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Love in the Rockies: A Corbin's Bend Valentine's Day Collection

By: Box Sets
Published By: Blushing Press
Copyright: �2015 by Blushing Books� and The Authors
6 Novellas / 138,400 Words
Heat Level:
4.7 Out Of 5 (4.7 on 10)   |  Write a review
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6 blazing good stories about 6 of our favorite couples. What happens in Corbin's Bend during the most loving of all holidays?

Valentine's Surprise by Constance Masters
Erin and Zach have had a busy but happy year. Her loving husband has promised her an amazing Valentine's Day weekend. Will the surprise be the best she's ever gotten? Or will this particular white elephant gift go down as the worst Valentine's Day gift in the history of bad gifts?

Roy & Teri's Staycation by Kate Richards
Roy and Teri Simms are finally going to take their vacation and renew their romance! With their adopted son Ben safely stowed with neighbors for a week, they are taking a romantic cruise to the Caribbean and this time Teri is on board with the plan. But one thing after another happens to keep them from leaving town. Will they still be able to find any time to try out all the new toys? Or will the constant interruptions result in spanking interruptus?

Past Interference by Kathryn R. Blake
When Jerry Douglas asks Elly Benson to marry him, he wants their ceremony to be as close to Valentine's Day as possible. Though Elly tearfully accepts Jerry's proposal without hesitation, as she readies herself for her second wedding, the doubts and misgivings of any new bride-to-be are exacerbated by the abuse she suffered during her first marriage. Though she's lived with Jerry for four months now, and been subject to his discipline more than once, her first husband had been kind and careful with her, too, in the beginning. At least until she vowed to love, honor and obey him. Will they get to their I-dos, or will Elly's past interfere just when things are going good?

The Perfect Housewife by Etta Stark
Kirsty Beale may be less wild and destructive than she used to be but she's still a long way off from being the perfect housewife. Since moving in with her boyfriend Logan - and spending time with Logan's very traditional family - Kirsty has begun to worry that she isn't the traditional homemaker that Logan would like her to be. Will Valentine's Day be the perfect opportunity to let Logan enjoy the pleasures of having a perfect old-fashioned wife - if only for one night?

Unexpected Surprises by Ruth Staunton
For their first Valentine's Day in Corbin's Bend, Grant Taylor is determined to do something special for his wife Lainie. Lainie, however, has plans of her own. When Grant insists she cut back on her heavy load, she agrees under protest. But when the time comes to fulfill that agreement, she changes her mind and decides Grant is being unreasonable. She determines to chaperone the dance anyway and deal with Grant later. Unfortunately, Lainie's plan doesn't work out quite like she intended it to and she is in for quite a few unexpected surprises.

Knowing What She Needs by Thianna D.
While Charmagne Kendle loves Brent Carmichael to pieces, his innate need to help others is a thorn in her side. Especially on Valentine's Day. When she wakes up to find him gone, it puts her in a really bad mood, one that just gets darker by the hour. Once Brent calms her down with a spanking and a night of passionate lovemaking, he gives her the best gift she ever could have received. Just when things get on an even keel again, help is needed from the man she loves. Char has a choice to make: Accept it willingly. Or Detonate. One decision controls their future. Will she make the right one this Valentine's Day?

Valentine's Surprise by Constance Masters

Chapter One

Zach had a bounce in his step when he entered the house after work. He was excited to finally let Erin in on at least part of their Valentine’s plans. There’d be so many times he’d forced himself to be determined as he walked through the door, knowing it would be necessary to take her to task over something. His wife, though, had grown and those times were getting few and far between. That is why he was going to surprise her with a special trip; no kids, no stress and plenty of alone time. Something they had to plan for more and more as the girls got older. “Hi, honey, I’m home!” he called.

“Hey, baby,” Erin said, coming out of the kitchen. “You look cold. Take your coat off and I’ll get you some hot chocolate.” She took his scarf and hung it on the hat stand by the door and stood on her tippy toes to kiss him.

Zach slipped off his coat and hung it on a hook. “I’m fine. Wouldn’t say no to some hot chocolate though. Come have some with me. I want to talk to you.”

“Did I do something?”


“The girls?”

“Nobody did anything wrong, silly, I have something good to tell you.” He wished he could just blurt out the whole thing, but that would ruin the surprises.

“Now I am intrigued.” Erin turned and grinned as they walked to the kitchen.

“Well, it’s more of a surprise really,” Zach said.

Really! You’re not really a surprise kind of guy. Hey!” She jumped when Zach popped her bottom.

He let his hand linger on his wife’s delectable rear for a few seconds. Oh how he was looking forward to them being by themselves for a little while. “I am so a surprise kind of guy,” he said. “You just wait. This is big. I’m going to give you the best surprise you ever had!”

