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Dominating Devney: Montana Maiden Series, Book 3

By: Vanessa Vale
Published By: Blushing Press
Copyright: �2014 by Blushing Books� and Vanessa Vale
7 Chapters / 34,327 Words
Heat Level:
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Widow Devney Jenkins needs to remarry, and quickly. Not only is she sought after for the vast ranch her husband left her, but remarkably, she's still a virgin. She's quite a prize for any money- grubbing bachelor. She married her first husband out of sheer desperation and it got her seven years of isolation and loneliness. It was not something she wished to repeat and decides to forge her own path, to take control of her life. But with the strict rules regarding the protection of women, that was impossible in Liberty, Montana, and and she learns them firsthand. Cowboy Sam Bridger takes one look at Devney Jenkins and decides his bachelor days are over. He doesn't need Devney's land or money; he wants her maidenhead. No other man will touch her. She is his. The only person that stands in the way of this is Devney herself. Sam needs to take control of Devney's body in order to sway her mind toward marriage. Once achieved, his full domination of her body begins. Devney doesn't give in easily and must learn through sound spankings and pleasurable and very carnal rewards that being under Sam's control is everything she's ever wanted.
Chapter One


Old Man Jenkins was a wily bastard. Somewhere in his seventies, he'd spent his last years as a recluse, a veritable hermit on his ranch. It had vast amounts of acreage, greater than ten thousand if I had to venture a guess, which meant he had vast amounts of money. He had ranch hands to tend the cows, the horses and maintain the property. He had a wife, young and biddable. Devney. She had to be in order to survive the long winters isolated with an old geezer like him. He also had a daughter, Sarah, close in age to his wife. He'd pulled her from school when she was twelve, kept her on the ranch and no one had seen her since. It seemed he controlled everything with a ruthless hand, everything except death. Adam Graham, my good friend and town doctor, had said it was most likely his heart that finished him off.

I wouldn't have been surprised if it had been either the wife or daughter who'd done him in for keeping them so isolated, and Doc wouldn't have reported them to the sheriff, Ian McKenzie. Hell, McKenzie would have helped dig the hole to bury the man if he had.

It was the three of us who rode to the Jenkins ranch to bring Devney and Sarah back to civilization that was Liberty, Montana. Without neither a will nor son, Devney, as wife, inherited it all. She'd be hounded by leeches who wanted nothing more than her money and her land, once word spread. And her land held power. The Yellowstone River bisected a section, which gave her water rights that were crucial to survival in Montana. She'd have to marry. So would Sarah. They had no other choice.

We rode in silence, side by side across the open prairie south of Liberty. We'd left while the townsfolk were in church, hoping to return with the women before dark. The day was hot and the sun blazing. After an hour, we let the horses drink from a creek.

"There's only so much we can do to protect them once they get to town," Doc said, wiping a bandana against his neck. "They'll have to marry." It seemed Doc and I were thinking along the same lines.

"I have no idea what to expect." McKenzie took a swig of water from his canteen. "No one's seen Sarah for six, maybe seven years. Devney's only been to town once, and that was to see you." He looked to Doc.

"She got a sliver in her foot and it got infected. Could have killed her if she’d let it linger, but somehow she managed to ride in with the foreman who was collecting supplies. This was about six months after she married. I haven't seen her since. It's possible she's got a herd of kids by now, for all the news that comes from their ranch."

I hadn't met either woman and felt sympathy for both. I was all for protecting a woman that was legally mine. Hell, I was heading to a ranch to protect two women unknown to me. But keeping them so restricted took this stance too far. Jenkins might have protected them, but cut them off from the world as well.

"The land is hers. The water rights are hers. Once words spreads that Jenkins is dead, she'll be fair game," I said, thinking about the vultures soon to circle Devney Jenkins. "This country is rough on a woman. But without any contact like they've had to endure?" I just shook my head imagining two women wild and potentially a little insane.

