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Corbin's Bend, Season Two - First Collection

By: Maren Smith, Corinne Alexander, Etta Stark, Ruth Staunton, Thianna D.
Published By: Blushing Press
Copyright: 2015 by Blushing Books and the Authors
5 Novels / 196,000 Words
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The "First Collection" of Season Two of Corbin's Bend includes...

Chemistry of Attraction by Thianna D.

Retired Marine Brandon Delt moves to Corbin's Bend after his recently divorced wife marries his cousin. Tired of living a non-discipline lifestyle, he fully welcomes the openness of the Corbin's Bend spanking community. One day he hopes to meet the woman he could make his. He doesn't expect to meet her on day one.

Carodine Minor is just in Corbin's Bend for the summer. Just graduated with her master's degree in chemistry, Dina isn't sure of her next step in life. Not once has she ever considered being spanked. Logical woman that she is, when she finds herself intrigued by the idea of a hand across her derriere, she asks for a demonstration from Brandon. One demo turns into a wild night of passion neither wants to let go of.

Take one hot summer. Add in an intellectual chemist and a dominant retired Marine. Once the chemistry ignites, combustion is soon to follow.

A Brush of Violet by Corrine Alexander

High powered business woman, Violet Walker, has long left her artistic days behind. That is until her best friend, Everleigh Harris, invites her to Corbin's Bend for an art festival. What Everleigh doesn't know is that Violet hasn't been able to paint a single brush stroke since turning her back on her submissive desires and spanking needs in college. When she meets charismatic and drop dead gorgeous Charles, her world is turned completely upside down. Will Violet, overworked, burnt out, and in denial of her deepest wants and desires, be able to surrender when love knocks on her door?

Charles Robinson, President of the discipline Board in Corbin's Bend and longtime resident, adores the community he lives in and the freedom it provides for all who live there. Raised in a traditional family; love and discipline are a way of life for him. There's nothing he wants more than a marriage just like his parents where spanking and romance go hand in hand, even if that means holding out for true love. Is Violet just the kind of woman he's looking for?

Will Violet risk the life she's built for herself in blood, sweat, and tears for the undeniable connection she has with Charles, the utter bliss and contentment she feels when she's over his lap? Can Charles convince Violet she really can have it all? Will this trip be just what she needs to rekindle all that she has lost since joining the corporate world?

East End Girl by Etta Stark

Kirsty Beale wants a fresh start. She's quit her life in London and moved five thousand miles to start a new one in Corbin's Bend, Colorado - the world's only spanking-based community. As a lifelong spanko, Kirsty thinks Corbin's Bend is the perfect place for her but the reality doesn't match her dreams and she struggles to fit into her new suburban environment. Reluctant to get involved in community life, she dismisses her new neighbors as "boring". With one exception - fellow newcomer Logan Barrett is good looking, funny and occasionally dominant in a way that Kirsty can't decide if she finds sexy or annoying.

Logan moved to Corbin's Bend hoping to find a sweet, old-fashioned girl, willing to submit to domestic discipline. Kirsty who drinks heavily, smokes and swears like a sailor is pretty much the opposite of his idea of the perfect woman. Yet despite their differences, Logan and Kirsty can't deny the attraction they have for one another. Logan hopes to bring stability into Kirsty's chaotic life but Kirsty's increasingly out-of-control behavior might just jeopardize her whole future at Corbin's Bend.

Have Paddle, Will Travel by Maren Smith

When a freak snow storm threatens to cut off the already remote community of Corbin's Bend from the rest of the world, the residents scramble to get enough emergency supplies from neighboring towns before the mountain roads are closed. It's sheer luck of the draw that force Ettie and Vance into the same car together. The only problem is, they can't stand one another. She's a submissive who hasn't been spanked in four very long years (four years, seven months, thirteen days...not that she was counting). He's the resident paddle and strap maker, a man known to answer the call of needy submissives everywhere. In his workshop at home, Vance has every implement he'd ever need to win a war like this. In a car in the middle of nowhere with the storm of the century bearing down upon them...who will win this particular battle was anybody's guess.