“Sorry, Mr. Sensitive. I was only joking, I know how lucky I am to have you.”

“Glad you think so,” he said, taking her hand. “But I’m the lucky one. Hence the surprise.”

“Should I go get the girls?”

“No, we’ll tell them their part of the surprise later. This part is just for us.”


“I have arranged,” he paused for drastic effect, “for us to have a three day vacation by ourselves.”

“No!” Erin said. “Like a second honeymoon?”

“Yes, a second honeymoon and I get to have you all to myself.”

“That would be so perfect,” Erin mused. “But we can’t.”

“Why ever not?” Zach was stunned. He had imagined lots of reactions but a straight out refusal hadn’t crossed his mind.

“I can think of two very important reasons. All my friends have their own plans. What will we do with the girls?”

“Didn’t I mention that I had made plans? I wouldn’t forget about Jordan and Avvy. Diana offered. She’s been dying to get her hands onto our girls.”

“For three days?”

“They’ll be fine.”

“They can be a handful, Zach. What if they argue and drive them crazy?”

“They wouldn’t dare. They have to come home to us eventually. Besides, they have had their own children, just because they’re away at college doesn’t mean they’ve lost their touch.”

Erin smiled. “It would be lovely to have a romantic break.”

“Not would, will. We’re going.”

* * * * *

Erin was beyond excited. She and Zach had always celebrated Valentine’s Day but it had been low key; a dinner when their girls had gone to bed or if they were really lucky and had a sitter, maybe they’d go to dinner out to eat in a local restaurant but nothing like this year. Zach had arranged for the girls to be minded for three days. Three! He’d gone ahead and planned a surprise trip. They were actually going to stay away from home and they were going to be alone. She could hardly get her head around it. Her mind was a whirl. In the first few days since she’d found out, all she could do was imagine where it was that they were going. She looked at the snow rimmed windows and sighed. Maybe somewhere warm, like a cruise or a beach somewhere�

“You’re going to burn,” Zach said.

The deep rumble in her husband’s voice gave away the fact that he was in fact looking forward to slathering her with sunscreen. An excuse to run his hands all over her nearly naked body out in the open and get away with it.������

“Im fine,” she teased.

“No you’re not,” he said, opening the bottle of lotion with a pop.

And there it was, the tone that could melt her bones. She shivered a little at the sudden rush of pleasure. “Yes, Zach,” she said, hiding her grin in the crook of her arm.

“I’m on to you,” he whispered in to her ear, “but I’ll play along.”

She jumped as his hand smacked the exposed skin of her bottom solidly several times. “Zach!”

“It’s what you wanted isn’t it? To have your naughty bottom spanked out here on the deck, in the open where anyone could see?”

“No!” she protested, and yet between her legs throbbed, and she knew if he were to look, there would be a telltale damp patch on her dry bikini bottom. Suddenly a hand slipped between her cheeks and she knew he was checking.

“You lie. What does lying get a naughty girl?” he asked.

She was silent, the words that he wanted to hear just balancing on the edge of her tongue. She hissed as his hand once again crashed across her already sun touched skin. “A spanking,” she whispered.

“I don’t think I heard you, what was that?”

“A spanking.”

“That’s right.”

His fingers caught in the band of her pants and he slid them down to her thighs.

“Couldn’t we please go inside?” she pleaded.

“Now what would be the fun in that?”

His hand started smacking but there was very little pain, mostly a delicious warmth that spread from her now pink cheeks to her core. “Hmm.” She sighed. Then the spanking stopped and she could feel his lips and the bristle of his chin against her as he kissed her better.

“You like?”

“Oh yeah�”

The door flung open and a dramatic Jordan threw herself through it. “Help me, Mommy, please!” she said desperately, unzipping her jacket and trying to shrug off her bulky clothes. “I have to go real bad. Please.”

Erin raced across the room and proceeded to free her daughter from her winter clothes. “Calm down. Your wriggling is making it harder.”

“I don’t know why you leave it until the last minute,” Avery said, appearing in the doorway.

“Shut up!” Jordan screamed, dancing up and down on the spot.

“Stop that, Jordan. It’s really hard to help, honey, when you’re dancing like that.” Finally Erin managed to get off her pants and the little girl ran off to find the nearest bathroom. Back to reality, Erin thought.

