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The Delirious Sting of His Hand

By: Jen Christiansen
Published By: Blushing Press
Copyright: 2017© Blushing Books® and Jen Christiansen
Ten Chapters / 40,600 Words
Heat Level:
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After being ignored and neglected, I never thought I would be worthy of a man's love. Then I met Rick and the sting of his hand… 

I didn’t leave my husband because I hated him. I left him because I wanted to love me. I wanted to experience life and lust and love in all its many forms. I wanted to experience the kind of sex you read about in pulp novels and on bathroom walls. So, I packed up a few things and left a man who considered sex with the lights on to be too kinky. 

I traveled across the country but there was nothing for me on the open road. I was too shy, too nervous, and too reserved to pick up some random guy. No matter how many times I tried, there was a mental block stopping me from simply asking for what I wanted. 

And then I met Rick. Handsome, strong, and the opposite of my husband. He wasn’t afraid to take what he wanted but, more importantly, he knew what I needed and was more than willing to give it to me. The kind of passion he brings out in me threatens to destroy me…

Publisher’s Note: This book is intended for adults only. It contains deep elements of power-exchange and BDSM. If any of these themes offend you, please do not purchase.

Chapter 1


It took one look at his dirty, calloused hands to know I wanted to feel the pressure of them around my throat and the sultry sting of them on my ass. I was at this man’s mercy both professionally and privately, but he only knew about the former. My mind raced, struggling to concentrate and find some way to get this man to notice me. I’m not a blunt woman. I can’t just ask a man out for drinks or “gasp” just ask him to spank me. The thought of just spitting out the words and having him bend me over the dirty, threadbare couch in his waiting room was SO fucking alluring. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the guts. More specifically, the idea of rejection was daunting, but the possibility that he would look at me like a freak and judge me as some strange and abhorrent whorewas too much to consider. I was more than a coward. I just didn’t deserve the absolute joy those strong hands would give me.

“The oil pump tends to go on these cars around eighty thousand miles,” he explained in a strange foreign language that sounded so much like English, yet so very different. “It’s a good thing you noticed the check engine light and pulled over when you did. Another fifty miles and the motor would have seized up.” The nametag on his grey, oil stained shirt said Rick and I thought the name fit the man very well. 

“That would be worse, right?” I hadn’t been paying attention to everything he said. I kept staring at that thick, powerful hand and wondering what it would feel like moving gently over the soft skin of my ass. I could almost feel the rough hide biting in when he squeezed, the sound of the SMACK! as he punished me. I could feel myself swelling and pressing against the satin panties I had on. 

“It would have cost you an engine,” Rick said with a frown. “This is a lot better, even if it does ruin your travel plans a bit.” 

“These kinds of things always seem to happen when you least expect it, don’t they?” I laughed and reminded myself to keep my damn finger out of my hair. I tended to twirl it around when I was nervous and that just made me look stupid. Instead, I picked at the handle to my overnight bag which was currently propped between my legs. I had taken it from the car when I came in, expecting to need a cab and hotel room, maybe a new car. I didn’t really care what I needed because I had nothing but time to kill and nowhere to be. Not anymore, at least. 

“That they do,” he nodded. “I wish I could have you back on the road today, but at least it won’t be too long. As long as I get the part in tomorrow morning, I’ll have you on your way by lunch.”

“Great.” I wanted to mention that there was one way he could really make it up to me, but my tongue froze up. We stood there for a second just looking at each other, and for a brief second, I thought he might offer himself as a consolation prize. 

“The closest hotel is a small motor lodge about five miles up the road. It’s nothing fancy but it’s clean and the owner is a friend of mine. Tell him Rick from the garage is holding you hostage and he’ll give you a discount.” 

“Holding me hostage?” I laughed again, hoping it didn’t sound too desperate or stupid. “I wish. Er… I mean, you’re the one helping me out. I owe you. You’re not holding me hostage.” 

