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Ginger Up: Corbin's Bend, Season Three

By: Rayanna Jamison
Published By: Blushing Press
Copyright: �2015 by Blushing Books� and Rayanna Jamison
13 Chapters / 38,300 Words
Heat Level:
4.8 Out Of 5 (4.8 on 8)   |  Write a review
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After a difficult delivery and birth of her daughter, control freak Ginger Davies, is losing control. She cares only for the care of her daughter and has no time or energy for anything else. Her home, business, and relationships are suffering. She knows something needs to change, but she is too overwhelmed to do anything about it. As someone who has always prided herself on being strong and capable, and disciplined, she can't bring herself to admit what she is really going through.

Her husband Beau has been content to take a break from domestic discipline to give Ginger the time and space she needs to recover, but he soon realizes that he's not doing her any favors by letting things go. He realizes that break or no break, it's time to regain control of his home and step up in a way that he never has before.

Chapter One

For a man with a brand new baby at home, Beau Davies was in no hurry to get there. As Vice Principal of Corbin’s Bend Middle School, there was always work to be done, and a reason to stay late if he was looking for one.

He was.

It was the first day back after Spring Break, and for the first time ever in his life, he was almost dreading going home. His gut clenched with guilt at the realization of this ugly truth. He glanced at the clock and frowned. He would stay just one more hour, and he would pick up dinner from Endel� on the way home. There really was quite a bit of work to catch up on, and six o’clock was a reasonable hour to get home, even if school got out at three.

Besides, he reasoned with himself, with the break, he had just spent nine straight days at home, for all the good it had done. His marriage was more strained than ever, and Ginger was so obsessed with taking care of their baby daughter, Hazel, he couldn’t help even if he wanted to. She wouldn’t let him.

He apparently was totally inept when it came to taking care of a baby. Never mind the fact that he was the oldest of seven children whose parents had basically considered him to be their built in babysitter from the time he was ten until the day he left for college. Never mind that he had degrees in childhood education, or even, most simply of all, that he was Hazel’s father. According to his wife, he didn’t burp her right, didn’t change her diaper right, didn’t know the correct way to put her to sleep, Hell, according to Ginger, he didn’t even hold her right!

It seemed that no one was at all capable at caring for baby Hazel, except for Ginger herself. And that’s what she did. All day, every day. It had gotten to the point where she did little else. And that was the most worrisome of all.

Ginger was a control freak. She always had been, and he loved it about her, and he had always known what to do when her overbearing ways became too much. After all, they lived in Corbin’s Bend. When his little control freak became too much to handle, he simply flipped her over his knee and put an end to her nonsense with a long, hard spanking. It was The Corbin’s Bend way.

To an outsider, such an idea might seem crazy, or archaic, but Domestic Discipline had always been a part of their relationship, and it was the reason they had moved here when they decided they were ready to start a family. Corbin’s Bend was an exclusive co-op community that catered to spankophiles. Here they were no different than anyone else, and everyone practiced spanking in their relationship in some form or another. When you moved in, you were even assigned a mentor to help you acclimate to the community and help you navigate troubles within the lifestyle, if you needed it. So far, Beau never had, and his relationship with his mentor had been a superficial one.

That last thought had him stopping to consider. Maybe it was time to change that. His mentor, Jason Rolson, was an older man in his early seventies, with decades of experience living in a DD relationship, probably even had special insight into the type of thing Beau and Ginger were going through. Even if he didn’t, it wouldn’t hurt to ask.

Beau felt bad that he hadn’t really asked the older man for help with anything DD related up to this point, but he truly hadn’t needed to. Ginger had always been so in control of everything, their home and lives had run like a well-oiled machine. Unlike some couples in Corbin’s Bend, who had to use a spanking to enforce anything from an eye roll, to a messy house, to a speeding ticket, they had almost never used it for anything but Ginger’s controlling attitude.

And now, well, he most certainly still needed it for that, but he was coming to the realization that their DD relationship was at a point where it was in need of a complete overhaul. They were beyond simply dealing with control issues. His once on top of every little thing wife was a complete wreck, and it didn’t seem to be getting better. To further complicate things, they had been on a break from domestic discipline for almost six months.