* * * * *

Her suitcase was laid out on the bed and she stared into the closet. The hot weather fantasy was out. Zach had told her to pack warm things. No lazing about in the sun, but things could be just as sexy and romantic if they stayed somewhere cold. Mmmm. She imagined them sitting by a roaring fire, sipping hot chocolate or even better, red wine. Maybe they had a private cabin where they could lay naked, not having to worry about the patter of feet coming down the hallway, maybe seeing something they shouldn’t. They could cover themselves with a comforter if they were cold, but with skin on skin she was sure they would generate enough heat. It would be like a romantic dream to be spanked and then to make sweet love by the fire. Erin lay on the bed, closed her eyes and allowed herself to drift into the fantasy of her perfect weekend break.

“It’s beautiful, Zach.” She allowed her eyes to drift to every corner of the warm cabin. The flickering of the fire, that had been already lit in readiness of their arrival, highlighted the log walls and made them gleam. They’d thought of everything in this place that would be their luxurious home away from home.

She felt like a child at Christmas as she ran from one room to another. The only bedroom held a giant four poster bed, a ton of feather soft pillows were set just so, trying to look lived in and homey but the choice of intermingling colors and fabrics reflecting opulence.

When she walked back into the living room, she found Zach stoking the large open fire. “Nice,” she said. “You should see the size of the bed.”

“There’s a hot tub up there in the loft.”

“Seriously?” Erin ran across the room and threw her arms around her husband’s neck. Thank you, thank you, thank you! This place is amazing, you thought of everything!”

She took the stairs two at a time and her jaw dropped. It was just beautiful, like a postcard. A large tub just waiting, large enough for them both. An ice bucket and a bottle of champagne sat next to a bowl of shiny red heart shaped chocolates. Through the windows, snow topped trees sparkled prettily.

She turned on the water and squirted a generous amount of fragrant bubbles into the hot and steamy stream.

“Zach!” she called.

“Coming!” he called as he ran up the stairs. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing’s wrong. It’s all perfect. This is where I want to start our weekend. Wanna take a bath with me?”

“Now that is a question you don’t have to ask, ever.”

She undid the buttons of her blouse and it just fell away from her in a delicate puddle at her feet. Zach’s clothes joined them, and he took her into his arms, lifting her as though she weighed no more than a feather and placing her into the tub. When his mouth latched onto a nipple and sucked, she squealed with pleasure�actually squealed�out loud because there was no one there to hear her but Zach. He looked more than impressed, and he slipped a long finger between her slit as a reward.

Erin sighed. This, would be a Valentine’s Day to remember.

“I’m home!” Zach called.

Damn, she hadn’t packed a single thing, and Zach had already dropped the girls off at Diana and Rick’s house. “I’m in here.” She winced when Zach stared at the empty suitcase open mouthed. “Sorry.”

“Uh huh,” he said. “What have you been doing?”

“Fantasizing,” she admitted with a grin. “I’m just so excited. This is the most romantic thing I think you’ve ever done for me. For us.”

“Well, thank you.” Zach’s face flushed with what appeared to be pride. He rustled around in the closet and brought out one of his oldest and widest ties. “Come over here,” he said.

“Really?” Erin smiled as he held out the ugly fabric that he’d once used for a costume party. “You don’t want to save that for when we get to where we are going?”

“Nope,” Zach said. “I want to lead you outside so you can see the biggest part of your surprise.”

Erin jumped up and hurried over to her husband, turning so he could cover her eyes. “This is so exciting! What kind of surprise could be waiting outside?”

“You have to wait and see.”

“Couldn’t you just give me a little hint?”

“You really are a nosey little girl sometimes aren’t you? All right, the surprise has to do with our mode of transportation.”

“Oh really!” she said with a grin. Could he have actually got them a limo? Imagine all the curtains moving as they drove down Spanking Loop and out of Corbin’s Bend in style. She wondered if Zach would have the driver take them past Diana’s house so the girls could see. It would only take a minute to call and let them know.

“Now no peeking.”

“I won’t. I don’t want to ruin the surprise either.”

“Good girl.”

“Wait. Shouldn’t we pack first?”

“We’ll come inside and do that after the big reveal.”

“Fine by me.” She could understand that he was too excited to wait. It would seem a little rude if there happened to be a driver who was going to be sitting out there in the cold. She took a deep breath. She needed to make an effort not to get ahead of herself. Zach probably just wanted to show her some skis or something as a hint to where they were going. Whoops! She stumbled. Lucky her husband had a firm grip on her arm or she may have fallen flat on her face.

“Stop trying to guess silly. You nearly fell over.”

She heard the door open and felt the icy breeze on her face.

“Nearly there.”

“Is it all the way outside?” She allowed Zach to lead her down the icy path.

“I’m afraid so.” Zach stopped and moved her hair away from the knotted tie.

She could feel his hands painstakingly undoing the knot. He could be so pedantic about things. “I could just rip it off,” she said helpfully.

