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His Hellion Hostage: Warriors After Dark, Book Three

By: Maggie Carpenter
Published By: Dark Secrets Press
Copyright: Copyright � 2015 Maggie Carpenter
22 Chapters / 64,170 Words
Heat Level:
5.0 Out Of 5 (5.0 on 2)   |  Write a review

Spankings, blazing sex, and salacious surprises fill the pages of this BDSM fairytale.

Princess Fallon is a beguiling young royal, but when the twin suns descend she tosses away her gowns, and dressed in a warrior's garb she wields a sword and fights invisible opponents. Though svelte and small, she has developed a hidden strength and expertise, and she fears no-one!

When Princess Lizbett readies herself to take the throne, she learns that Princess Fallon has begun a reckless plan to try to take the crown. Lizbett's warrior husband, Lord Larian, orders Zoltaire, his second-in-command, to capture Fallon and hold her until Lizbett's coronation is over.

Princess Fallon is not an easy captive, but she quickly learns any misbehavior will be met with a trip over Zoltaire's knee for a sound, bare-bottom spanking. Though she is initially shocked, she finds there is a residual benefit to his hot stinging hand.

Zoltaire has been trained in the dark arts of erotic domination, and he recognizes certain traits in his hellion hostage. Does she harbor secret fantasies?

Will Zoltaire stay strong, or lose his heart to the determined damsel? And what about Princess Fallon? Can she resist the charismatic warrior, or will her shadowy desires and licentious libido open her eyes to the man he is, and ultimately surrender herself to all that he offers?

Chapter One

Verdana was in mourning. The usually happy citizens of the gleaming city were filled with sorrow. Their much-loved sovereign, the mighty King Handerah, had passed away. Princess Lizbett would soon be crowned Queen, and her famous husband, Lord Larian Lobergene, a Zanderonian Warrior of the First Order, would be at her side.

The King’s death wasn’t the only problem facing the realm. There was unease in the city. Princess Lizbett was young, and she’d been a difficult, demanding Princess. It had been rumored that Lord Larian had clipped her wings, that she had matured and become a strong, resourceful woman, but would she be strong and resourceful enough to rule? How could a young woman offer the kingdom the same security and prosperity as her potent father?

Knowing the populace would be unsettled, and in order to help keep things calm, Lord Larian had sent for Zoltaire, his second-in-command, along with several of the best men in his squadron. The warriors of Zanderone were not just skillful fighters, they had been trained in the art of diplomacy and negotiation, and would always attempt conversation before lifting their swords. Larian tasked them with patrolling the streets, instructing them to be friendly and reassuring, and to quickly quash any disturbances.

Zoltaire had been working diligently to prove himself worthy of being named a Warrior of the First Order. Larian was his junior by several years, but he knew his commander was an extraordinarily gifted man, and held him in the highest esteem. Zoltaire had learned much as he’d served under the brilliant young warrior, and when he was summoned by Larian to hurry to the palace for an urgent meeting, Zoltaire broke into a speedy jog, determined to reach his commander as quickly as possible.

Marching through the guard’s entrance at the side of the palace, he trotted up the stairs and turned towards the royal apartments where Lord Larian had set up a temporary office. Walking into the outer reception area, the young page stationed at the door to Larian’s inner sanctum, bowed politely and gestured for Zoltaire to enter.

“Ah, Zoltaire, thank you for getting here so quickly,” Larian said rising from behind his desk.

“The messenger said it was a matter of urgency.”

“It is, and it is one of grave concern. Would you care for some wine as we talk?”

“If you are having a glass, Commander, I would be honored to join you.“

“Sometimes wine helps to calm our busy brains. Please sit down,” Larian said pouring them each a goblet of the dark purple liquid. “I have received an intelligence report that the Kingdom of Haldenstop is casting its eye on Verdana.”

“Haldenstop? I don’t understand,” Zoltaire declared accepting his glass of wine. “Haldenstop is ruled by Keldon, a man of peace. Haldenstop is neutral, the realm where treaties are signed and battles are avoided.”

“Apparently it is Keldon’s daughter, Princess Fallon, who is behind this foolish notion.”

“I have heard about her. A fiery young woman with a quick tongue. It is rumored she is just a slip of girl, but has the fighting skills of a man.”

“It appears she also harbors ambitions beyond reason,” Larian grimly remarked taking a sip of wine. “Keldon has fallen ill, and it is she who is making noises about moving on Verdana.”

“Surely her older brother Garrick is in charge if Keldon is incapacitated, and he is like his father. Everyone knows Keldon has been grooming Garrick since he was a boy. Garrick would never consider an attempt to take Verdana.”

“My intelligence suggests Fallon has turned her brother’s head. Apparently she has convinced him that the passing of Lizbett’s father has made Verdana vulnerable.”

“Surely they must know the warriors of Zanderone would be here in a day and cut their soldiers into pieces.”

“It is the foolishness of spoiled youth, Zoltaire, or there is more to their scheme we have yet to uncover. I do not wish any bloodshed to come to Verdana, and I will not let Zanderone fall into a skirmish. The question is a simple one. How do I undermine, or better yet, stop Fallon and Garrick’s reckless effort?”

