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The Rebel's Secret

Ride Hard : Book Three

By: Zoe Blake
Published By: Blushing Press
Copyright: 2017© Blushing Books® and Zoe Blake
Twelve Chapters / 39,100 Words
Heat Level:
4.7 Out Of 5 (4.7 on 25)   |  Write a review

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The Rebel’s Secretis the third and final book in USA Today Bestseller Zoe Blake's Western Trilogy, The Ride Hard Series which includes The Cowboy’s Revenge – Book One and The Gunfighter’s Pursuit – Book Two. All three books can be read as stand-alones.

She was determined to claim her revenge. He was determined to claim her.
Michaela Armistead had only revenge in mind when she stepped into that frontier saloon. Disguised as a boy, she had been on her father’s murderer’s trail since the end of the War Between The States. What she hadn’t counted on was Major John Thomas Brice, commanding officer of the nearby fort, taking her prisoner!

One look at those flashing violet eyes and Major Brice knew this was one little rebel who needed to be taken in hand. He would be damned if he allowed her to continue on her dangerous quest for revenge. She needed to learn, in this part of Texas, his word was law. If that lesson came at the end of a leather strap, then so be it.

Problem was, his feisty Rebel was not going to give in without a fight!

Ride Hard Series – Three Soldiers, One Single Purpose

Three soldiers who don’t give a damn about the War Between The States or that they were all on the losing side. All they care about is it’s over… they can finally seek their revenge.

DISCLAIMER: Contains anal play, domestic discipline, and creative cowboy-style punishments.

Chapter One

A lone rider scanned the horizon. The fiery orange sunset had bathed the desert valley in a rosy glow. Blotches of desert scrub and tiny bursts of honey yellow flowers from the greasewood plant were the only other hint of color across the brown barren stretch of stone, sand and jagged rock. In the far distance, just to the south, were the low mudbrick and wooden structures of Fort McIntosh. The stranger’s destination.

Easing the horse forward, the stranger kept a wary eye on the surroundings. The distinctive grayish-brown coat and black-tipped ears of a bobcat appeared from behind a mesquite bush only a few arms’ lengths away. The stranger pulled on the reins. Although not its natural prey, it didn’t pay to take chances. The bobcat darted east after a black-tailed jackrabbit.

As the fort neared, so did the wide expanse of the Rio Grande as it cut through the valley like a blue ribbon. The dirty canvas tents, tumbledown shacks and brightly, painted clapboard buildings of the rowdy town which sprung up between the banks of the river and the wooden spiked picket fence of the fort also came into view. Shouts of drunken laughter, the tinny sound of a saloon piano and the occasional crack of a gun harshly replacing the calming sound of rushing wind and the call of a mockingbird from the trail.

Wrapping the leather reins around a wooden hitching post, the stranger sucked in a bracing breath before pushing open the frosted glass doors of the Imperial Saloon.

The acrid scent of tobacco smoke and warm, unwashed bodies blended with the cadence of low conversation, clinking glasses and the discordant shrieks of a saloon girl on stage attempting a rendition of  When This Cruel War Is Over. The gaudy oil paintings, polished brass lamps, felt tables and mahogany bar of the interior gave an air of tawdry luxury to the saloon that ran counter to the run-down appearance of the town itself.

Eyes averted, the stranger stepped up to the bar. Tossing a bright, double-eagle, gold coin on its grubby surface, a voice, scratchy from the dust of the trail, said, “I’ll take a flip and some information.”

The barkeep cast a disparaging glance over the floppy, black-felt hat which obscured the stranger’s face. With a shrug of shoulders, the barkeep pocketed the coin and grabbed a bottle of champagne and one fresh, farm egg.

Cracking the egg into a tin cup, the barkeep asked, “What do you want to know?” The town was a popular trade route and the last stop before the Mexican Territories. Folks came and went all the time. Some respectable, most not. It wasn’t uncommon for lawmen, gunfighters, jilted lovers and the like to pass through asking for information. It made for some extra coin in his pocket.

