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Two Doms for Kara: The Dungeon Fantasy Club, Book Three

By: Anya Summers
Published By: Blushing Press
Copyright: ©2016 by Blushing Books® and Anya Summers
12 Chapters / 46,100 Words
Heat Level:
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They're her business partners, so she shouldn't get involved. Should she? 

Kara Lowe is the successful owner of Bridal Dreams, where she works with happy couples to make their special day a fantasy come true. When she is asked to oversee the wedding of a lifetime on the other side of the world, she knows she needs to rely on the two men she's recently gone into business with to ensure the elite couple’s wedding goes off without a hitch. What she doesn’t expect is for her two partners to decide that, in the wild hills of Scotland, anything goes—including all of her pent-up inhibitions.

Zeke Driscoll and Chase Manning have desired Kara for years; since well before their merger with Bridal Dreams. When a unique getaway wedding presents itself on the books, they decide the Dungeon Fantasy Club is the perfect place to unravel their partner’s sweet beauty and uncover the submissive they know is hiding inside her, just waiting to be let out. The two Doms will test Kara’s boundaries, knowing they’ve found the submissive to hold their hearts.

As Kara begins to lose her heart, she must face the reality of their ménage relationship. Will she be brave enough to commit to a lifetime with her two Doms?

This is the third book in the Dungeon Fantasy Club series by Anya Summers; however, like all the other books, it can be read as a standalone. It contains explicit sexual themes, including BDSM, MFM ménage, and some m/m action. If such content offends you, please do not purchase.

Chapter One

"Oh, for pity's sake!"

Kara glanced at the coffee stain spreading over her fitted white blouse.

Of all the mornings for her klutz-o-meter to kick into high gear, this was the worst possible time. She couldn't seem to manage walking, let alone striking a balancing act to make it to the office in one piece. Kara always felt she was a bit disheveled, her small, five foot curvy frame a far cry from the leggy models running about Manhattan. They were the same women who hired her to oversee their weddings, and while she always did her best to appear collected, her clumsiness sometimes got the better of her. She glared at the perpetrators of her demise, her black stiletto pumps and the small crack between the elevator and the fifth floor where her new office was located. Along with the fact that she seemed incapable of putting one foot in front of the other, this morning she was running unseemingly late for her first official board meeting with her new business partners.

Last month she'd moved her base of operations for her wedding planning company, Bridal Dreams, from her walk up apartment in Brooklyn to the island of Manhattan. The only way for her company to score some of the bigger, more elite city weddings was to have an office in Manhattan. Prices being what they were, Kara had sublet a small office from her good friends Chase Manning and Zeke Driscoll. Zeke owned a catering enterprise making some of the best edible creations she'd ever put in her mouth. He had rocketed to fame with a cooking show some years back, and had left the limelight to enjoy control of his own enterprises. Then there was Chase, who was a special occasions architect, and she considered him the demi-god of design.

Kara had met them at a bridal trade show a few years back. After realizing how well they hit it off with each other, they'd pooled resources and worked together on a few previous weddings with great success. She'd even landed an interview in Summer Bridal Magazine two months prior with the Goodall wedding. So, after she had considered her options and realized a Manhattan move was imminent once she found the space, she'd mentioned she was in the market for office space. Zeke and Chase had graciously offered her their extra office for Bridal Dreams.

Last week, they'd agreed upon and finalized a merger of all three companies, which was a huge step for her and them. It made butterflies flutter in her belly when she thought about the merger. It had been a great leap of faith for her. She wasn't used to depending upon anyone else, and now she had two partners. Her nerves about the merger added to her clumsiness, she knew, but this morning was their first board meeting. She was late, very, very late, and now she looked ridiculous with coffee covering her front. What a way to begin a partnership. Kara raced down the hall while attempting to blot the spilled coffee from her blouse. This just would not do, to have her shirt with such a huge stain on it.