I hadn't wanted to spend time with Old Man Jenkins whenever our paths crossed in the past. The idea of the things Devney Jenkins had been subjected to left a bad taste in my mouth. The rules for wives in Liberty were definitely strict, but I could only imagine what Devney had endured.

McKenzie bit off a piece of jerky. "What about the ranch hands? They have to know her worth. This might not be a good scene.”

Our mood was grim on the way to the main house. As we approached, we gave each other knowing looks. The place was pristine. The white paint was fresh, the fences in working order around the corral. The barn also had a fresh coat of paint and the roof appeared to be in good condition. Several horses were in the near pasture and cows dotted the hills beyond. All was quiet. Too quiet.

We rode up to the house, tied our horses to the rail at the base of the steps and looked around. "What's that god-awful smell?" I asked. I covered my mouth and nose with my hand.

"Dead body," Doc replied grimly.

McKenzie nodded his head, his jaw tight. Were the women dead? There was only one way to find out. He pulled his gun from his belt and we followed him around the house to where the stench was stronger. There on the ground about thirty feet from the house was a dead man. By the way the birds were picking at him, flying off only when McKenzie shot into the air, he'd been there awhile. The ladies were nowhere in sight.

I heard the cocking of a gun and it wasn't the sheriff's. I froze and so did McKenzie and Doc.

"Who are you and what do you want?" a woman shouted.

Carefully, we all turned in unison toward the voice. Through an open window, I could make out the shooting end of a rifle, the white curtain blowing around it.

"It's Doc Graham, Mrs. Jenkins. I've brought the sheriff and Sam Bridger with me. Looks like you've had some problems." Doc's voice was calm, clear and loud.

After a fashion, the rifle lowered and then disappeared back into the house. I exhaled deeply and lowered my hands. I glanced at McKenzie, who'd lowered his gun, but held it still. Sweat dripped down my temples; the glaring sun was hot on our backs.

The front door opened and a woman in her twenties stepped out onto the porch. She had brown hair pulled back in a neat bun at the nape of her neck. Her eyes were equally dark, yet with an exotic tilt to them, and were fringed with thick lashes. Her nose was pert and her mouth was full. She wore a simple blue dress that by contrast made her skin creamy and pale. It also did not hide her surprising height and womanly curves. Long legs, trim waist, full breasts, tapered neck. She was...beautiful. But she was also wary, armed and dangerous. Definitely dangerous.

As she'd never met me or McKenzie, I let Doc do the talking.

"Hello, Devney. You look well, considering. We heard about Jenkins and I am very sorry for your loss."

"No loss, Doctor Graham." Her voice was clear and deep, like a spring fed pond. If she was in mourning, she sure didn't show it. Her rifle pointed to the porch floor, but based on the fact there was a dead man on the lawn, I wouldn't put it past her to be a quick shot.

"I'm guessing the man over there doesn't need any of my services," he replied benignly.

"No, I don't reckon he does." She did not appear to be a woman bent on hysterics.

"May we come in out of the sun? It's been a long ride and we're all mighty parched."

Devney looked at us with clear, cool eyes. Assessing. She nodded and went back inside, assuming we'd follow.

The interior of the house was just as well maintained as the exterior. It was immaculately clean, the furniture old but well-maintained, the air cool and calm. The stench of the dead man didn't reach the interior, thankfully. I could hear her in the back of the house where I assumed the kitchen was located. A few minutes later, she brought a tray holding some glasses and a pitcher of water. She no longer carried the rifle. We stood in the entryway, hats in hands.

"Please, sit," she said, moving to place the tray on a low table near the fireplace. I couldn't help but notice the sway of her hips and how they flared from her trim waist. When she bent forward to place the tray down, her ass was displayed to me in an innocent, yet unbelievably carnal way. This was how she'd position herself for me to spank her, to fuck her. Even seeing her covered completely in a modest dress, I could envision it. And that made me hard. Rock hard.

