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The Prodigal Bride: Love Multiplied, Book 2

By: Rayanna Jamison
Published By: Blushing Press
Copyright: �2014 by Blushing Books� and Rayanna Jamison
13 Chapters / 30,700 Words
Heat Level:
4.5 Out Of 5 (4.5 on 15)   |  Write a review
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Sophia Randall had no intention on returning to her home in the polygamist community she grew up when she left Hiram Jefferson just hours before their wedding. Though she cared deeply for Hiram and his family, she was young and impulsive.

Ten years, two children, and one monogamous marriage later, returning to Green Valley after the death of her husband is the only option left.

Hiram was devastated when Sophia left him at the altar. With everything already on his plate-- between his job as the district superintendent, his large family, and one sick wife, the last thing he needs is the headache of Sophia being back in town.

When his wives go behind his back and form an alliance with Sophia, what is left for him to do but show them the error of their ways with a little old fashioned discipline. But what will happen when he finds out the true reason Sophia left him in the first place?


"Miss, I'm sorry Miss, but you can't just sit here without ordering something. Can I get you a soda or coffee or something?" The blue haired waitress, whose nametag read 'Dottie,' brought Sophia jolting back to reality with her words.

She opened her mouth to tell� the woman that she didn't drink caffeinated beverages, that it was against her religion, when she realized that the reason she was sitting in the roadside caf� in the first place was because only hours ago she had� run away, leaving the religious community that was the only home she had ever known.

She hadn't meant to leave the religion�that had never been her plan. It had just happened. As usual she hadn't thought, only acted. She realized too late, that she couldn't go home now, not after what she had just done.

The waitress was still standing over her, glairing through her cat-eyed glasses, waiting for a response. Her heart beat hard and fast against her chest. What was it her father always said?� Go big or go home. Well, she wasn't going home, so she might as well go big, right?

"I'll have a Cola," she squeaked out, looking over her shoulder guiltily.� There was no one there to tell her no, to shake their head or cluck their tongue at her supposed sins.� She was all alone, and completely free, whatever that meant.

The waitress, Dottie, had already scurried away, returning almost immediately with the forbidden drink.

Sophia just stared at the dark amber fluid, gathering her thoughts. If she didn't drink it, if she never took that first sip, maybe it wouldn't be too late. Maybe she could get back in her car, head home, and plead forgiveness. It was only an hour drive back to safety and security.

In an hour, the wedding guests would have scattered, and the church and reception hall would be dismantled from the festivities, after the wedding that never was.

But perhaps it wouldn't be too late. She could explain. Jitters, cold feet, she would tell them all. She was after all, only nineteen. Her parents would understand. But would Hiram? Would he still want to marry her? And if he did, did she really want to marry him? Wasn't that the question that had gotten her here in the first place?

Gulping, she remembered the last conversation she had had with him, last night, after the rehearsal dinner. Her face flushed and her heart pounded in her chest.

She picked up the glass in front of her and took a sip, savoring the icy sweet liquid as it traveled down her throat. It tasted like freedom. She guzzled it greedily, draining the glass, threw $3 down on the table for Dottie and walked out.

Chapter 1

The beat up red Honda Civic had surely seen better days. Sophia winced as it crawled down the deserted highway at a snail's pace. Ironically, its first trip so many years ago had been the day she left Green Valley. It looked like her return trip, now ten years later, might be the old girls last. The thought made her sad. Ol' Bess, as she fondly thought of her car, had been the one constant in her life.

The engine lurched, sputtered, and chugged. Smoke began to rise ominously from the hood. Sophia gripped the steering wheel harder and muttered a prayer under her breath. She wasn't actually sure anymore that there was a Heavenly Father watching out for her, but the prayers were a second nature, the one thing from childhood she hadn't completely abandoned. Besides, she reasoned, if there really was a God, she needed him now more than ever.

She was now just twenty-five miles outside of the polygamist community she had grown up in. If Ol' Bess could just make it that much farther, Sophia prayed.