Learning to Live Again by Ruth Staunton

Tired of increasing chaos in his family life and the distance that is growing between him and his wife, Lainie, Grant Taylor decides the only way to save his marriage is to get back to the domestic discipline lifestyle he grew up with. When he finds Corbin's Bend on the Internet, he is certain it is the perfect place for them to start over.

Exhausted and tired of juggling everything herself, Lainie reluctantly agrees to her husband's suggestion. However, she is new to the lifestyle and more than a little uncertain about it. To make matters worse, their 15-year-old daughter Kathleen is convinced they had moved her into some kind of weird spanking cult. She is miserable and not at all shy about letting everybody know it.

Will moving to Corbin's Bend be their saving grace, or will it be the final straw that tears them apart?

Chemistry of Attraction by Thianna D.

Chapter One

“I thought you might enjoy it up here.”

Looking up from unpacking her bags, Carodine Minor could not resist smiling. “Thanks, Gram. I really do appreciate it. Been working so hard toward graduation. I definitely needed a break.”

Rose Rolson smiled at her oldest grandchild. “Well, there is lots to do here. I know you love to hike and the mountains are thataway.” She pointed toward the window making Dina laugh. “Plus there is plenty to do here in the community if you’re interested. The board makes sure there are tons of things to choose from any time of the year, but especially in summer.”

“Yeah, but I’m not a teenager anymore,” Dina reminded her, having heard about the number of things Corbin’s Bend had going at any time for the young person. “So, I think many of those aren’t really meant for me. Maybe tomorrow I might try to go find a job, though. Something to bring me some pocket change.” And she needed to scour company websites and start sending out more resumes. Surely someone out there wanted to hire a woman with a master’s degree in chemistry. Well, someone who did not want her to use her knowledge to make poisons or chemical weapons. She had received ten offers from companies who could not pay her enough to create the kind of products they manufactured.

“All right, honey. You can always go suntan at the community pool. They opened it up last weekend. Oh,” Rose said as she stood up from the bed where she had been sitting. “One thing you need to be aware of, Dina, is that this community is a little different than you’re used to.”

“Meaning what?” Dina asked, only partially paying attention as she removed the few books she had brought with her, steamy romances she could not put down, and placed them on the one bookshelf in the room. She was glad her grandparents were always happy to have their grandchildren come visit. They had one of the larger homes in the community and her bedroom had a nice view of the trees and the mountains. When some of her cousins came toward the end of summer, there was a second guestroom they could use.

“Well, community is very important here. As is discipline.”

At the word, Dina’s head snapped around and she frowned. “Discipline? Don’t tell me. You have cops with nothing better to do than to stop anyone going one mile over the speed limit.”

Rose’s lips twitched. “Well, we have those too. But that wasn’t what I was referring to. Corbin’s Bend is built on a specific premise. And you may see that premise carried out. I just did not want you jumping to someone’s aid where it was not needed.”

“Such as what?” Dina asked, pushing her books together to get them all to fit.

“You may see someone spank someone else.”

Spluttering out a laugh, Dina stepped back from the shelf and turned around. “Spank?”

“Well, yes. It’s actually quite common here.”

“Sure, Gram,” she said in amusement, sure her grandmother was setting her up for some big joke. “I’ll see men spanking women out in the street.”

“Or women spanking women or even men spanking men.”

Rose did not sound like she was kidding, but what else could it be? “Okay,” Dina said slowly, pulling the rest of her clothes out of her suitcase and shutting it. “So, if I see someone smack someone else’s behind, I should what? Just walk on by?”


“All right. Sounds like a plan.”

“All right, honey,” Rose said in amusement. “I have a meeting to go to. Here’s your key to the house.” She laid a key on the small dresser in the room. “If you’re going to be out later than ten, let me or your grandfather know.”