The silver placard on the dark walnut door gave her pause. Embossed in black lettering with the new swirly logo Chase had designed, it read: Bridal Dreams, Inc. Shaking her head, Kara tentatively opened the door, breathing a sigh of relief when she didn't spot either of her partners in the reception area. The office was fairly standard with three offices, a conference room, a store room, and a reception waiting area. Coffee was already percolating in the complimentary coffee maker, likely Chase's doing since she didn't see any signs of Gretchen, their assistant. The doors to their offices were closed, as was the door to the conference room.

Screw it!

Kara made a mad dash for her office, her one objective being to avoid her partners until she'd stripped off the stained blouse and changed into attire that didn't make her look like a clumsy moron. She had some of her workout gear stored in her tote. The black workout tank in her bag would work well enough, she could pair it with her blazer. While not ideal, it would have to do until lunchtime, where she could hit up the department store around the corner and purchase a top that was infinitely more appropriate work couture. The normal patrons of Bridal Dreams expected a certain level of decorum. It wouldn't do to have their elite clientele walk in when she was looking less than her best. Even though she faked it most days.

Setting the almost empty coffee mug on her desk, she stripped off her navy blazer, and pulled the tails of her blouse from inside her matching pencil skirt. She unbuttoned her blouse and grimaced at her white lace bra. Some of the coffee had seeped through onto the material. Her nipples were visible through the now see-through material.

The door to her office swung open. "Hey, Kara, if you're ready we—"

Zeke Driscoll, aka the man who could play Thor's demi-god brother with his smoldering blue eyes, chiseled jaw, and wealth of dirty blonde hair, stopped short at the sight of her without her blouse. His lean, six foot frame filled her office doorway, shielding her body from the rest of the office. His electric blue gaze ran over her half-naked form with a long lingering stop at her breasts, at which her nipples pebbled into hard points under his intense stare, before returning his scrutiny to her face.

"Sorry," Kara cried, crossing her arms in front of her boobs in an attempt to shield them from Zeke's scorching observation.

"What's going on in here? Are you guys ready to start, or what?" Her other partner, Chase Manning, with his wavy black chin length hair and goatee, entered her office, shouldering past Zeke. His jaw dropped open at her topless appearance.

"Was there a party I didn't know about, gorgeous?" Chase asked Kara, contemplating her like she was one of Zeke's tasty canapes.

If only a hole would open up in the floor so she could crawl in and hide. This was so not the impression she wanted to make with her partners. What would they think of her?

"No, sorry, I was just changing. I spilled my coffee and stained the front of my blouse."

"Don't let us stop you; continue with your little office striptease," Chase teased, wiggling his thick dark eyebrows at her and giving her the distinct urge to giggle.

Stifling the urge as her embarrassment warred with the rather comical situation, she rolled her eyes at Chase. "Yeah, right. You wish."

"Every damn day, gorgeous." Chase winked at her.

Neither man made a move toward leaving her office. They just stood there and were grinning at her little show. Curse and drat her clumsy feet. Kara was sure she would eventually look back on this and find it hilarious. As it was, she was half naked, and holding her boobs in front of her partners.

Then Zeke cocked a brow in her direction. "Sure, you just wanted to tease us with a delectable glimpse that we can dream about."

"Yeah, right. Out, let me change, and I'll be in the conference room in five," she ordered as sternly as she could muster. Kara tried sounding confident but knew she sounded more like a first grade teacher attempting to scold high schoolers than the bad-ass she wanted to portray. She hated showing weakness to anyone.

Zeke and Chase left her office, their deep laughter making her squirm as they retreated. Chase closed the door behind them, winking rather saucily at her. When the door latched, she retrieved her tank from her bag and yanked it over her head. It really was too bad that she worked with the guys. They were both the stuff of dreams that, under any other circumstances—meaning if they didn't work with each other—she'd be all for getting to know either one in the biblical sense; well, that and the fact that they were batting for the other team. It was a god damn Greek tragedy that they were gay.

She finished changing, grabbed her binder and legal pad, then left her office and walked to the conference. The guys were reclining in the conference room chairs. They fell suspiciously silent as she walked in and took a seat.

