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Strict Ladies and Naughty Boys

By: Rollin Hand
Published By: DT Publications
Copyright: � 2013 by Rollin Hand and DT Publications
6 chapters / 21,000 words
Heat Level:
3.0 Out Of 5 (3.0 on 4)   |  Write a review

Disciplinary Tales presents six stories devoted to strict ladies and their naughty boys. In this collection there are over sixty pages and over 20,000 words of femdom spanking action. No leather corseted dominatrices or whip wielding madams here, just no nonsense ladies dishing out sound bare bottom discipline to some deserving lads.

In The Pool Boy meet Cory, a young man cleaning swimming pools for a summer job. But while cleaning the pool for Mrs. Ashley Trent he makes a discovery. Peering through a window, he spies on a cabal of suburban women and their methods of keeping their young boy toys in line. Discovered by the beautiful Mrs. Trent, he finds that he too must join the party if he is to keep his job.

In Masters Thesis, meet Perry. He is writing his masters thesis in sociology, the subject of which is corporal punishment in schools. Who better to instruct him on the rules and procedures for the application of corporal punishment than his former middle school teacher, Nora Kincaid? Perry is grateful for her help but soon learns that as an instructor, Nora is definitely the hands-on type.

The Li'l Red Schoolhouse is the brainchild project of Julia Marsden. Imagine a place where clients are sent receive correction to wipe the slate clean of minor criminal infractions, settle civil matters and resolve marital discord. In this environment meet Peter Radix, an up and coming executive. The only problem? He must settle a sexual harassment lawsuit and the plaintiff's demand is that he enroll in the Red Schoolhouse. His appointment is soon, and Julia has very old fashioned instructional methods. (Note: this is an excerpted chapter from "The Spanking Games".)

Next up is The Health Club from the usenet classic of the same name. Meet John. He has joined this health club to lose weight. The workouts are hard, but the penalties for missing workout sessions are even harder, not to mention painful and a bit humiliating. So when John skips one workout too many it's off to the basement for a "counseling session" with Sandra, a luscious red haired female instructor.

In Friend of the Family, when his parents go abroad, a young man is sent to board with a neighborhood friend, a woman he knew as a boy. All is well until one night when, after borrowing her car, he returns home in a drunken state and plows through her prized bushes. What to do with the young man? She does not want the police involved. What she proposes is both shocking and embarrassing. But a reckoning is called for and what must be done must be done.

Finally Birthday Auction Action brings us David, whose sister has recruited him to offer up for her charity auction nothing less than his twenty-first birthday spanking. The bidding is hot and it looks like an even hotter time for David thanks to some fuzzy math on the part of one Victoria Smythe-Hobbs, the voluptuous winning bidder.

They say �be careful what you wish for�, but for a guy like myself at 20 and in my sexual prime I guess I wasn�t thinking all that clearly when I fell into the web of Mrs. Ashley Trent. Things just progressed, you know, from one thing to the next, and so here I am. It�s not so unpleasant--I mean, it�s embarrassing and humiliating for a guy--wearing a frilly French maid�s outfit in front of all those women, but damn, I�ve got a boner that won�t quit and I don�t want it to. So, I�m alternately dreading/ looking forward to tonight. It�s another small dinner party for some of Mrs. Trent�s friends. My attendance will be required.

But I�d better back up.

The first time I laid eyes on Mrs Trent she was sunning herself in a chaise lounge out by her pool. I had knocked on the gate and announced that I was there to clean the pool. She squinted at me, motioned me in, then she rose from the lounge. She was stunning-- like a goddess arising. Her tall, lean body unfolded from the chair revealing an hourglass figure clad in a tiny bikini. She brushed a wisp of blonde hair from her forehead and let her sunglasses droop down low to scrutinize me. I pegged her at about 35--an �older woman� as far as I was concerned. I mean for a 20 year old junior, anybody over 25 was an �older woman�. She was taller than me. She had to be about 5� 10� and I�m 5� 6� on a good day. But, I�ve got this mischievous-boy-nerd thing going on that the ladies like, so being short and slight of build is sometimes a plus. And she was hot. I tried not to stare at her full high set tits almost falling out of the teeny bra or at the skimpy triangle of cloth setting off her curvy hips and barely covering her pubic area. She had the broad shoulders and narrow waist of a swimmer. I noted the powerful thighs�lean, not an ounce of fat. She obviously worked hard to stay in shape like that. Her hair hung in a plait, twisted to fall straight down her broad back. If I�d been as up on my ancient history as I should have been, I�d have recognized her as an Amazon warrior, proud and powerful. She was a little intimidating.