He looked at me strangely before cocking an eyebrow and smiling with just enough teeth. His grey eyes sparkled with a mischievous light and his lip curled up to show a few more perfectly white teeth. “I hope you don’t think I’m being forward or anything,” he said while tucking the clipboard under his arm and pulling a red, grease-stained rag from his back pocket. He wiped those amazing hands, wringing them around the worn fabric with an almost child-like nervousness. “But since you’re trapped here and don’t know nobody, I figured we could have dinner together.” I noticed this wasn’t a question. His voice betrayed none of the anxiety I thought his hands displayed. To the contrary, he sounded commanding and so completely confident I could give only one answer.

“Yes.” I didn’t even try and pretend to consider it or act surprised that he would ask. I mean, I was surprised, but that didn’t mean I wasn’t going to jump on the offer, or the man making it. “I’d like that very much.” 

“Great.” Rick smiled. “I’ll close up around five, but I need some time to clean up. I’ll pick you up at the hotel around six, okay?”

“Yeah, absolutely.” I put my bag over my shoulder and turned to leave, the smile splitting my cheeks in half. I opened the door and turned back to look at him one more time and caught him checking out my ass. I smiled even wider. “See ya later.” 

I made it into the parking lot before quickly turning around. 

“I… um, don’t have a car.” 

“Shit.” He grabbed a pair of keys off a hook by the cash register. “Here, you can use mine. It’s the grey pick-up parked to the right.” 

“Thanks, but how are you going to get home?” My heart thundered in my chest as I spit out, “I’ll come back at five and pick you up.” I had been nervous through our entire interaction, but now I was downright scared. What if he thought I was coming on too strong? What if he thought I was just trying to get to his house? Would he think I’m a whore? Was I being a whore? 

“That works, if you’re sure.” 

“Yeah, no problem.” I smiled and took the keys from him with shaking hands. “I’ll see you at five.”

This time I made it through the parking lot and all the way to his truck before looking back. He was on the phone but I thought he was still looking at me. I know it was my imagination, but the hand holding the phone looked massive. It was a special kind of weapon. No matter what happened tonight, I needed to feel the burn of that handprint on my ass. 

Rick’s truck was a ten-year-old Chevy with a worn leather driver’s seat and grease on the steering wheel. It smelled like grease, oil, gas, and something… musky and manly. It was the smell of sweat after a hard day’s work. It was the scent of a man who works with his hands and does what’s required of him to get the job done. A rock station was playing when I turned the key. The engine hummed like a well-tuned instrument. I put it in gear and the truck lurched forward. This truck liked to move fast. I only hoped its owner did as well. I liked the character of this vehicle and enjoyed the couple of minutes I got to spend driving it through town. 

The town was a nice little hole in the wall, the kind of place that existed of its own volition. After leaving the garage, I passed a pizza place and a few other stores in a mini-mall, a couple stand-alone businesses that sold the kind of things you need, not the junk you spend money on because you’re bored. There were no mega stores, nothing that ended in mart, and nothing you needed a membership to enter. I noticed more bars than anything else, but that just meant this was the kind of blue collar town where people worked hard and enjoyed forgetting about work when the day was done. 

There were a few houses along the way, all of them neat and modest. I saw dozens more down the side streets I passed but none of them were gaudy or overly large. I imagined normal families with kids who went to school, studied, and played a sport. The parents worked regular jobs and taught their kids manners and right from wrong. There were two churches directly across the street from one another and I didn’t doubt that the parking lots were filled on Sunday mornings. 

The motor lodge was easy enough to spot. It was a long white building that sat on top of a hill. The sign for the place was a brilliant red, as were the shutters and doors. The landscaping was sparse but very neat and the entire parking lot was so clean it looked as though you could drop your lunch on it and resume eating without even having to blow off a fleck of dirt. Rick wasn’t kidding when he said the place was clean. 

I parked his truck in front of the office and turned it off. Silence filled the cab and I took a second to inhale some more of Rick’s smell before grabbing my overnight bag and getting out of the truck. I liked this place so far, and if I was going to be stuck somewhere for a day or so, I really couldn’t complain about breaking down here. I was smiling to myself when I opened the glass door and entered the cinnamon smelling room. A small, ancient man with rust colored cotton candy on his head smiled at me toothlessly. His eyes were all but hidden behind thick lenses. 

“Good morning,” he said with an unexpected Irish accent. “Are ‘ya needing a room?”