It had been doctor’s orders, and after several miscarriages, and many unsuccessful pregnancy attempts, they would have agreed to anything to ensure that this pregnancy went smoothly. And it had, up until the end. In the eighth month of her pregnancy Ginger had developed preeclampsia and been put on bed-rest. Dr. Devon had forbidden them to engage in any spanking related activities, encouraging them to try nonphysical punishments such as writing lines, and loss of privileges. They had dutifully given it a shot, but neither of those things had a positive impact, and they had agreed to take a break until after the baby was born.

It hadn’t mattered anyway. Bed rest had come too late, and had only lasted just over a week before Ginger went into premature labor. Hazel was born November nineteenth at only thirty-three weeks, and the difficult birth had almost killed both mother and child.

Ginger had spent over a week in the hospital afterward, and Hazel had spent three. By the time they both made it home, Beau was just so happy to have them both on the mend, DD had become a distant memory.

Once again, Dr. Devon had stressed the importance of keeping their rules on track with alternate forms of punishment, but this time they hadn’t even listened. It just wasn’t a blip on their radar at that point, and Ginger was so frail and weak still, Beau hadn’t been able to imagine punishing her in any way, even if he had wanted to, which he hadn’t.

Now, it was mid-march, and they had both been home for months, and other than the emotional strain it had caused, Ginger was fully recovered. They both knew they could re-instate their relationship to business as usual at any time, but Beau was at a complete loss as to how to even go about doing so, and Ginger had made it abundantly clear that she had no interest in DD in any form.

Beau was a patient man, and he was willing to wait, but on the other hand, things seemed to be getting worse, not better, the longer they went without the structure that their domestic discipline relationship had always brought them. If things kept declining at this rapid rate, he wasn’t sure how they would last.

It was a startling thought, and he realized quickly that as bad as things were at home, avoiding going home was not the answer. Besides that, he really wasn’t getting much done anyway. He had completely worn himself out over the break, taking care of everything Ginger hadn’t been, and with Ginger waking up every hour to check that Hazel was still breathing, his quality of sleep was seriously lacking.

With a sigh, he slammed shut the folder he had been staring blankly at for the past twenty minutes. It was time to go home.

* * * * *

Ginger sat in Hazel’s nursery in the rocking chair staring at the baby in her arms. It was silly she knew, this compulsive need she seemed to have to memorize every tiny freckle, every eyelash, and each unique feature on her baby girl’s sweet face. When she wasn’t feeding or changing Hazel, or caring for her in some way, she spent hours just staring at her. Even as she did it, she told herself that it was crazy. Hazel was not going to vanish into thin air if Ginger wasn’t holding her at any given moment, nor was she likely to die in her sleep. Ginger knew her feelings and fears were not out of the ordinary for a first time mom. She also knew that in her case, it was amplified, in part due to her naturally obsessive nature, but mostly because of the trauma of Hazel’s birth.

She knew it was affecting her life, and she knew it wasn’t rational, but she couldn’t help it. Hazel was four months old now. She shouldn’t still be feeling this crippling fear and anxiety, but she was. It gnawed at her every moment of every day, and as much as she tried to get it under control, it got worse. For Ginger, control was everything. Not being able to control something as simple as her thoughts and emotions scared the hell out of her.

Every night she vowed that the next day she would work on returning to life as she knew it. She told herself that she would wake up and take a walk before Beau left for work, or make breakfast for the two of them, or even take a shower before noon. She swore she would go to the restaurant and check in, even if it was only for an hour, that she would clean the kitchen, and do the laundry, and pay the bills. And every day she sat there in the nursery staring at her daughter while life piled up around her. And the scary thing was�she didn’t even care. The things that used to drive her crazy didn’t even bother her anymore. The dishes sat undone, and the mail piled up on the counter, and dinner was almost always take-out or whatever Beau could throw together when he got home. Everyone had told her that motherhood would mellow her out, but she didn’t think they meant to this extreme.

Ginger shook herself out of her reverie once more, and gazed at the sleeping baby in her arms. Surely just an hour while her daughter slept wouldn’t hurt anything. She could shower, and straighten up a bit, and maybe make a quick dinner before Beau got home. Surely, he deserved that much.

Her thoughts on her husband, she reluctantly laid Hazel in her crib, and turned to walk away. She only made it to the door before she heard his key turn in the lock, and heard him swear as he realized he didn’t need his key, because the door hadn’t been locked.

