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More Rules for Cheri

New Rules : Book Two

By: Markie Morelli
Published By: Blushing Press
Copyright: 2017© Blushing Books® and Markie Morelli
Sixteen Chapters / 55,800 Words
Heat Level:
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Cheryl Reynolds may have just made the biggest mistake of her life. How could she have known that mere days after agreeing to take their age-play relationship to another level, one that would require her to give up her job and submit to her dominant husband on a full-time basis, she would be offered the opportunity of a lifetime? 

How many dreams-come-true moments could one woman get?
Her lackluster marriage to Judge Michael Reynolds was nearly on the rocks when he insisted on some changes. That was three years ago, and since then, she’d been gloriously happy. She adored being his little girl; loved, pampered and subjected to more delightful sexual experiences than she’d ever imagined. It was with a full heart and high hopes that she agreed to make it permanent. His brand of loving dominance was indeed a dream come true as far as she was concerned. 

But that was before another one of her dreams was dangled in front of her nose like a carrot. After closing the biggest deal in the history of Waters Advertising, Cheryl is offered the VP position. It was something she’d only wistfully fantasized about during her years at the company. Now it’s a real opportunity, complete with the luxurious corner office, company car, expense account and a huge raise. It’s what she worked for, prayed for – and to finally have her work recognized would be a huge slap in the face to those schmucks who for years have treated her like a blonde bimbo. Oh, it is almost too much to resist! 

Michael will never agree. It would mean longer hours, traveling, and a frazzled, irritable wife coming through the door each night. Their marriage would return to the boring place they were in three years ago – and that is only if he doesn’t divorce her. Can she do it? Can she turn down an offer that is oh so tempting? Could she risk her marriage to the man who’s already rescued her once from her own controlling, driven nature and shown her how to be his precious wife, his loving babygirl? Will she give up sweet submission for power? 

DISCLAIMER:  This book is meant for adults only. It contains the dynamics of age-play, including medical and anal play, as well as elements of power exchange and domestic discipline. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.

Chapter One 

Michael Reynolds was up before dawn, making coffee and gathering items that needed to be placed in his Jeep Cherokee for the trip home. Chéri, his wife, was still sleeping, most likely on her tummy due to the spanking she’d received last night for scaring the hell out of him. 

From the time they’d bought the cabin at the lake, referred to as The Lake House, there had been few rules. It was the one place they could go with their then young sons to relax and have fun. However, there were certain things Michael insisted on. His wife and the boys were not to go out on the lake without lifejackets on. They were not to travel in their kayaks or canoes, further than they could swim back, and they were to stay within sight of the cabin if they were out on the water alone. Yesterday, Chéri had broken all three. Not only that, but she’d added one more faux pas which tipped the scales on his temper—she took a bottle of wine with her. 

What was supposed to be an adult weekend for the couple who, for the last three years, ever since their twin sons went off to college, had lived a modified age-play relationship, turned into something else entirely.

Things could have gone horribly wrong on so many levels it made Michael angry all over again just thinking about it. After waking from a nap in the hammock, his wife was nowhere to be found. He could see her canoe, but there appeared to be no occupant. He swiftly scanned the lake with his binoculars, looking for an orange lifejacket and came up empty. 

Frantic he got out his kayak and paddled furiously toward the canoe, only to find his wife sleeping in the bottom, her lifejacket for a pillow and a near empty bottle of her favorite wine cradled in her arms. Seeing red, Michael towed her to shore, plucked her out and marched her to the cabin to the amusement of their neighbor, Mr. McGruder

It was too much. The weekend was supposed to be special, and it was if he counted the spectacular spanking he’d administered with his hand and her hairbrush. 

She’d apologized, of course, and tried to get out of it by reminding him he could not treat her as a child on adult weekends. Michael didn’t buy it, not for a moment.

He’d had more than twenty years of putting up with her bossy and controlling ways, but that ended three years ago when he pressured her into trying something new. It was called age-play, but there was nothing playful about it, at least not last night, he thought looking at his sore palm and opening and closing his hand. No, nothing playful at all.

In fact, Michael took his role as her daddy very seriously indeed and had right from the start. After such a long time feeling as though he had no power in his own home, he relished making her mind him and taking her to task. She’d nearly demoralized him over the years and he was determined to save his marriage while at the same time finding the woman he’d loved so long ago.

