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His Wrath

By: Danika Kane
Published By: Blackout Books
Copyright: ©2017 by Blackout Books® and Danika Kane
Six Chapters / 30,500 Words
Heat Level:
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Life means nothing for the famous composer, Parker Skye. With his life partner taken by a brain tumor, Parker can barely get through the day. Hiding inside his mansion, he works on his music and avoids the world. Unable to put the past behind him, a new relationship is not in the cards and yet his dark hungers for sharing a D/s lifestyle remain, burning into his soul. When a fire destroys his office and threatens his beloved erotic art collection, he enlists the help of a friend to find a contractor. Jack White knows the perfect man to bring Parker out of his depression. When Parker set eyes on the chocolate skinned, rough-hewn man, he’s more than intrigued.

Clark McGraw, Wrath to those that know him, is an ex-con determined to make something of his contracting business. Railroaded into prison for helping a friend, rage remains buried deep inside along with a damning secret that threatens his sanity. Refusing to take handouts, when his parole officer asks for a favor, Wrath resists but the moment he meets the sun kissed man, sparks fly. As a series of events push Wrath beyond his limits of control, his confusion and hunger for Parker grow. Both haunted and damaged, their respective pasts come crashing in. Can either man face and conquer their demons or will they succumb to the darkness?

Publisher’s note: This book is intended for adults only and contains elements of suspense, danger, adult language, BDSM, and vivid descriptions of sexual encounters. If any of these elements bother you, please do not purchase.

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Chapter One

What the fuck? Tossing over in bed, Parker Skye inhaled as he tried to figure out what was going on. As a wafting of something smoky filtered past his nostrils, he groaned, opening then shutting his eyes when they watered. “What is going on?” He struggled with the covers, pushing back the comforter. Nightmare. He was having a brutal dream.

Suddenly the scent kicked in. Jerking up, he scrambled to get out of bed. “Fire!” Shit! Shit! Shit! Almost tripping over the covers, he pitched forward and ran to the top of the stairs. Groaning, he gazed down the long flight but was unable to see anything given the dim lighting. Every blind was drawn, blocking out the natural sunlight. The place was like a cave. Or a morgue.

He struggled to find the hallway light, finally slapping the switch. “God damn it!” He gripped the railing, trying desperately to determine the location of the fire. Rushing down the stairs, he shook his head in disbelief. He could see smoke billowing from under the office door and he knew better than to risk opening it. Panting, he yanked the hall phone from its cradle, tossed open the front door and bolted outside.

As he pressed 911, he heard a crackling sound coming from the side of the house. “I’d like to report a fire at 9211 Stanford Hills Drive. Yes… No, I don’t know how it started. Yes, I’m all right. Yes. Thank you.”  They’re on their way. Holding the phone to his head, Parker cursed to the heavens. His life’s work and everything he’d tried to accomplish was nestled inside his house. The only saving grace was the fact he had a sprinkler system, but the water would do more damage given the number of electronics and computers housed in his office than the smoke would. Laughing, he couldn’t believe he was comparing the two.

A wave of nausea rushed into his system. There couldn’t be any worse timing. After focusing, he scanned the perimeter of the house. There were no obvious signs the fire had breached the surface.

Parker jogged to the office window and peered inside just as flames licked up the side-wall. “Fuck!”

Only minutes later he heard sirens and gave a silent thank you that he was living barely two miles from a fire station. Selecting this house had been Joey’s request, the single one he’d had. The man hadn’t cared about neighborhood, size or the aesthetics, only that they were close to life saving help. Whispering Joey’s name, Parker closed his eyes as the familiar ache tugged at his heart. A single tear slid down his cheek and he wiped the unwanted emotion away furiously, chastising himself for thinking about his lover at a time like this. Besides, Joey had been dead for almost two years. Dear God.

Dropping his head, Parker rubbed his eyes, remembering Joey’s laugh and his dancing blue eyes the day they purchased the house. Then there were all the times they’d searched for the perfect piece of furniture. God damn it! Their dreams were stolen too soon by a brain tumor. He swallowed hard and pushed away the memories as the fire truck zoomed up his long driveway.


