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A Holiday Ruse: Corbin's Bend, Season Four

By: Rayanna Jamison
Published By: Blushing Press
Copyright: ©2015 by Blushing Books® and Rayanna Jamison
9 Chapters / 35,049 Words
Heat Level:
4.5 Out Of 5 (4.5 on 13)   |  Write a review
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asgoodrich on 03/11/2016 10:17pm
I had actually intended to read this book sooner than its slot on my schedule because I was worried that I would be out of the holiday mood by this time. Fortunately for me, even though A Holiday Ruse is set during the holiday season, the focus is wholly on Cecily and Carlton with the time of year being a reasonable and convenient explanation for why they’re able to spend as much time in Corbin’s Bend as they do. It also doesn’t hurt that we’re in the middle of a cold snap, so I’m feeling a bit more holiday-ish. ***** As someone who has told a white lie on more than one occasion, I understood part of Cecily’s mindset when it came to the little things. Sometimes it is easier to fib a bit to spare someone’s feelings than it is to tell the truth and hurt their feelings – just ask any man who’s been asked if an article of clothing makes his woman’s butt look big. But it’s not the little things that land Cecily in hot water as she and her husband travel to Corbin’s Bend to spend Thanksgiving with her mother, Venia. Not at all. As the couple nears their destination, Carlton learns that Cecily has lied to him and her mother repeatedly for the past four years and NOT about little things. In what starts as a Hail Mary pass, Carlton agrees to go along with Cecily’s lie about them being in a domestic discipline relationship as long as she agrees to accept his punishment for her lying. Amusingly, Cecily agrees because she figures she’ll take the spanking and not get into any more trouble because she just won’t lie. Oh yeah, that definitely had me laughing because it was quickly becoming apparent that four years of engaging in a behavior made it REALLY unlikely that she’d be able to go cold turkey. But as time passes and Cecily finds out just how ingrained her lying is, the couple finds that the pretend arrangement might be better suited as a long-term addition to their marriage. ***** Because it wasn’t my derriere in the hot seat, I found Cecily’s lying and the subsequent consequences to be amusing fodder for the book. While I was sympathetic to her not wanting to tell her mother about her past lies and potentially damage their relationship, again, it was so easy to see the writing on the wall because no one in Corbin’s Bend considers it an acceptable practice – at least not the HoHs. I was quite relieved that when Carlton had questions regarding domestic discipline and Corbin’s Bend, he was more concerned about getting accurate information than covering for his wife’s misdeeds. This is what made his commitment to DD so believable. He and Cecily having mixed feelings about it as he doled out the punishments also added to the realism of the book. Getting to catch up with some of the couples from earlier seasons was quite the treat, but it was Carlton’s Christmas present to Cecily that made the ending perfect. I thoroughly enjoyed A Holiday Ruse, even if I did take too much delight in Cecily’s pain, and found it to be a great addition to the Corbin’s Bend series. ***** I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. Reviewed by Angela at Crystal's Many Reviewers!
Redrabbitt on 12/30/2015 10:45pm
Cecily and Carlton have been married for nearly four years but have rarely been together during that time because he worked for an overseas company. It was a marriage of convenience for both of them. They wedding was nothing romantic, a drunken marriage in Las Vegas. As the years have gone on, they have slowly fallen in love. On their way to visit her mother for Thanksgiving in Corbin’s Bend, multiple white lies come out, including what kind of community Corbin’s Bend is. Carlton and Cecily agree to a DD relationship while there for a short visit, starting with correction for her lies. So much happens in the time there are there, their marriage grows stronger, but some issues of the community are a bit frightening. Can they make Corbin’s Bend their new home?
JK on 12/21/2015 03:01pm
This book had me itching to read it as soon as I saw the overview, and it was just as exciting and fun to read as I hoped!! I loved how our couple ended up trying a DD lifestyle..."while in Rome" (or Corbin's Bend)!!! The story was great, the spankings were hot, and I LOVED hearing about Venia's family!! A fantastic read!
Katy Beth McKee on 12/19/2015 02:55pm
This was a fun addition to the Corbin's Bend series. We have come to love Verna. Now we get to meet her daughter. But Cecily gets caught up in a series of lies but Corbin's Bend seems to offer the perfect cure.