It took a while for her to make an appearance. Cheryl was nothing if not stubborn and opinionated, but with perseverance and her shaky consent, he managed to peel away the layers of defiance, spanking by spanking until she readily came into his arms for comforting after each session. Soon he began to wonder if she deliberately disobeyed him, trying to get him to take her over his knees. Most of the time those spankings ended with the most satisfying love-making they’d ever experienced. There was nothing so sexy as fucking a red hot bottom while your wife/little girl cried out in pleasure and pain, at least as far as he was concerned.

Over time, he began to move things along, taking more control and monitoring her reaction. Soon he was taking her temperature daily, a chore that excited him tremendously as she’d never even let him see that area of her body, let alone touch it. Many times he’d suggested trying anal intercourse but she always turned her nose up, acting like he was the world’s biggest pervert.

Still Michael could not help fantasizing about fucking his wife’s pretty little ass. 

What started out as a weekend pursuit soon became the weekend and a couple of days during the week. He took over most of her personal care, keeping her nether regions shaved, bathing her and doing far more around the house such as sharing the cooking and managing their finances. With each chore he took from her shoulders, she lightened up, the heavy mantle of responsibility falling gradually from her until she enjoyed wearing the pretty nightgowns he bought her along with the ruffled panties as she cuddled on his lap to watch TV.

The transformation was remarkable. She let her hair grow longer, looked younger and seemed to be enjoying life instead of trying to micromanage it. With the boys gone off to college, they had so much more privacy. Michael turned one of the guest rooms into a special bedroom for her, complete with a pretty canopy bed, changing table and a specialized medical table that unlocked and pulled down from the wall much like a Murphy bed. 

He’d never been so grateful for his years of medical school before deciding to switch to law. His skill at examining her had them both feverish by the time he was finished and he continued to use his computer for research. Chéri’s screaming orgasms were a gift he treasured, and as long as she was a good girl, he was only too happy to supply them.

It was only a couple of weeks ago that he decided he’d waited long enough to take his little girl’s ass. After administering two large suppositories, he spent a good part of the evening gently stretching her small bottom hole. Oh, she whined and complained as only Chéri could, but the outcome didn’t change. He’d fucked her reddened ass and still wasn’t sure how he’d managed to stay standing, the pleasure was so intense. It was something he planned to do on a much more frequent basis now that he knew she could take him and had admitted she’d liked it as well.

That was the thing about Chéri. She fought against nearly everything he wanted to try, yet in the end, she could not hide her response or her pleasure. Her body told its own story. Each time he took her temperature, even when he used the larger tools, maybe especially when he used the large tools, she was always dripping wet. When he spanked her, occasionally quite harshly for particularly naughty behavior, she would cry her eyes out before surrendering to him, body and soul so beautifully it moved him to tears. 

While he sincerely regretted the time they’d wasted and his abysmal lack of effort, he would be eternally grateful he’d finally found the balls to put his foot down and turn things around before it was too late. Their marriage was stronger than ever. She loved being his little girl and had admitted to him recently that she frequently wished she could quit her job at the huge advertising agency she worked for and be his baby all the time.

Michael jumped on her suggestion like a fish on a fly. He was willing to take their relationship further—much further. If Chéri agreed, she could move from being his little girl to being his baby. She could give up her job and he would devote himself to taking care of her in every possible way.

He’d continue to work, of course. As a judge, he was at the top of his game and they weren’t in a position where he could retire early or go into private practice. No, he would have to continue working to provide for her, but they could get by without her income if they were careful with their investments. This weekend she was supposed to give him her decision by Sunday night. The way things unfolded, she’d given it last night and begged for his forgiveness for putting her life at risk. 

Michael accepted both her decision and her apology, but he still roasted her ass. A remorseful Chéri informed him she wanted to go home first thing Sunday morning and her new life as his babygirl could begin as soon as they walked in the door of their home. He couldn’t pack fast enough. There was so much to do, so many plans to make and equipment to buy. He wanted to discuss plans for her nursery and show her some, but not all, of the things he already had waiting in various shopping carts online. It would not do to show her everything. There was no sense in her fretting needlessly, and it would be futile anyway. Some of the things he intended to purchase would have her chewing her nails, a habit he hated, and some would have her begging him not to buy them. It was, after all, his choice. As her daddy he would always do what he thought best and she would learn to like it, or not. While she’d had a safe word for the last three years, it would expire as soon as they entered their home this very day.