“Will do. When is Gramps gonna be home? I haven’t seen him in a couple of years.” Dina had insisted that nobody but her parents come out to her graduation as she only received two tickets to the actual event and it seemed like a huge waste of money for people to fly out only to not see her graduate.

“He’ll be home after six. There was a housing board meeting today and that always lasts hours. They have to give a final review to new applicants.”

“Thanks, Gram.” Dina walked over and hugged her. “Really. I didn’t want to go home.”

Rose gave her a warm smile and hugged her back. “Well, I can understand that. Your mom still set on you marrying the boy you dated in high school?”

“Yes,” Dina replied wryly. “As if. I only dated him once, anyway, because she and his mother set us up. Geez, Gram. He didn’t even know the periodic table. Who doesn’t know the periodic table?” she asked in frustration, echoing one of her familiar complaints about how the men she met just weren’t up to snuff.

“Don’t worry, Dina. There’s just the right intelligent man out there for you.”

Snorting, Dina dropped down onto the bed. “Right. I won’t hold my breath.” She grinned and winked at Rose to let her know she was just joking. “Do you want me to make dinner since you and Gramps will be out?”

“No need. Food’s in the crock pot. You go have some fun.”

“If I must!” Dina called after her and snickered as she heard her grandmother laugh in response.

After hearing the front door open and close, she glanced around the small room that would be perfect for her for the next few months. After all, it was twice the size of her tiny dorm room and she did not have to share it with anyone.

Used to working hard, whether it was studying morning, noon, and night; or working part time at the local pub and part time as a gopher, having free time felt wrong. What should she do? Her eyes glanced over at her laptop, and she knew she should research some more companies� Shaking her head, she reminded herself of something she had decided when she accepted Rose’s invitation to spend the summer with her and Jason. She needed a break. Even her therapist at school had been quite emphatic about the fact she needed to take a few weeks and go on a vacation before she started work.

“�Otherwise you will end up back where you were last fall.”

She wrinkled her nose at the memory of having become so overcome with work and study that she almost quit school. The only thing that saved her was Layton Morrow from the campus mental health clinic. He listened to her rave about everything for two hours, just letting her sound off. It was amazing how wonderful she felt after getting all of that off her chest. After that, while he remained as her therapist, he also became somewhat of an uncle figure. She would definitely miss him.

Grabbing her bag of toiletries, she went to the hall bathroom to put her stuff out on the counter and looked up into her expression. Short blonde hair cut into a bob, bright blue eyes, and a pixie-face; that was how her roommate Jen described her. Dina had a hard time looking at herself and seeing that. Blonde hair? Sort of. It was more of a reddish blonde, in her opinion. During the summer months, the red really came out. Her blue eyes were too bright in her opinion, looking almost like a ruddy purple depending on the lighting. And as for her face? It was just your basic face. Mostly round except for her jaw which protruded at the base.

Shaking her head at herself, she wondered just what she expected to see, anyway, a sudden beauty? Not that she was ugly, but beautiful was far off the scale. Looks didn’t really matter that much to her. Brains were far more important. She fell in love with one of her professors in undergrad after hearing him give a lecture on black holes. If anyone asked her what he looked like, she would end up giving them a blank expression because she could never quite describe his physical characteristics. She could, however, define his voice and intelligence � that part she knew.

Walking back into her bedroom, her eyes fell on her latest copy of the Chemistry Today Journal. She could keep up with the newest there or� her eyes turned to her romances, making her smile. Different. This summer, Carodine Minor would be different. She would read racy romances, look at magazines other women liked to read, lay out by the pool, and just be a girl. It was a good plan. It was the carrying it out that slightly worried her. Grabbing one of her favorite novels as well as a notebook and pen, she tossed them onto the bed and reached into the bottom drawer for her bathing suit.

Pure black, it was a one piece that covered the parts of her body she was slightly uncomfortable with, like her stomach that no matter what she did to it always pooched out somewhat and her chest which was practically non-existent. After changing, she pulled on a pair of shorts and after grabbing a towel and some sunscreen, she placed everything she needed in her tote bag and left the house. Rose and Jason lived about a mile from the clubhouse so she walked there in her flip-flops, looking over the houses as she passed by.