“Now where would be the fun in that? You don’t like a little anticipation?”

“Patience is not really my thing.” The fun of a surprise was finding out what it was. That was what she was interested in.

“I’ve noticed that.”

His hand suddenly bounced off her jeans leaving a delicious warm spot on her bottom. “Please, pretty please, take it off?” Her tummy tingled with excitement.

“Your wish is my command, I guess I’ve made you wait for long enough.” Zach whipped off the tie and stood there beaming. “Ta da!”

Her eyes followed his outstretched arm to the big surprise. Cold air rushed into her open mouth as her jaw dropped and not with elation. Her eyes misted over and the butterflies that had been buzzing around her tummy stopped mid-flight, and sunk sadly. “Nice,” she managed to choke out. Nice? It was awful. Standing there in the street for everyone to see, in the place where her limo should be waiting, was a giant beat up old RV. She had never seen such a monstrosity in all of her days.

“Nice?” Zach said. “Nice? That’s all you have to say about this magical vehicle that will be our vacation home for the next three days?”

“Huh?” Erin had been getting over the shock of their ride but it only just occurred to her that the rest of her Valentine dream had been flushed away with this van thing. Oh my God! He better hope that she didn’t have to go to the bathroom in this thing because that was just not going to happen. “For the whole three days?” How could he call this thing magical? The only thing that would make it magical is if it managed to turn itself into something completely different.

“Of course. I mean I would have loved to have taken you camping in a tent but the snow would have made the whole spanking your naked bottom thing a little hard. Thin walls and other people around, you get the picture.”

“I guess,” Erin said, trying to keep the disappointment that was permeating her soul from rising to the surface and escaping her mouth. A tent. A fucking tent was his idea of the ultimate romantic weekend away. No she didn’t get it, not at all. Was he saying there were other people in the world who wanted to spend Valentine’s Day, in the winter, out in the open?

“I want your spankings this weekend to be for pleasure, not punishment. It would have been too cold.”

Erin didn’t say anything but her lips were set in a straight line�a straight frozen line�that’s what happens to people when they stand out in the elements. Her body language clearly gave away her displeasure.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. It’s so big. It’s a big surprise, I guess I’m just a little overwhelmed.” Was devastated the same as overwhelmed? In this instance it was anyway.

“Tell the truth, Erin,” Zach said, turning her to make her look at him directly in the eyes.

“I am telling the truth.” Well, she was. She was overwhelmed, devastated, unable to form words, not for a minute able to imagine any kind of an explanation that would appease her husband and at the same time not hurt his feelings. It was the thought that counted wasn’t it? She wanted to cry.

“I’m in a holiday frame of mind here so I’m going to give you one more chance to tell the truth or I’ll drop your pants right here and now in the front yard and you’re going to experience what it’s like to get a spanking when your butt is freezing cold.”

Erin wanted to tell him that he wouldn’t dare, but she knew that wasn’t the case. He would carry through with his threat in a heartbeat. He might stop short at actually baring her but just getting spanked in her panties would be embarrassing enough. Not to mention the thin material would do nothing to protect her from the cold or the heat he would no doubt splatter across her backside. “I’m sorry. I let my imagination run away from me. I imagined something different.”

Zach’s face softened. “Somewhere fancy?”

“Sort of.” Now she felt like a heel. Sort of. A disappointed heel whose dream just got stomped on.

“I was working with a teacher’s salary here, Erin.”

“I know.” Paint her as an ungrateful, spoiled brat. She would have to try to push off this mood and see the funny side if she was going to survive.

“It’ll be great if you give it a chance.” He wrapped an arm around her and drew her into his arms. “It isn’t about how much you spend.”

“I know. Won’t we be cold though?” Like frozen?

“Nah, we’ll go to a powered site and there’s propane heating. We’ll have all the comforts of home.” He took her hand and tugged her towards the van. “Come take a proper look inside.”

What was the point of a vacation, though, if the best you could hope for was aiming towards the comforts of home? May as well just stay at home.

Zach opened the door, stood back, and watched as she made her first climb up the stairway to hell. It was as she expected it to be. A truck with furniture. She popped open the oven door and peaked inside.

“It’s clean,” Zach said. “You know I wouldn’t take you away in an RV that wasn’t clean.”

She opened the fridge.

“So’s the fridge.”

“I didn’t doubt that it was clean, Desi. I was looking to see if Lucy had left any of her huge keepsake boulders in here.” She and Zach had often spent a Sunday afternoon laying on the sofa and watching the classic. They loved it. The only thing that was missing was a spanking. As if Desi wouldn’t tan Lucy’s ass for disobeying him and hiding all her rocks in the van. Of course they weren’t Lucy and Desi in the movie, the characters they played were Tacy and Nicky.

