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Under His Control: Betty & the Detective, Book Four

By: Mark S. R. Sterling
Published By: Blushing Press
Copyright: �2015 by Blushing Books� and Mark S.R. Sterling
10 Chapters /32,819 Words
Heat Level:
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Betty's boyfriend, homicide detective Dick Morris, assumes the role as her Dom. However, he struggles to learn how to control his new submissive. Unaware that she needs more than a disciplinary hand spanking to keep her in line, he fails stop her from once again going undercover with the mobster Mac.

Mac knows exactly how to control Betty's submissive desires and Dick sinks unknowingly into a battle for Betty's control. With only her love for Dick to guide her back, Betty struggles to resist the mobsters.

As the body count increases, Dick finds Betty once again under the controlling thumb of the sadistic mob boss, John. There will be more bodies before he can win her back.

Betty's Prolog: Two Years Ago

The early morning air was cool to begin with, and then as the boat accelerated the manmade wind became downright chilly. Dressed in only a bikini under thin shorts and oversized t-shirt, goose bumps leap out from my skin. For our spring vacation Daddy took me to the Florida Keys and on this morning, we were off on a deep-sea fishing excursion. I nuzzled against Daddy’s side for warmth; he patted my bare goose bump coated thigh. I had kicked off my flip-flops immediately upon stepping on the boat and now my bare feet swung freely as they could not reach the deck while I was seated on the bench. The boat turned slightly and the brilliance of the sun burst on my face. While warming, this hurt my eyes. Daddy, ever conscious of my situation, took my sunglasses from our bag and put them on my face. I smiled warmly at him.

Daddy saved me three years ago, just after I turned eighteen. At first, the offer of being his submissive seemed little better than mother’s plan of prostitution. But, I badly wanted to go to college and Daddy promised. Publically I would pretend to be his daughter and privately I would be his submissive; I would learn to live in two different worlds. I could leave at anytime, but his support for college would end. When he pulled me across his lap for my first spanking I was more than a little afraid. But the sting of his hand on my bare bottom was mixed with warm caresses. While the same word�spanking�was used, this bore no relation to the beatings from mother’s boyfriend. As the sting of the swats increased so did the depth of the warming caresses; my kitty gave me sensations I’d never before felt. I was begging for more when he stopped and had me look in the mirror at my pink blushing bottom. This beginning made me yearn for more. He finished stripping me and took me. This too used the same body parts as the other men, but Daddy did not use my sex like those men mother brought into my bedroom. Daddy made love to me. For the first time, I knew ‘making love’ and I knew I wanted Daddy to own me.

For this fishing trip Daddy had told me to play “pet” and thus I could not use my hands. For safety on the boat I was not wearing the collar and my hands were not bound, but I had been instructed to otherwise play the role. I always enjoyed playing pet. I enjoyed giving control over to Daddy�doing whatever he commanded.

The other four men on the boat had not yet figured out what was going on. I was the only female and they all kept a close eye on my trim figure as I moved around. They must have all been aware that I was very quiet, but they perhaps had not yet tumbled to the fact that I was pretending to be mute. The dark sunglasses now allowed me to stare at them. The boat’s captain was a bit younger than Daddy. The two other fishermen were a father-son team with the son being a couple of year older than I was; he was maybe twenty-three-years-old. The captain’s assistant�the mate�was in his late twenties or early thirties. He was now staring at me and I flashed him a smile. He didn’t look away.

The boat slowed to trolling speed and the air quickly became hot and sticky as the heat from the tropical sun overpowered the cool sea breeze. Daddy instructed me to sit in the high pedestal chair on the opposite side of the boat from the captain’s pilot chair. There was no way my bare feet would touch the deck so I sat in the chair with my legs folded in a yoga posture. Now in the shade of the boats awning, I was comfortably cool again. The men busied themselves deploying the fishing gear and for the moment they were ignoring me. With the fishing lines deployed, the captain went up into the high flying bridge and its driving platform and he began a trolling run. The mate and the three fishermen watched the lines.

“Betty,” I turned my attention to Daddy but didn’t speak. “Do you want to sunbathe on the forward deck?” Daddy pointed to the bow of the boat. While playing pet Daddy’s suggestions were equivalent to commands. I could resist if I had good reason, but I was expected to comply with his notions. I nodded my head yes. I climbed down from the pedestal chair and now each of the three men at the back of the boat began sneaking peaks at my curves as I pulled down my shorts and tugged the t-shirt over my head exposing my tiny but tasteful yellow and lavender bikini. Daddy wasn’t watching me because he was watching the other men as they watched me. Daddy loved to share.

Turning to the mate Daddy asked, “Is it okay if she sunbathes nude?” Through his dark sunglasses I couldn’t see the mate’s eyes pop, but I could see his jaw drop. The other two men’s heads also snapped toward Daddy. Daddy smiled.

“Yes�I’m sure that would be fine,” the mate finally stammered out.

Turning back toward me Daddy said, “Betty, if you want�you may sunbathe nude.” This, of course, was a command for me to strip for these men. I nodded yes, but didn’t immediately comply. I fished out my sunscreen and towel from our bag, and worked my way around the outside edge of the boat to the forward deck. I spread out the towel and then sat on it with my back to the men. I could only guess that they were watching me. I could only hope that the captain piloting the boat from the platform above would keep at least one eye watching where we were going. Slowly I began to work the sunscreen lotion into to my legs and arms. Then I reached behind my back and pulled the string on the bikini top. I pulled the thin cups over my head and tucked it under the towel to keep it from blowing away.