Pouring a cup of coffee for her, he went into the bedroom to wake her up. It was time to get the show on the road, and frankly, he couldn’t wait. 

“Wake up and smell the coffee,” he said as he strode to the bed and gently patted her sore bottom. “You wanted to get an early start, remember? Come on, baby cakes, up and at ‘em.”


Chéri opened her eyes and rolled over before she remembered the condition of her bottom. Yelping, she quickly turned on her side. Boy, he sure didn’t go easy on her last night, despite her pretty apology.

“Morning, Daddy,” she murmured, rubbing her backside and trying to get her eyes to focus.

Daddy looked fresh and well-rested. She on the other hand felt like death warmed over with her sore butt and her slight hangover still making her head hurt. Waving her hand in the general direction of the coffee he offered, she heard him snort.

“No way, this is hot. Sit up,” he ordered cheerfully.

“I can’t sit,” she complained on a yawn.

“You’d better learn,” he advised, setting the coffee on the night stand and putting his big hands under her arms. Easily he lifted her to a sitting position with her back against the headboard, ignoring her squeal. “We have a long ride ahead of us and I don’t think you want to hang over the front seat. I’m still pissed about yesterday and I’m not sure presenting your naughty ass in such a way would be a good idea.”

“Daddy,” she pouted, reaching for the coffee when he backed up and sat beside her on the bed. “You don’t hold a grudge, remember?”

“It’s not a grudge,” he sighed. “I just can’t stop thinking that you could have drowned and I might have slept through it.”

“But I didn’t,” she insisted.

“But you could have. You were drunk, and in case you’re wondering, you’re not making any points with me,” he scolded, narrowing his dark eyes at her.

“All right, I’ll shut up,” she said, taking a sip and sighing in delight. “May I at least have a pillow for the ride?”

“Not in this lifetime,” he replied. “You should consider yourself lucky I don’t warm you up again before you get in the Jeep.”

“You wouldn’t,” she gasped.

“I could easily enough,” he countered. “Or once I get you home I could give my new babygirl a good cleansing enema to rid her of all those toxins,” he said thoughtfully.

Chéri stared at him, trying to determine if he was teasing or trying to frighten her. It wasn’t clear. His face had dark, noticeable stubble, making him look slightly roguish. His eyes remained on hers until she blushed furiously and lowered her gaze to the bedcovers. Her Michael was no longer one to put up with any nonsense, and now that she’d given her permission for him to make her his baby, she’d sacrificed her safe word. Anything was possible. 

“Don’t be mean, Daddy,” she pleaded, reaching to run her fingers through the silver streaks at his temples. “I’m already nervous enough.”

He relented and took her hand in his, kissing it as he bent his dark head. That small gesture did wonders for calming her fears. 

“Don’t worry, sweetheart,” he said. “I’ll never do anything to you I don’t think you can handle. Now come on,” he continued, rising and pulling the covers from her. “I’m anxious to get home.”

“I was until you mentioned that,” she replied with a shiver.

Michael laughed as he walked from the room. 

“When it happens, and it will at some point, you’re going to love it,” he assured her, raising his eyebrows up and down evilly. 

Chéri snorted in disbelief and wondered for the hundredth time whether she’d done the right thing. There were so many major changes in her immediate future. There was her job to consider, although once she landed this last big ad campaign she could leave with a clear conscience. If, she landed it, she reminded herself. It wasn’t a done deal yet.

Financially they would have to make cutbacks and she knew where most of those would come from. Her spending habits were not the best. Could she control herself? If a friend called and wanted to go shopping, she’d have to get Daddy’s permission. That in itself would be iffy. He often complained that she couldn’t save a dime if her life depended on it. 

It wasn’t true, of course. She could save a dime. It was the latest fashion trend she had trouble avoiding, or a new perfume and she really had a weakness for shoes. Well, she’d simply have to economize and remember it was her choice she’d given up her job and taken him up on his proposition. Most of the women she knew would give their eye teeth to be able to quit working and stay home. While she’d never discuss her and Michael’s private relationship with her friends, she had a feeling that having a man take care of all their needs, and she meant all of them, would make them green with envy, even if they would never admit it.