“Looking for a man who goes by the name of Parcels Showalter or Black Jack Doolin who might have passed through with a woman not too long ago.”

The caterwauling stopped. The piano music ended with a crash on one long chord. In the sudden silence, the scraping of several chairs along the unpolished, wood-planked floor rent the air.

“Can’t say we like some Johnny Reb strolling into town asking questions,” groused one man as he wiped chewed tobacco spittle from his beard.

After the Northern Aggression, many Southerners abandoned their burnt out farms and headed west for a fresh start. Large swaths of western territory were filled with former Southern belles and Confederate soldiers looking to cash in on the skills they learned during the war.

“I’m talkin to you, Gray Back!”

Apparently this wasn’t one of those territories.

The stranger’s once bluish-gray shell jacket was now faded to a ragged, brown butternut complete with tarnished brass buttons and frayed black piping. But even through the years of war, the dust of the trail and the ravages of castile soap and the scrub board, the Confederate Cavalry uniform coat was unmistakable.

Resting a hand on the butt of an army-issued Colt, the stranger refused to turn around. “I’m not looking for any trouble. Just trying to track someone down.” The voice was a low, gruff whisper.

“Yeah, well you just found trouble, Johnny Reb. Apparently we didn’t whup your ass enough in the war,” cackled the man. “You still need to learn your place.”

The stranger took a slow sip of the recently poured drink, fingers flexing over the warm, smooth butt of the Colt resting against a hip. In a lot of respects, the war would never be over. “If I’m not mistaken, we’re near Laredo. Didn’t a couple of Rebs fight back over two-hundred Yanks three times at the Battle of Laredo before the Yanks finally left, tails tucked between their legs, crying for their mamas?”

There was a cry of outrage and the shuffling of feet before one beefy hand fell on the shoulder of the stranger, spinning the uninvited guest about. “You’re going to pay for that,” spat out the furious Yankee.

The polished Colt cleared the holster before the Yank had even finished his threat. Taking a step back, the gun was aimed left-handed as the edge of the stranger’s right palm slashed down on the greased trigger. Three shots fired off in rapid succession effortlessly turned one man’s shot of whiskey into bits of wet glass, another’s hand of cards into an ace in the hole, and shooting clear through the disagreeable Yank’s kepi cap, knocking it off his damn fool head.

There was the distinctive shrill shout of the Confederate Rebel Yell, an infamous battle cry, before all hell broke loose.

Apparently, there were actually a few Southerners in the saloon after all.

The stranger adroitly swung both legs over the bar, taking up a secure position behind its solid wooden base. Grabbing an earthenware jug in each hand, the figure swung out at anyone who dared come within an arm’s-length.

The sounds of rough men enjoying rough entertainment was replaced by a cacophony of splintering wood, shattering glass, grunts and groans and high-pitched screams… from both the men and saloon girls as the entire room broke into fisticuffs.

It didn’t take long before the piercing screech of whistles could be heard as men in blue cavalry uniforms burst into the saloon. It was a patrol from Fort McIntosh. The commanding officer viewed keeping the peace in the nearby town as an extension of the fort’s responsibilities.

The federal soldiers quickly subdued the drunk and unruly crowd, lining them up against a far wall to assess the situation. The stranger was included, whose head never lifted, hidden beneath the wide-brim, felt hat.

“Each of you will be fined twenty-five cents for breaking the Lord’s peace,” shouted the corporal in charge.

“Attention!” called a nearby private, raising a flat hand to his forehead in a salute.

All the soldiers clicked their heels, threw back their shoulders and pushed their chests out.

The stranger listened as a pair of heavy boots trod across the boards.

Major John Thomas Brice, commanding officer of Fort McIntosh, had arrived.

An imposing man of six feet four inches, he wasn’t just an officer in the United States Cavalry… he was the cavalry.