“Very funny. Look, I thought I would arrange for us to have an affordable vacation alone together doing something that we’ve never done before. Like I said, give it a chance.” He ran a hand over the built in stove. “Just look at this cute little burner. We can make spaghetti and drink some nice wine.”

“Uh huh. Who doesn’t like to go on a vacation where they get to take a kitchen with them? Is there a washing machine and an ironing board because I really want to live it up.” Did she just say that out loud?

Zach narrowed his eyes. “Is this the way you want to start a road trip? I want us to have fun, but if you think you can enjoy yourself more while sitting on a striped ass, then keep it up.”

Yes, apparently she did say that out loud. Did he just say striped?

“Yes, I said striped.”

The man reads minds. “It may not be so bad.”

“See you’re coming around already.”

“Yeah. I better go pack.” And, get out of harm’s way.

“Come on, I’ll help you.” Zach put his arm around her. “It is going to be a bit chilly, we better pack the thermal underwear.”

How sexy, Erin thought.

* * * * *

Well, that went well. Zach tried to push away his own disappointment. They’d left the girl that loved material things in the city, or so he thought. This wasn’t like Erin. She’d grown so much since moving to Corbin’s Bend. So much so that their spankings were becoming more fun or foreplay than disciplinary. Maybe that’s what had made her slip back. It might just be time to pull in the reigns a little. He wanted to try and warm her up to the idea of this vacation first, though. There was some fun and romantic ideas up his sleeve, and he was sure he could win her over in the end. He just hoped it wasn’t going to be too much of a rough ride until then.

He smiled as he watched Erin throwing things into her suitcase with very little enthusiasm. The sexy negligee she’d packed earlier was reefed out and tossed in the drawer. Oh well, he preferred her naked anyway. There was no amount of wispy lace that could improve his wife’s beautiful body.

“Sweats all right?” she asked.

“Fine by me. You might want to put in some jeans and sweaters in case we want to stop and eat at a diner or something.”

“I’ll put in my good ones,” she said, rolling an ugly Christmas sweater into a ball and shoving it in her bag.

“Good idea,” was his smiley reply. He ignored the roll of her eyes that she didn’t think he saw. He packed his own things, mostly concentrating on items that were the same or similar to hers, including the loudest sweater he could find. He had snow gear, including some fun stuff packed in the RV but he wasn’t going to mention that just yet. He needed as many surprises as he could get if he was going to resurrect their romantic weekend.

“I don’t have food ready. I didn’t think we were going to need any.”

“No problem. We’ll stop and get something,” he said. “I’ll just go and grab some snacks from the pantry for the drive.”

“Make sure there’s some chocolate. Please.”

She was managing to stay polite enough to stay out of trouble - and she was doing a pretty good job- but there was a hint of disappointment there. It made him feel bad. He really did wish that he was rich enough to take Erin on the type of getaway she’d been hoping for, but he wasn’t going to drag them down the credit card road. “If we don’t have chocolate, we’ll stop and get some.” That they could afford.

* * * * *

“Do you need a hand with that?” Zach walked back into the room with a carry bag of snacks to find Erin struggling with the zipper on her case.

“I can manage,” she puffed, tacking some politeness at the end� “thanks.” Wrestling with the stupid suitcase full of the now necessary bulky clothes had forced her bad mood to resurface.

“Let me help.” Zach took her hand and tried to tug the zipper while holding Erin back with the other hand.

“Get off me,“ she wailed. Taking her anger out on the dumb suitcase was about the only outlet she had and now he wanted to take that, too? “Why do you have to be so bossy all the time?”

“What did you say?”

What was wrong with her; had she forgotten the difference between thinking and speaking altogether? “Um, I said I could do it.”

“No, you told me to get off. You called me bossy! Don’t add lying to the mix.” Zach frowned. “Resorting to name calling because you’re not getting your own way? You’re acting like a spoiled brat and it finishes right here, right now. Get to that corner.”

Erin stomped to the corner muttering under her breath. Apparently again, not far enough under her breath. “Well, happy fucking Valentine’s Day to me.”

“That’s it.” Before she even made it to the corner Zach grabbed Erin’s wrist.

Erin’s eyes widened.

Zach sat on the edge of the bed and tossed his errant wife over his knee. “I tried really hard to let you work your way through your disappointment but you were just determined to start this trip with a spanking. So be it.” He tugged her pants and panties to her knees and slapped her clenched bottom hard.

“Ow! I’m sorry, “ Erin whined. “I’ll try to have a good time, I promise.”