�Are you Cory from the pool cleaners?�

�That�s me,� I said grinning. I got this job cleaning pools for a company that sold pool cleaning supplies and stuff. It was a typical college summer job. I also thought it might give me shot at meeting some chicks at the houses of the rich folks who owned swimming pools.

�You�ll find the pump over there, � she said pointing. �Anything else you need, just ask. I�ll be inside.�

She walked around the pool and into the house. The rear view was as spectacular as the front. I had an instant hard on. I guess I�m a �ass� man. Hers was outstanding. It was a pear shaped bottom typical of tall lanky women. Put that together with nice full hips, a flat tummy and those tits and you�ve got...what you�ve got is a noticeable erection, I told myself. Better get to work.

I came by twice a week. She was there every time. I looked forward to it. She always wore something skimpy or revealing. She was nice, too. She�d ask me if I was thirsty or anything and bring me lemonade or a Coke. I called her Mrs Trent, but she laughed and said, �My name is Ashley, please. Mrs Trent is my mother-in-law.� She wanted to know about me--what I studied, did I have a girlfriend?--that kind of stuff.

One day she asked me if I�d help her move something. She had this piano and wanted it shifted a little to make room for an end table. I said sure and followed her into the house. The piano had some music and stuff on it, but also resting there was an object that really caught my eye. It was a paddle.

Now, I don�t mean a ping pong paddle or something like that. This was paddle that had only one purpose�for spanking someone. It had a business end about 12� long and 4� wide with the word �ouch� printed on it in red letters. And that wasn�t all. On either side of the �ouch� were cute drawings like decals, one of a boy, and the other of a girl, bending over with their pants down displaying red fannies with drawings of stars around them. You know, a cartoon like they�d been swatted on the ass.

I was fascinated. What was Mrs Trent doing with this thing? There were no kids around--was it for Mr. Trent? To use on her? Or did she use it on him? My mind was whirling with the possibilities. Before I knew what I was doing, I picked it up and asked her, �What�s this for?�

At first she flinched, mouth open, like she was surprised to see it there, but she recovered quickly. �It�s for naughty boys like you who are too curious for their own good.� But she smiled wickedly as she said it. Uh oh. Instant woody. I hoped she didn�t notice.

Later I thought about it. I�d played �doctor� and �spin-the-bottle� as a kid. But also when I was a kid, I played �school� and �house� where there were spankings as penalties. Sometimes I was a �strict principal� and spanked my playmates as a penalty in our games. I had to let girls spank my butt, too, but I found I liked it. Later on I�d playfully spanked a few of my girlfriends, and some of them liked it, too.

Oh, I had some real ones too. When I was 9 I got caught egging cars with some other kids. Dad, thankfully was out of town, but mom more than made up for it.

She made me go straight to my room in the middle of the afternoon and put on my PJ�s. Then she came in and said, �Cory, I�m sorry I have to do what I am about to do, but I�ve got to teach you never, ever to do anything like that again.� She sat down on my bed and pulled me over her lap. I knew what was coming and I started blubbing and begging. I knew I was really going to get it. She yanked my pj�s down so my little butt was bare and sticking up, completely vulnerable. Then she gave me the hottest, hardest spanking I had ever had. I didn�t think it would ever stop. She just lectured and spanked, fast and hard, then slow and hard. It stung like mad. My mom practically wore my ass out that afternoon. She only used her hand, but it was enough to roast my little butt good and proper. I had a lot of respect for mom�s spanking hand after that.

But as time went on, I looked back on the experience wistfully. It had burned like blazes while I was getting it, but afterwards the heat almost felt good. It was strange. Now years later, when I saw a good looking older woman, I sometimes imagined what it would be like to be put over her knee, pants taken down, getting a scolding and feeling her hand landing on my butt.

The next time I was there at Mrs. Trent�s house she asked me to help her with something else. I followed her into the living room. But while watching the sway of her ass in a tight bathing suit, I was so distracted that I knocked over a vase with water in it. It hit the hard wood floor and smashed to pieces.

�Oh God! I�m sorry, uh, Ashley. I didn�t mean to...�

Ashley looked stricken. She shook her head and said, �Aunt Claudia�s vase...�

�I-I�ll clean it up,� I said hurriedly and went into the kitchen for a towel. She told me to get a broom from the bathroom closet. I opened the closet door and hanging by a little strap on a nail was the paddle. It looked like this was where she kept it. But why? It was then that I had this brainstorm. An impulse, really. I picked up the paddle off the nail, walked back to the living room and I offered it to her.