We sat once she did and she passed us each a glass of water. When she handed me mine, our fingers brushed. Her skin was warm, soft and her eyes lifted to glance at me in shock. Surprise. The color there wasn't just brown, but a whiskey color, with flecks of black and gold mixed within. Her lashes were longer than at first glance, darker too. Darker than the hair pulled back in the bun. Would it be equally dark on her pussy?

"I need you to explain the dead man, Devney," Doc said, his voice in a lower pitch that meant he was done with idle chit chat. "The sheriff's here to help."

"Ma'am, did you do the shooting?" McKenzie asked.

Devney sat at the edge of her seat, her posture straight � although not the straight posture of a woman whose ass was corked - her hands folded in her lap. She was so calm, so placid. So mild. "I did. Once Jenkins was dead and buried, the ranch hands decided that Sarah and I could provide them As we did not want to provide or participate in these services, I shot Hank."

"I assume Hank's the man lying out there. The other men weren't successful in their attempts for"

It had been what we'd imagined. Without Old Man Jenkins alive and the ranch being miles from town, if the hands wanted to rape Devney and Sarah, there would have been no one to stop them. I clenched my fists tightly at the idea of those bastards touching them.

"No, they did not," she replied primly. "The others left a few days ago. There was another man, Mr. Wainright from Billings, I believe, who came on his own last night. I only shot him in the arm, so I doubt he's dead. He rode off."

Good. That threat was gone, at least for now. There'd surely be another just like him soon enough.

"They could have just waited for you to run out of bullets," McKenzie countered.

Devney tilted her head and looked the sheriff square in the eye. "You've never been here before Sheriff, otherwise you'd know that Mr. Jenkins was not a man to trifle with. He kept a very large cache of weapons and ammunition here in the house. The hands knew it and the others--besides Hank--were smart enough to realize they were safer to go to Rose's in town with their baser needs than focus on Sarah and me to provide them. As for Mr. Wainright, well...."

Rose's was the brothel in town.

Doc glanced around the quiet space. "Do you have children?"

She shook her head.

No children? What the hell was wrong with Jenkins? With Devney in my bed, I'd fuck her five ways to Sunday. Unless Jenkins' cock didn't work or he took her ass instead, she should have a passel of young ones.

"Then it's true, isn't it, Devney. About your husband?" Doc focused his gaze on the woman, their eyes meeting, holding. It was a standoff without weapons.

I had no idea what Doc was talking about, but it seemed important. I glanced at McKenzie and he gave a slight shrug.

"Devney," Doc said, his voice an octave lower.

She lowered her gaze. "Yes, it's true."

Whatever the hell it was must have been pretty important, but why hadn't Doc shared what he'd surmised with us?

"Where is Sarah?"

"She should be upstairs, although I'm sure she's listening instead," she replied. Turning her head, she called out, "You can join us now, Sarah, if you wish."

Soft footsteps approached. Around the doorway came Sarah Jenkins. Tessa had mentioned the other night at dinner that Sarah had red hair when she'd been in the schoolroom with her. This tiny thing that stood near us had hair the color of fire and was so small she wouldn't have reached my shoulders standing in her bare feet. She looked to be around fifteen, although I knew her to be close to twenty. We stood at her appearance.

"Hello," she said. She was tentative, definitely nervous, but I could see fire in her eyes. Devney may have shot Hank, but I had no doubt this little woman was a spitfire and not one to be underestimated.

"We're taking you both back to town," McKenzie told them. He wasn't asking.

"That's very kind of you, but we're fine here," Sarah replied.

Doc gestured for her to sit. Once she did, we took our seats as well.

"Sarah, there's no man to protect you," McKenzie countered.

She lifted one red brow. "I need protection and Devney doesn't?"

"You're unmarried, and without a father. You have no choice," McKenzie replied.