She winced. Judging by his reaction, it was a good thing they weren’t doing DD anymore. What was he doing home already anyway? Had he come home for lunch? A quick glance at her watch had her raising her eyebrows in shock. It was already six in the evening. Where had the day gone? Shoot. What had she done today? She wracked her brain, trying to come up with something, one productive thing, and realized there was nothing. Once again, she had wasted her day, and all of her good intentions had been for naught.

Now it was her turn to swear. Beau had worked so hard to get them caught up on everything over his break, cleaning the house from top to bottom, and even preparing meals to put in the freezer. Bills had been paid for the next few months, and thank you notes had been written. All he had asked of her was to do a little each day to try to stay caught up.

Oh well, maybe he wouldn’t notice that nothing had gotten done today. And even if he did, did it matter? They were on a break, she reminded herself. So technically, it didn’t matter. She could do whatever she wanted, or didn’t want. And right now, she just wanted to hold her daughter.

She gazed longingly at the crib. She could hear Beau’s footsteps as he made his way through the house and up the stairs to the nursery. She pasted a smile on her face, and prepared to leave the room. A few minutes alone with her husband while their daughter slept. It wouldn’t be so bad, right? Her hand went to the doorknob, and as she turned it she was blinded by the tears that fell freely. Her breath came out in heavy gasps, and her chest seized, feeling like her lungs were being squeezed in a vise. She ran to the crib, and scooped Hazel into her arms, inhaling the sweet scent of powder and breast milk on her breath.

The tears continued to fall as she sank into the oversized rocker, clutching Hazel tightly to her chest. Her breath still came out in heaving sobs, and the intensity of it shocked even her. Hazel awakened as hot tears fell atop her auburn wisps, and wiggled against her mother’s hold. Ginger cried out in joy as her daughter’s eyes met her own. Only then did the pressure in her chest diminish to a dull ache, and her sobs quiet into shuddering whimpers.

She closed her eyes, and pressed her nose to Hazel’s forehead. The sweet baby smell was so relaxing. Calmed, she leaned into the back of the chair, and fell asleep.