CJO on 12/19/2015 08:40am
Carlton and Cecily have been married for 4 years but haven't actually lived together until now. They decide they both want their "marriage of convenience" to now be a real marriage, as they have fallen in love. At their first Christmas together, they visit her mother in Corbin's Bend, near where they are planning to move. Carlton finds out about several white lies to him and Cecily's mother, thus the beginning of their new dd relationship. This book was very "Christmasy", which I enjoyed, and the couple also falls in love with Corbin's Bend in the process. I thought the ending was very moving.
Corinne on 12/15/2015 07:20pm
I really enjoyed this Corbin's Bend installment. I loved how accurate this was to starting DD! So many great DD tidbits. I connected with the characters right away and was thoroughly entertained throughout.
Tina on 12/14/2015 03:16pm
In this book we meet Cecily (Venia’s daughter) and her husband Carlton. Despite being married for 4 years, they have only been properly together for the last few months and they are finally coming to Corbins Bend to visit her mother. The problem is Cecily has told a number of fairly large lies, including the fact they are in a DD relationship, which they’re not. Carlton says he won’t lie if he’s directly asked; the only alternative he offers is to truly have a DD relationship for the 5 days while they’re visiting. The problem is the 5 days soon become a lot more and Cecily is not so sure about all this anymore, Carlton meanwhile begins to see the benefit of this type of relationship. I liked Carlton’s commitment to not be untruthful simply to back up Cecily’s lies, yet he also respected Cecily who didn’t want to explain her lies to her mum. Towards the end we saw them realise the damage some small lies in the past had caused, which then helped them steer towards a better future. I enjoyed catching up with some of the previous characters and like all the other Corbins Bend stories, I definitely recommend this book. I received this as an ARC for an honest review.
K. Brown on 12/13/2015 06:07pm
I keep finding books about the start of a dd relationship. As I start a new relationship, perhaps it's fate... Anyway, I enjoyed ceci's and Carleton's foray into a dd relationship. I really loved the reality of it. The book was very easy to read and kept me entertained throughout! I should add, that though there are plenty of "glimpses" at other Corbin's bend residents, it isn't at all necessary to have read previous books from the series.
Sandra Sims on 12/12/2015 02:55pm
Corbin's Bend story? Sign me up! I haven't come across one yet that I didn't love. The inclusion of characters from other books make this series great. I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.
Toni English on 12/12/2015 02:21am
am a fan of the Corbin's Bend series and it doesn't seem to matter who the author is, they are all entertaining. This book provided a twist that I hadn't come across before. Again, I also like the inclusion of previous characters which adds to the 'community'. My only complaint is that I was continually annoyed by a side character.
Laurel Loughman on 12/10/2015 04:21pm
I always really enjoy the Corbin's Bend books and this one was no different. I enjoyed reading about Cecily and Carlton's venture into this community and the DD relationship. I also enjoy getting to see into the lives of past characters and what they are up too. This was a fabulous story and I am sure it won't disappoint even if you haven't every read another Corbin's Bend novel.
Hope W on 12/10/2015 06:18am
A Holiday Ruse: Corbin's Bend, season four, by Rayanna Jamison , was a wonderful story about love, family, and friends that does NoT dissapoint her readers. Carlton and Cecily have not had your typical marriage or dream romance up until they visit Corbin's Bend. Cecily is afraid to admit to herself or others how she feels about herself deep down inside. She has made her life a long line of lies all of which Carlton, her husband, will not tolerate. He is a man who stands by his principles and is a stronger more alpha male than his wife thought he could be. Carlton is full of surprises and Cecily learns who she really is and how domestic discipline and love truely works. I was drawn into the storyline right in the beginning and it kept my attention right down to the end of the story. As usual, Rayanna Jamison continues to come up with fabulous stories and never disappoints her readers. I completely recommend this book to others and hope you enjoy it as much as I did!
DB on 12/09/2015 01:30pm
Have you ever read a Corbin's Bend book you didn't like? I haven't! It doesn't matter who the author is they are all great and this one was right up there with the rest of them! Carlton and Cecily are a married couple who are going to Corbin's Bend to visit her mother for the Christmas holidays. A lot of stuff has happened that Carlton is just now finding out about and they decide to try a DD relationship for the five days they are there...well five days turned into a longer stay. Spankings, visiting with other Corbin's Bend residents and another good story! 4 stars

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