The sound of crackling glass made him jump. Shivering, he held his arms and scuttled backward. Everything important to him could be lost.

One of the fireman jumped off the truck and raced toward him as the others began jerking hoses from the back, immediately dragging them toward the erupting fire.

“Sir, we’ll need you to move back. Is there anyone else inside? A pet perhaps?” While his voice was calm, the fireman's eyes were imploring.

Parker shook his head. “Just me. I think the fire is contained to the office.” Pointing toward the window, he realized his hand was shaking and he didn’t think his condition had anything to do with the fire.

“All right. We’ll take care of everything. Just stay here.”

“Yes, I will,” Parker mumbled. He stood, paralyzed with fear as the firemen went to work. He thought about the possibility of losses, items even insurance could never replace. His heart raced as memories of his life with the absolute man of his dreams filtered into his mind. Things he could replace. A man who knew him inside and out, caring no matter how ugly or self-centered Parker could be would never happen again. He was resigned to being alone for the rest of his life.

In what seemed like a matter of minutes, the all clear was given. Parker inched forward as the same fireman approached, removing his hat.

“The level of damage isn’t too bad. The sprinklers helped contain the fire to the office but the room is pretty well destroyed. Blew out one of the windows, but thankfully the blaze didn’t reach any of the other interior.”

Hissing, Parker nodded. “Thank you for reacting so quickly.”

“No problem, Mr. Skye. I’m glad I could help. I’m a huge fan of yours.” Grinning, the man held out his hand.

“Thank you…”

“Mike. Mike Forsythe.”

“I appreciate everything you did.” Shaking Mike’s hand, Parker gazed back toward the house and thought about his art collection, the one luxury he’d allowed himself to show for all of his hard work. “How bad is the smoke damage?” As they walked closer to the side of the house, he could see that the entire room would have to be re-built. At least his music room was on the other side of the house.

“I think it’s confined to the outer hallway but you'll need to have a professional restoration company come in.” The fireman nodded. “I can suggest a few reputable companies if you’d like.”

“I’ll add it to my list and no, I’ll contact my insurance agent.”

“Good deal. We’ll clean up and get out of your hair. I should have the report ready for your insurance company early tomorrow. Looks like the fire started with the fax machine,” Mike said. “Happens more frequently than you can imagine.”

“A fax machine I almost never use given emails.” Joey insisted they purchase the fax machine just in case someone had to get in touch with the famous composer. His lover abhorred emails, thought they were too intrusive. Chuckling, Parker thought about the irony.

“Well, think of it this way, the fire could have been a lot worse if you hadn’t been at home.”

“You’re right. I’m a lucky man,” Parker breathed. Cursing silently, he wasn’t sure he cared. His luck had run dry with Joey’s death.

Mike patted him on the back. “A good contractor will have you back in shape in no time. There’s a lot of good folks looking for work.”

“Thanks again.” As Parker watched him walk away, he moved toward the front door. The problem was he didn’t know any contractors. Sure, his insurance company would propose one of the regular companies they used, but he didn’t want dozens of people rummaging through his house. He hated crowds, people pawing through his things, trying to converse when all he wanted to do was write music. In truth, since Joey’s death, he’d holed himself up in this house composing. While the period of time had been the most productive in his career to date, there was no joy in his life. Thinking about the bleak days and lonely nights gave Parker shivers. He went out once a week for necessities and perhaps twice a year to have dinner with friends. Even the awards shows meant nothing to him now.

No, nothing held the same spark since losing Joey, the love of his life and the only man who'd understood his dark cravings. Parker Skye, the well-known composer and art collector, had officially turned into a worthless slug. Growling, he eyed the wreck that had once been his office as the firemen collected their gear. His beautiful desk was scarred, pictures ruined. His favorite leather chair had succumbed to the fire and soot covered every inch of the walls.

Strolling into the kitchen, he glanced at the clock. Hell, it was almost noon and he was still in pajama bottoms. Christ, he was pathetic. He was certain the fireman would have a good laugh at his expense.