It was getting late in the day, her babies had fallen asleep in the backseat, and she hadn't been home to Green Valley since the day she took off and left Hiram Jefferson at the altar more than ten years ago.

She could have come home at any time. She knew that her family would have welcomed her with open arms. While the community was highly religious, they were also family oriented. Unlike some communities in their same faith, they did not preach against those who left the church to find their own way.

Yet Sophia had left at the age of nineteen and had never looked back. It had been easier that way. Polygamist women didn't leave their intended husbands at the altar and take off without a word, which is exactly what Sophia had done. She was pretty sure she had been the first, and possibly the last, to ever do such a thing, at least in Green Valley.

The sad thing was she knew when she did it that Hiram hadn't deserved the hurt she was causing him. She had had no good reason for her decision other than being young and scared. Sophia had been nineteen to Hiram's twenty-eight. Being older and more serious than free spirited, impetuous Sophia was as far as she knew, Hiram's only fault. He truly was undeserving of the rumors and scandal that had undoubtedly followed her abrupt departure.

It was no one's fault. Sophia reasoned that she just wasn't cut out for plural marriage, and especially not cut out to be with someone as cold and inflexible as Hiram Jefferson.

In fact, Sophia had been in a fulfilling, happy, monogamous marriage for seven years. Robert had been everything that Hiram wasn't. He was fun loving, spontaneous, a dreamer, and a dream chaser. He loved adventure and lived every day as if it might be his last. He worked to live instead of the other way around, and treasured every moment he could spend with family and friends. He had been a good husband to her, and a great father to Bobby and Zoe. Until a year and a half ago, when he was diagnosed with Stage four brain cancer. Four months later, he was gone.

His life insurance policy had barely covered the medical bills, and what was left hadn't been much, but it had helped her hang on for a little while. But after a year, she had to face facts. There was no way they could survive any longer on her wages from the school, and there was no way she could keep doing this alone.� The cost of living in the city was way too high, and her resources were shot.

As hard as it may be for her, her kids deserved to be around family. She cashed out her meager retirement plan and used the money to travel back to Green Valley. There was nothing else she could do.

She was going to stay with her brother, Ben, and his two wives, Mollie and Beth Anne.

Ben was her closest sibling of all sixteen of her brothers and sisters. They were closest in age and relationship, and they were full siblings rather than half. Ben was twenty-seven to her twenty-nine. She knew it had devastated him when she left. He had only been seventeen at the time, and about to head off to college, but as soon as he had been able, he had hired a private investigator to track her down. After he located her, he sent letters, cards, and emails, until he had finally wore her down into contacting him.

Now, they spoke on the phone every week. Since Robert's death, he had begun to call more often. At first, he had just called to check on her and the kids but, once it became more and more obvious that they were struggling, he spent more and more time trying to persuade her to come home. He eventually won that battle, and she found herself looking forward to being back with her family.

She had hoped to surprise Ben and make it back in time for his wedding to Beth Anne, but life had gotten in the way and it hadn't been possible. The Honda had needed new tires before she could make such a trip, and Zoe had gotten a bad flu bug, making it impossible for her to work the hours needed to pay for the new tires.

Sophia figured it was for the best anyway. Ben, Mollie, and Beth Anne had needed that time to settle in to their new family without her and her crew adding their chaos to the mix. It had now been about four months since the wedding, and according to Ben, things were just finally beginning to settle down.

Sophia chuckled to herself. Ben surely had his hands full with those two without adding herself, Zoe, and Daniel to the mix. Beth Anne and Mollie were five years younger than she was, but she remembered them all right. Those two had been a handful even back then. They hadn't been overly bad, just full of good intentions gone astray. Sophia could only imagine what they would be like now, and wondered if they had mellowed out at all. Even if they had, two best friends sharing a husband sounded like a recipe for disaster if you asked her. But, Ben had assured her repeatedly that they were getting on just fine, and that they had plenty of room for her and the kids.

"Mommy, I have to go pee-pee," Zoe's sleepy voice piped up from the back seat interrupting her thoughts.