His family had been serving in the cavalry back since they were called the dragoons. In The War of Southern Aggression, he served under Union Major General Pleasonton, who commanded the Cavalry Corp of the Army of the Potomac. Major Brice was the key strategist behind the Battle of Brandy Station, the largest cavalry engagement during the war, right at the beginning of the Gettysburg campaign. Major Brice launched a dawn attack against the Rebel General Stuart. It was the first time the Union Cavalry managed to beat the superior Confederate Cavalry. The Johnny Reb cavalry never recovered.

Many considered him a hero of the war… others a legend.

No one questioned his authority.

Brice surveyed the room. The damage was minimal. This time. A few broken chairs. A smashed bottle or two. More bruised egos than blackened eyes. At least the expensive saloon mirror and front windows were spared. He scrutinized the ragtag bunch slouching against the wall.

Similar to the army, society out in the West had its own hierarchy and accompanying uniform. There were the homesteaders, easily recognizable in their blue flannel shirts and woolen pants. The hide hunters, covered head to toe in buckskin, always smelling faintly of sweat and death. The prospectors who, depending on their fortunes, pitched widely between threadbare, dusty overalls and oil-soaked hats to ruffled shirts and tailored suits.

Each stratum was represented in equal measure as they stood, hunched-shouldered and long-faced, shuffling their feet as they avoided eye contact with the imposing commanding officer.

Of course, there were also the soldiers, former and current.

“Report, Corporal.” The command was given in a crisp, clipped tone.

“Bar fight, sir.”

Brice spared an annoyed glance for the young corporal.

“What I meant to say, sir, was mostly civilians. One sergeant and two privates of ours.”

“Men,” barked Brice.

It was only one word… that was all Major Brice needed.

Three men stepped forward out of the rag tag bunch. The stranger recognized one of them as the man who started the trouble and stiffened.

“Sergeant Cleave Stinger, Private Gene Covey and Private Reuben Warnock, sir,” offered the corporal.

“It weren’t our fault, Major!” whined Sergeant Stinger as he worried the brim of his hat in his hand. “That dirty Johnny Reb came in shootin his mouth and his gun off!”

Brice’s hard gaze landed on the slight figure of the former Confederate soldier. Back pressed against the wall, one foot propped up, head bowed, the figure looked tired and uninterested. Brice knew better. He could see the tightening in the shoulders. The subtle twitch of the left hand over the Colt.

Something was not right.

The former soldier presented a slight figure. Narrow shoulders and hips. Shorter than the average man. Young. Malnourished. That wasn’t especially surprising; Brice had heard rumors of a desperate Confederacy taking boys as young as twelve to fight for their lost cause toward the end.

Still, something pricked at his instincts about the man.

Brice scrutinized the man’s worn uniform. The patch was faded and dirty but still visible, he was cavalry. No rank. A horse man was a horse man no matter which side you fought on. His gaze fell on the boots. The boots. The boots were all wrong. Too slim and narrow. They certainly were not cavalry boots. Despite the dirt and mud, they looked almost… elegant.

His gaze flew to the lowered head. I’ll be damned, he thought.

“Corporal, take the men to the guardhouse. Thirty days’ fatigue duty,” he ordered.

The sergeant and two privates were escorted out of the saloon. It was a harsh punishment, but they knew Major Brice did not tolerate his soldiers setting a bad example in town.

“The town marshal has finally arrived. I will turn the rest over to him.” The corporal did little to keep the disdain from his voice. The town marshal was a dissipated, corrupt drunkard with no discipline or morals. He was the very reason why the soldiers were forced to patrol the town, breaking up fights and keeping the peace.

“All but him,” ordered Brice, motioning to the Confederate with a jut of his chin.

“Him, but he started…” The corporal immediately stopped, knowing better than to question his commanding officer.

Head still lowered, the stranger listened to the sounds of grunts, protests and dragging feet as the men to either side were pulled away one by one.

A moment passed.

Then the sound of one heavy step.

A pair of polished cavalry boots. A glimpse of bright, blue wool pants with a canary yellow stripe. The clean smell of soap.