"As for Devney," Doc added. "She's a widow, so the rules are a bit different. Except...."

"Except?" Devney asked.

"You're also a virgin."

My gaze whipped to Devney, scanning her lush body. She was a virgin? She'd been married for what, seven years? Her skin flushed a red as bright as Sarah's hair. It must be true; that kind of reaction prevented her from being a good liar.

"What the hell?" McKenzie whispered.

Doc kept his gaze on Devney. "Jenkins wasn't interested in you, was he?"

"No," Devney whispered, her shoulders slumping ever so slightly.

Doc glanced between me and McKenzie. "Jenkins didn't like women. He had a lover, didn't he?"

Sarah was the one who nodded this time. "Barnaby Madden."

Holy hell. Old Man Jenkins had only married Devney as a front for his interest in another man. He'd stolen seven years from her. Seven years of fucking of living.

"This doesn't change a thing," Devney said, her chin lifted once again.

"It changes everything," I added. "Without a son, you inherit the ranch. There will be other men - men who will want to marry you to gain the land. Once they find out you still have your maidenhead, you'll be even more valuable."

"You both have two choices: Marry or fall under my protection until you do so," Doc told them with complete seriousness. "During that time, you will wear a belt that protects your maidenhead."

Sarah stood, hands on hips. "What? I've never heard of such a thing!"

Doc shook his head. "Of course you haven't. You've been under the protection of your father, and rightly so. With him gone and his protection with it, a man will easily take advantage."

Devney held up her hand. "You said two choices."

"As I said, the other option is to marry."

"I'll marry, eventually." She looked down at her hands. "But I want it to be on my terms."

I shook my head at this exchange. Her terms were impossible. No man would be dictated to by his wife. "Your terms? Not here in Liberty. It's not the way things are done. If you don't want another Wainright on your doorstep, then you need to marry a man that doesn't want your money."

She laughed, but completely without humor. "Name one man who's not interested in my money."

"Me," I replied. I had zero interest in her money. I had plenty of my own. The Bridger lands were bigger than the Jenkins ranch. Our ranch had more cattle, more horses, more water rights. More men. I didn't need her ranch or her money. I just wanted her. The thought that she was still a virgin made it all the sweeter. No man would fuck her but me. "I don't want your money, but I definitely want your maidenhead."


The man was crazy! I'd been a widow for a week and he expected me to marry. Him! I'd never laid eyes on him before and he was claiming me. I'd done that once with Jack Jenkins, and it had gotten me nothing but grief. Sure, marriage to Jack had been better than living with my father, who'd been a ruthless man - a supposed man of God. His severe discipline had been justified - in his eyes - because he saw the wickedness of women, the sins of Eve, in me. He tried ever so hard to beat it from me, but with his harsh viewings of the Bible, I could never be cleansed. So when we stopped in Liberty, Montana as part of his traveling ministry, I'd quickly accepted Jack Jenkins' proposal of marriage without thinking of the consequences.

And what consequences! I'd discovered them on our wedding night, when instead of coming to my bed, he'd gone to his lover, Barnaby Murphy. The man had a cabin to the west of the main house next to the river. I didn't know much about relations between a man and a woman. I still didn't, but I'd become very familiar with Jack's unorthodox arrangement with Barnaby.

Jack had needed me. Not the way a man needed a wife. I was his protection, his barrier between the world at large and his secret. So he'd hidden me, kept me from town where I might spread the truth. I'd been safe, protected, with food in my belly, a roof over my head and no beatings. But protection was all he’d given me. He'd been busy with the ranch, with Barnaby, and he'd left me alone. Very much alone, until he pulled Sarah from school and then she, too, was kept home, for years.

When Barnaby died in the winter, Jack had died with him, perhaps not in body, but definitely in spirit. And when I found Jack, cold and stiff in his bed last week, I’d known it hadn't been from a medical ailment, but from a broken heart.