Her grandparents had never lived near her. When she was growing up in the wilds of Montana, they had lived in New York. Then, in her freshmen year in college, they announced they were moving to Colorado. It seemed like a strange move to her; at their age she would have expected them to move to Florida or Arizona. But they loved it here. Every email or letter she received from them extolled the virtues of the community, its members, and the acceptance they felt. “At least they have found a place they love,” she murmured as she turned onto the sidewalk next to the clubhouse, a tall, imposing dome. The choice of a dome was odd, but strangely enough it fit.

Walking around the outside, she reached the fenced pool, glad to see there was only one other person there. Glancing at her watch, she noted it was only one in the afternoon. The kids weren’t out of school yet as they still had two weeks left until summer break and it was a Wednesday. Looked like she could just enjoy herself.

“Hello,” she said to a woman sitting under an umbrella. For being next to a pool, she was surprisingly well-dressed, covered from neck to feet. She had auburn hair and when she looked up at Dina in surprise, she had astounding green eyes.

“Hello,” the woman responded in a soft voice, looking a little unsure of herself. Her eyes darted left and right as though she was looking for an escape route, though an escape from what was beyond Dina. It couldn’t possibly be her. She was about as harmless as anyone could be.

“I’m here just for the summer,” she explained with a smile, hoping to put the woman at ease. “My name is Carodine Minor, friends call me Dina. I’m Jason and Rose Rolson’s granddaughter.”

A shy smile tugged at the corners of the woman’s lips and her shoulders relaxed somewhat as though she felt relief. Dina wondered if her being a stranger was upsetting and hearing who her relatives were had set the woman’s mind at ease. “I’m Elly and I’m a permanent resident.” Something about the way she said it made it sound as if she could scarce believe it.

“Gram has wonderful things to say about the place,” Dina said as she unloaded her bag onto a chair a few feet away in the sun. “Says this feels more like home than any place she has ever been.”

Nodding, Elly seemed to agree. “There are some amazing people here. It almost feels like family the way everyone rallies around everyone else.”

After kicking off her shoes and pulling off her shorts, Dina walked over and stuck her toe in the water, jumping slightly. “Wow, it’s cold.”

A soft laugh tinkled behind her. “Yes, Char says Brent does that on purpose to keep us awake.”

Shrugging, Dina leapt, plummeting through what felt like ice-cold water a second later. As her feet hit the bottom of the pool, she pushed off, her head breaking through the surface quickly. Swimming laps was one of her favorite forms of exercise and she quickly settled into her routine. Up and down, front and back, smoothly transitioning between different strokes and movements to get the most use out of her muscles. After one hundred laps, she returned to the side of the pool next to the chaise that held her stuff and pulled herself up, not surprised to see that Elly was now gone.

There was a timidity in the woman that made Dina think there was a past she didn’t know about, something that made Elly slightly skittish.

* * * *

“Hey!” The deep yell was accompanied by a large pounding on his front door and with amusement, Brandon Delt dropped the last box onto the floor and jogged downstairs, only semi wincing as his right leg twinged, flinging the door open a second later.

“You bellowed, sir?” he said in his deep Texas drawl.

Grinning back at him, Benjamin Steppings slapped him on the shoulder while taking a step inside at the same time. “So, Delt, how’s the new house?” Four inches shorter than Brandon’s six-foot-one, Benjamin was still an arresting figure to him, even in khaki shorts and a loose Hawaiian shirt.

“Fine. What the hell are you wearing?”

A low chuckle brought Brandon’s attention to a slim man in his early forties who stood out on the porch as Benjamin walked past him. “I told him so this morning,” the man said with a grimace.

“Yes, he did. Brandon, this is my partner, Jonathon Travers. He’s the one who helped to get your application through channels so quickly. Jonathon, this is Brandon Delt. Now come on in, babe. We’re letting the flies in.”

