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Through the Looking Glass: Betty & the Detective, Book Three

By: Mark S. R. Sterling
Published By: Blushing Press
Copyright: �2014 by Blushing Books� and Mark S.R. Sterling
11 Chapters / 24,400 Words
Heat Level:
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Betty's new boyfriend, homicide detective Dick Morris, suspects that she is hiding something from him. It's not just the spankings that she receives from her Daddy - there's something else in her past that haunts her and comes between them at the most inopportune times. But he doesn't have the time to sort it all out right now - the brutal murder of Steven Jackson is on his mind night and day, and all clues have led nowhere.

In attempt to solve that murder, Dick decides to attend Steven's funeral - only to look straight into the eyes of his beloved Betty. Why is she there? And what does she know that she's withholding from her investigator-boyfriend and lover? And who are all those other people there, people she has never mentioned, but all of whom seem to know her VERY well - including the big-time mob lawyer, Dan Taylor?

Maybe a few questions are in order - with her stretched over the ottoman, bottoms-up and panties-down - with the paddle at hand to help her remember to tell the truth.

Betty's Prologue: Friday March 22, 7:00 p.m.

When my finger touched the doorbell button, I froze.� This had always been my home, but now I felt like an intruder.� This was the house I shared with Daddy, Andrew Turnhill, for four years, but now I was a visitor.

Daddy, of course, is not my biological father.� When I was 18 years old, Daddy took me in.� For the next four years I publicly pretended to be Daddy's live-at-home collegiate daughter, while I was in fact his submissive.� Daddy paid my college tuition during our dominant-submissive affair, and I earned an Associate's Nursing Degree and a Masters Degree in Child Psychology.� School�learning in general�has always been so very easy for me.� In high school they tested me, and my IQ clocked in at 140.� The counselor helped me join Mensa � a society for geniuses.� At the end of my commitment to him, Daddy had been fully supportive when I moved out to accept a job.� However, I had still considered Daddy to be the owner of my kitty, and I returned home frequently for a spanking and his lovemaking.� Only Daddy could satisfy my spanking fetish.� I could rarely achieve orgasm unless a spanking preceded the sex.

In our four years together, I had grown to love and respect Daddy deeply; so many times I had wished for the Blue Fairy to make me into his real daughter.� Then last Wednesday Daddy had invited me out to lunch.� He had never done this before, and I knew instantly what it was that he needed to tell me�needed to tell me in public, where my reaction would be restrained.� In some respects, this was my wish come true.� I was now as much of a real daughter to him as I possibly could be.� However, as he told me about his new submissive, Collette, the only thing that I could think about was that he would never again make love with me.� I was strangely sad that my kitty was now completely my own.� While I dated Dan Taylor, I had not allowed him to consummate our relationship.� After that lunch with Daddy, I called Dan and changed our Friday night date from 'dinner and a movie' to 'dinner and whatever'.� Dan had understood my coded message, and we had finished the evening in his bed.

But still I was lost and empty without Daddy's control and his spankings.� Dan did not fill my void.� Empty, I both loved and hated my new little sister.� "Kitten," Daddy had said to me over our lunch, "I want you to help train Collette.� And she will need tutoring to prepare her for college."� Daddy went on to explain how she had been a runaway, living on the street for the past couple of years.� While nearly 19 years old, she had never graduated from high school and needed to pass the GED exam this summer to be eligible to start college in September.� "I want you to be responsible for her education and also her punishment," he finished.� As always, I would do exactly as Daddy asked.� Mostly, I looked forward to my first opportunity to blister my new little sister's bare bottom.

Withdrawing my finger without pressing the doorbell button, I instead inserted my door key into the lock.��� Stepping inside I called out, "Daddy," but there was no answer.� Walking through the foyer and into the living room I saw Collette for the first time.� Seated on the couch was the raven-haired young woman wearing a red dress.� The red dress was the costume color for initiation into the spanking club, and tonight would be her first visit to the spanking party.� For the past four years, I had been Daddy's partner, but now that honor was passing to Collette.� The empty pit in my stomach ached.

Her wide, dark eyes examined me, but she didn't move or speak.

"Collette," I said, "I'm Betty."� But I didn't approach her to offer my hand.

She continued to watch me.� I fully expected that it was her turn to speak.� While her eyes tracked me as I slowly walked closer, she remained silent.� Finally, as I reached the couch she quietly said, "Betty, I've heard so many nice things about you.� I'm so happy to finally meet you."� She didn't sound at all happy.� I couldn't decide whether to start hating her right then or give it ten more minutes.

"Betty!� I didn't hear you come in."� Daddy broke the spell as he entered the room from the hall.� He warmly embraced me and gave me a kiss that revived memories of our lovemaking.� I held him tight.� I didn't want him to ever let me go.� Collette watched.� All too soon Daddy released me and said, "I see you've met Collette.� Isn't she beautiful?"

"Yes, we've met," I answered, coolly.� The girl was truly beautiful � Daddy had been patient and chosen well.� But, I wasn't going to acknowledge the fact.� I could only envision how scorched her bottom was going to look after the first time I got to punish her.� Daddy poured me a glass of wine and mixed himself a scotch on the rocks.� "Thank you," I said as I took the glass and pulled down a long sip.� Collette continued to sit, ignored.