Parker walked to the refrigerator and opened the door, reaching first for the carton of milk before eyeing the orange juice and opting for a screwdriver instead. He’d been drinking more lately, just to dull the pain. Who gave a shit what anyone else thought?

Drink prepared, he called his insurance company and obtained the necessary okay to find a contractor, the call ending with the promise of an adjuster coming by the end of the day to start a claim on their end. Leaning against the counter, he gazed out at his pool and realized he hadn’t taken a swim in months. He paid a pool contractor to keep the water crystal clear, the decks swept of debris, but he hadn’t even set foot out back for several weeks.

Perhaps the fire had been a Godsend. At minimum, the caustic event was certainly an eye opener. Joey wouldn’t want him to hole up like a minion mourning this long. It was time to let go at least enough so that he could become human again. Sipping his drink, he thought about the playroom, the hallmark of their commitment to a Dominate/submissive lifestyle. Swallowing hard, Parker suddenly had a burning desire to see the hallowed space. After a brief hesitation, he headed down the hall.

Opening the door, Parker thought back on how long it had been since he was inside. “This is just a room.” A room full of memories. He could envision Joey’s face, his eyes twinkling when they purchased their prized possessions.

His blood pulsing, the encouragement did little good. As he flipped a switch, a soft, ambient glow filtered throughout the Goth-like space. Steeling his nerves, Parker moved further inside, his heart racing. After Joey’s death, he'd considered removing every bit of the equipment they'd collected over the two years they’d lived in the house together. After two weeks of reflection, he couldn’t bring himself to destroy something that had meant so much to the two of them.

“Oh, Joey. Why aren’t you here?” Staring at the St. Andrews cross, Parker sighed as a series of shivers trickled down his back. His feet heavy, he took cautious steps toward the oversized piece, sliding his hand across the cool steel. The delicious apparatus had been Joey’s favorite. He loved to be secured and flogged, giving in to his Master. Licking the rim of his glass, Parker fondly remembered the first time they'd used their brand new bondage toy as his cock twitched.

“You’ve been a very bad boy,” Parker hissed as he fastened the last restraint around Joey’s ankle and stood back, admiring Joey’s carved muscles. Brushing a single finger down Joey’s spine to the crack of his ass, Parker pursed his lips in anticipation of fucking his delicious submissive hard, but only after he punished the man for his serious indiscretions.

“Yes, sir,” Joey breathed, his voice barely a whisper.

“You need to be disciplined severely for your actions. You need to understand every cause has an effect and not coming home on time is a punishable offense.” Exhaling, he rubbed his fingertip down between Joey's legs, circling his swollen balls. Cupping them together, he squeezed with enough pressure Joey tipped his head back and moaned, his legs shaking. While they enjoyed playtime, Parker was indeed a true Master and their agreed to rules were never challenged.

“Yes, sir!”

Squeezing harder, Parker inched back up and slipped his finger into his mouth, wetting the entire length before pressing the tip to the entrance of Joey’s dark hole. Inserting the tip inside, he inhaled deeply, relishing in the musky scent of the man who'd been his lover for almost six years. As he pushed his finger inside the dark cavern, Parker sighed.

Joey moaned and jutted his hips back. 

“I can see how hungry you are,” Parker whispered as he leaned in and darted his tongue out, licking a long line down from the base of Joey’s neck to his shoulders.

“Yes, sir. I want you to fuck me. I…”


Parker slapped his ass hard. “You know better than to speak unless given permission. You’re only allowed to answer questions, period. Do you understand?” Adding two more fingers, he thrust inside, pushing past the tight ring of muscle as Joey moaned.

“Yes, sir!” Joey hissed through clenched teeth.

“Better.” Parker plunged in and out of Joey's asshole as he flexed his fingers open, enjoying the way Joey’s muscles clamped around the tight invasion. He removed his fingers and nipped Joey’s ear lobe before sauntering toward the tall wooden cabinet that held his favorite floggers and plugs. “What shall we use tonight?” He asked as he eyed the extensive collection. “I think we’ll start with a flogger and perhaps move to a belt for your indiscretions.”