Chéri realized their lifestyle wasn’t for everyone. At one time, she would have laughed if anyone told her that someday she would be content to give up control to her husband. Now that she was in it, she understood so much more about herself and her daddy. It was amazing, and while she often cried and pleaded for him to stop whatever he was doing to her, at the same time a part of her was admiring his strength and determination, his skills at bringing her to the height of pleasure. He was adept at making the pain of discipline seem reasonable, desirable even, as it cleared the slate and wiped away any grievances he had. In his arms, being cuddled and soothed was the best feeling in the world. Knowing he could take her anywhere, anytime he wanted was exciting, an aphrodisiac beyond compare. Chéri was literally always ready for him in one way or another and she loved every second of it.

“Are you out of that bed yet, or do you need help?” he bellowed from the kitchen.

“I’m up,” she squealed, jumping from the bed and rushing to the bathroom. “I’ll be ready in twenty minutes.”

“You have ten or I’m coming to help you,” he called back.

“Yes, Daddy,” she sang out, savoring the shiver that raced through her even as she hurried. 

Carol Ann McMurdy on 04/23/2017 10:49am
I enjoyed the fist book and looked forward to this the second in the series. I was disappointed that it took more than half the book before it got interesting. This first half re-told the ending of the first book. Not sure if I am looking forward to a third book, it might all be a rewrite of the first two.
PJB on 04/21/2017 11:24am
I enjoyed this second book about Cheri and Michael's lifestyle change to Age-play as much if not more than the first. I do hope there will be a third!
Cheri has to decide if she really wants to live Age-play full time or accept an enormous promotion at work. Michael knows what he wants but will this couple pull in the same direction and chose the best way forward for them both? Read this book and find out!
Regina carter on 04/21/2017 07:27am
Cheryl and Michael Reynolds had added age play to their cure to help
their marriage. She decides she is going to resign from her job to be
her husband's baby to be taken care of. She ends up working a little
longer to transition out of her job. Her nursery is where she spends a
lot of time. Very cute story with age play.
DONNA L on 04/21/2017 03:17am
This review is from: More Rules For Cheri (New Rules Book 2) (Kindle Edition)
This is a perfect sequel to Michael and Cheri's progression
into living an age Play lifestyle full time.Michael is no longer
satisfied with their part time relationship and wants to take the
relationship much further.Can Cheri agree to this,she has the
opportunity of lifetime with a major promotion at work.Michael
becomes much more inventive as they sink deeper into the
lifestyle.My favorite parts are the quiet and tender moments
between them.This contemporary age play story has strong
independent characters with intense dynamics.This book
contains graphic sex and punishments scenes.
I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Readers Copy of this book
but also purchased my own copy.
Tiffany on 04/21/2017 01:33am
This is a lovely continuation of Cheri and Michael's age play relationship. One of the things that stood out for me was the mixed reaction Cheri has regarding her promotion at work. It felt like it was a very real reaction to have for anyone faced with a decision between what is right for the job and what is right for your personal life. Additionally, Cheri visits a special doctor in this book and after reading that scene I have to admit that really, really hope Ms. Morelli writes a story featuring the doctor. He presented such a different dynamic to the one between Cheri and Michael.