It might be fun if it blew away.

I began to work the sunscreen into my face and neck and breasts. I was very careful to get my pale white breasts well coated.

“Can I help�help with your back?” the voice of the young fisherman, the son of the father-son team, came from over my shoulder. Careful not to attempt to cover myself, I turned halfway around to look at his puppy dog grin. “Your father suggested that you might need help�with the sunscreen�on your back,” he finished.

I nodded yes and then hooked my fingers into the waistband of the bikini bottom. In a smooth motion I slipped it down past my hips, my knees and off my ankles. I tucked it under the towel with its bra partner and then handed the sunscreen bottle to the young man. I rolled over onto my belly with my hands folded under my chin and then looking up at him I smiled encouragement.

He began to gently work the lotion into my shoulders and back. Slowly he worked his way down. His massaging caress felt good and I closed my eyes and enjoyed his attention. When he got to the tops of my bottom cheeks he stopped for a moment and then bashfully asked, “Do you want me to continue?” Without opening my eyes I nodded yes and I soon felt the cool lotion and his soft hands caressing my bottom. He made very sure that every square inch was fully coated. My kitty tingled as his fingers came ever so close to my secret pink places.

“You don’t talk much do you?” he attempted to engage me in conversation. Holding my eyes closed I smiled and shook my head no. “You don’t seem to talk at all,” he politely pressed the issue. Again I shook my head no. “Oh, I see.” His magic fingers and the cool lotion continued down my thighs. He didn’t finish until he had coated me all the way down to my toes. He placed the bottle next to my arm. “Is there anything else you need?” With closed eyes and a smile I shook my head no and he went back to his fishing.

I lay there enjoying the warm sun, the cool breeze and the soft rolling motion of the boat. I fell asleep.

“Miss,” a hand touched my shoulder, waking me. Looking up I saw it was the mate. I lifted myself on my elbows allowing my breasts to hang openly while I looked up at him. He paused for a moment to enjoy the view of my exposed breasts�they weren’t particularly large, but on my small body frame they were eye catching. Then he continued, “Miss�Mr. Turnhill says that you are getting too much sun and said you should come back into the shade.” I nodded to him and then got up onto my hands and knees. Reaching under the towel I retrieved the two halves of the bikini, but the bra half was snatched by the wind and started to blow across the bow of the boat. The mate quickly snatched at it�and sadly caught it. Oh well. He started to hand it to me, but I displayed that my hands were full with the towel, the sunscreen bottle and my bikini bottom. Holding my bra, he began to walk around the edge of the boat back to the stern. Holding my belongings before me, I followed nude.

Once in the shade under the awning at the stern of the boat, with all eyes upon me, I put the bikini and sunscreen back into our bag. Then I stood beside Daddy casually holding the towel before me, but not quite covering everything. Daddy gave me a slight wink and nod indicating that he had told the men that I was a submissive and that a game was about to begin.

“Betty,” Daddy asked, “would you like some water?” I nodded yes and he retrieved an ice-cold bottle from the cooler. He opened it and I dropped my towel to the deck and knelt upon it, signaling to Daddy that I also was ready for the game to begin. Crossing my wrists behind my back, I tilted my face upward with my mouth slightly open. Daddy held the bottle to my lips and I drank.

The mate was now steering the boat from the lower station and the captain had climbed down from the upper platform. All five men were circling around me. The captain said, “If she’s over twenty-one she can have a beer if she wants one.” Daddy looked at me inquisitively and I nodded yes.

Daddy turned to the young man and asked, “Do you think you can help her with a beer?” Daddy took a leather strap from our bag and bound my wrists behind my back and then he took a second strap and bound my ankles. Kneeling bound in the circle of five men I took sips of beer from the bottle held by the young man. Sometimes he would pour too fast and some of the beer leaked from my lips down my chin and over my breasts. The men watched the drops of beer cling to my erect nipples. Daddy handed him a half-sandwich and the young man held it down from me to bite into.

Finishing the sandwich and the beer Daddy said, “Betty, these men have been very nice to you today.” I smiled and nodded yes. “Would you like to show them how grateful you are?” I smiled wider and nodded yes vigorously. “Okay,” he moved aside and sat on the high pedestal chair. The circle of men seemed to close around me.

With my hands and ankles bound, I leaned my face close to the crotch of the young man. I looked up at him and then edged my nose along the form of his swelling penis through the fabric of his shorts. I lay my head back and allowed my lips to part and slowly licked my lips. He unzipped his shorts and let them fall to the deck. Releasing his erect penis from his underwear, he presented it toward me. I took him in my mouth and began to suck and caress him with my tongue. As his climax approached I swallowed him deep and felt the jet of his cum shoot straight down my throat. I sucked him clean as he pulled free.

Daddy stood me up. Laying my towel over the ice chest he pressed me face down over it, and then he spanked my bottom sharply several times until it shone with a pink hue. I held silent. Leaving me bent over the ice chest with my ankles bound together and hands bound behind my back Daddy stood and said, “Betty, may these men have whatever they want?” I nodded yes vigorously. He then turned to the men and said, “Please enjoy. If you take her pussy or bum you must use a condom.”

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