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Susannah Goes To Sea

By: April Hill
Published By: Blushing Press
Copyright: �2015 by Blushing Books� and April Hill
12 Chapters / 67,351 Words
Heat Level:
4.7 Out Of 5 (4.7 on 6)   |  Write a review

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With her rent two weeks in arrears, Susannah Holyfield crawls out the window of her boarding house and sets out in search of excitement and romance. Her escape foiled, she ends up in a Boston jail in the company of a number of ladies of ill repute and a cell full of drunken sailors. There, she meets ruggedly handsome sea captain Andrew Buchanan. The captain is charmed by Susannah's adventurous spirit, but exasperated by her talent for finding trouble. Before long, the two have fallen in love and set a wedding date. Andrew sets out on a voyage to Jamaica, only to discover that Susannah has somehow slipped aboard as a stowaway. Susannah's dreams of high adventure and passion come breathtakingly true as she sails away on the tall, fast clipper with Captain Buchanan, whose exasperated but loving effort to rein in his high-spirited wife requires almost as many sound, hard spankings across his muscular knee as it does romantic moments. Before the voyage ends, Susannah has rounded the Horn in a shrieking gale, been shipwrecked and castaway on a windswept exotic island in the Pacific, and kidnapped by white slavers in early San Francisco's seamy Barbary Coast.

Chapter One

It had not been Susannah’s intention to run afoul of the law that morning, which is why she’d left Mrs. Thistle’s rooming house by an upper window and not by the front door, as she might have done had her rent not been quite so egregiously in arrears. Unfortunately, her escape down a convenient drainpipe was foiled by Mrs. Thistle’s nephew, Claude, a pimply, rodent-faced child, who spent most of his waking hours skulking about, spying on his aunt’s tenants, and tormenting her many cats. Greedy hag that she was, the Widow Thistle had locked the screeching Susannah in a hall closet, rewarded the troll Claude with a fistful of sweets and a wet kiss on his greasy cheek, and promptly summoned the police.

The rest of the day went badly when Susannah took exception to what she regarded as a violation of a number of her constitutional rights by kicking one of the responding law officers in his kneecap. Minutes later, still protesting her unjust detention, she was stuffed rudely into a black, horse-drawn police wagon with bars on its tiny windows, and carted away. By late afternoon, she found herself in a small, malodorous cell, in the company of a half dozen blowsy women whose low occupation was apparent from their coarse conversation and dismal grammar.

There were perhaps a dozen other occupants in the cell opposite her own, all of whom Susannah judged � from their salty language and strong smell � to be sailors. Her heart sank when she was informed that her inability to pay the exorbitant sum required to mollify Mrs. Thistle would result in her spending an extended period of time in these peoples’ distasteful company.

She had managed to locate a relatively unsoiled bench in the far corner of the crowded enclosure, and settled in for a long and uncomfortable wait for the magistrate, when the outer door opened and the jailor came down the hallway, jangling an enormous ring of keys. He was accompanied by a tall, rather attractive gentleman whose casual manner of dress suggested that he had been called here in haste. Clean-shaven and carrying his coat on his arm, the gentleman was dressed in a loose fitting, long-sleeved white shirt, with which he wore neither cravat nor tie, but left rakishly open at the collar. His dark hair was long, tied neatly at the nape of his neck in a fashion popular some years earlier, and his tight breeches were tucked into a pair of handsome brown leather boots.

The man was apparently familiar to the jailed sailors, for his arrival was welcomed with a raucous chorus of hurrahs and a generally festive uproar. Moments later, the rusted iron door of the seamen’s cell swung open, and the entire group piled rowdily into the hallway, jostling one another and trading crude remarks. Several of the freed rogues celebrated their liberation by lingering at the women’s cell to exchange pleasantries with the imprisoned ladies of the evening.

“For God’s sake, Murphy!” roared the tall, attractive gentleman, whose purpose here had evidently been to arrange for the sailors’ release. “You’ve already cost me a damned fortune. Am I to understand that all of these women were taken in with you last night?”

“Aye, Cap’n,” the Murphy person replied dolefully. “That they was, and it’s a cryin’ shame they was brought to this sad state. ‘Twas me and t’other boys to blame for the Tiburon bein’ busted up, not these dear ladies, here. Yes, indeed! Innocent bystanders they was, I swear it on m’own dear mother’s grave! These here ladies was the soul o’ decency and comportment, they was, until Hanson, here, upped an’ broke a chair o’er the barkeep’s head. After that, all’s these good ladies done was to lend a hand to help a fella out in an unfair fight. Ain’t that the truth of it, boys?”