"Are you serious? Can you hold it just a bit longer sweetie? We're almost to your Uncle Ben's!"

Sophia was pretty sure that if she pulled over now and stopped the car, she would never get it started again, not to mention that they were pretty much in the middle of nowhere.

"No, Mommy. I have to go now! Right. Now." For such a small girl, Zoe had a big voice, and an even bigger personality.

Shoot. Sophia racked her brain. It was possible that she could pull over and leave the car running, and find a bush somewhere Zoe could squat behind. She was pretty sure she had some napkins in the glove box. It wasn't ideal, but it would have to do. Zoe was two and a half and just barely potty trained. Sophia could not count on her being able to hold it the rest of the way to Green Valley.

Seeing no other feasible option, Sophia scanned the road ahead for a good place to pull over. She had just spotted a clearing on a shoulder of the road with some trees off to the distance that looked like they would provide some privacy when Zoe's high-pitched wail sounded from the backseat. It was more of a cry than a whine this time, and Sophia rushed to reassure her.

"It's okay, baby, we're almost to a spot where we can take a potty break okay?" She spoke in a calm, even manner, even though Zoe's cry was quickly grating on her already shot nerves.

Reaching the pull-off spot, she eased the car to the side of the deserted country highway and said a little prayer that the car wouldn't die.

"It's too late!" Zoe wailed from the backseat. "I already peed."

Sophia cursed as she turned and saw the stain spreading across the gray fabric that covered Zoe's booster seat. Just then, the Honda gave a huge creaking groan, sputtered again, and died.