"Sorry about that, really. I didn't mean to give you an eyeful," she apologized, feeling the mortification to the soles of her stilettos.

"You can strip for me anytime you want to, pet. I didn't mind, and will make sure to find ways to get you out of your top again," Chase teased, playfully biting his succulent lower lip. The fact was, Chase was so sexy it was criminal. His flirting made her belly flutter and made her wish for the umpteenth time that he was straight.

"Moving on," Zeke interjected, casting controlled glances at her and Chase. "We have a lot to discuss and a short amount of time to do it in."

"Shoot, it sounds like you have a lead?" Kara questioned, shifting her brain from the misdirected heat in her partner's eyes to the business at hand. Bridal Dreams needed to score a big wedding if they were to really make a splash with the new merger. Zeke had something, or he wouldn't be so droll.

"You'd be right about that. And if you're a good girl, I'll tell you what it is." Zeke templed his fingers, studying her intently before he gave her any hint of the potential lead. The way he stared at her made the blood in her veins spike. Her breathing grew shallow. The air in the room seemed charged, like the air before a summer storm unleashed its fury. It was just her rotten damn luck that she found herself attracted to gay men. That her traitorous body unrepentantly didn't care about their persuasion, having lost the memo that they were both unavailable—not just to her, but to womankind.

She had nothing against gay men at all. Some of Kara's closest friends were part of the LGBT community and she loved each one dearly. Except Zeke and Chase were an exception to the rule; she didn't normally want to do naughty things with her gay male friends or have vivid daydreams with them as the lead. Her partners sent her hormones into overdrive and were just too damn beautiful for their own good, in her opinion. And the close bond between Zeke and Chase was obvious to anyone in the room. They made the perfect gay couple. She needed to stop obsessing about wishing she could have sex with either one. Office fornication only complicated working relationships, and would decimate their fledgling partnership if her secret were revealed. If she thought her embarrassment over a little boobage reveal was big, should they discover how attracted she was to the both of them, it would potentially napalm her career—and theirs.

"And? Don't leave a girl hanging. What, or should I say who, is the lead?" she pressed him to answer her. Zeke loved this type of power play, and then had the audacity to accuse her of being a tease. Pot, meet kettle. It was why they made perfect partners.

"We received a call last night from a buddy of mine that I've known for quite some time, and he'd like us to coordinate his wedding. It's a tall order with an extremely short time frame in which to pull it off. They are looking at a New Year's Eve Celebration," Zeke finished. An air of expectancy filled the room.

"New Year's Eve, this year? Are you kidding?" Kara said.

"No, I'm dead serious."

"Zeke, come on man, even I'm not that good. Do these people understand the sheer volume of what is involved in planning a wedding? A New Year's Eve wedding in this city with a little over two months to go? That's not possible, you know that. New Year's in Manhattan? You may as well ask me to find you unicorns growing on trees."

"It's not in the city," Chase interrupted her diatribe.

"Then where, oh wise one, is this last minute wedding going to happen?" She glanced between her partners. She was all for working a last minute wedding, and had done so on numerous occasions, but she also knew this city. Chase's gaze flickered to Zeke and then returned to her. What the hell were they not telling her? There was something else happening here that she wasn't aware of, and she didn't know why but it made her uneasy.

"It's in Scotland. I hope like hell you have a passport," Zeke answered, his intent gaze scrutinizing her response.

She hid her surprise, instead smiling like the Cheshire cat, unwilling to show them that on the inside, she was dancing a jig. It would be tight turnaround no matter what, but out of this city, it could be feasible. They'd have to work like the dervish but the last minute fees would be so worth it. "What's our budget like? And are they willing to pay last minute expenditure fees, including our travel?"

"Do you really think I wouldn't consider that?" Zeke scoffed at her questions, shaking his head in her direction.

"Just tell her," Chase chimed in. He was the more straightforward of the two, bless him.

Some days she wanted to hug him, while others she wanted to strangle him. "Yes, tell me or I'll—"

Zeke cut her off. "You'll what, do another striptease? Be our guest."