I expected freedom in my widowhood, not attempted rape. I'd expected to forge my own path, my own journey for my life, but even from the grave, Jack dictated what I could do. Because of his fortune, I would be sought after. The way Doctor Graham had spoken of my maidenhead, it too, was a precious commodity. How he'd known Jack's secret, I probably would never know. Regardless, these men were serious and a rifle would not sway them.

They were big, virile men, one of whom wanted me. Not my money, but me. I'd heard of the Bridgers from Jack's mumblings over dinner. They were good men who ran a good ranch. He'd had nothing bad to say, at least not within my hearing.

This Bridger, Sam, was tall. As we stood on the porch, I'd had to tilt my head back to look him in the eye even though I was very tall myself. His hair was fair, like wheat in the winter. His eyes were light green, like his shirt. He had a straight nose and a strong jaw that was covered in gold stubble. His shirt snugly fit his broad shoulders and a torso that tapered into a trim waist. He wore tan pants and leather boots; his legs were long as well muscled. Handsome was one word to describe him. Manly, bold and brooding were others. His gaze had been fixed on me since I first opened the door. Even with my naivet� about the stronger sex, I felt attraction. My heart sped when I looked at him. The way he watched me made my palms go damp. The room was overly warm and I believed, but was too afraid, to look down to see that my nipples had hardened. Why, at the old age of twenty-five, did I long to feel the rasp of his whiskers? I'd been out of contact with people too long to have such notions pop into my head.

He was everything Jack was not. Young, handsome, and from his heavy lidded gaze, attracted to me. He'd said outright he wanted my maidenhead. I had no doubt he'd rid me of it with ruthless, sensual precision. But attraction couldn't be enough. I'd learned that rash thinking on lifelong decisions did not bode well.

I cleared my throat. "Thank you, Mr. Bridger, for your surprising offer, but I decline."

There, I'd done it. I could continue to live my solitary existence in peace.

"Very well. Sheriff, grab my satchel, please."

The man stood and left the room, quickly returning with a black leather bag.

"You are both now under my protection until you choose to marry." Doc opened the bag and pulled out a leather belt. Or at least it looked like one. There was more than one strap and it fastened strangely. "You will wear a belt that protects your pussy and maidenhead from men with less than perfect scruples. As the town doctor, I am frequently called out, so I cannot supervise you constantly. This will allow for protection in my absence."

"I will not wear that," Sarah said, standing and moving slowly backward toward the door, pointing at the contraption the doctor held up. She flicked glances behind her as if ready to bolt like an untamed mustang.

"If Devney marries, you won't be obligated. Devney's husband will be your protector until you wed," Doctor Graham replied, adding this caveat.

I sat there, considering the doctor's words. If I married, then Sarah would not only be safe, she wouldn't have to be subjected to this ridiculous belt being held before us. It looked...odd. I could only imagine what it would feel like about my waist, between my legs. The idea was not appealing. And for how long? How long could we endure the rules of the doctor's protection? Or, I could save both Sarah and myself distress, embarrassment and discomfort.

"There has to be an alternative."

The sheriff spoke. "Do you have family to take you in?"

I arched a brow, knowing I’d rather be confined to the doctor's ridiculous contraption than return to my father - if I knew where he was. "I think you're well aware that we don't." The three men sat patiently and waited for me to come to a decision. "Very well," I replied, glancing at Sam Bridger. He remained quiet, yet watched me closely. Waiting. "I will marry Mr. Bridger."

"No!" Sarah cried, placing her small hand on my arm and giving it a squeeze. "You will not sacrifice yourself again, this time for me. It is only a belt to protect my chastity. It is not permanent, like marriage." She stepped forward, all the while keeping her gaze on me. She wasn't usually so obliging. "Doctor, I will wear the belt."

I jumped up. With my height, I towered over my stepdaughter. "Sarah, please. It will keep you from constant grief. Then you may choose whom you wish to wed." After seven years, I knew her well. Knew that the stubborn tilt of her chin meant that she would get her way.