In unison, the ransomed crewmen shouted their agreement. The ladies were angels of mercy, to a one.

The captain grumbled, but apparently consented to arrange the ladies’ release as well, for within minutes, the six women in their garish, faded finery bustled through the door, eager, no doubt, to return to the docks before the fleet sailed. Susannah was still sitting on her bench in the emptied cell, sullenly watching the women’s departure when the tall captain paused in front of the cell to put on his coat. With a look of distinct annoyance, he beckoned to her. “If you don’t want to miss that last cab, you’d better get your tail out there. The driver’s not going to wait forever.”

Susannah looked around to see if there was someone else to whom he might be speaking. “Are you addressing me, sir?” she inquired coldly.

Obviously in a hurry to leave, the captain’s reply was curt. “Yes, madam, I am. Unless you wish to enjoy the city’s hospitality for a day or two longer, that is.” With that, he opened the door wider and gestured for her to come out. “Move along. The bailiff isn’t a patient man, nor am I. This had better be the lot of you, though. I swear to heaven you’re the last bunch of ungrateful trollops I bail out this trip. Hustle your backside if you’re coming. I haven’t got all day.”

“My God!” Susannah cried, aghast at his implication. “Are you under the impression that I am one of those women?”

“Don’t waste your time, darling,” he advised, chuckling. “I’m a bit more careful of my health than my crew. Besides, after settling with the magistrate, I’m left too poor to pay for your company, as charming as I’m sure it would be. When I came by the docks, though, there was a big, square-rigged Norway whaler dropping anchor, with her forecastle crammed with tall, blond Vikings. If you get back to the docks quickly enough, I’m sure you’ll find any number of husky young fellows eager to take that risk, and to spend a year’s share of their last voyage enjoying an evening’s companionship. Now, out with you!” He dealt her bottom a resounding smack.

Susannah yelped and grabbed at the back of her skirt. “How dare you!”

He leaned against the wall and studied her more carefully, his gaze tarrying for a long moment on her demurely covered bosom. “Ah, yes, I see now that I may have been too hasty. You weren’t with the others, were you?”

“I most certainly was not!”

He glanced around the corridor, and leant closer. “Well, mistress,” he whispered, “I have no desire to frustrate the laws of Massachusetts, but I have just purchased the release of seven whores, and received only six for my trouble. I don’t believe I can persuade the bailiff to refund the difference due me, so if you wish to undertake such a disguise long enough to make it down the front steps and safely away from here, I promise not to give you away. One thing, though�”

“What?” she asked irritably, eager to make an exit before the officer who had brought her here made an unexpected appearance. When she last saw the arresting officer, he was still limping, and he would more than likely object to her early release.

As they left the police station and stepped out onto the sidewalk, the tall gentleman paused for a moment. “Since I don’t wish to be responsible for unleashing a multiple murderess back onto the streets of Boston,” he commented, “may I know the nature of your crime?”

“There was no crime,” Susannah replied. “There was merely a� An unfortunate misunderstanding.”

“Misunderstanding?” he repeated.

“Of a purely financial nature,” she explained, scowling. “With my landlady, if you must know.”

He smiled. “Oh, that sort of misunderstanding. Well then, I suppose the only thing in actual peril is my wallet.” He patted his coat pocket to assure himself of the wallet’s whereabouts. “I’ll bid you good day, then, and leave you to whatever pursuits you wish to�”

“I believe you mentioned a cab?” she reminded him sweetly.

He pointed to her right, and when Susannah shaded her eyes against the late afternoon sunlight and looked, she saw an overloaded horse-drawn cab, rocking and rumbling away down the cobble-stoned street at an alarming speed.

“That cab is moving far too rapidly to be safe,” she growled.

“Rushing back to the docks, no doubt, and at my expense � to that unwholesome neighborhood of which my crew never seems to tire. If you’ll tell me where it is you live, though � when you’re not incarcerated, that is � I’ll hail another cab, and see you safely home.”

She hesitated. “I can’t go back there... just yet.”

He nodded. “I see. The embarrassment of funds remains a problem?”