"If that will make you spill it, then yes!" she sputtered. Annoyance crept into her movements and she reclined back in her chair, crossing her arms over her chest. Sometimes Zeke's little cat and mouse games pissed her off. She knew it was a power thing with him, but if he really wanted a partnership with her, he would need to learn to work with her more.

"The bride is one Zoey Mills," Zeke explained.

"Is that supposed to mean something to me?" Kara had never heard of her. She realized that they were doing this for a friend of Zeke's, but the name didn't register on her index at all, and she regularly combed the society papers. You had to in this industry if you wanted to make your mark.

"Clearly you haven't been on to Fortunes this past week. She's engaged to none other than Declan McDougal." Zeke's face was heart-stoppingly gorgeous as he beamed at her. He had this rakish charm which had made him rocket to fame with his cooking show, and with the way he was looking at Kara now, she totally understood the multitude of female fans who'd mailed him panties.

"Get out! The billionaire mogul?" Holy shit! This isn't just a premiere wedding but a freaking coup d'état!

"One and the same."

She'd have loved nothing more than to kiss the over satisfied smirk off Zeke's face.

This was huge for them; a game changing type of wedding. If they pulled this off, it would turn Bridal Dreams, Incorporated into one of the most elite wedding planning companies in the world.

"When do we leave?" Kara grinned. This was the marque wedding ceremony she'd dreamed about ever since starting her small business in her kitchen all those years ago. And bless them, but somehow her two partners had made her dream happen. She wanted to break out the bubbly and kiss both of them.

"That's the spirit." Chase leaned forward, glancing at Zeke with a silent question masking his visage. If she wasn't so thrilled over this news, she'd be concerned about the secretive glances passing between those two. What in the world were they up to?

"This Wednesday. If we are agreed that we want this one," Zeke murmured, his gaze narrowed slightly as he seemed to read her body language. His features had shifted and his countenance looked all the world like a panther about to pounce on its prey.

"Hell, yeah, we want it. Get the tickets." Kara pushed her chair back, shaking off the feeling that something, she couldn't put her finger on what, was off about the whole scenario. She ignored her trepidation; she had far too much to complete and a smidgeon of time to accomplish it in.

"We aren't finished. We have a lot to go over, pet," Zeke said, attempting to stall her as she bee-lined it toward the conference door. They would have to do that later. She didn't have any meetings with prospective brides lined up for this week, and had only planned on working on current projects.

"We'll have the six hour flight to discuss things. You know as well as I do that the bride will change her mind a hundred times before we are through. I need to go pack up my samples and get ready to leave. This ceremony being so long distance, I want to make sure I have everything I might need. Email me the bride's initial thoughts on what she's looking for, if you have them, and I can get a few mock ups put together. Also, if you have the specs on the building they want the wedding in, that would be fabulous."

Kara finished over her shoulder as she pulled the conference door open, "Great work, guys. Have Gretchen call me with the airfare details once she's in. Why don't you pick me up at my place on the way to JFK?"

Then she left her partners in the conference room. Gretchen would take care of the office and bookings while they were away. She had complete confidence in her assistant. Kara, as luck would have it, had not moved all of her sample books to the office yet, and only had the most popular available there. She'd been meaning to have them lugged over but today the fact that she hadn't was working in her favor. Kara collected the books she had in the office, selecting the ones she felt would be most appropriate for a destination last minute wedding, as there were some vendors who refused to do anything with less than a three month window. Kara almost danced out of the office, she was so happy. It totally made up for the crappy way her Monday had begun.

* * *

Zeke watched Kara's delectable heart-shaped ass high tail it out of the conference room. His dick was still semi-hard from her little peep show. She had gorgeous breasts. He'd had to restrain himself from crossing the small space in her office and bending her over her desk. The thought of having Kara at his mercy, splayed naked and writhing underneath him while he sucked on those pretty rose nipples of hers, made him groan internally.

