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Revelation of Angels

By: Samantha Ashton
Published By: Blushing Press
Copyright: � 2013 by Blushing Books and Samantha Ashton
16 Short Stories / 51,000 Words
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Fans of lesbian erotica will take heavenly delight in this anthology featuring sixteen sexy stories with a supernatural twist. Angels and demons - in all their unfettered glory - are the key players as they couple with one another or with humans longing to experience an unearthly sexual awakening.

Top-notch writing, steamy sex and unique characters make "The Revelation of Angels" some of the best lesbian fiction we've ever read. Whether it's a touch of BDSM in "Training a Demon", an exploration of sexual awareness in "The Beginning of Beauty and Love" or ethereal angst in "The Tempting of Ophelia," this collection has something for every sexual mood and taste. And it's worth noting that these tales are also, in many cases, surprisingly touching. In short, we think you'll find this book just divine!
The Beginning of Beauty and Love

In one beginning, the Creator of all things made the most beautiful angel; her name was Sapphira. Her eyes were more radiant than the sun setting over Assekrem. Her hair flowed across her shoulders like golden honey, and her white skin was softer than a gentle breeze at breaking dawn. The curves of her breasts and buttocks were more exquisite than the sand dunes of Badain Jaran. With her snow-white wings folded behind her, Sapphira�s naked form was more divine than any other, and the Creator marveled at his work.

Sapphira gave praise to her creator for bringing her life. She worshipped at his feet, sang songs that proclaimed his greatness. The Creator loved her above all his creations. He instructed her in all knowledge, in mind and spirit. She drank in his wisdom with great eagerness until, apart from her creator, she was more discerning than any other.

From the highest part of Heaven, the Creator showed Sapphira all his handiwork.

�Sapphira, you are more beautiful than all that you see before you.�

Sapphira gazed down upon all that the Creator had made. She admired it greatly. She saw its grandness, its magnificence.

�My Lord, surely not,� she said, for she had not yet seen a reflection of herself. �The universe that you have created has great beauty within it.� She took her creator by the hand and flew down, landing on a lonely blue planet at the edge of a spiral galaxy. �This planet has many beautiful things.�

�It has some of my finest work,� agreed the Creator. �But nothing here compares to you.�

Never before had Sapphira doubted her creator, but, in all her wisdom, she could not believe him. �Look at all the wondrous creatures that your hands have molded: organisms of such intricate designs, too small to see, birds with iridescent plumage shimmering all colors of the rainbow, schools of fish that move so gracefully through the oceans they appear as one, fearsome animals, powerful and proud��

The Creator smiled and shook his head. �All nothing compared to you.�

�What about the plants?� said Sapphira. �There are trees so tall, so majestic, that I am diminished to the stature of an ant.� The Creator shook his head once more, but Sapphira would not give up. �I know the landscape holds much beauty: the mountain ranges which you draped in virgin white that jag and stretch across the land, dividing life from death. Seas that catch the moonlight and transform it into diamonds, alas, elusive to the hand. Mighty rainbows that span the sky in one grand arch of hope. All these things take my breath away.�

The Creator�s eyes were patient. He sighed. �These are all magnificent things. But there is more to true beauty than having your breath taken away.� He placed his hand upon her bare chest. �You must feel it in your heart; more so, you must feel it in your soul.�

Sapphira considered this new wisdom for a moment, then asked, �May I see what I look like?�

�A reflection will not reveal all the beauty you possess,� admonished the Creator, �but I will allow it.�

When Sapphira�s eyes fell upon her reflection, her heart leapt. She ran her fingertips down her porcelain-white neck and across the fullness of her breasts. She traced the smooth curves leading down between her legs and marveled at the wetness she found within. She spread her wings and saw the strength in their span. She turned slightly to admire the firmness of her buttocks and the slenderness of her calves. Of all things mortal and immortal she had never seen such a form. When she faced her creator once more, her eyes dropped. This was the first time she had felt guilt.

�I think you are beginning to understand,� said the Creator. �When you gaze upon me and all of my creation your heart expresses no longing. Your loins feel no passion. But when you look upon yourself, at just a small portion of your beauty, you are overcome with desire.�

�I am sorry, My Lord.�

�There is nothing wrong with loving yourself. It is the first step toward loving another.� The Creator leant over and kissed Sapphira on the cheek. He left her to contemplate his words.

Sapphira�s eyes flickered to her reflection once more. Tentatively, she raised her hand and ran it over her face, brushing her full red lips with a finger. Her eyes followed as her hands outlined the edges of her breasts and then circled the tips of her erect pink nipples; a warm feeling flowed through her. There was a beckoning from her loins, which she could not resist. She slipped her fingers deep inside hoping this would pacify the sudden ache in her swollen mound, but instead the fire within her intensified. In all her life, nothing she had encountered in this universe made her feel this way.

Over time, the caresses of Sapphira�s own hands brought her many joyous climaxes. Her heart and mind were pure, but her creator was not finished with his lesson on beauty and love.

�Sapphira, do you now understand how beautiful you are?�

�Yes, My Lord. My heart feels the desire you spoke of, my loins the passion.�

The Creator reached out and took her hand in his. �But, what about your soul?�

�My Lord?�

�What does your soul feel?�

Sapphira hesitated, searching for some revelation within. She shook her head. �There is no feeling in my soul.�

�Are you sure? Search deeper.�

Sapphira closed her eyes. �I�m sorry, My Lord, my soul is� empty.�

The Creator brushed her cheek gently with his hand. �Open your eyes, Sapphira.� When she did so, he smiled knowingly. �Your soul is not empty, it is full of beauty, but you cannot feel it for it is not complete.�

The Creator led Sapphira across the heavens and brought her to a small lake on a distant world. Beside the lake stood a familiar form gazing out across the still waters.

�This is Naomi,� said the Creator, �whom I have made for you.�

Sapphira gazed at Naomi in disbelief, for Naomi�s eyes were the richest, luscious caramel. Her short, tightly curled hair was blacker than the deepest part of space, and her smooth brown skin held more temptation than a multitude of polished cacao beans. Her breasts and buttocks were plumper than the finest fruit from the islands of Sunda. And the long black wings running the full length of her body her long black wings exuded immense power.

Sapphira, overcome with Naomi�s intense beauty, prostrated herself at Naomi�s feet.

�My Lord, she is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.�

The Creator gently lifted Sapphira to her feet. �She is,� he agreed. Then, addressing Naomi he asked, �What do you think of Sapphira?�

Naomi rested her gaze upon the white angel standing before her and without hesitation answered, �She is more beautiful than anything that has existed or will ever exist.�

�She is,� agreed the Creator. �You both are.� Taking the hand of each angel, he clasped them together. �Be with one another.� There was no need to instruct them on love making; it would come naturally. He turned and left.

They lay down beside the lake and Sapphira delicately touched Naomi�s face with her fingertips. Sapphira�s loins ached with more intensity than she had ever felt. Naomi pulled Sapphira closer and kissed her with great passion. Their lips slid hungrily, each eager to explore the others body and taste its sweet nectar. In their union they worshiped one another and their hearts rejoiced at the others existence. Their lust for one another transcended Heaven itself. Their love out shone all the stars in the firmament.

On his return, the Creator was very pleased. �Sapphira, search your soul once more.�

�My soul is singing, My Lord!�

�Naomi has completed you, and you her. What I have joined together let no one put asunder. Your love for one another is divine and shall enlighten all who see it.�

The beauty of Sapphira and Naomi live on in every woman�s heart. Some wish to embrace it, while others hide it, but none should deny its existence.
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