“I assure you that the problem, as you call it, is only temporary,” she insisted haughtily. “My monthly allowance has simply not yet arrived.”

“Ah,” he exclaimed, whistling appreciatively. “An heiress. Still, I can’t leave you standing here, like that. It may have escaped your notice, mistress, but at some point during the afternoon’s frivolities, you appear to have misplaced your shoes and stockings.”

Susannah glanced down at her feet. “Sweet, merciful shit!” she exclaimed, causing the captain to raise a surprised eyebrow. “Of all the stinking luck! I’ll strangle that fucking little bastard Claude with his own entrails when I�”

“Pardon me,” the captain interrupted, “but it seems I was mistaken. Maybe you would prefer a cab back to the docks?”

Susannah flushed, lowering her eyes in a not altogether successful attempt at appearing embarrassed. “I do hope you’ll forgive me, sir. It’s completely unlike me to use such coarse language.”

“You’ll forgive me,” he replied amiably, “but that wasn’t my impression.”

With a sigh, Susannah sat down on the curb in a billow of skirts and petticoats. “Well, this day has been difficult, and under such circumstances, one sometimes forgets one’s upbringing. Despite my small lapse of good manners just then, I assure you that I was brought up in a most genteel and pious household.”

“And who was it, in this genteel and pious household, that taught you to swear like a Shanghai sailor?” he inquired pleasantly.

Susannah smiled at the memory. “My grandfather was a New Bedford whaleman, with whom I spent my summers as a child.”

The captain nodded. “I’ve known a number of whalemen who were doting grandfathers, and while they had a prodigious gift for profanity themselves, most of them would have taken a strap to a grandchild’s backside for that kind of language.”

“My own dear grandfather was quite deaf by then,” she explained fondly. “But I believed that all sailors swore, and I was determined to be ready when he took me to sea with him, as he promised he would, one day.”

He shook his head in disapproval. “The sea is an unsafe place for a woman, I’m afraid, at any age.”

“That simply proves to me that you are a person of small-minded and intolerant opinions,” she remarked with a disdainful sniff. “There will come a day, in the very near future, when we women will be free to do as we wish with our lives.”

“And do women not do that now?” he asked, laughing.

Susannah stood up and brushed the sidewalk soot from her skirts. “Your ignorance and short-sightedness is typical of your sex, Mr...”

He made a small bow. “Buchanan. Andrew Stewart Buchanan, Master and Captain of the brigantine Belinda, currently lying at anchor in Boston Harbor.”

“Why is it that the Scots are always so arrogant?” she demanded rudely. “All I asked was your name, for heaven’s sake!”

“Are we arrogant?” he asked curiously. “I’ve never noticed, but perhaps it’s because we wish to retain some small connection to our lost homeland. If I did seem arrogant, however, allow me to apologize properly. Will you perhaps have supper with me, tonight? At a restaurant of your choice? Although, you must, of course, wear shoes at most of the better ones.”

“Are you that bound by foolish convention, then?” Susannah inquired peevishly, annoyed by the continuing reminders of her appearance, and of the haste with which she had left Mrs. Thistle’s establishment. “Must all women be constrained by archaic societal standards of dress?”�

The captain held up his hands in mock defeat. “Very well, then, and my apologies, again. A restaurant of your choice � where shoes are not required, if you so desire. For my part, I find your toes most attractive. Washed would be better, of course, but attractive, nonetheless.”

She flashed him a sly smile. “The ladies with whom I was recently incarcerated did speak very highly of a place called the Tiburon. Do you know it?”

He grimaced. “I do, and while it’s true that the management of the Tiburonwill not look askance at bare feet � or bare anything else, for that matter � it isn’t the sort of place I would choose to take a lady. And should I ever be induced to escort her there, I would strongly advise that she avoid eating anything on the menu.”

“That bourgeois narrow-mind of yours, again, Captain?”

“All right, the Tiburonit shall be,” he agreed cheerfully. “My crew certainly speaks well of it, and over the years, I have spent � involuntarily � a good deal of money in refurbishing the place. You wouldn’t happen to be carrying a weapon about you, somewhere, would you?”

“Of course not!”

He shook his head. “That’s unfortunate. Being well-armed at the Tiburon makes for a much more relaxed dining experience.”

Susannah made a face. “Here I was, looking forward to the sort of adventure I’ve always dreamed of, and you’re trying to frighten me.”