“Will you?” His hand bounced off her bottom rhythmically. “How giving of you. This mightn’t have been the trip you imagined but it is the trip I’ve planned for us, and it wouldn’t hurt you to at least keep an open mind.”

“Please, Zach, I’m sorry!”

“Well good.” Zach kept smacking for a couple more minutes. “I love you. I want to have some fun. Do you think that’s going to be possible?” He smacked the creases where her bottom met her creamy thighs.

Erin nodded miserably, tears streaming down her face. “I’ll-ll try.”

Zach helped her to stand and pulled her into his arms, kissing her lightly. “Good girl. Go and wash your face,” Zach said with a sigh.

When Erin came back into the room, he held up their paddle. “One more thing I think we better take with us.”

“I don’t think it will fit in mine,” she said hopefully.

“I’ll make it fit.” He slid the shiny wooden paddle that he’d made for them a long time ago into the back pocket of her bag and then sat on it while he zipped it. “Guess we’re set.”

“Guess so.” Erin rubbed her bottom as she followed Zach out to the van. Did he have a spring in his step? Sometimes she almost imagined that spanking her bottom made her husband feel better. Sad thing was, it made her feel better too, go figure.


Roy and Teri's Staycation by Kate Richards

Chapter One

Spankos Valentine’s Day Cruise

Join us for a week of fun and frolic on the high seas with like-minded folks this Valentine’s Day. Ports of call include several Caribbean islands including one where “special” excursions have been arranged which you may find more than interesting. Over twenty-five vendors with offerings designed to intrigue and delight, gourmet meals, and lots more! Don’t miss this opportunity to indulge your spanking side. Singles and couples welcome!

Teri smoothed the cover of the glossy brochure with a sigh. The smiling woman on the front bent at the waist while her beaming male counterpart lifted a paddle in a mock-threatening manner. They were young, gorgeous, and appeared to having a great time on shipboard.

A Caribbean cruise. Roy’s Christmas present to her this year�to them both�reflected their new lifestyle in a way nothing else could have. They’d missed vacation after vacation with thei