�Go on,� I said, holding out the paddle. �I found this in the closet and I�m ready to take my punishment.� I grinned and turned my back to her and bent over, hands on my knees.

�Oh, should I paddle you for being clumsy?� she said.

�Yes, ma�am,� I answered, grinning.

�Well,� she said, amused, �you were very careless and I�m upset about that vase...�

She moved closer and I felt the paddle being pressed against the seat of my shorts. She put her hand on my back to steady me. Then crack! crack! crack!, just like that she swatted me three times. Hard. It took me by surprise. It really stung. I shot upright and rubbed my bottom. She stood back and grinned as she observed my reaction.

�Wow! That stung!� I yelped.

She laughed. �Good. I hope you learned your lesson,� she said, shaking the paddle in my direction. She was smiling though, like it was this cute joke between us.

Nothing more was said that day, but the next time I showed up, which was about a week later, there were some other ladies there. There were two women in their 30�s, very attractive brunettes, and a husky blonde of about 40 who was good looking in a matronly sort of way. Apparently a party was about to start. I was invited into the house and asked to set up a card table. I was introduced as �the boy I told you about� by Ashley. It seemed to me that I was a bug under a microscope the way these women were sizing me up. Accompanying the older woman was a boy a few years older than me. They introduced him as Tony. He was about 22, shy and he looked nervous. He was sharply dressed, though, and a good looking guy. Slender, dark hair. He seemed sort of subservient to the matronly woman. Was he some sort of gigolo, I wondered?

I went out to clean the pool. The card game, or whatever it was, got underway I supposed. Oddly, they closed the drapes. That made me curious as all hell. Why close the drapes on bright afternoon? Mrs Trent�s pool was the last one on my list for the day. Once I finished I was on my own time. I was tempted, really tempted. Could I see what was going on? I was putting Mrs Trent�s stuff away when I heard a muffled crack! From inside, coupled with a shrill yelp. It was barely audible, but I know what I heard. Then I heard another, then another. Someone was taking licks with something. I had to see.

I quietly ambled around the side of the house towards the kitchen window. They hadn�t shut this one. Carefully, I peeked in. A stunning sight greeted me. The young dark haired guy, Tony, was sprawled face down across the lap of the matronly woman. He was bare naked. His bare bottom jutted up lewdly as he was securely held across her knee, his right wrist held at the small of his back and his nose near the carpet. The others including Mrs Trent were gathered around watching raptly as she alternately lectured and spanked his bottom with the �ouch� paddle. Sometimes she would swat two or three times in a row, fast, and sometimes the swats would be interspersed with talking, like she was scolding him or something. Each time a spank landed he�d jerk, and if she gave him three or four, he�d wriggle like an eel. The others were smiling and amused by this whole performance. This continued for several minutes.

Eventually his bottom was spanked to a beet red color. The lady let him up and his hands flew to his hind cheeks to rub frantically. At that point I saw his dick. It was a hard boner, sticking straight out and bobbing up and down as he rubbed his butt. She pointed this out to the other women who nodded. It was then that she smiled a broad smile, grabbed him by this handy appendage and led him off towards what I assumed was a bedroom for what I guessed would be further activities.
K on 03/17/2014 04:58am
"""Just OTK spanking; hand & hairbrush only; no humiliating exposure or inspections, no edging, no teasing. Maybe one uninspired handjob, otherwise NOTHING sexual!! Pretty much the same story, retold with different character names and settings. If Pygyos's Adventures of Benji is the gold standard of femdom, this is... oh, say, cheap steel with a brass finish?"""
K on 03/17/2014 04:58am
"""Just OTK spanking; hand & hairbrush only; no humiliating exposure or inspections, no edging, no teasing. Maybe one uninspired handjob, otherwise NOTHING sexual!! Pretty much the same story, retold with different character names and settings. If Pygyos's Adventures of Benji is the gold standard of femdom, this is... oh, say, cheap steel with a brass finish?"""
Evelyn on 07/06/2013 07:43pm
If you like stories with strict ladies who know just how to keep the boys in their life in line this book is for you. Interesting plot with good characters.
Evelyn on 07/06/2013 07:43pm
If you like stories with strict ladies who know just how to keep the boys in their life in line this book is for you. Interesting plot with good characters.

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