“Yes. My car broke down and Rick from the garage told me this is the best place in town.” 

“Of course this is the best place in town. It’s easy to be the best when you’re the only place in town.” He laughed loudly and turned an old book around on the counter. “If you won’t mind providing me with your name and home address, I’ll fetch a key fer ‘ya.”

I noticed there were only two other people currently staying in the hotel. At least I’d have some privacy. I wrote down a fake name and address and took the key from the owner. 

“My name is Emit. If you need anything at all, just dial zero on your phone and I’ll answer right here and help you out. We’re a small place, but there is an ice machine and a soda machine next to the office. Your room has a small refrigerator in it, and, of course, a TV with the HBO and sports channels. Do ‘ya know how long you’re stuck in town?” 

“Rick said I should be good to go sometime tomorrow.” I found the idea a little sad. I liked it here and wanted some time to explore. Mostly I wanted the time for Rick to explore me. “He’s waiting for a part to come in tomorrow morning.”

“He’s an ace mechanic,” Emit said as he spun the book around and looked at my entry. “You’re a long way from home, ain’t ‘cha?”

“I am.” My mind scrambled for a decent reason and I grabbed the first coherent thought that came into my head. “I was traveling for business and was a little less than halfway home when my car started making funny noises. I was lucky enough to get off the highway and find Rick’s garage before anything really bad went wrong.” I hoped he wouldn’t ask what I did for a living, or anything else related to the fictional life I was creating as we spoke. I made a mental note to actually sit down and think up a good story for the next time someone asked. 

“Aye,” he nodded in agreement like one of those bobble-heads, like the glasses were too heavy for his thin neck. “It’s never a good thing when a car dies on the highway. Too many dangers. Cars can hit you, bad people can find you, or those tow-truck drivers come circling like vultures looking for hundreds of dollars just to move your car a mile or two. You’re a smart woman getting off the road when you did. Our town is nothing fancy, but it’s a nice little place. You’ll like it here.” 

“I already do. Everyone has been so nice to me.” 

“We’re a friendly lot, we are. I don’t want to take any more of your time, miss. You go relax, and if you need anything, give me a call.” 

“Thank you, Emit.” The clock above his head said it was only two. I had three hours to waste and I thought a shower and a nap would be the best way to kill time. 

I picked up my bag and took my key which had a large, plastic, rounded diamond attached to it in the same bright red as the doors, shutters, and sign. Number twelve was printed in white and I quickly found the corresponding room. 

The inside was just as neat as the outside. The carpet was freshly vacuumed and the bed was neatly made. There was no dust anywhere in the room and I could smell the cleaners used on every surface. The tiles in the bathroom sparkled and the grout was a perfect, shocking white. I turned the TV on for some background noise and stripped down for a shower. I left my panties on because they were still damp and felt good with the cold air hitting them while I walked around. 

I turned the water on and decided a bath would be more relaxing than a shower. I let the tub fill while I went back to my overnight bag for my waterproof friend. I tested him out and listened to the familiar hum fill the room. I grabbed the TV remote androse the volume a few notches and tested it again. I didn’t know where the other two guests were, but just in-case they shared a wall with me, I didn’t want anyone knowing what I was doing. I might have been slowly coming out of my shell, but there was only so much self-discovery a person could handle at a time. 

If Brian knew what I was doi— I mentally slapped the thought out of my head. Bri… er… he wasn’t here. He would never be here, or anywhere else around me ever again. I didn’t have to worry about him, and I certainly didn’t have to think about him. He couldn’t control me or put me down. His passive aggressive bullshit was nothing but a bad memory. I was finally free to be the person I wanted to be, and that had NOTHING to do with him. 

I vowed to not think about it anymore. I was done with it. The only person I wanted to think about was Rick. I wanted to think about his powerful hands and his grey eyes and his soft lips. I wanted to feel the weight of his body press into me and the heat of his skin on mine. I wanted to think about what he would smell like and how he would taste. Most of all I wanted to think about the sound his hand was going to make when it met my flesh. 