Cindy on 09/19/2015 01:38pm
Excellent! Loved it so much even though I generally don't like the series. This book was well written and realistic and had real issues rather than silly or unbelievable ones. Really liked it.
JK on 06/30/2015 08:22am
Gotta love these Corbin's Bend books!! They truly are all different and I love them all for so many different reasons! This one really tackles some tough issues and I read the reviews with some differing opinions about this. But, that is what I loved about it! It makes the story more real when characters mess things up and even frustrate the readers, Our two characters figure it out in the end and it's their journey and what they learn that is the great part of this story! LOVED it!!
Katy Beth McKee on 06/27/2015 01:01pm
Beau and Gingers have a beautiful new baby but things aren't going so well. Beau struggles to figure out how to help his wife. He makes several missteps and course corrections but with the help of others he's able to start to make a difference for both of them. This story is willing to tackle the difficult subject of postpartum depression in a way that entertains but also deals with it in a respectful way.
KArc on 06/26/2015 03:02pm
Another great addition to Corbin's Bend. In this story we get to know Beau and Ginger who are struggling after a very difficult labor and delivery of their daughter Hazel where both mother and daughter almost died. One of my favorite things about this series is the involvement of characters from previous stories creating a strong sense of community. Beau reaches out to many in Corbin's Bend to get advice on how to help Ginger. Beau and Ginger are so real in their struggle to figure out how DD will fit into their relationship. He doesn't have all the answers as some HoH/Doms do. He makes mistakes and when he realizes it he apologizes and fixes them.
Laurel Lasky on 06/23/2015 05:41pm
This book of the third season of Corbin Bend is like meeting old friends and seeing how they are doing. Ginger and Beau return after the difficul birth of their baby Hazel. With sensitivity the author Rayanna Jamison tackles some difficult issues, Post Partum Depression, panic attacks and OCD which the people in Corbin's Bend are there for the troubled couple and Beau resolves to do what is needed to mend the problems. The strong feelings and emotions of the characters are well developed with wonderful dialog.
asgoodrich on 06/20/2015 02:41pm
Ginger Up was another great addition to season three of Corbin’s Bend. Not having read A Perfect Partnership from last season, this was my first encounter with Ginger, Beau, and the Ginger Paddle. I do not know whether or not I would have gotten a pre-pregnancy look at Ginger in the previous book, but it mattered not as Ms. Jamison provided a very clear picture of how Ginger was before Hazel’s birth both through Ginger’s self-defeatist thoughts and Beau’s worries over the drastic change in his wife. Ms. Jamison tackles a very important issue in Ginger Up – postpartum depression – and I think she does it in a way that is sensitive, informative, and very insightful. After the difficult birth of their daughter, Ginger has experienced a 180 in her personality. Gone is the control freak and in her place is a woman whose sole concern is insuring that her daughter is breathing. Due to medical complications that presented prior to Hazel’s birth, Beau and Ginger have suspended their Domestic Discipline relationship because it was unsafe to continue spanking and alternate methods of discipline proved ineffective. As Ginger’s behavior spirals out of control, Beau is at a loss of what to do to help her. When he finally takes matters into his own hands – literally – and reinstitutes spanking, Ginger shows a marked improvement, especially with the accompanying daily chore list. But when Ginger has a panic attack at work and Beau learns that it is not the first one and that it’s a symptom of a much larger issue, he again suspends spanking because he worries that he has done her more harm than good. Although often strained, the connection between Beau and Ginger was obvious. This is what made Beau’s inability to “see” that Ginger needed a good spanking so frustrating for me. I give him full credit though in not wanting to do anything to exacerbate her postpartum depression, but was it out of the realm of his thinking to call Traci and talk to her himself for guidance? Ginger may have been the one suffering from postpartum depression, but she wasn’t the only one who could have called on Traci for help. And I have to say that I absolutely LOVED Traci’s bedside manner. Thankfully Beau was smart enough to go to his mentor for guidance, who referred him to Ange and Jim because of their personal experience with postpartum depression within a Domestic Discipline relationship. While it is not surprising that Beau and Ginger made it over this hurdle and came out stronger for it, it was not an easy journey. The final spanking scene marked the renewal of their Domestic Discipline relationship and was intense and seriously hot. Speaking of hot, I appreciated the author’s attention to detail regarding the ginger root juice. When Beau announced his intentions and removed the ginger root, my first thought was “Dude, that’s gonna burn!” because there had been no mention of any clean up. And sure enough, it did indeed burn, but it helped to lighten the mood of the situation and demonstrated the strength of Beau and Ginger’s relationship. I really enjoyed Ginger Up and I’m looking forward to the next book in the series. I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. Reviewed by Angela at Crystal's Many Reviewers!
Meg on 06/19/2015 12:10pm
Being new parents is both a blessing and stressful. Ginger, a woman who is extremely self-sufficient and always in control finds her life doing a complete 180. Her love for her daughter is all consuming – consuming to the point of being dangerous for not only Ginger's state of mind, but for her health as well. Her husband, Beau, is willing to try various avenues to help Ginger find her way back to her old self – even to the point of taking a hiatus from their DD lifestyle. With Ginger unable to express her true needs and Beau unaware of the all-consuming reach of post-partum depression, the young couple face a true crises in their marriage. It takes the support and gentle, yet firm, guidance of the wonderful people of Corbin's Bend to help them find their way back. Ms. Jamison does a very nice job of both informing and gently educating us about how some things can have us spiraling out of control to the point of feeling hopeless. She then does a very good job of letting us know that love, support and communication can guide us through the darkness. Another great addition to the beloved Corbin's Bend series.
Redrabbitt on 06/18/2015 09:34pm
Another great addition to season three of the Corbin's Bend series. We return with Beau and Ginger Davies after the birth of their daughter Hazel. Complications during the pregnancy and delivery has alter the dynamics of their HoH and DD lifestyle. But sometime, what seems like it may be done out of kindness, it actually more harmful. Ginger pushes and tops from the bottom and Beau is at wits end but continues to allow her to get away with it. Eventually things will snap, and actions must be taken and things must change for harmony to return. This story brought out the issue of post-partum depression and anxiety attacks, two very real life issues, but something women try to ignore. With Ginger being OCD and the need to be in control, she ignores the symptoms and problems. Will Beau lay down the law to Ginger and take control of their marriage and relationship before it is too late? This story is emotional and well told, and the dialogue and characters are heartwarming, the sex steamy, and the discipline fair. In Corbin's Bend, when one neighbor is hurting, the community all feels it and shows support.

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