“Yes, sir. Thank you, sir.”

Easing back toward Joey, Parker feathered the ends of the cattails down Joey’s back and ass in a blatant promise of what was to come. “Ready?”

“Yes, sir,” Joey whispered, leaning his cheek against the cool steel.

Parker moved back slowly. Snapping his wrist, he connected the leather across the tender part of Joey’s ass.

Crack! Slap!

“Oh!” Joey wailed.

Crack! Pop!

Parker growled as he gave Joey a series of harsh whips, slapping hard against his ass and the back of his thighs. “Mmmm, very nice.” Moving forward, he slid his hand across Joey’s crimson cheeks, savoring the heat. “Just a few more.”

Panting, Joey clenched his fists closed and jerked against his restraints.

“You want more, don’t you?”

“Yes, sir!”

Pop! Slap!

After a few additional strikes, Parker replaced the flogger with his favorite belt and slid the thick strap under his nose. The sweet fragrance of well-worn leather was almost as delicious as the scent of a man’s cum. “Old faithful.” He stood back, fingering the strap, the scent intoxicating.

As he gave Joey a series of strong lashes, he marveled at the way Joey responded, meeting every whip with a thrust of his backside.

Crack! Pop!

Joey shivered but remained quiet, every part of his body shaking involuntarily.

Slap! Crack!

Panting, Joey smashed his face against the steel.

Whoosh! Smack!

“I think you’ve learned your lesson,” Parker hissed as he put away the implements and walked back toward his lover. “Now, I’m going to fuck my very good little boy.” Releasing Joey’s bindings, Parker pulled the trembling man against his chest, caressing his muscles as he ground his covered cock into Joey’s swollen ass.

Joey lolled his head back and remained limp in Parker’s arms.

Parker licked up and down Joey’s neck as he cupped his submissive’s nipple, twisting the tender flesh between his forefinger and thumb.

“Ah…” Joey gripped Parker’s leg, clawing into the dense material of his jeans.

Sliding his hand down, Parker wrapped his fingers around the base of Joey’s cock, stroking his hardened length. “You want my dick shoved in that tight ass of yours?”

“Yes, sir.” His body wavering back and forth, Joey’s voice was barely audible.

Parker moved them both forward toward the hard steel table he loved to use. “This is exactly what you need, a hard fucking by the Master who loves you and controls you.”

“Oh, yes. Yes!”

Easing Joey’s waist over the table, Parker licked his lips. “Grip the edge and spread your legs for me.”

Obeying instantly, Joey gripped the far edge and pushed his legs out at what had to be a painful level.

Parker moved behind Joey, placing the tip of his throbbing erection at Joey’s rosy hole, pushing until his cockhead was just inside. “I’m not going to be gentle.” While he'd never want to inflict any level of pain that Joey didn’t want or understand, the man loved being taken in the ass and they engaged in the act at least once a day. Their romance had started out whirlwind, both having voracious appetites, and every day found them experimenting with something kinkier. From public sex to sex clubs, they'd tried almost everything but nothing was as satisfying as their playtime at home.

Joey grunted and wiggled back and forth.

“Careful or I’ll whip your ass again.” Growling, Parker impaled Joey’s asshole in one long, hard thrust, driving past the tight ring. As Joey’s muscles instantly gripped around his shaft, Parker grunted and threw his head back. There was nothing better than slipping his cock inside his lover.

“Oh… ah ah!”

Parker pulled out until just the tip was inside and repeated the move, driving harder and deeper with each pass. The sound of his balls slapping against Joey’s bruised ass was a heady aphrodisiac. His heart racing, he continued his actions until they became almost savage, slamming Joey against the steel. “Yes. Perfect. Oh yes.” Gripping Joey’s hips, he plunged in and out until he couldn’t hold back the raging tide any longer.

Joey grunted and moaned as he scrambled to hold on to the table, his body pitching up and down. “God! Fuck me!”