Jonathon slipped inside the door, and Brandon closed it behind him. “Come on in. Only got boxes to sit on, furniture hasn’t been delivered yet. And the paint’s still dryin’, so don’t lean up against it.”

“Ahh, you got one of the houses with a loft,” Benjamin said as they settled in the living room. “Whatcha gonna use the top floor for?”


Letting out a snort, Benjamin shook his head. “Decided to go after your doctorate after all?”

“Might as well. It was always a goal I had in mind anyway. Now that I have time to do it, I might as well get it done.” Brandon had always assumed at some point he would go for his doctorate in music. His arthritis, which had begun as a teenager, became steadily worse until he finally had to choose between a horrid desk job or retiring from the Marines. He chose the latter. A desk job was not something he ever would have been good at. “Then I can really get some of the studies going I’m interested in.”

“Like what?” Jonathon asked with curiosity written clearly across his face.

“Music therapy intrigues me. How the different notes, mathematical progressions, and different music affects us mentally and physically. In fact, that’s the thesis I’m doing my preliminary studies on right now.”

“Oh, you should get in touch with Lizzy Mayfield,” Jonathon said, his eyes brightening. “She gives music lessons to people here in the community and if I remember correctly, back in Massachusetts, she worked at a therapeutic clinic.”

“Good idea,” Benjamin said with a nod, watching Brandon with a look that made him want to leap to attention. “Your leg’s bothering you.” Not a question, it was said bluntly in a way that Brandon found reassuring after his twelve years in the Marine corp.

“It has its good days and its bad. I’m used to it, sir.”

His former commanding officer quirked one brow, letting him know that Benjamin knew it was worse off than he said. But it also said that he understood. Marines did not complain.

“Ben, I need to get to the clubhouse.” The voice was quiet enough Brandon knew it was meant for Benjamin’s ears only and that it probably held more of a request than a statement. His friend had made it very clear that he and his partner were in a loving discipline relationship, something he had wanted for a very long time.

Corbin’s Bend being a spank and domestic discipline friendly community was one of the reasons he moved there. His family was about as vanilla as they come. Even his ex-wife had been horrified when he suggested spanking. It was the one thing that had ended their marriage with finality; he did not want to hide the side that needed to hold, nurture, and discipline the one he loved the most while she informed him she would slug him if he ever tried. Not that he would have without her permission, something he had tried to explain, but his words had fallen on deaf ears. Before his honorable discharge from the Marines, he received the divorce papers. Two days after he signed them and sent them in, his mother sent him a copy of their hometown paper announcing his ex-wife’s engagement to his cousin.

“All right,” Benjamin replied, smiling at Jonathon. “Invite Brent and Char over to our barbeque this weekend. Tell them to bring our little goddaughter with them.”

“Will do.” Jonathon stood up, gave his partner a kiss and gave a quick wave to Brandon before leaving the house. Unable to help himself, Brandon watched him leave, a small tug in the direction of his chest reminding him of the kind of relationship he wanted.

“He seems like a good guy,” he said, finally turning back to Benjamin, wincing as he saw a knowing look on his face.

“He is. One of the best men I know. But then� so are a lot of men here. While a few jerks have found their way in, it’s very few and far between. You’ll find that as you work your way in. But,” he said, in a tone of command that caused Brandon’s lips to quirk � once a commanding officer, always a commanding officer. “One of the reasons I came over today was to let you know I’ve been assigned as your mentor.”

“Mentor? Do I need one?”

“Every adult member is assigned one. Any man or woman who’s on the top of the spectrum is assigned someone like me, either a head of household or a spanko, someone who has been in the community since the beginning. We’re here in several capacities. Someone to talk to. A call when you’re confused. When you find a woman and start a relationship, I’m here to bounce ideas off of. Consider me free therapy.”

Snorting a laugh, Brandon shook his head in amusement. “Just what I needed.”