Katy Beth McKee on 05/31/2015 12:57pm
This is a great anthology with lots of stories about some of our Corbin's Bend friends. I usually just rate an anthology as a whole and just say something different but since I felt really different about each one I'm review each story separately. Valentine's Surprise - Constance Masters - 4.0 Zack and Erin - Zack has a great surprise but because Erin has grander ideas in mind so the reality leaves her disappointed and not afraid to show it. After a series of missteps it turns out okay. Their trip reinforces the need to trust and to not overreact. Roy & Teri's Staycation - Kate Richards - 4.0 Roy & Teri - They are supposed to be taking a cruise to have sometime together and try to get pregnant. But things go wrong so they end up with some special time at home and find out that they already have that baby on the way. Past Interference - Kathryn Blake - 3.5 Elly & Jerry Elly is starting to get upset about the wedding because of her past experience. While she let herself get overwrought her feelings are understandable. I got a bit upset at Jerry because he keeps getting on her about calling her therapist to discuss what's bothering her but when he senses what the problem is he decides to handle it on his own with any consultation. The Perfect Housewife - Etta Stark - 5.0 Logan & Kirsty - Fun romantic comedy story that shows the two of them find their own way as they work to develop their relationship. Unexpected Surprise - Ruth Stauton - 3.5 Grant & Lainie - The family continues to settle into their life at Corbin's Bend. The children have really adjusting well and seem to be happier than before. But it seems as a couple they really haven't fully settled the question of how they want their relationship to work. Lainie doesn't seem like she's really take things seriously but Grant seems to finally be taking the reins. Knowing What She Needs - Thianna D. 5.0 Brent & Charmagne - Brent knows Char so well and can tell that she is about to come apart but he puts together the most perfect event for her.
Margaret on 02/17/2015 12:24am
What a sweet love story of marriage 30 years on. It is nice to read of love in older generations.
Marybeth on 02/09/2015 05:12pm
This is an anthology with six short stories. I like the stories and I give the anthology 5 stars. Please be aware that you should have read the previous Corbin’s Bend books. Valentine’s Surprise by Constance Masters This is about Zach and Erin. Zach told Erin that they were going away for Valentine’s Day weekend. Erin imagined lots of places, the beach, a cabin in the woods. When she found out it was an RV, she was not thrilled. And, she ended up being spanked for being disrespectful. I don’t agree with all the spankings Erin got. I think that Zach had too high of an expectation for her to be happy with an RV, and he knew that. But, that was their agreement and she had to live by it. Anyways, Erin does silly things and continues to get punished. But, there is a happy ending and they are more united at the end. I give this 4 stars. Ray and Teri’s Staycation by Kate Richards Ray and Teri are going on a spankos cruise for Valentine’s Day. In other words, everyone on the ship is into spanking and there are workshops for participants to learn new things. Unfortunately, when they wake up it is starting to snow. When Ray leaves the office to come get Teri so that they can leave for the airport, he decides to go see if the roads are traversable and he slides off the road into a ditch. He also manages to hurt his ankle. When Teri gets nervous because he isn’t home, she asks her neighbor to go looking for him and she goes along. There is more drama and a very happy ending. I really liked this short story and I give it 5 stars. Past Interference by Kathryn Blake This is about Eleanor (Elly) and Jerry. They have decided to marry and they plan to have a small wedding in Corbin’s Bend. But, there is a problem, Elly does not want to vow to obey. It has troubling implications for her because of her previous marriage. Jerry doesn’t seem to understand and he doesn’t take it well. Then, Elly’s ex shows up. There are lots of twists and turns in this story. I give this story 4 stars. Perfect Housewife by Etta Stark Logan and Kirsty have moved in together. They are in the midst of figuring out both the living together and living as a D/d couple. Kirsty invites Logan’s sister and her husband to come and visit. Scott and Lydia also have D/d relationship, but Lydia is much more submissive to her husband. She does everything for them. Kirsty has a hard time with that. But, eventually everything works out and there is a HEA. This is a sweet short story. I give this 4 stars. Unexpected Surprises by Ruth Stauton This is about Lainie and Grant. They have doing well since moving to Corbin’s Bend, but Lainie still has a problem giving over control to Grant. He wants to have the last word when they have disagreements, but Lainie has been independent way too long to be comfortable with that. Lainie has agreed to help out with the Valentine’s Day dance, but Grant wants her to be home. So, he thinks that they have agreed to compromise in that Lainie will help plan and setup but then come home. Lainie doesn’t agree, but she doesn’t tell Grant that. There are some fireworks in the works once Grant realizes that. I enjoyed this story of how a mature couple work out their difference within a D/d relationship. I give this 5 stars. Knowing What She Needs by Thianna D This story about Brent and Charmagne. They have a three year old, Kayla, but they have just finally decided to marry. Unfortunately, Brent’s mom, Rachel, has taken over and turned it into a circus, according to Char. She is becoming more and more tense as time passes. Brent has fun plans for them for Valentine’s Day, but he gets held up when there is a snow emergency and the power goes out. Char gets more and more upset until she decides to take Kayla and meet Brent at the office. Once there, Kayla is stolen by Jonathan and Ben and Char gets disciplined with capsaicin cream before they leave for their Valentine’s Day get away. Once there, Char gets paddled until she tells Brent what the problem is. Once that is take care of, they have a wonderful evening and then, the next day….Well, you’ll just have to read the story. I give this story 5 stars.
sarah on 02/08/2015 11:53pm