Throwing his head back, Parker wailed as he exploded inside Joey’s dark cavern. His entire body shook from the almost violent action as his heart raced, sending a series of pounding echoes into his ears. Sucking in his breath, he leaned over Joey’s sweaty back as his cock continued pulsing inside Joey’s ass. “Damn. Fucking. Hot.”

Panting, Parker stumbled against the cross, his blood coursing wildly through his system. Blinking furiously, he tried to control his breathing as his hand shook, forcing the drink over the edge of his glass. As he licked his lips, he gazed down with hazy eyes realizing he had his hand wrapped around his dick. Tipping his head back, he suddenly realized he hadn’t masturbated in several months. Just the memory of time spent with his lover made him horny as hell and desperately sad.

He pushed his bottoms down and off, kicking the unwanted material to the side. Gazing at the cabinet, Parker took long strides and set his drink down on the table with a hard thud. Swinging open the doors, he gazed at the myriad of unused toys and selected a pair of nipple clamps. He needed to feel again. Pain. Glorious pain would help. Holding the metal vices into the light, he shook his head and envisioned Joey’s gorgeous face and dancing blue eyes. Then he snapped the clamps in place, the anguish was instant and blinding. “Oh…” Never a receiver, he was shocked at just how much anguish they created but as his cock twitched, hungry for relief, he wrapped his hand around the base and pumped.

Stumbling forward, he gripped the edge of the table as he stroked his shaft, his actions growing more savage. Inhaling, he held his breath as the biting pain of the pinchers dragged his mind into a level of rapture he hadn’t experienced in so long. He stroked the entire length of his shaft as he panted, tossing his head back and forth. “Oh… oh!” Bubbles pulsed past his lips as his heart raced, his orgasm close. As stars floated around his eyes marring his vision, he dropped his head and squeezed his balls with his other hand.

“Joey!” His legs thumping into the leg of the table, Parker threw his head back and screamed as hot cum erupted from his cockhead. He continued pumping as the thick goo covered his stomach. He was breathless, his heart racing. His body shook for a full minute as a series of sensations rushed into every muscle. Laughing, he rubbed the cream into his skin and groaned. When he finally released the biting clamps, he gasped as blood rushed into his nipples. “Dear God!” He tossed them on the table and brushed his hand through his hair. The experience was delicious, but not the same.

He gripped the table and reached for his drink, nearly pitching the dense crystal off the side from his slippery hand. Shaking his head, he smiled as tears cascaded down his cheeks. Sensing Joey’s presence, he nodded. His lover was giving him permission to live again. As he slipped into his pajama pants, he struggled with his emotions. He should feel satisfaction. Instead, he was cold and empty inside. Life for him was one sad day after another.

Struggling to get up the stairs, Parker wiped his hands and calmed his breathing. Every part of him was on fire and he knew he needed the taste of a man. He grabbed the phone as he wiped the sweat from his brow, almost dropping the receiver to the floor. As he dialed the number, he smiled. He knew Jack would help him in any way possible.

“Hello?” The man’s voice was husky.

“Jack, buddy. I need your help.”

“Parker? As in Parker Skye, my long-lost friend?” Jack chuckled.

“Don’t rub it in. It’s me. How are you by the way?” Parker swallowed hard, trying to steady the quiver in his voice.

“I can’t believe you’ve crawled out of your shell and you’re asking me for help. Something must be going on by the way your voice is shaking,” Jack said, a lilt in his voice.

“Look, I had a fire in my office this morning.”


“Fortunately, the sprinklers contained the damn thing to the office but the room is destroyed. I need a contractor to secure the area and rebuild the space quickly. You know how I hate interruptions.” Parker finished his drink and gazed outside as the sun glimmered over the pool.

“You know that means you’re going to have to interact with people, right?”

Growling into the phone, Parker realized Jack was only concerned about his rather bizarre behavior. “Yeah. I think I can handle having someone in my house. As long as he’s reliable and knows his shit. You know anyone?”