Benjamin shot him one of his lightning-fast grins. “Consider anything you tell me sacrosanct, just as if you were talking to a therapist. The only thing that would ever make me break that was if you claimed you wanted to harm someone and meant it. Otherwise, free range, Delt. So, any questions you need answered right off the bat?”

Knowing the man in front of him did not mince words and if he said he was here for any questions Benjamin had he meant it, Brandon took him seriously. “How many single women in the community?” His wife divorcing him didn’t hurt, though her marrying his cousin did, and he hoped to find someone to at least spend time with if not build something more substantial.

“There’s a few. And Denver’s only an hour away.”

“Besides the rule book I received, anything I should know or be aware of?”

“Keep in mind this is a spanking community. Hell, Jonathon and I have been in a DD relationship for a long time, but I was on maneuvers when he moved us here. The first time I was home for a few weeks he had to grab my arm when I saw a man slap a woman on the ass. My first instinct was to protect her and he explained they were a couple and public spanking was something I would get used to.” A twinkle entered his eyes. “It’s a bit shocking the first few times you see it. Oh, also� if you hear yelling or screaming from a house, most of the time that’s discipline related. If you’re worried about it, tell me, Jonathon, or one of the board and we’ll look into it.”

Shaking his head, Brandon tried to imagine it and couldn’t. “Is it easy?”

“Getting used to the open community? Or being in a domestic discipline relationship?” The question again pointed out just how easily his friend saw through him.

“Both, but mainly the latter. I’ve wanted that kind of relationship for a long time, but have no idea what to expect.”

“Easy? No. Especially not at first. Which is where me, your mentor, comes in. She, also, would have a mentor. But the thing is no relationship is easy. You both decide on your rules together and when she breaks one, it isn’t just disciplining someone, it’s disciplining someone you love. The first time I spanked Jonathon was a major turning point in our relationship. For both of us. And,” he chuckled, “last summer when I came home for good, was another one. He wasn’t used to me being around all the time and suddenly being subject to our rules twenty-four-seven.

“You’ll have your ups and downs and will learn your partner’s tells. But, I think being a Marine trains us for this. We’re used to taking charge and being in control; we’re also used to watching out for others and making sure they stay safe. This is just something you will have to temper into your own relationship when it happens.”

“Temper?” Brandon asked in surprise.

A bark of laughter left the man sitting across from him. “Oh, yes. I barked an order once at Jonathon in what he calls my ‘military tone’. He stood up from the sofa, walked up to me with a look in his eye that told me I had overstepped some boundary and in a kind, respectful voice said, ‘Don’t you ever use that tone with me again, Benjamin. I’m your partner, not your subordinate.’ Then he kissed me and went on to do as I had ordered. It was a bit of a surprise, but I’ve learned to watch for when the officer in me wants to come out. After all, we’re talking about a loving relationship, not a dictatorship.”

Slowly the conversation turned toward the basics. “We have several small corner markets in the community you can go to get things like bread and milk, but if you want lots of food and in the brands you like, I suggest making a run to Denver or Boulder. The pool is open now that it’s summer time. With the kids still in school, I suggest going during the day during the week. In the evenings and weekends, they do tend to take it over. I’ll warn you, though. The pool is cold, not sure how that will work with your arthritis. There’s a theater behind the clubhouse that’s open every night.” Benjamin paused as though trying to figure out what Brandon might want to know. “We have some great restaurants. Endel� has fantastic Mexican food. No barbeque.”

Brandon interrupted him. “Probably a good thing. I’m Texan. I know barbeque. And I’ll run down to Denver tomorrow for food. The furniture’s supposed to be delivered sometime today.”

“Which means as late as they can make it,” Benjamin agreed, nodding. He pulled out a piece of paper from his pocket. “Here’s the community map. This way you can find what and who you need. On the back, all the members of the housing and disciplinary boards are listed as well as me and my phone number. We’re all here if you need us.” His tone clearly stated ‘don’t be a fool, call when you need to.’ Brandon appreciated it.