I could feel the satin between my legs getting uncomfortably damp. I was literally dripping down my thigh and was almost surprised to find myself standing just outside of the bathroom, one hand on the door frame, the other clenching my battery operated lover. I didn’t have to look in the mirror to know my face was flushed and glowing red. I could feel the heat radiating off my chest. My knees were weak and I wanted to get into the water and relax before I came all over the carpet.

I walked over the cool tiles with legs that wanted to be numb but hadn’t reached that point yet. I started to close the door but stopped myself. No one was in the room and no one could hear what I was about to do. I knew it didn’t matter at all if the door was open or closed, but to someone who has repressed their sexuality for so fucking long, it was a victory to keep the door open, and I was proud to find I was okay with it. 

I pulled my panties down my hips and let them fall to the floor. I could see where the red changed from vibrant to dark where I had gotten them wet. The cool air of the room immediately found the dampness between my legs and made my pussy achedeliciously 

The water was warm, but nowhere near hot, and slipping under the surface was like entering a capsule. I hadn’t turned the light on and there was no window in the bathroom, but the light outside filled the rest of the hotel with bright sunlight, casting the bathroom in a faded grey shadow. I placed the vibrator on the edge of the tub and swung my right leg over the edge. I slid a wet finger over my breast and teased the nipple. My eyes fell closed on their own and I let my mind wander. 


Rick entered the room and immediately pulled his shirt off. His head was shaved smooth and reflected the light from the main room. His grey eyes shone bright and predatory as they locked on me. I fought the instinct to cover myself. I was naked and there was a man in the room with me but he wasn’t repulsed by my nakedness. He was aroused by it. I could see the proof pushing against his jeans as he undid the button and slid down the zipper. 

My eyes nearly shot out of my head when he pulled the straining erection from his pants. The swollen head regarded me with its lone eye and I could see the approval immediately. I wanted to reach out and touch it, to wrap my hands around it and feel the hardness pressing against my small hand but Rick was in control. He got to his knees and leaned forward, lips pressing into mine as his hand closed over my breast. 

I was taken aback by how soft his lips were compared to the carved rock of his palms. Despite the strength and roughness, he was gentle and teased my nipple playfully. The skin puckered and grew hard under his hand which quickly slid away and into the water. The heat of his mouth fell over the hardened nipple and he sucked it between his teeth and gently bit down just as his fingers found the aching nub of my clitoris. He played around it, only touching the swollen pearl around the outside as he pulled the hood back and opened my lips with his other fingers. He refused to attack my clit directly, instead choosing to play gently around while his mouth went from my nipple to my mouth and back again. 

I grabbed the back of his head with a trembling hand and held him at my breast. I arched my hips and sighed in relief when his finger pressed roughly over my button and rubbed me to a quivering and blatantly powerful orgasm. I dug my nails into his scalp and clutched at the back of his hand as it worked between my legs. Even as the climax was subsiding, he entered me with a thick finger and found the spot that needed the most attention. I hadn’t finished cumming the first time and already another orgasm was ripped from me. I wanted to scream but nothing would come out. I gasped for breath but my body was locked up and refused to comply. My lungs burned. Black dots floated in my vision. Just when I thought I had lost all control and would die from the power of this orgasm, my lungs remembered how to function and pulled in a shaking breath. 

Rick stood up and grabbed me roughly by the shoulders. He pulled me from the tub and carried me to the bed. I was soaking wet and almost reminded him of this, but bit my tongue and let him do what he would. I was his captive, his slave, and I would do anything he commanded. 

My body hit the mattress and was brought to the edge. He grabbed my hair and wrapped it around his hand. His erection was painfully close to my mouth and I reached for it. Rick grabbed my hand and put it behind me. He moved my head forward and I opened my mouth and greedily accepted his cock, sucking the intense hardness into my throat. I moaned with delight and sucked harder on the delicious flesh as he fucked my mouth and pulled my hair. I never would have thought sucking a cock would bring me so close to orgasm. 

And then he did IT. Rick brought his free hand down on my ass cheek. The strong hand met my soft skin with an audible SLAP! that I could actually feel through the noise. The sting and burn came slowly, filling a void left by the amazing sound of skin on skin. I forgot his cock was in my mouth. I forgot his hand was in my hair. I forgot where I was and who I was. I screamed around the mouthful of his manhood. I screamed loud and hungry and desperate for more. My hips bucked involuntarily as I pressed my thighs together and ground my clitoris into the soft pocket of my swollen cunt. 