The McDougal wedding was going to be enormous for their little partnership. In more ways than just one, if he had anything to do with it. He glanced at Chase, his best friend and business partner. They had met in a BDSM club some years back, then later joined the Dungeon Fantasy Club, and enjoyed the thrill of topping a woman together. The Dom partnership had grown rather organically, but had developed to the point where they decided on a single conquest together, both of them needing to be in agreement on the chosen sub, before selecting her.

And they wanted Kara. They had wanted her since they had met her at the Manhattan Bridal Convention four years ago. Just the way her smile lit up a room when she entered, her luminous emerald eyes that always seemed to hold some mischief and secret that only she was privy to, her sharp intellectual mind, business savvy, and a body that made him want to get on his knees and worship her taut form. Kara made his Dom heart sing, and he wasn't the only one. Chase had it just as bad for their partner. Zeke wanted nothing more than to have her bound and on her knees before him, keening his name.

"Do you think she'll agree?" Chase asked, studying Zeke with an underlying terseness to his voice. While they were dual tops, Chase had always followed Zeke's lead when it came to selecting a sub. He was fine with that—preferred it actually being more of a dictatorship with him in charge than a democracy between them. Zeke got off on the control, he needed the control. He had given it away once, and it had cost him dearly. It was a road he refused to travel back down.

Zeke understood Chase's unease. They were both treading difficult waters with Kara. If they made their play to maneuver her into their bed and it backfired, they'd be in a world of hurt both personally and professionally. They cared about Kara and didn't want the friendship they had to end. It was just that neither of them could seem to move past wanting her to distraction. Until they satiated this ever pressing need, Zeke knew it would follow them around doggedly until it was fulfilled.

"We'll need to begin the seduction on the way to the airport, state our terms so to speak, and see how she reacts. It will need to come from both of us. Then we can tempt her with the Dungeon Fantasy Club at Mullardoch, and see if she bites." Zeke wasn't a betting man, preferring solid ground under his feet, but he'd bet ten to one odds that Kara was a sub. He'd watched her date a few men since they'd known her, and her demeanor screamed sub looking for the right Dom.

"And if she doesn't?" Chase asked, less certain than Zeke was about their partner.

Zeke wasn't worried, much. If the passion she'd directed at him briefly in her office and at a multitude of wedding functions was any indication, he'd place money on the fact that she felt the attraction between them. And he'd witnessed her biting her lip a time or two when she stared at Chase. The woman had a physical attraction to and interest in both of them, he was sure of it, but perceived that she was likely more concerned about the office implications of a relationship than anything else.

"Then she doesn't. We'll find a sub in the DFC to slake our appetites." That was the worst case scenario. Zeke had never set his sights on a sub and not scored.

"I don't want a sub who's not Kara," Chase admitted glumly. He'd been more down than usual but Zeke figured if there was something really bothering him, he would say something.

"Me either. We will just have to wage a strong campaign; the limo ride to the airport should be a good enough place to start the seduction. Even if she says no at first, we will have our entire trip in Scotland to tempt her. I'll get on the horn to Declan and let him know we're coming. I'll make sure he puts Kara's room between the two of ours." Zeke shoved away from

the table. Kara would be theirs, make no mistake. He felt it in his bones that she was the sub for them.

She would be theirs, he wouldn't take defeat lightly.