“Not at all. I’ve found that having an adventure is often the best antidote for dreaming of one. Still, before we venture forth on our adventure, you might wish to reconsider the option of shoes. Glassware and crockery are frequent casualties at the Tiburon.”

“Perhaps you’re right,” she conceded. “And you have been very kind not to mention the fact that I seem to have taken on a very distinctive odor during my recent confinement.” She brushed a foreign substance from her bodice, and sniffed cautiously at the forearm of her soiled dress.

“I would say you’re just about right for the Tiburon,” he observed. “But I can take you back to your rooms to change, if you’d rather.”

“Mrs. Thistle will probably be there, waiting,” Susannah said glumly. “With her grimy hand out.”�

“May I ask how much this Mrs. Thistle would require to allow you access to your room?”

�“I’m two weeks behind on my rent, I’m afraid. Almost four dollars.”

“Then, might I be permitted to lend you the necessary amount?”

Susannah sighed. “Thank you, but no. It will be another week before my allowance check arrives, and�”

“Then I’ll trust you for a week, longer if need be. In token of our new friendship, you may even regard the amount as a gift � if such an offer doesn’t offend you, that is.”

“I’m not offended,” Susannah remarked flatly. “Are you rich?”

“Not rich, perhaps, but I do have four dollars, and sufficient extra to provide a delightful evening at the fabled Tiburon.”

She narrowed her eyes and gave him an appraising look. “Well and good, but I suppose you wouldn’t tell me if you were a debauched corruptor of unworldly young women, would you?”

He smiled. “I generally try to corrupt only older, worldly women.”

“Another of your prejudices, Captain?”

“Another of my precautions, actually. From what you tell me, there is a concerned father about somewhere?”

“My family lives in Philadelphia,” she said, after a moment’s hesitation.

“Philadelphia? And may I inquire how you’ve managed to end up so far from the bosom of your home and family?”

“I am attending Throckmorton’s Ladies’ College, to become a teacher.”

He looked puzzled. “I know the place, but why on earth would you choose a boarding house, rather than one of the dormitories they provide for young women?”

Susannah sneered. “Have you ever been in a young women’s dormitory?”

“Not in some years,” he admitted with a laugh, “and never with what might be called official sanction. I gather they’ve not changed in character.”

“No, they have not. Tiresome, pompous, and overheated.”

“With their front and rear doors tightly padlocked after supper?” he suggested affably. “To discourage early-morning homecomings and clandestine gentlemen callers?”

Susannah made a face. “I don’t believe I care for your implication, Mr. Buchanan. The simple truth is that I prefer the solitude and privacy afforded me at Mrs. Thistle’s, despite its shortcomings.”

“Does your father approve of this private arrangement? From the way you’ve spoken of Mrs. Thistle’s establishment, it doesn’t sound like the most appealing�”

“I am almost nineteen years old, Captain,” Susannah lied. “Quite old enough to make decisions of that nature for myself.”

Buchanan frowned. “Am I to infer then, that the decision to leave your dormitory was made without informing your parents? Or, if I may phrase it more bluntly � that you lied to them?”

“It was my intention to tell her� them, very soon, “ she stammered. “I certainly wouldn’t call it a lie � precisely.”

“No doubt.” Buchanan shook his head, annoyed at himself for becoming involved with someone so young and obviously irresponsible “I’m afraid, mistress, that under these circumstances, I must withdraw my earlier invitation to dine with me at the Tiburon.”

Susannah’s face fell. “But, why?” she cried. “You promised!”

“Because I see now that you’re little more than a child, and I don’t take children to whorehouses. I apologize for having incorrectly judged your age. Perhaps it was where we met, or the manner in which we met. In any case, it’s far too late for you to be out, so the first thing we’ll need to do is get you back to school for the night. On the way, we can make a short visit to this Miss Thistle’s, where you can collect your things while I see to your past-due rent. In the morning, I’ll contact your family, and arrange for your safe transport back to Philadelphia.”

He had already hailed a passing cab when he looked up and saw Susannah, walking away � in the opposite direction.

“I’m sure that your concern on my behalf is meant kindly, Captain,” she called over her shoulder, “but I believe I’ll decline your condescending offer, and make my own arrangements. Good evening, now.”