“Hmm, okay. I think I have the perfect contractor in mind. He's a nice guy and he’s struggling for work.”

“Hey, aren’t they all. You want me to give him a call?”

Jack sighed. “Let me call him first. He’s got this thing about taking what he considers handouts. He does fantastic work and I know he’ll do a good job for you.”

“So, what’s the catch?” Parker heard the glitch in his friend’s voice. They’d been friends since college and while they rarely saw each other, Parker considered Jack one of his best buddies.

“Well, he’s an ex-con under my care.”

Raising his eyebrow, Parker mulled over the idea. Jack had been a parole officer for years and was very good at helping rehabilitate ex-cons. If there was one thing Parker knew, it was that Jack wouldn’t suggest hiring anyone unless the guy was moving on to a better life and could be trusted. “What’s his name?”

“Clark McGraw. But his friends call him Wrath.”

“Catchy name.”

“Fits him,” Jack stated.

“Okay, now you have me intrigued. What does that mean?”

“Well, that means he’s a big guy with a penchant for violence, a bad trait he’s working on.”

Parker exhaled. “Just perfect, Jack.”

“Look, he’s got a chip on his shoulder because he was railroaded into prison. He took the accusation personally and he’s trying to prove his worth to the world. I helped him get started with his business and he’s damn embarrassed about having to ask anyone for help. I’ve seen his work and he’s fantastic. Truth is, you might just like him.”

Parker knew that tone. Parker had never hidden the fact he was gay and Jack had been trying to hook him up with a new partner for a good two years. While Jack meant well, he had no idea what type of man Parker was looking for. Jack couldn’t. Only Joey had known just how kinky Parker's needs truly were. Longing to live the lifestyle twenty-four hours a day, he and Joey were almost to that point when Joey succumbed to the brutal disease that took him in a mere four months. “Fixing me up again?”

“Hey, Wrath isn’t the kind of guy who goes around advertising he craves another man.”

“Then how do you know?”

“Call it intuition from years of dealing with people. I’m just saying you need to move on with your life,” Jack said quietly.

“You’re right and I plan on doing just that but when I decide.”

Jack exhaled, the sound exaggerated.

“Just say whatever you’re thinking.”

“I don’t want to see you end up alone. That’s what I’m thinking.”

Parker knew his friend meant well. He’d had the same concerns, especially as of late. This wasn’t a date. This was simply asking a contractor to do some work. “Give Wrath a call for me and if he’s as good as you say he is then, I’ll talk him up to my friends. Who knows? A big strapping guy might just turn them the hell on, ex-con or not.”

“Will do, buddy. I know I’m stretching it here, but what about dinner sometime next week? We have a lot to talk about.”

Parker smiled. “You’re on.”

Jack hesitated before he spoke. “Sorry, just had to restart my heart.”

“I’m serious, smart ass. You get me Wrath and we’ll have dinner next week. On me.”

“Right and pigs fly to the moon. You got it, guy.”

As Parker hung up the phone and as he walked outside, he sniffed the crisp air and grinned before diving into the deep end of the pool naked. And damn if it didn’t feel good.

lillie1922 on 06/18/2017 05:36pm
I reviewed an advance reader copy of this book. Two damaged hearts find each other. The question is, can they overcome the past enough to find a future together. Parker has faced tragedy and Wrath has faced betrayal, but when they meet they are drawn to each other. This story has lust, rage, fear, deep pain, mystery, danger, and love.
Nicole Yates on 06/11/2017 12:55am
Story of Parker Skye, Dom and a music composer and Clarke McGraw (Wrath) a Handyman, who might just be sub material.
Parker had his home office catch fire and needed someone to come in and rebuild, in steps his friend Jack White a parole officer with the perfect candidate for both Parker%u2019s need of a Sub and handyman, Wrath.
Parker and Wrath hit off straight away. They both are recovering from incidents in their life. Their relationship moves very quickly. No major BDSM in the book, only minor scenes.
Fast Paced book. A quick entertaining read.
I received this book as a ARC for a honest review.

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