I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.
Lalaland on 04/20/2017 10:21pm
This is a continuation of the first book about Cheri who was a total control freak and ran her marriage like a sergeant major riding roughshod over her family. Three years previously her husband Michael who is a Judge decided to take matters into his hands to prevent the total breakdown of the marriage and a divorce. After their two sons went away to college Michael instigated an age play dynamic with Cheri and things have improved beyond all measure. Michael has established himself as the person in charge and the Daddy and things have never been better. Now in the second book Michael has persuaded Cheri to take their age play to the next level and be his baby. Just when Cheri has agreed and is about to hand her notice in to her employer her boss offers her the job of a lifetime. This will mean becoming the boss herself, more travel, loads more money and all of the tension and responsibility that goes along with it, how will she decide, how will Michael take it. I quite enjoyed this story although some of the narrative/punishments/play was eye wateringly explicit, not for the faint hearted but entertaining. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy
emv on 04/20/2017 08:49pm
Now that the boys are off to college, things have changed at home. In the first book, (But ya don%u2019t have to read it, though it%u2019s a nice introductory.) Mike was at the end of his rope with his take charge, bossy, snippy wife. Knowing it was time to make a change, he informed her he was taking over and she was now his girl to care for. This book picks up with additional changes%u2026and broader horizons. Through in a few friends and it%u2019s bound to be a good read. I voluntarily read an advanced copy of this book.
DB on 04/20/2017 04:25pm
Cheri and Michael are back in this second book of the series. Cheri is now his baby girl after getting everything taking care of with her job. Michael is excited as he can be and starts renovating the house and Cheri is ready to start this new phase of her life. Michael is a very strict daddy/dom - sometimes to harsh to me. Cheri even feels he is harsh at times but excepts it and feels truly loved and cared for. This is a great age-play, d/s story, a good length, many spankings and lots of love and caring. Can't wait for the next one! 5 big stars
Redrabbitt on 04/20/2017 12:09pm
The plot will have Michael and Chri taking their Daddy Dom/little girl status to Daddy/babygirl. Chri has agreed, there will no longer be a safe word, and she must be open and willing to try certain new ageplay dynamics. After a fair trial, they can discuss how to proceed, sometimes changing what they are doing. There will be certain things that her Daddy will continue to do that are not open for debate. %u201CNever deny the truth, not to me and certainly not to yourself.%u201D No matter what happens in her job, they have made decisions, and Michael expects Chri to honor their decided choice, and go to a full-time lifestyle, with her quitting her job. %u201CYou have given yourself to me, my little love, body, and soul. Let%u2019s just call this a reaffirmation.%u201D
The story will bring in another couple, Mark and his wife, Susan, who are also in the lifestyle. Susan will be able to be a support person for Chri as she makes this change in her life. The dynamics of Michael and Chri life has become full-time Daddy Dom/babygirl. The story is heavy on ageplay, medical play, spankings, and creative punishments.
Stylie Kidd on 04/19/2017 05:44pm
In the first book of this series, Cheri is a high-powered advertising executive who manages to have it all - a handsome, loving husband, twin boys and a big-paying, competitive job that required a lot of her time and attention. She kept all of her balls in the air by being very organized and tough - at work and, to the dismay of her family, at home. Her husband realizes that she has emasculated him and he decides to take charge. Cheri learns to stay strong and in control on the job, but when she gets home on Friday night, she becomes her husband/daddy%u2019s little girl. In this stand alone sequel to Cheri%u2019s New Rules, Cheri has realized that she loves living as a submissive little girl to her handsome, dominant husband Michael and their marriage has never been better - especially their sex life! She starts to feel like she could live like this all of the time, which would be Michael%u2019s dream come true! Everything is going as planned until Cheri%u2019s boss makes her an offer she can%u2019t refuse. Or can she? Wonderfully written, sexually charged, this story goes a long way to take you into the mindset of both Cheri and Michael as they navigate their lifestyle choices together. Its a great read and I highly recommend it!
lillie1922 on 04/19/2017 03:57pm
I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book. Another installment in the Cheri and Michael love story. They are 3 years into their journey into ageplay and still learning and discovering. Unless you have read ageplay before, some of their play might seem harsh, but their romantic dynamic will win you over.
stats23 on 04/19/2017 02:22pm
This follow up book to %u201CCheri%u2019s New Rules%u201D is an absolute delight. While it is not necessary to have read the first book to thoroughly enjoy this second, it is recommended to read it at some point. The first book introduced Cheri & her husband Michael and their foray into age play. This story picks up from the point of Cheri being Michael%u2019s confirmed %u201Clittle%u201D, and revolves around the transition from his %u201Clittle%u201D to his totally dependent %u201Cbaby%u201D. All aspects of such are there, including diapering, enemas and anal play. For anyone interested in the Age Play genre these books are absolutely top shelf and completely satisfying. I highly both, and this one in particular is a first class 5 Star read.
I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.
Pico1 on 04/19/2017 06:24am
More Rules for Cheri is a cute age play book whose main characters are an older couple, Cheri and Michael, who have been married for over 20 years and have sons in college. In the preceding book, Cheri%u2019s Rules, they saved their marriage by beginning a Daddy-Little Girl relationship %u2013 and in this book, the relationship matures and is developed much further. Both characters are well developed, interesting, and the activities between them are described in detail and take place in a caring environment. The book is almost a primer in successful age play, and can be read as a stand-alone, although reading the preceding book does help to understand the main characters and their behavior.

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