Brice crossed his arms over his wide chest and stared down at the black, felt hat. The brim was so wide it almost spanned the width of the slight figure’s shoulders. Even at full height, he doubted if the top of the stranger’s head would reach his shoulder.

“Time to sound the recall. You’re beaten.” Even through the harsh command, his voice held a hint of amusement.

The stranger didn’t move.

Brice whipped the black felt hat off the Confederate’s head. Even having his suspicions affirmed, nothing prepared him for the sight of the startlingly, beautiful, violet eyes which rose in shock to clash with his curious gaze.

Michaela Armistead pulled her Colt.

Baring her teeth, she threatened the imposing man, “Stay away from me.”

There was a slight Southern lilt to her voice. He would guess Georgia. What was once, he was sure, a proper head of waist-length hair, had been chopped to the shoulders. What would have looked like a scandalous mess on any other well-bred woman gave this feisty baggage an irresistible appeal, as if she had just emerged from bed after being good and tumbled by a man. The golden honey locks only highlighted the unusual purple color of her eyes which, at this moment, flashed brimstone and fire at him.

The corner of Brice’s lips rose on a seductive smile. “Not a chance.”

For a man who had a gun drawn on him, he seemed remarkably unaffected.

He didn’t know what had brought the little beauty to the far corner of the country, alone and unprotected, but he would be damned if he was going to let her just stroll out those saloon doors.

“You have no right to keep me here. Those men started the fight. I didn’t hurt anyone,” rattled off Michaela.

He made her nervous. She had spent the last several years surrounded by men in the cavalry. Men of all shapes and sizes. Of all temperament. Some good. Some bad. But none like him. There was something about him. The way he held himself. A reined energy, like a powerful horse only barely held in check.

“You just violated the Uniform Code of Military Justice by drawing a weapon on a superior officer,” quipped Brice, his voice a low, dark threat.

Michaela lowered her brow in confusion. “But… I’m not even in the army!”

“That is a matter for the commanding officer to sort out. Till then, you’re my prisoner,” said Brice as he took one step forward. The barrel of her Colt pressed into the tight muscle of his stomach.

“You’re the commanding officer!” accused an exasperated Michaela.

“I know,” grinned Brice.

Without thought, Michaela squeezed the trigger. The hammer fell with a hollow empty click.

Brice wrapped one large hand around her slight wrist and snatched her close. “Dammit, woman,” he growled.

Just because he had seen the glint of light through the empty bullet chamber didn’t mean he would excuse her trying to fill his gut with lead. If ever there was a woman who needed to be taken in hand, it was this little, feral spitfire.

Tearing the gun from her grasp, he put a shoulder to Michaela’s middle and easily lifted her slight weight high. Ignoring her indignant screams and shouts, Brice walked with a determined step out of the saloon, tossing a final command to the corporal over his shoulder.

“See that her horse and things are sent to the fort.”

“Yes, sir. Where should I have them brought?” asked the somewhat stunned corporal.

“My quarters,” answered Major Brice without hesitation as he carried an angry Michaela out into the night.