“It is a problem, indeed, Commander. Have you spoken with Prince Fenderon about this?”

Prince Fenderon, the ruler of Zanderone, had made Larian the youngest Warrior of the First Order in the Principality of Zanderone, and Larian was fiercely loyal to him. He also knew the Prince to be a cunning and effective monarch.

“We have been exchanging communications for the past several days,” Larian nodded, “and we have come to a decision, a decision that will have a profound affect on your future, Zoltaire.”

“I don’t understand, Commander.”

“Lizbett’s mother, Queen Nydal, has been this realm’s Ambassador, but of course she is overcome with grief at her husband’s death and is unable to do what must be done. She is in no state to travel to Haldenstop and speak with the Princess and her brother.”

“The poor woman must be heartbroken,” Zoltaire said solemnly. “I assume you wish me to accompany whoever will be taking her place.”

“Zoltaire, Prince Fenderon and I have decided that person will be you.”

“Me, Commander?” Zoltaire exclaimed, astonished that he would be chosen for such an important diplomatic mission.

“You have demonstrated your cleverness and negotiating skills many times. You may be a strong and mighty warrior, but you are also a clever and gifted arbiter. I recall how skillfully you calmed the hearts of the young marauders who attempted to hijack my carriage in the Barren Lands when I was transporting Lizbett back to Zanderone.”

“I learned these things from you, Commander,” Zoltaire said humbly, unexpectedly succumbing to a wave of embarrassment.

“You have an inherent talent,” Larian said soberly, “one you have skillfully honed, and now it is time to put that talent to a great test. Your time has come, Zoltaire, and I have every confidence that you will shine.”

“I am truly honored that you and my Prince would trust me with such an important mission.”

“It is a much more dangerous task for you, than it would have been for the Queen,” Larian said gravely. “Garrick and Fallon wouldn’t have dared harm her. She is too loved and admired, but they will see you differently.”

“They will indeed, Commander.”

“It is likely they will deny any accusations, and as I sit here and talk with you, I find myself thinking diplomacy may not be the answer. They may see your visit as an act of weakness. They may think we are so worried, we felt compelled to send a warrior as an emissary.”

“With their hubris, that is entirely possible,” Zoltaire agreed, “and it will also alert them that we have discovered they are plotting against Verdana.”

“Exactly,” Larian nodded, “though that may not be a bad thing. It will tell them they have lost the element of surprise. Still, ego and ambition often impedes common sense.”

“So, Commander, what do you suggest?”

“I’m still pondering the problem, and I thought perhaps, together we could find a solution. I’m sure you recall during our training we were constantly told, you are stronger as a team than a single unit. I believe the same is true when it comes to strategy.”

“Those were wise words,” Zoltaire nodded sipping his wine. “Let us start by considering the force behind this ill-advised action. Garrick believes he may be about to take the throne, or at least has temporary charge of Haldenstop. That means he is feeling power for the first time. He has been swayed by his ambitious younger sister to consider an attempted take over of Verdana, probably because he smells the sweet but corrupting scent of power.”

“I believe you are exactly right,” Larian said earnestly. “So what drives Fallon? What is pushing her forward?”

“I have a thought,” Zoltaire said thoughtfully. “Princess Fallon must be about the same age as Princess Lizbett. Surely they’re acquainted.”

“They are, you’re right. Their paths crossed many times as they were growing up, and from what I understand they have been rivals since childhood, each trying to beat the other in everything, from the clothes they wore, to the horses they rode.”

“Could it be that Fallon’s ambition is personal? Perhaps she fantasizes about taking Verdana because she wants Lizbett’s place on on the throne. Perhaps she is jealous that Lizbett will be a Queen, and she will not.”

“Interesting theory,” Larian murmured.

�“If Fallon and Lizbett have known each other all their lives, it’s certainly possible. If you take it a step further, should her brother become the King of Haldenstop, and she becomes the Queen of Verdana, together they could easily overrun the Maurauders and make them their slaves. That would give them control of the Barren Lands and they would control the passage of goods. It would be an extremely powerful position.”

“Zoltaire, what you suggest is a hugely ambitious plan. Could they really harbor such lofty aspirations?” Larian said gravely. “If you’re right, they will have devised a scheme to neutralize our fellow warriors in Zanderone.”

“Commander, I think we should send word to our Prince and have our brothers moved from the barracks into the safety of the Palace, perhaps even spread them around the city, covertly billeted with citizens. It might be unwise to have them together in one location as they are now.”

“You see, Zoltaire, this is why you are up to this mission,” Larian declared. “You are a thinker. I will send word immediately, and I will also contact Darius Dunworthy. I believe his brilliant fiance, Angelica, who you know is a very talented witich, will be able to offer a form of protection around them.”

“Since they believe Verdana is weak during this transition, they will want to invade before Lizbett’s coronation while the realm is still unsettled and in mourning,” Zoltaire said thoughtfully.

“Of course,” Larian nodded.

“What if we can thwart them long enough for Lizbett to take the throne and demonstrate her skills as the new monarch? Even just being crowned will settle the populace and lift the soldiers from mourning. It will make Fallon and Garrick’s task more difficult, and who knows, by that time Keldon may have recovered. He is currently only indisposed, is he not?”