Margaret Corcoran on 08/10/2015 01:05pm
I really enjoyed this book. It is sweet and well written with interesting human characters. A strong very human man and feisty women. An enjoyable look at polygamy.
Amber on 01/20/2015 04:58pm
Another hit by Rayanna! I liked this book more than the first one! Reading about the polygamy life is very interesting to me. I enjoyed the firm but accepting hand of Hiram.
Felicity Nichols on 09/11/2014 12:16am
The last thing Sophia Randall thought she would be doing is returning home. Especially after running away ten years ago. Now she is back and Hiram is enraged to see her. He doesn't believe she has any right to return to Green Valley. Hiram is hurting but still cares for Sophia. After a tense meeting with the bishop and a prayer he comes home to find that Sophia is back in his life but can he handle that? First off, I love the cover. It is my favorite from Blushing by far. Rayanna Jamison shows us a tender side of romance with a firm hand behind it. She writes Polygamist Romance without throwing it in your face that they have multiple wives. I think that Jamison has found her strong suit and should keep writing in this genre. I cannot wait to read the next Love Multiplied book.
Kevan on 08/30/2014 02:25pm
Overall, this is a sweet story about a young woman who left her polygamous community for ten years, while secretly yearning to return, unknown even to herself. The women are fairly well drawn, but I found the lone male character a little too conscientious and saintly—the passages told from his point of view serving more to make him sympathetic than to round out the character. The book's biggest flaw is that the particular ignorance that led the heroine to flee, all those years ago, is hard to credit: she couldn't not have known something so ubiquitous in the community, even as a child. And once she's enlightened, she goes from horrified to eager way more quickly than a real person could. One disturbing bit: there's a character with degenerative arthritis who's described as having so much chronic pain that she winces getting up out of a chair. But she gets spanked, too. Spanking in this book is just something every woman should have, it seems, regardless of circumstances.
Redrabbitt on 08/28/2014 08:36pm
Sophia Randall, 19 years old, was to be married to Hiram Jefferson, 28 years old, as his second wife in the polygamist community of Green Valley. She loved his first wife Lucy and their two children. But the night before the wedding, she was giddy and would not settle down and he got upset with her while trying to carry on a serious conversation and ended up spanking her. The next day, she gets in her car and takes off, leaving her friends, family and community. Ten years go by, Sophia is now a young widow with two small children and broke. Her husband died of cancer and she has contacted her youngest brother, Ben, and is returning to Green Valley. She wants to get back on her feet, find a job and eventually a place to stay. Hiram isn't happy to have Sophia back in town. This story has forgiveness, acceptance and healing for both Sophia and Hiram. Feelings towards each other have never really died and love can be found again. This is a Christian Domestic Discipline story without any sex.
Marybeth on 08/22/2014 11:47pm
Sophia grew up in a polygamous community. Women dreamed about who their husband was to be and then let the religious leader of the community know. The Bishop informed the husband to be and then they courted. Women were young when they married in this community and Sophia was no exception. She was 19 when she was supposed to marry Hiram. Unfortunately, the night before the wedding Hiram spanked Sophia and Sophia ran because she was scared. She left the community and eventually met her husband Robert. They were happily married for 7 years and they had two young children. Unfortunately, Robert had cancer and he died. Sophia had a hard time making ends meet and decided to go back home to family. The first person she meets is Hiram. He is shocked to see Sophia. He has moved on with his life and even married a second wife. But, when Hiram meets the Bishop in town, he learns that the Bishop believes that they will marry soon, as their relationship is ordained by God. Hiram is shocked and lets the Bishop know that he does not plan to marry Sophia. The Bishop speaks with him and Hiram decides to let God decide if he needs to marry Sophia yet. Meanwhile, Sophia has met Hiram’s second wife and they start to hatch a plan. Eventually, there is a HEA, but it gets there in a roundabout way. I enjoyed this story. We met this community in Bride Two Soon. The story is well written, just really short. I look forward to reading more about this community. I give this story 4 stars.
Melanie on 08/12/2014 11:31pm
Such a great book, I loved the first one and this is even better. Sophia and Hiram are wonderful characters as are Phoebe and Lucy. I really enjoyed "watching" Sophia realize her love for Hiram and his love for her. I highly recommend this book!
Patricia Green on 08/11/2014 11:02am
Rayanna Jamison knows her way around a sweet romance, and The Prodigal Bride is proof. The book tells the story of Sophia and Hiram. Sophia was a runaway bride ten years prior to the start of this story, and Hiram had been the intended groom, left at the altar. The polygamist community where they live also has a domestic discipline bent, and Sophia didn’t realize it until the night before her wedding was supposed to take place. When Hiram gives her a chaste spanking, it pushes all her panic buttons, and she runs. During their ten year separation, they've both moved on with their lives. Hiram has two wives, and Sophia, many miles away, has married and had two children. Her family, however, remains in Green Valley, where she grew up. When her husband dies, Sophia can do nothing but move back to Green Valley and try to start her life again. Meeting Hiram right off the bat is disturbing for both of them. What follows is a romance of a different kind. I enjoyed The Prodigal Bride. The characters were realistic, they breathed their dreams, successes and failures. The polygamy was tasteful and easy to understand; it never preached. There was no sex in this book, but there was plenty of romance. Oh, and let’s not forget the spankings! They were numerous and well-deserved, but very lovingly done. I recommend The Prodigal Bride by Rayanna Jamison. I enjoyed it very much and know you will, too.