susan kirkland on 07/18/2017 11:38am
Michaela and Major Brice didn't hit it off well in the beginning, but after going over his knee things changed. She was out to avenge her Father's murder and along the way she endured spankings, love and loving sex. Did she get her revenge. Read it and find out.
Susanne Sanderson on 07/16/2017 04:02pm
What a great end to the series. Can be read as a stand alone. I enjoy westerns especially ones with a spanking hero so much. I like that Michaela tries to avenge her fathers murder, but she does have to travel dressed as a man. Of course she ends up over Brice's knee, can't be helped since she can't stay out of trouble. Has mystery, suspense and lots of discipline. This is the 3rd in the series. The whole series is great, but this is the best one.Has a HEA of course but sad to see the series end. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced readers copy of this book.
Toni L on 07/02/2017 11:24pm
I was a bit hesitant to read this as I hadn't read books 1 or 2 but I found that this was no hindrance to understanding the story. This is not a gentle love story. It's pretty much the opposite. The main characters are quite brutal with each & for me, at times it skated close to being outside my acceptable zone. That said, I found it an original story with interesting characters & a good read.
LuCinda Beebe on 07/01/2017 01:43pm
This was a fast paced story that was hard to put down, the only bad thing I can say about this book is I wish it was longer, I kind of felt left hanging in the end. The two main characters were Major Brice who was a strong, dominating, blue-eyed hunk and Michaela Armistead who was a feisty, courageous, determined, woman. The plotline was well written and engaging up until the end. The author did a great job in writing the description of this book and it can be read as a stand alone.
Pettigg on 07/01/2017 12:59pm
Michaela Armistead is on a mission of justice and has been for so long she can't think about anything else. She mistakenly catches the attention of the commander of fort Major John Brice. Who after one look decides she someone to take care of her and make sure she stays out of trouble. John thinks he should be the one to do it. Michaela fights against his rules until she realizes he is just what she needs.
PJB on 06/27/2017 09:18am
Like other reviewers I am sad to see the end to this terrific western saga. Each book can be read as a stand alone but the thread linking the three is there and I enjoyed reading them in chronological order. I like the fact this tale of revenge is from a female view point unlike the two previous stories. As with the previous books there is great passion and sensuality. I hope Zoe Blake will continue to write western tales she is clearly gifted in the genre!
Joanie Miller on 06/26/2017 07:32pm
This book was different than the first two in the trilogy, but no less enjoyable. The heroine, Michaela, is hellbent on revenge but is stopped in her tracks by the enigmatic Major Brice. He seems to understand the conflict within Michaela better than she does, which results in an undercurrent of dubious and non-consensual sex and discipline throughout much of the story. Of course, Michaela can't help that her body and soul love every minute of Brice's attentions, even if her mind thinks otherwise. The power exchange scenes between these two well-developed characters are intense and very good. The plot provides enough background to understand Michaela's thirst for revenge and then moves forward to make a compelling, easy to read story. This book is easily read as stand alone, but the first two books in the trilogy were also excellent reads.
Maggie on 06/25/2017 05:43pm
Wonderful conclusion to a wonderful series! This is the story of a feisty young woman hell bent on revenge and a Yankee officer trying to keep the headstrong Southern belle safe. Once again, Ms. Blake does not disappoint with this sexy tale of a young woman learning to submit. This book can be read as a stand alone story, but I highly recommend you read the first two books before getting into this one. Mason and Horn make an appearance in this book, along with Annabelle and Emma. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book
Dyane on 06/25/2017 05:11pm
This is without a doubt my favorite book in the Ride Hard Series. The heroine is smart and feisty, but vulnerable as well. The hero is strong and stern, determined to have Michaela and protect her, even from her own dangerous actions. It was a fun read - lively, funny, and full of action. There were plenty of discipline and sexy love scenes. As this is the last book in the trilogy, the author has very kindly answered all of our lingering questions without leaving any loose ends. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.
Stats23 on 06/25/2017 04:46pm
This stand-alone story of a revenge seeker in the old west is actually the final segment of an exciting and titillating trilogy by the author. It is an excellent story on its own and also puts a nice wrapping on all three stories featuring three Confederate comrades from the Civil War and their individual quests for revenge against personal foes pre-dating the national conflict. In this particular story our hero is a female who followed her brother into the war while masquerading as a boy/man. After the war Michaela is tracking down her father%u2019s murderers (her mother and her lover) when she attracts the attention of Major John Brice. He is intrigued by the young woman posing as a confederate soldier and ultimately takes her into his protection, and naturally takes her in-hand as well. Their relationship and love story builds as they bring the culprits to justice. The final climactic scenes tie up the series quite nicely. You will find all of the action, discipline, eroticism and romance that was featured in the first two books, but it is a little shorter and not quite as graphic. Still worthy of a 4 star rating, trending towards 5.
I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.
lillie1922 on 06/25/2017 01:14am
I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book. Her brother leaves to fight for the South, her father is murdered and her evil mother wants her money. What is Michaela supposed to do? Wearing boy's clothes, she runs. While searching for her father's killers, she runs right into Major John Thomas Brice. Brice knows Michaela needs him. For justice, for guidance, for discipline, for love. Discipline spanking, anal play.
JANE A LITTLE on 06/24/2017 12:05am
This 3rd book of the Ride Hard trilogy is excellent. I actually read it twice in the last 3 days. This book has a great story, exciting sex and plenty of D/s with DD that those familiar with the author have come to expect. What is special about this book are two scenes that are extremely sensual, one where the hero must feed the heroine and another where the hero is instructing new recruits on horsemanship. As much as I have tremendously enjoyed all three of these books, I am sad to leave these stories behind even with this very satisfying completion bringing all three stories together.
Susan Kirkland on 06/22/2017 09:33pm
What a war between the south, Michaela Armistead and the north, Major John Brice. The conflicts, the intrigue, the spankings make this a fun and enjoyable read.
Sam on 06/22/2017 09:06pm
Michaela is a strong young woman on a mission. She meets Brice who quickly applies some discipline. The two make a great couple and I enjoyed following their journey. I have not read the two previous books in this series and I do not feel that it hurt my enjoyment of this book at all. For those who did read the previous books, the previous main characters make a brief appearance. This is overall a great book.
I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
DONNA L on 06/22/2017 02:54am
By Donna L
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This review is from: The Rebel's Secret (Ride Hard Book 3) (Kindle Edition)
Michaela Armistead was on a mission to find
her fathers murderers.It did not matter that
her own mother arranged her father's death.
Michaela dressed as a man travelling the
country looking for Parcels Showalter .This
led her to Major John Brice's attention.John
is intrigued by Michaela and takes responsibility
for her safety.Michaela is full of fire and defiance
and it's not long before she finds herself over
John's knee for a painful lesson.This book has
danger,angst,desire,graphic sex scenes and
so much more to keep one captivated.
I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Readers Copy of this book
Tiffany on 06/21/2017 09:44pm
Zoe Blake delivered another delightful read. Nicely developed characters with understandable motivations, etc. I also enjoyed the appearance of the characters from the first two novels in this trilogy, although they appeared later in the story. The sex scenes were nice and steamy and overall this was a very nice story.