Finishing my wine, I put the glass down and proceed to do what must be done.� I walked over to Collette and reached for her hand.� She persisted in her silent observations as I tugged on her hand.� Reluctantly, she finally stood before me.� I looked down on her. �This was advantageous.� At only 5'4" I didn't get to look down on many people, but she was definitely one that I want to look down upon.� While we were both in high heels, I was still at least an inch taller.� I pulled her close so that she had to strain a bit to look up at me.� While my left hand continued to hold hers, my right hand reached behind her neck and I lightly grasped some hair.

I pulled her yet closer, until our breasts touched.� Neither of us was wearing underwear, and I felt her firm nipples press into the undersides of my breasts.� I pulled her head back to force her to lock eyes with me.� Her eyes were two dark pools, and I watched while they filled with anxiety, or maybe it was fear.� "Collette," I began, "Daddy has made me responsible for your school education, submissive training and � when necessary � your punishment.� When we are just sisters, I am Betty.� When I am tutoring you, I am Miss Betty.� During training and punishment sessions, I am Ma'am.� Do you understand?"

"Yes �."� As she struggled to decide which label was currently appropriate her lips pursed and I took the opportunity to pull her up further onto her tiptoes and press our lips together.� After a kiss that was a bit too long and a bit too deep, I released her.� I squeezed some warmth into my voice and said, "Welcome to the family, baby sister."� Then I allowed her to drop back down onto her heels.

"Thank you � Betty," she replied.

"Well," Daddy injected, "we had better get going.� Don't want to be late."

I smiled down on Collette.� Releasing her and stepping back, I added, "Yes, baby sister, it's time to go."

Approaching the car, I took the front passenger seat, leaving Collette to ride in the back seat while Daddy drove.� During the ride Daddy asked me, "Kitten, will you be leaving with Terence?"

So Collette was now Daddy's partner for the spanking party.� This left me out in the cold, as only couples could attend the parties.� While Dan was my boyfriend � or at least my usual weekend date � he knew nothing about my true relationship with Daddy.� Dan knew nothing of my extensive sexual past, and most certainly he knew nothing of my spanking fetish or the spanking parties.

However, Daddy had conspired with Richard, the host of the parties, to play matchmaker.� They had hooked me up with Terence.� Like everyone else at the spanking party, I didn't know his last name, but I had known him for the year or so that he'd been attending the parties.� Terence's partner, Megan, had recently separated from him.� I didn't know if she had been a wife, girlfriend, or submissive, and I didn't know the nature of their breakup.� But this left him out in the cold, like me, so it was fairly easy to hook the two of us together.

The spanking parties were sex-charged events; however, no actual physical contact with the genitalia was permitted.� Thus the partygoers always left fully excited after the two-hour-long foreplay sessions.� Most of them raced home to have sex, but some didn't make it out of the parking lot.� Daddy's question was whether or not I planned on leaving with Terence and having sex with him after the party.�

"I don't know.� I don't really know him and hate to presume that we'll hit it off, but I'm not ruling it out.� Please don't leave without asking me again," I responded.� While I was now the complete owner of my kitty, I still felt the need to have Daddy's permission to have sex.� The submissive bond was difficult to break.

"I don't know him either," Daddy continued, "but there has always been something about him that rubbed me the wrong way.� I was glad that we could make this arrangement for you to attend the party.� But," he paused for a moment, and then resumed, "don't let me influence you.� Just do what you want."� Whether he meant to do it or not, Daddy was also taking the perspective that I needed � or at least wanted�his permission.

As intended, we arrived early to get Collette prepared for her initiation.� This was her first party.� She had skipped the traditionally 'meet and greet' step, as she was Daddy's submissive.� First, Daddy introduced Collette to Richard and his submissive, Angela.� She had been Richard's sub for the past three years, and she and I were somewhat friends.� There had been one evening where she and I had experimented with some girl-girl love while Daddy and Richard watched.� I didn't exactly hate the experience, but it was not really my thing.� She and I had remained friends but never spoke of the encounter.

Angela and I kissed, and then after some hesitation Collette kissed her as well.� Daddy, Richard and Angela continued to set up the drink table while I took Collette into the back room.� This room doubled as a man-cave and dungeon.� As I expected, Collette's face filled with terror as she observed the medieval instruments of torture Richard had collected.

Taking on my big-sister role, I soothed her.� "Don't worry," I spoke warmly and gave her a reassuring hug.� "No one is going to hurt you.� All this stuff looks bad, but everyone uses it just for fun.� We all play make-believe.� You'll get spanked � a lot of spankings � and they will have some sting to them.� But, it is all for fun � not pain.� Look, I'll watch out for you.� If you are truly uncomfortable with what is happening anytime during the party, just look to me, and I will come rescue you."

She squeezed out an anxious smile and said, "Thank you, Betty."� Maybe I couldn't hate her after all.