“You’re correct. This is a situation where we must hope for the best, and prepare for the worst,” Larian declared, “but both depend on making Fallon and Garrick pause. How do we do that? How do we delay their action?”

“I have an idea about that,” Zoltaire began, leaning across the desk and dropping his voice.

Staring across at his right-hand man, Larian saw Zoltaire’s eyes filled with inspiration and gravitated towards him, eager to hear what he had to say.

“If I should, shall we say, waylay, Fallon, her brother will not have her driving him, and he will also be distracted with worry.”

“My thinking exactly,” Larian said with a smile. “It is her ambition that began this, and removing her will be cutting off the head of the snake. Garrick may still wriggle and make noise, but I agree. He will lack the will to move forward without her whispering in his ear and nipping at his heels.”

Larian sat back in his chair and closed his eyes. Zoltaire had witnessed his commander’s meditative state many times. Larian was considering all the angles, the weaknesses and strengths of their plan, and when he finally opened his eyes he did so with a determined gleam in his eye.

“If you capture Fallon, it must appear to be a random deed of a foolhardy man wishing for riches.”

“That makes sense,” Zoltaire said solemnly. “I’ll dress as a regular citizen, and carry a sword that is not emblazoned with the Zanderonian crest. She will have no idea who her captor is. If I am captured, my identity as a warrior will be hidden.”

“This is very important,” Larian nodded. “It would incite Garrick and all of Haldenstop if it became known their Princess had been abducted by a Zanderonian warrior, regardless of the circumstances. No-one must learn about this, Zoltaire, except for Princess Lizbett of course. I am duty-bound to inform her, and she knows Fallon. Her input could prove invaluable.”

“I’m sure she has Information that will be most useful,” Zoltaire nodded.

“From what I know about Fallon, I suspect it will take more than your mighty strength to deal with her,” Larian remarked. “She is known as the Hellion of Haldenstop. It is rumored she can wield a sword as skillfully as any man, and shoot an arrow with as much accuracy as a master hunter, though it is just gossip. I have yet to meet anyone who has actually seen her do such things.”

“I can’t imagine it,” Zoltaire said shaking his head. “A princess, especially Keldon’s daughter, behaving in such a way.”

“Rumor said she wears the robes of royalty, but slips away from the palace at night and dons a warrior’s outfit.”

“A warrior’s garments?” Zoltaire exclaimed, raising his eyebrows. “How could that be?”

“She is a Princess. She has the coin to have special clothes made, and those clothes can be whatever she pleases,” Larian replied. “The point is, Zoltaire, do not underestimate her, not for a moment. I doubt she will have a sword at her side, but she will have guile, and her ability to manipulate you could be a greater threat than her talent to brandish a weapon should she manage to grab one.”

“Fear not, Commander, I will manage her, and be on alert for her devious ways

”You must make sure to take the sleep of Zinyana in secret. Not only will you be vulnerable, but she’ll immediately realize you are a Zanderonian Warrior.”

“Yes, Commander, I will find a way.”

“Then it is settled,” Larian said decisively. “I must get permission from Prince Fenderon, but I believe it will be granted, so please begin preparations. I will send a coded note to him via a bird right away. We will discuss the finer points of the plan over a meal this evening.”

“I shall head to my quarters immediately,” Zoltaire said rising to his feet.

“We will have dinner in the small royal dining room,” Larian said thoughtfully. “It is soundproof and secure, and Lizbett and you and I can discuss Fallon and the details of our plan without worry of prying eyes or listening ears. Meet us there when the suns have descended and the moons are beginning their rise.”

“Yes, Commander,” Zoltiare nodded, and with a strong salute, he marched from the office.

As he strode from the royal apartments towards his quarters, he was filled with purpose and pride. He had been chosen for a mission of great importance.

The Hellion of Haldenstop. She may think herself a fighter, but she will be no match for a Zanderonian warrior. Still, I must heed Lord Larian’s warning. I cannot underestimate her, and I won’t, not for a moment.


Sandy on 09/01/2015 12:35pm
Fantastic follow up to the two previous warrior books. The "hellion hostage" in question is an interesting character, and the story itself brings a new twist to the spoilt princess tale. Like the previous two books there is a lot in the book; the feud between Lizbett ( so great she is back again ) and the hellion, fun spankings and steamy sex, (of course) and Lizbett's willful ways. If you want an escape on a lazy day, or a sexy read before going to sleep, this is perfect, Not sure which of this trilogy I like the best. Impossible to say.
Sandy on 09/01/2015 12:35pm
"Fantastic follow up to the two previous warrior books. The ""hellion hostage"" in question is an interesting character, and the story itself brings a new twist to the spoilt princess tale. Like the previous two books there is a lot in the book; the feud between Lizbett ( so great she is back again ) and the hellion, fun spankings and steamy sex, (of course) and Lizbett's willful ways. If you want an escape on a lazy day, or a sexy read before going to sleep, this is perfect, Not sure which of this trilogy I like the best. Impossible to say. "

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