Katy Beth McKee on 08/09/2014 02:04pm
Sophie ran away because she was young and was afraid to ask questions. Ten years later she back except now she's widowed with two young children. She runs into Hiram the man she left at the alter. She finds a job but it happens to be caring for the woman who was supposed to be her sister wife. But what surprises both her and Hiram is the feelings that are still there. Now they have to reconnect and figure out the right plan.
Pat on 08/09/2014 01:25pm
This book was definitely better than the author's first novel, Bride Two Soon. While the plot is a bit shallow and has more religious overtones than I normally like, I thought the characters of Sophia and Hiram (and Lucy and Phoebe to a degree) were interesting. Sophia is trying to find a new path after her husband's death from brain cancer. She is pretty much without money and desperate to find stability for her children. Hence her agreement to move home to live with her brother and his wives while getting reestablished in the area. Her decision to find a life in a secular community close to her family made sense to me (although that was a decision that certainly got overturned pretty quickly). It bothered me a bit that Sophia felt that she made a mistake when she left ten years earlier since in those ten years she met, fell in love (presumably), married and had two was all that a mistake too???? The other diminished part of the book was that at the beginning of the book it is mentioned that Bobby is having a lot of emotional difficulties since the death of his father and Hiram had a really negative opinion of the boy when he first met him. Then nothing much else is said about the child till the epilog where voila, Bobby is back to normal. It would have been nice to see some of the transition of Bobby into the new family. I thought it was really interesting that Hiram never told Phoebe about his relationship with Sophie or that she stood him up at the altar. I would have thought that would be part of their getting to know you conversation...also, considering how closed their town was, how could Phoebe not know about it (since she wasn't new to the community and pretty much everyone else knew about it, I was a bit confused on how she didn't know). The one scene with Owen (Sophia's father) shows a much more sympathetic character than the one portrayed in the first book (which wasn't actually hard to do) and Ben (Owen's son and Sophia's brother), Mollie and Beth Anne (Ben's wives) seem to have developed a more stable relationship than the one from the first book. This book is a quick, easy and light read.
Pooky on 08/07/2014 02:30pm
I fell in love with this series at book one... but this one is ten times better. I LOVE Hiram. Sophia is every woman in her fear and sassy way. And then you add the other two wives, oh the mischief they can create. Old fears are put to bed, when Sophia sees that Hiram is a loving and firm disciplinarian, just like many other husbands in the community. Why, even her brother and his two wives live that way, and even when Sophia wants to protect them, sensible Molly explains the draw to be accountable to her husband. If only Sophia had known all those years ago.
Meg on 08/06/2014 07:24pm
This is the 2nd in the series. Sophia fled the polygamy community of Green River a decade earlier on the eve of her marriage to Hiram. Discovering that the man intended to actually spank her in their marriage had her fearing she would be bound to an abusive husband. She weds another and has two children. When her husband dies, she has no choice but to return to family and moves in with her brother Ben and his two wives, only to discover her brother spanks his wives as well. Sophia learns that there is a huge difference between abuse and domestic discipline done out of love and caring. Hiram is determined to avoid his runaway bride only to find that both of his own wives have fallen in love with her and the three women have schemed behind his back so that Sophia can work in his household in order to help out his family as well as save money to start her new life. Sparks from the past fly and Hiram discovers that perhaps the Bishop was right – God had a plan for Hiram and Sophia and it would be best to follow it. Very sweet story containing domestic discipline. I really enjoyed the first in the series and found this was a very nice sequel. I hope Ms Jamison continues to educate her readers about life in a polygamous community and the people involved.
Tina on 08/06/2014 01:36pm
This book is the second book in the series, I have not read the first book and it did not cause me any difficulty in understanding this story. The prologue begins with Sophia running away from her fiancé and her religious polygamous community the day she should’ve been walking down the aisle. The story then picks up with Sophia and her two children returning 10 years later to live with her brother Ben after she can no longer survive financially following the death of her husband. The first person she runs into is her ex fiancé who she left standing at the alter with no explanation, we begin to see both of their feelings and thoughts as Sophia adapts to being back within the community and being 10yrs older now, begins to understand the misunderstanding that drove her away in the first place . This was the first book I’ve read where the husband has more than one wife and I really enjoyed the story. Although the book contains religion, it is only so far as to understand that the community itself is religious. This book also contains no sex, it’s more about the dynamics of the family. I really enjoyed reading about families, although it would’ve been nice to know a bit more about the community itself. I would definitely recommend this book I received this as an ARC for an honest review.
Krista on 08/05/2014 09:51pm
As the other reviewer mentioned, so sweet and EVEN BETTER than the first! I really liked these characters, especially the feisty heroine! I loved the story line and found it very different!
angel on 08/05/2014 07:39am
This is a sweet story filled with romance a strong Alpha male who knows when to take our feisty heroines over his knee or in his arms for a hug The heroines keep the hero on his toes and will keep you turning the pages to see what they will do next This a great short story

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