Taking off her dress, I helped Collette put on the overly-conservative costume bra and panties.� I couldn't help but admire her firm breasts and silky smooth bare pubis.� Once her dress was back on, I resumed her instructions:� "You will be spanked with various implements," I pointed to the rack of paddles and such, "and in various stages of undress�all the way to nude.� Everyone will watch and cheer."� I paused to watch a shudder to pass through her.� "Just do what you are told, and it will all be fun and over quickly."� I sat her down on the leather couch, "Wait here.� Daddy will come to join you in a little bit."� Then I headed off in search of wine and Terence.

Terence had arrived early as well and was with Daddy at the drink table.� He greeted me with a hug, where I allowed him to discover that I was not wearing a bra.� Following a warm kiss, he said, "Betty, I'm so happy that this has worked out."� I just smiled, thinking that maybe everything would work out.

Collette's fear quickly passed, and she became surprisingly vivacious during her initiation.� She put on a great show for the crowd.� She appeared to be having the time of her life as she was stripped and spanked by the club members.� As the party progressed, I coaxed her into joining the gauntlet game.� In this game, the women had their hands tied to the inside of their legs, just above the knees.� This forced them into a squatting position and hobbled their ability to run.� Then they were herded through the gauntlet�two rows of men who hand-spanked their upturned bottoms as the women passed.� The women tried to get through as quickly as possible, and the men at the beginning of the line tried to run around to extend the end of the line ahead of the women.� If the men were faster than the women, the gauntlet would never end.� As the women were hobbled in their bound position, this was almost always the case.� The gauntlet run continued until the women eventually gave up and just fell down.� Their partners came along and provided a few final loser-swats with a paddle before releasing her hands.

Collette, with her youthful athletic body, managed to escape the gauntlet and win.� Her only reward was to be released by Daddy without the customary paddling.� I, however, did not escape and eventually collapsed to my knees.� Since my hands were still bound to my knees, my bottom was pointed straight up to receive its paddling from Terence.� Before releasing my hands, he squatted down and quietly said, "We are going into the parking lot.� I want you � now."� Then he gave me two extra-hard smacks, one on each of my bottom cheeks.

Despite his gruff approach, I was in the mood and intended to comply.� The spankings of the evening had left me sexually excited, and I hoped that Terence would relieve me as I relieved him.� Clearly, he was not an accomplished Dom, but he was going to get what he wanted now and then later tonight I would give him much more.� The practice of stepping outside for a quickie was not encouraged, but such calls of nature were not uncommon.� The door would automatically lock behind us, so we would have to wait for someone else to leave before we could regain entry to the party.

Unfortunately, he couldn't simply accept this victory and keep his mouth shut.� As I reached to put my dress back on, he firmly commanded, "Andrew has given you to me.� You are my submissive now and you will do what I say."

This was a complete lie.� First, Daddy's contract with me had permitted him to lend me to other men.� We had allowed other men to take me while he closely supervised to ensure my safety.� But, he never had the authority to 'give' me away.� Second, my agreement with Daddy was over.� My kitty was now my own, and he would never have made such an offer.� Finally, from the conversation in the car I knew that Daddy didn't like Terence.� Daddy would never have suggested such a thing.

Dropping my dress back onto the chair, I looked up at him and firmly said, "No."� Terence was not a Dom; he was simply a bully, and I suddenly wanted nothing more to do with him.

As I turned to walk away his right hand came up to slap my face.� But, his brusque approach had already alerted my defensive judo reflexes.� My chin and right hip dropped as my left arm came up to harmlessly deflect his blow over my head.� Then, before my brain could stop it, my right hand formed the seiken � karate Proper Fist.� The missed slap left him off balance and as he leaned forward my right leg stiffened for extra thrust, and I delivered a disabling upper cut into his solar plexus.� Daddy's insistence on self-defense training was paying off big dividends.� As Terence collapsed, struggling for breath, I briefly supported him and calmly said, "Don't make a scene, just leave."� Then I dropped him backward into a chair.� Leaving him gasping for air, I walked to the ladies' room to fix my hair.

Emerging five minutes later, I saw that Terence was gone.� Moving to the drink table to pour myself a glass of wine, I was joined by Daddy.�� Maybe he saw the event, and maybe he didn't, but he simply freshened his drink and gave me a light kiss on the cheek before rejoining Collette and the party.

For the ride home, I gave the front passenger seat to Collette�partly to be a loving big sister and partly to put an extra barrier between me and any conversation with Daddy.� Neither of them mentioned Terence, not then or ever again.

"Aren't you coming in?" Daddy asked when we arrived home.� Collette had moved into my old room.� She would probably be sleeping with Daddy tonight, and the guest room was vacant.� While empty beds were available, I was not in the mood to lie awake stimulating myself while listening to their lovemaking.�

"No, sorry, but I have to start work early tomorrow morning."� Daddy knew this was a lie, as this was my weekend with Saturday off, but he didn't respond.� I exchanged goodnight kisses with both Daddy and Collette and then drove home�to my new home at the O'Kelly's house.

Quietly climbing the back stairs, I headed for my room and my awaiting vibrator.

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