As for my star rating, need to clarify that I only give 5 stars to books that meet one of the 3 following conditions: 1) I want to re-read when I finish reading it; 2) I have actually read at some point; or 3) it is quite memorable months or years after reading it. Alas, despite being a very well written story, I don't see this book fitting any of those criteria. Perhaps, it because I didn't connect as deeply with either of the main characters as I have with Ms Blake's other characters. Or that while interesting the idea of revenge in general isn't something I personally enjoy, in real life, in stories, etc. But whatever the reason, I can't in good conscious give this 5 stars, but having said that if you've read other books by Ms. Blake and enjoyed them, you will enjoy this one as well. She didn't disappoint.

I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.
Pico1 on 06/21/2017 07:37pm

This is an interesting short story about a young southern woman whose father was murdered at the start of the Civil War, and her 5 year effort to find the murderer and kill him. It brings her to a fort in Texas where a series of circumstances put her in contact with Major Brice %u2013 and an angry start to the relationship gradually turns to love, with the help of some spankings and sex. How she accomplishes her objective of revenge, and how they find their HEA make for an interesting story %u2013 helped by the fine descriptions of both characters, who are strong and likable.
Redrabbitt on 06/21/2017 03:32pm
The third book in the Ride Hard series did not disappoint, with witty characters, plenty of angst, anger, lots of suspense, some mystery, and a determined woman seeking revenge for the death of her father and brother. What starts at the beginning stages of the Civil War will fast forward five years. The story is the final in the Ride Hard series, and each book will read as a standalone. I love how Ms. Blake has tied in actual historical facts of females that hid in plain sight within military units during the War Between the States, using her artistic liberties, she paints an interesting picture of the scenes.