SUEMLANDOi on 06/30/2016 12:52pm
I have read the first 2 books in this series and this one meets all my expectations. I could not wait to read this book and any more to follow. All can be read alone although various characters run between the series easy to follow but if you can I recommend reading them in order. Unlike a lot of BDSM and ménage books this one develops all of the characters, as do the first 2 books. As with the first 2 books this deals with a lot of emotional situations to lead to a stronger bonds. This is also action packed, fast paced exciting read that is hard to put down. Enjoy!
K. Brown on 06/24/2016 05:19am
I definitely enjoyed the continuation of this series. I loved Kara's fiery spirit and her two doms' persistence. There was just enough of the previous books' characters to make me happy as well. The book was steamy with lots of hot love scenes. I hope there will be more to this series. I especially loved the ending...I'm such a sucker for a happy ending!
LuCinda Beebe on 06/16/2016 11:37am
I thoroughly enjoyed the first 2 books in this series and now the 3rd is no exception. I have enjoyed each of them because they have been different but the the common theme is the men belonging to the Fantasy Club and are Doms. Now in the 3rd book Zoey and Declan from Scotland, who started the series in the 1st book, are planning their New Years Wedding and hire Bridal Dreams which Chase, Zeke, and Kara are co-partners. They each are attracted to each other secretly but Chase and Zeke finally decide to try to see if Kara wants a relationship with them on their trip to Scotland to start the wedding preparations. This starts many ups and downs and twists throughout this fast-paced and a fun read book. I would recommended this to anyone that enjoys reading a book with a BDSM theme.
BlushingButterflyBookReviews on 06/13/2016 01:59pm
WOW! This installment is the first book I have read within this series. It could be read as a standalone. Now I must, must, must go back and read the other installments! In this book, we learn of Kara, Zeke, and Chase. Their friendship is strong and soon blossoms into love. But will an unspoken desire ruin the triad? The graphic scenes are steamy and plentiful, melting the panties off you.
Margaret Corcoran on 06/13/2016 07:58am
I love this series and I really enjoyed this story. It is well written with great characters. I am so glad that the new characters introduced are as hot as the others and that this series continues. There is a lot squeeze into the story and there are plenty of opportunities for more. I highly recommend this page-turner.
AGS on 06/13/2016 07:14am
This is the third book in this series and I was not disappointed. This story focuses on a relationship that involves two men and one women and how their friendship is evolving from a platonic one into a BDSM relationship. In addition, the relationship between the two men is evolving as there is hidden love there. I loved how the author was able to weave complex characters into the very enjoyable BDSM story line. I also loved how the reader has given glimpses into the relationships found in the previous two books. I would definitely recommend this – my only hesitation would be if you are not comfortable with bisexual relationships – there is some in this book.
Toni L on 06/12/2016 06:51pm
A great entry to this series which introduces new characters, brings back old ones & has plenty of characters in reserve for the future. If you haven't read any of the previous books, don't worry, you don't have to have read them to be able to read, understand & enjoy this book. I loved all 3 of the main characters & while I was reasonably assured of a happy ending the twist & the emotions were well played.
Joanie M on 06/12/2016 06:42pm
This book is a red-hot addition to a great series. Loaded with menage erotica, this story takes Zeke, Chase, and Kara to Scotland to plan the wedding of Declan and Zoey. The trio are well-suited to the Fantasy Club Dungeon and it seems the two doms can't get enough of Kara's submissive body. The author certainly has a gift for writing erotic scenes; the menage scenes were very good. Of course there's more to the story that adds drama and makes it interesting. I enjoyed being back at the manor and I loved that the plot is a wonderful new story but continues the old one also. I enjoyed this book immensely and I'm eager for the next one.
Marybeth Renn on 06/12/2016 05:14pm
This is the third book in the Dungeon Fantasy Club. Kara, Chase and Zeke have been asked to arrange the wedding of Declan and Zoey. While there, Chase and Zeke plan to get Kara to agree to be their submissive. There are a lot of ins and outs of their story, notwithstanding the attraction between Chase and Zeke. There is a HEA and it is a lovely story. I give it 5 stars.
Redrabbitt on 06/12/2016 01:05am
The plot of this story in this series will definitely keep the pages turning if it doesn’t melt your e-reader first! The chemistry between these three is steamy hot and full of action that sizzles off the pages. The more they play together, the more addictive they become to each other. But what will happen when unexpected emotions and hidden secrets are shared among this ménage à trios? How can three people form a relationship unless everyone is honest and open? The dialog is open, honest and raw at times, but in a committed relationship, it must be to survive. The story has very explicit sex scenes that include M-F-M and F-M-M scenes. Can these three takes their business adventure and personal lives and make it an HEA ending?

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