I could feel cum dripping down the front and back of my thighs. I’d never had an orgasm like that. I had never been light headed and near unconsciousness from cumming. I had to pull his hardness from my mouth and wrench in air before I fainted. Rick stood over me, an incredulous look in those steaming grey eyes. 

He let me breathe for a few desperate seconds before doing it again. I never saw his hand move but the immediate sting enveloped me and suddenly breathing didn’t mean so much. I was lost in another wave of that unbelievable orgasm again just as the burning began to spread over my skin. I clutched my breast in one hand and squeezed until the pain was a living thing behind my eyes. 

“I’m sorry,” I said between pants for air. “I’ve never. I’ve nev… never cum so fucking hard.” 

“Don’t be sorry,” Rick said. “Don’t ever be sorry.” 


I nearly choked on the water from the tub as it rose over my lower lip. I was almost fully submerged in the tub, my vibrator working diligently below the surface. The floor was covered in water that was just now reaching the carpet. I realized the TV was on, the sounds of some show tricking me into thinking there was someone in my room. I twitched involuntarily a couple times and let the goose bumps melt away from my arms. Even though my legs were spread as wide as humanly possibly, I still felt tangled up. I discarded the heroic vibrator on the wet floor and worked at freeing myself from the watery trap. I only slipped once and didn’t throw nearly as much water around as I thought I would. 

I wasn’t prepared for the aching. My legs, back, and stomach were on fire. My ass cheeks burned and I felt like the lone female participant in a hundred-person gang-bang. I couldn’t have been in the fantasy world for more than a couple minutes yet somehow had managed to ruin my entire body and leave me a mess of hurting muscles and sore insides. I only hoped it would fade quickly with a nap so I was refreshed and ready to be abused for real by Rick. 

I threw a few towels on the floor to soak up the water and pulled the plug out of the tub before exiting and checking the red lights of the alarm clock. It was still only two thirty so there was plenty of time for a long nap. I lowered the temperature in the room and lowered the volume on the TV before slipping between the covers and relaxing into the coolness of the fresh-smelling covers. Everything was so soft, I quickly melted into the bed and felt the drain of the day’s travels, stresses, arousals, and the most potent orgasm of my life acting against me and weighing me down. I quickly slipped under the surface of consciousness and eased into nothingness.

Ronald Simon on 04/24/2017 10:41am

This is a short book about an intense BDSM relationship that develops between Karen, a woman who has left a loveless and sexless marriage, and Rick, proprietor of a car repair shop that is fixing up her damaged car. The sex and BDSM are intense but all is consensual, as she wants to enjoy things she has read and dreamed about, but never experienced. A lot of the %u201Cback story%u201D is told through her dreams and thoughts, which is a bit disconcerting at time, but the book is fast paced and the two characters are likable, intelligent, and know what they want from the other.
lillie1922 on 04/22/2017 09:48am
I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book. She's been trapped in a loveless life for years, but she has taken to the road to get away and find a life for herself. Once she meets Rick, her life will never be the same. She will discover who she really is and it is not the woman she was before. He is rough and dominant and everything she thought she would never find. Spanking, hot sex and anal.
jf12574 on 04/21/2017 09:38pm
I voluntarily read an advanced copy of this book. Its very well written. Strong characters keep you wanting to know what's on next page. Well worth your time!
Lalaland on 04/20/2017 11:17pm
Strange one this, not sure whether I liked it or not. The story is told in first person so you never actually know the name of the story teller. She has left her husband who is most probably a closet queen and practically impotent where she is concerned and is driving across the country. Along the way her car breaks down and that's when she meets Rick the mechanic who just happens to be a dom who knows from just looking at her what it is she needs. They have raunchy and very rough and dirty sex. During all of this time whilst she is waiting to have her car repaired she has dreams or maybe its actually happening but we get a glimpse of what her husband Brian is up to, he is having an affair with his Paster. There are some very x rated BDSM sex scenes and some eye watering punishments along the way. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy.

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