The plot will have Michaela escape the family home, staying with her brother%u2019s unit, and now she is on a mission, she is determined to seek revenge and justice against two people, her mother along with her new husband. Avoiding populated places, fighting off the elements, as well as two and four-legged beasts, the one thing she wasn%u2019t prepared for, Major Brice. Brice sees her as a little rebel spitfire than needs taken in hand, not just for her actions that could have gotten her killed, but she needs to be protected from her own foolishness.

Brice has never met a woman like Michaela that evoked the feelings he is having. Let the battle of wits and will begin between these two formidable foes. Will Michaela acquiesce to Brice and his demands or will she continue to try and do things her way? The story is a fast-paced page turner, with a dominant and controlling man and an equality feisty and determined woman. There are several spankings, and the story does have dubious consent and non-consensual acts, including rape. There are many creative forms of punishment and explicit sex scenes.
Becca on 06/21/2017 03:27am
Although this is the third book in the Ride Hard Series, it stands very well on it's own with a small cameo from the characters of previous books. In fact, this is my favorite of the three mainly because I liked Major Brice and Michaela (the H and h) better. Major Brice was slightly less obnoxious than the prior two heroes, and Michaela slightly less of a brat than book 1 and less of a doormat than book 2. The relationship in this story felt more balanced and more believable. Not to say that Major Brice wasn't arrogant, but it simply worked better here.

Besides that improvement, this book was also a well written and enjoyable story.

I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.
Lalaland on 06/21/2017 02:56am
This is the third and last volume of the Ride Hard trilogy by Ms Blake and I really enjoyed it. The series started a little shakily but improved with each book thus this final story was surprising, in many ways. The concept, a woman (Micheala) searching for vengeance rather than a man, the two main protagonists, a southern girl and a yankee soldier (Major Brice), and the fact that Micheala can out ride and shoot most men. The story begins with an uproarious saloon fight with Micheala right in the middle of it albeit dressed as a boy and the action doesn't really end until the final page. There are some eye watering punishments, some very hot scenes and some laugh out loud moments, great fun, excellent entertainment. Of course this book is the last of a trilogy but can be read as a standalone, but my advice would be read them all, it's worth the time spent. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy.
Susan Parker on 06/21/2017 02:49am
Loved this book it has everything you could ask for a strong female, an alpha male, couldn't put this book down really wish there was more
JigsawGirl on 06/20/2017 09:48pm
An independent, feisty, Southern woman who poses as a young boy during the Civil War. She encounters a strong, dominant, Yankee Major during her pursuit of the man who killed her father.

Bruce takes Michaela in hand when she tries to continue her search. There are a couple of interesting twists and surprises before you get to the Happily Ever After.

I voluntarily read and reviewed this Advanced Reader.
madpuss on 06/20/2017 07:00pm
It was a lucky day for Michaela when she meets Brice. He ends up being the man she needs and wants. I loved the power struggle between them. It made for a fun and entertaining story.
Tami on 06/20/2017 09:05am
Ride Hard is a good name for the series, because that's exactly what you get - literally. Michaela is a little spitfire and very defensive. Brice is very dominant and determined to protect her. Despite their differences, they are drawn to each other and neither can deny their attraction. The story is fast paced and I like the way the author is describing the scenes. Her writing style is very vivid and makes you feel as if you are right there with the couple.
Margaret Corcoran on 06/20/2017 04:18am
I loved this third part of this hot series! But I am sorry that there is only three of them! It is very well written and easy to read. There's great chemistry between the two main characters who are very well written, described and developed. The Rebel and the Protective Yankee! There are some severe disciplinary spankings but lots of love and hot spicy sex. This book can be read as a standalone but I don't recommend that. I received an ARC copy of this book and I highly recommend it.

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