Mollie who was the first wife - of only 3 months - was stunned and unable to accept that her best friend told the bishop that she was also to marry Ben. Ben seems like a good man but finds his hands full trying to make their new family of 3 not only get along but to truly enter into a loving relationship with each other. There is some spanking but not overdone so if you are looking for a hot spanking story, this probably isn't what you are looking for. However, if you are looking for a romantic spanking story that is gentle, this should please you. I agree with some of the other reviews - it would have been nice to learn more about the community. As for legality, heck, this is supposed to be fiction - so just enjoy the story, I did.
kitty ranma on 05/02/2014 01:17am
This is a nicely done tale but. Yes there's usually a but. I'd like to know a little bit of the background of the polygamy community, things like is it legal here? has something happened and there's more women than men? If not might we see multiple men and a woman families in this series. Or better yet a family that has multiple both sex's. Yes I'm a Robert Hienlien fan.
Marybeth on 05/01/2014 07:51pm
Ok, first let me say that this is a story about a polygamous family. Yes, there is religion, but it is not shoved in your face. In this community, women are given a vision or a dream about the man they are to marry and they take the name to their bishop and he decides if it is God’s will. Beth Anne had a vision that she would marry Ben. But, Ben and her best friend Mollie are already married and they have only been married for three months. Normally there is a longer time between marriages. Mollie is very unhappy (to say the least!) about this development and she throws a very large temper tantrum over it. She gets a very severe spanking from Ben because of it the next time. During the courting period for Ben and Beth Anne, there is anger and resentment between the best friends. They each do nasty things to the other, but Ben is unaware of the problems. They have a ceasefire for the wedding, but after that they went back to their fighting. It got bad, but finally the situation was resolved and they started to become a family. There are really good punishment spankings in this book. My biggest complaint is that this is a short story and the ending is very abrupt. I can see from the title that this book will be a series, so I’m guessing that’s why the story ended so abruptly. I really wish that authors would go back to fewer longer stories instead of lots of novellas. I would willingly pay more if the story was longer. I give this 4 stars.
KArc on 05/01/2014 06:36pm
This is a good story about a polygamous community that believes God sends a woman the name of her future husband in a dream or vision. The woman then brings the name to the Bishop who will pray over the names until he can confirm it is from God. Ben and Molly have been married for a few months when their Bishop informs them that Molly's best friend, Beth Ann has received Ben as the name of her husband, too. Molly is very angry. She firmly believes in this lifestyle but had hoped for at least a year alone with Ben before a second wife was added. Ben has his hands full as Molly and Beth Ann fight tooth and nail, and he's not even aware of all that is going on. I really liked the concept of this story but found that the polygamy part of it got lost and it just seemed like two friends fighting. I am anxious to read more in this series and hope to read more of the dynamics of a polygamous relationship.
Megan Michaels on 05/01/2014 03:49pm
Bride Two Soon is a wonderful, romantic, spanking, polygamy book. There is a sweetness and kindness to the main characters. I love how stern Ben is when necessary and yet how sweet and sensitive he is with both of the women. The conflict between the women is engaging and draws you into the conflict between them. Rayanna adds beautiful details whether it is how the dinner table is set or how the reception hall is decorated that makes you feel like you are there. Very romantic book with plenty of spankings.
Patricia Green on 05/01/2014 09:08am
Mollie and Beth Anne are best friends who grew up in a polygamist community. Mollie gets married to Ben, and all is happy and jolly. Until their bishop tells Ben he is also slated to marry Beth Anne. Since he and Mollie haven’t been married long enough to get out of the honeymoon phase, this is a stunning blow to both of them. Mollie takes it especially hard, and jealousy rears its ugly head. When Beth Anne moves in, all hell breaks loose. I like what this book represents: a different, wholesome way of life, where multiple “wives” are accepted and the outside world isn’t a party to their personal relationships. I could really get on my soapbox here and write a laundry list of why polygyny ought to be acceptable, even in these modern feminist times, but I won’t. And bride Two Soon stays clear of proselytizing as well. In Jamison’s world the tale is all that matters, and if the reader accepts that this is a story about another lifestyle, they’ll be spellbound. Bride Two Soon is more than a clever title (though it really is clever). It’s a spanking romance with a tender twist that shines a light on a different way to structure relationships. There are plenty of spankings and lots of romance, wrapped in a highly entertaining story. I recommend Bride Two Soon to anyone who believes that romance comes in all kinds of packages.
Felicity Nichols on 05/01/2014 07:32am
Bride Two Soon is about Ben and Mollie who have only been married for two months when Mollie's bestfriend Beth Anne chooses Ben as here husband. Mollie is instantly furious about the prospect of having Beth Anne as a sister wife. As Beth Ann works her way into the family, she chooses to try to get rid of her. Bride Two Soon shows a polygamist relationship more realistically. It isn't all sunshine and roses like the tv shows portray. It can be a hard adjustment on all involved in the new marriage. I laughed, rooted for Mollie, and teared up for Beth Ann. My biggest brag to Rayanna is her ability to let us know the guilt Ben feels over spanking her knowing she is emotionally unstable. Rayanna shows this emotion perfect and while I read a lot of spanking stories, she is the first author to let us into how to male is feeling and his point of view. I thoroughly enjoyed Rayanna and cannot wait to read more from her.

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