"If you really wish to marry Mr. Bridger, let it be for reasons other than me," she countered. "Daddy loved Barnaby. It was unconventional, and because of that kept a secret, but he loved him. I could see the lust, the desire in their eyes when they looked upon each other. I want someone to look at me in just such a way. I want that for you. You should want that, too. We'll think of something. In the meantime, just...just do as he says. Please. It is a small burden to bear to leave here."

I saw pleading in her eyes and something else, although I didn't know what it was and couldn't ask.� We were only a few years apart in age and had spent years isolated together in this very house. I'd been her schoolteacher and companion, but it was time for her to see more of the world. She'd done nothing to be held in this comfortable prison. I, however, had chosen this life. Grudgingly, I had to agree with her.

"All right," I murmured. I would abide by Sarah's wishes and the doctor's order until I could formulate an alternative. Somehow, in the matter of minutes, I'd lost complete control of my life. I had no choice but to go to town and wear some form of a chastity belt until I wed. If I didn't marry...well, I didn't want to consider how long I'd have to don the contraption. In a roundabout way, the doctor was all but forcing me into marriage.

Doctor Graham grabbed a second belt from his satchel. "Please remove your drawers."

We stood as the men sat in a row before us. Every move we made was witnessed by not only the doctor, but by the sheriff and Mr. Bridger as well. Although Sarah was a woman grown, she'd been so sheltered that she looked to me for guidance. Not eager to comply, I had to set the example, so I reached beneath my dress and undid the laces on my cotton drawers, letting them fall to the floor. The way I could feel my heart pounding, I wasn't sure if I appeared as calm and collected as I wished. Darting a glance, I saw that Mr. Bridger's eyes followed the motions of my hands. His green eyes had darkened to the color of emeralds and his jaw was clenched. A vein ticked in his temple.

Heat flooded my cheeks at the very thought of what I was doing.

Sarah slowly complied as well.

"Thank you, ladies. Devney, you are first. Please lift your skirts and step into the harness."

I looked down at the item I was about to don and now understood its function. It was like a belt for a man's pants, but it also contained another strip of leather that ran from the front to the back that would be positioned directly over my woman's place, covering it so that it could not be touched. I could not be raped or violated with it on. It was both ridiculously reassuring after the week we'd had, yet understandably confining. The decision to don this garment was out of my control, and this irked me immensely.

I held my skirt up just enough so that I could see my feet and placed one, then the other, through the straps. Slowly, Doctor Graham worked the cool leather up my legs. Instead of watching his actions, I kept my gaze fixed on Mr. Bridger, who followed the harness up my thighs, my skin exposed to him inch by inch. I should feel embarrassed, should feel something about how this was not appropriate, but I couldn't. The way Mr. Bridger looked upon my flesh made me...warm. Made me want. What? I did not know.

Doctor Graham knelt before me and adjusted the harness so that the strap that went between my legs was positioned properly, then cinched the belt about my waist snugly. "Turn around."

I complied and I knew Mr. Bridger could see my bottom, the leather strap coming from between my legs. It was not comfortable. I'd never had something between my legs in this manner and it was hard and cold, and tight enough where there was no give, no way to shift it aside. The way it slightly spread the cheeks of my bottom would be a constant distraction. The belt about my waist was snug, but not tight. He applied a simple lock to the back, cold against my skin, then Doctor Graham slid a finger beneath the leather at my hip to ensure the fit was comfortable. "Very good. You may lower your dress."

I turned back around and glanced at Mr. Bridger. Even though Doctor Graham had moved on to Sarah's harness, the other man still watched me. I felt my cheeks� - and other places -� heat up under his close scrutiny. There was no doubt that he meant what he said. He'd marry me, and he definitely wanted pussy.