I love, love, loved this additional glimpse into the lives of my favorite Corbin Bend characters. I read Valentine's Surprise by Constance Masters and Past Interference by Kathryn R. Blake. I loved the couples in both of these books. I read the previous stories of these couples and was thrilled that there were new stories featuring these couples. In Valentine’s Surprise, we get to revisit Erin and Zach. Zach surprises Erin with a trip away for Valentine’ Day but it is not what Erin is expecting which causes some conflict. The conflicts between Erin and Zach add some great spice to the book. We get great spanking scenes but still see what a wonderful, connected couple Erin and Zach are even during arguments. I enjoyed this story more because I read the first book but Valentine’s Surprise could be enjoyed without reading the previous story. In Past Interference, we are revisiting Elly and Jerry. I loved their first story but felt it left off some of their story but this short story warps up their romance nicely. I fell more in love with Jerry in this story and admire Elly. Elly’s past makes it hard for her to trust, which is completely understandable, but it makes it hard for Jerry and Elly’s relationship. Jerry is steadfast in both his discipline and his care and devotion. I would love to see even more of Elly and Jerry’s story. To really enjoy this book I think you need of read the first part of their story. This is a great Valentine’s collection. I loved new stories about my favorite couples. I would highly recommend this collection!
Kathy B on 02/08/2015 12:39pm
I'm only reviewing 2 books in this box set because I read them on there own. 1st staycation was really enjoyable. I felt like thats something that could happen to me. The more they tried to go on their trip the more obstacles they had to over come. But luckily Roy is able to take things in hand and things go much smoother. The other book I read was knowing what she needs. I enjoyed this book as well. Although I understood how upset she got that her husband want around for her but she needed to be taken in hand and he was able to do that. She need her strong hoh and he was there for her.
Meg on 02/05/2015 12:37pm
This is a great series by six great authors. Each book tells of a different couple and how they make their Valentine’s Days special. Every single book is well done and just makes me want to move to Corbin’s Bend today. Unexpected Surprises: When Grant tells his wife to pull back on some of her commitments, she agrees. But when push comes to shove, she decides he won’t really mind. Come on, she lives in CB – of course he minds! Past Interference: Elly is only days away from wedding Jerry, the same man that helped her leave her abusive husband, Arthur. Jerry understands her fears and remains determined to help her realize that her future will never be fearless until she stops letting the fears of the past in. Though she is frightened, she trusts Jerry enough to help her. Armed with safe words and love, she learns that Jerry is not now nor ever will be the abusive man she fears. This is a story that touches the darker side of life that is real and I for one, think it is very well done. Valentine’s Surprise: This one made me chuckle as I can just imagine my own reaction to Zach’s surprise getaway. While Erin is imagining sun-kissed beaches or a warm fire in some romantic log cabin, she needs to decide is it the place that matters or the one you are sharing it with. Roy and Tory’s Staycation: Another Corbin’s Bend romance that has Teri remembering that Roy is her HoH, that she is not alone and that a spanking doesn’t have to be for punishment. Who says you need to leave home to have a wonderful staycation with the one you love. The Perfect Housewife: Logan and Kirsty have moved in together. When his sister and her husband come to visit, Kirsty begins to wonder if perhaps Logan really wants a woman that is as submissive as Laura seems to be. Kirsty learns that different strokes for different folks is a good thing. As a surprise, she decides to give Logan one night of the perfect 1950s housewife – this is both cute and endearing. Knowing What She Needs : All Char wants to do is marry Brent, the man of her dreams. However the wedding is getting larger and larger and she is feeling out of control. When a community problem has to be tended to, Char is not happy that Brent leaves her alone – it’s not the Valentine’s Day she expected. However, she will learn that the man she loves knows exactly what she needs. Very sweet.
noangel on 02/03/2015 09:53am
Great set of stories Each one is a full story well written with a plot grabs you and keeps you turning the pages The Hero's are strong Alpha males who know what the heroine needs The heroine's are strong loving caring sometimes bratty females who know what they want and go after it sometimes with out thinking which leads them into trouble or over their mans knee This is a set of story's you don't want to miss and the price makes it even sweeter
Redrabbitt on 02/02/2015 07:30pm
Many key factors are in these stories. Safe, Sane and Consensual! Trust, acceptance, obedience, love, respect and happiness. It's wonderful to see the different people we came to love in previous books as their lives and relationships continue. For some it is giving total submission, accepting no matter what, the dominate is always there for the partner with what is best for both of them. Leaving the past in the past and making new and beautiful memories and Valentine surprises.
SL on 02/02/2015 02:59pm
6 stories. Some better than others. But a nice sweet read. Two that I really liked are: Knowing What She Needs_Thianna D. What a lovely story. Charmane is a very whiny woman. She is jealous of Brent’s attention to all the other people of Corbin. She wants him for herself for valentine’s day. She also agreed to have a large wedding, which she really doesn’t want. This has made her very angry and out of sorts. Brent takes her in hand and gives her exactly what she needs. This is a loving marriage. The spankings are not unjustified, nor are they severe. It has a happy ending and you just want to smile and say sweet! There were some pre marriage graphic sexual scenes, so if that offends you….well you know. The Perfect Housewife –Etta Stark This is the story of Kirsty and Logan. Kirsty is the type of woman that enjoys spankings, but doesn’t really like being a doormat or a wife that takes care of her husband’s every need. Kirsty is still rebellious and wants to do her own thing. She resents that she is messy and will never be the perfect housewife like his sister and mother. It was a cute story with a happy ending. It had well deserved spankings with hairbrush, and paddle and wooden spoon. There were sexual scenes that were somewhat graphic between a husband and wife.
Jill laughlin on 02/02/2015 07:31am
This review is only on the Past Interference. with out spoiling the book I found it to be a very cold and uncaring story. I feel that the author did not actually ever address the unsure feelings of Elly the bride to be and it especially bother me when and this is not a direct quote of the sentence, when Elly makes reference to a friend of Jerry's as the one who would settle a difference of opinion on whether or not she would be spanked. I also found Jerry to be a coldly written in this story which is a continuation of their meeting in a previous story. Example of this is even thought her ex who was extremely abusive tied her up and she has major fears about this he still ties her hands together in a spanking scene that I found to be to harsh for the story almost to the point of abuse like her ex. Also at one point in the story Elly is injured and I feel that Jerry could have at least taken the day of to be with her when she came home form the hospital.

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