“Well, I had best get back home.” They both stood up from the boxes, Brandon wincing as his leg twinged. “Check in with Doc Devon. He might have something that would help the pain.”

As Benjamin walked out the door, Brandon stopped him. “Thanks for helping me get in here.”

Benjamin looked over his shoulder and smiled as if he had a secret he was about to tell. “Thank Jonathon next time you see him. That man can wrap Brent around his finger more than anyone else in this community except maybe Charmagne. It’s quite the talent.”

Once his friend was gone, Brandon surveyed the rooms full of boxes. He supposed he could unpack, but at the moment that felt wrong. If his furniture was here, he would�even before he could finish the thought, the sound of a truck’s brakes reached him and he opened the door, pleased to see the furniture truck. An hour later, all the furniture was where he wanted it, he signed the forms, and the truck left.

“Now, I can check out my new community.”

Grabbing his wallet, he elected to take a pain pill� it would be bad to get a few miles away and be in too much pain to walk back�and headed out of his house. His only reservation about moving to Corbin’s Bend had been the planned development aspect wherein each house would look like every other house, but strangely enough that did not seem to be an issue. If he looked closely, he could tell the designs were the same, but every house had slightly different landscaping, some with trees others without, and there were a multitude of colors everywhere he looked. When all the trees and park areas were taken into account, each bunch of houses felt wonderfully secluded.

Following the map, it did not take long before he came across the main structure, the Corbin’s Bend dome. It was huge. And not at all what he expected. There were windows everywhere and except for the fact it was rounded, it looked like it belonged. A short twinge from his leg told him he was probably overdoing it right now, but he elected to walk around the building anyway. The sound of splashing water caught his attention and he turned toward a large gated pool. One woman who was completely dressed, walked quietly out of the gate, shutting it just as quietly behind her before walking away, but that wasn’t where his eye was drawn.

A woman was slicing through the water like an otter, swimming quickly from end to end in the pool and captivated as he had not seen someone so naturally adept at swimming like that, he leaned against the fence and watched. When she pulled herself out of the pool, water sluicing off her skin, a soft gasp left his lips. Stunning. That was the only word that came to mind as he looked at the beautiful blonde in the one-piece bathing suit. Instantly, his body responded and a low chuckle left his lips. If the women of Corbin’s Bend looked like her? He was going to love it here.

Another twinge reminded him he should buy the supplies he needed until the next day, and with a final look at the woman who was now prone on a chaise reading a book, he turned and walked toward the closest market


A Brush of Violet by Corrine Alexander

Chapter One

Arms filled to brimming with client files, Violet stumbled into the house. She kicked the door shut behind her with the back of her high heel. Tripping forward, she aimed for the nearest flat surface where she dumped everything in a heap. Success. Not waiting another second to slip out of her heels, she flung them off in the general direction of the entryway closet. The cold ceramic floor soothed her aching feet bringing blessed relief. She glanced up at the wrought iron wall clock. Ten o’clock already! Her stomach grumbled in protest. Trying to assuage her angry stomach she padded barefooted into the kitchen to dig up something for dinner.

Her eye caught on the cabernet beside the stove. Wine first then dinner, she decided, popping the cork off of the open bottle to pour her favorite red wine. Pausing to allow the aroma to hit her olfactory receptors, she felt instant relaxation. She took a slow sip before she turned to put some leftovers into the microwave.

The faint ring of her cell phone came from the mound of belongings she had just dumped on the table. Running over, she dug through the pile until she realized her purse had been knocked under the table. Grabbing it, she tunneled through her purse, finding her phone at last at the very bottom. “Hello,” she answered, panting and gasping for air.

Her childhood friend Everleigh’s curious voice sounded on the line. “Um, did I catch you in the middle of a marathon or something?” A pregnant pause and then, “Oh shit! I didn’t interrupt you in the middle of um, extra-curricular activities, did I?”

Violet laughed heartily. “No, Ever, there’s virtually no chance of that. So ease your worried mind.” She chuckled some more as she caught her breath. “I literally just walked in the door and lost m

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