Michelle on 11/17/2015 10:48am
A great continuation of this series.
Martha on 10/07/2015 07:04am
Not for me.
Julia on 08/05/2015 03:57pm
You have to like a character who is willing to wear a chastity belt to help out her stepdaughter, right? And I really like Devney. She's more savvy than many of Vanessa Vale's heroines; she's a feisty little cynic. She does pretty well in Liberty, where the women are tricked into submitting to daily aphrodisiacs, must wear frontless blouses, and receive "sexual training" from their devoted and loving husbands. It's a little unbelievable if you are a reader who is always looking for bloopers, but if you can suspend reality as you read and fall into the world of Liberty, it's a great read with lots of well-written sex scenes. I enjoy American historical romances and I just love me a good Rom Dom. This one is a winner for me.
JANE A on 07/16/2015 05:37pm
This series stays on track and gets hotter & hotter.
Katy Beth McKee on 01/31/2015 04:50pm
This story has a few surprises. Devney was kept isolated by her husband on his ranch but with him dead it leaves her trying to figure out how to manage. Sam is among the men from town that go to check on her. He falls hard and she tumbles after. She too has a whole new way of life to learn but Sam is patient and she seems to be taking to it just fine.
Marybeth on 01/19/2015 09:06pm
This is the third book in the Montana Maidens series. Devney is the widow of a local man who married her when she was very young to protect himself from the stigma of being gay. Once he dies, the sheriff gathers up two other men to go and take her and her stepdaughter Becca in for their own protection. They must marry. Sam is intrigued by Devney and he decides to marry her. Devney wasn’t as sure. She had to wear a chastity belt until she decided. Of course, Sam didn’t want to leave it to chance, so he used the cream that had an aphrodisiac in it. Eventually, Devney chooses Sam. Then, Sam ‘trains’ he as a wife. It is quite similar to the other two stories. There looks to be a fourth story about Becca and two men who will claim her. I look forward to that one as well. I give this 4 stars.
Meg on 01/14/2015 07:12pm
The third in the Montana Maidens series. Devney is a recent widow and unbelievably, after 7 years of marriage to a much older man, is still a virgin. Her marriage was a sham to hide her husband's preference for men. Devney is given a choice - either she marry quickly or she is to wear a chastity belt to keep her maidenhood safe. Sam Bridger informs her that she is his and when she decides she is ready, he will marry her. Meanwhile, to help her become ready a lot quicker, he asks the town doctor for that special ointment that will enhance her arousal. Devney is soon longing for a touch, something, anything to relieve the ache she has no idea how to ease. Marriage is the answer for her and she quickly learns that her relief will come from only one source, her new husband. Just as his brothers are in the process of training their wives in the special way of this Montana town, Sam begins to train Devney. As with the first two books of the series, the sex is specific to the men's desires and the punishment is swift - though Sam promises never to hurt or beat his new bride. Devney learns that being dominated is what she needs as she gives herself completely into Sam's hands and discovers that his reward is a pleasure that she craves.
Redrabbitt on 01/14/2015 11:17am
I enjoyed this continuation to the Montana Maiden Series. We meet Sam Bridger who was a confirmed bachelor until he, along with the Sheriff and Doctor, ride out to the Jenkins Ranch when they learn that Old Man Jenkins has died. That leaves the Widow and Jenkins daughter Sarah at the mercy of men. It's hard to imagine how after seven years of marriage, Devney is still a virgin, but her marriage was a sham for her husband and his male lover. In the town of Liberty, MT, men control their wives and their libido by using a pill that is birth control and aphrodisiac. Devney is considered valuable, not only for the large ranch, but her maidenhead. Sam doesn't care about the ranch, she is what he wants and he is just the man to dominate this naturally submissive woman. These stories of the Montana Maidens are dominate, controlling men, using aphrodisiacs to keep their woman in heat and submissive. This story includes spankings, domination, voyeurism and explicit sex as men train their wives in carnal pleasures, for both of them.

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