�Buchanan asked the driver to wait, then followed her down the street and tapped her on the shoulder. “I’m sorry, but I must insist on seeing you safely back to your lodgings. It will be dark soon, and I can’t in good conscience leave you here, alone, in this neighborhood. What you do after tonight, of course, is your decision.” Gently, but very firmly, he took her arm and led her back to the waiting cab.

“The gall!” she exclaimed. “I’ve already explained that I do not wish to return to school. I can’t, as it happens. What possible right do you have to interfere in my life?”

Buchanan sighed wearily. “None at all, probably. Would you mind telling me why you can’t go back to school?”

“That’s none of your concern,” she insisted, her voice getting louder as he opened the door of the cab. “Just leave me here, and go away!” She slapped his hand from her elbow and started to walk away again.

Buchanan grasped both her shoulders, turned her around, and pointed to the jail building from which they had emerged only minutes earlier. And when he spoke, again, his courtly manner had vanished. “If I choose to take you back in there, you will spend tonight and several nights thereafter sleeping on a filthy floor amongst drunkards, cut-purses, and diseased whores, many of whom stink of urine and vomit, and shit themselves in their sleep. Since you’re underage, you will remain in those disagreeable surroundings until your father can be summoned to take you home, where � if he has any sense at all � he will paddle the living daylights out of your lying little rump! Now, get in the damned cab, unless you’d rather have that paddling from me, right here on the street. What address do I give the driver?”

Glaring at him, Susannah crawled into the cab, and then huddled in one corner, muttering. “My address is none of your business. You’re probably some manner of vile deviant, anyway.”

“You might have thought of that possibility before offering your favors to a stranger,” he observed, following her into the cab and slamming the door behind him.

“I did no such thing,” she protested.

The captain rolled his eyes. “As they say in the courts, my dear, you may tell that to the judge.

Susannah gestured upward, in the general direction of the cab driver. “And what if I were to scream?” she inquired smugly. “Perhaps tear open my bodice and accuse you of attempting to ravish me? You would probably end up hanged by your insolent neck.”

Buchanan smiled. “Perhaps. But if I’m quick about it, I’ll still have sufficient time to leave your rear end ablaze before I’m dragged away in chains. Now, an address � unless you wish to provide our driver a bawdy tale with which to amuse his after-hours drinking cronies. About the nameless young woman he heard being soundly spanked in the back of his cab and howling her head off?”

The determined look in the captain’s eye suggested to Susannah that he wasn’t joking, which encouraged her to surrender the address of Mrs. Thistle’s squalid rooming house without further argument. She spent the remainder of the ride there fighting back tears of frustration, and plotting an escape.

When they finally arrived at the address Susannah had provided under duress, the captain seemed more amused than taken aback by the decaying three-story structure, with its collapsed chimney and broken shutters. “This surely can’t be where you’ve been living!” he exclaimed cheerfully. “Is the place haunted, or merely condemned?” Ignoring his attempt to lighten the mood, Susannah indicated the fallen sign in the weed-covered yard that proclaimed the rotting hulk to be the Bide-A-Wee Residence � Hot Meals Included. With that, she exited the cab and stalked up the cracked front walk to the sagging front steps. She was greeted at the front door by the witch in residence, the grim-faced Widow Thistle, herself.

“You’ll not set foot in my house, again, miss!” the old woman squawked, extending her wrinkled, none too clean palm. “Not until I have what’s rightfully due me!”

Susannah pointed to the captain, brushed past Mrs. Thistle, and started up the stairs. “That gentleman has your money, you blood-sucking hag, and I hope you choke on it!”

In the three seconds it took for the captain to pull out his wallet and open it, Mrs. Thistle’s tone went from open insolence to simpering servility. After the “lovely gentleman” had counted out the amount in arrears, along with an equal sum “for her trouble,” Mrs. Thistle explained that for an additional five dollars, she might be persuaded not to pursue her “legal rights under the laws.” After counting the requested bribe twice, she slipped away into the dingy hallway, where she bit a corner of each of the lovely gentleman’s coins to verify their virtue. Buchanan stood in the filthy parlor, awed by the tribe of quarrelsome, underfed cats that had claimed every inch of seating space on the threadbare furniture, making sitting down an unappealing and hazardous idea. He had counted fourteen of the mangy beasts, and been bloodied by at least two of them before he was joined in the parlor by the infamous Claude, from whose approach even the pugnacious felines fled in terror.

Upstairs, meanwhile, Susannah had gathered her things and was also preparing to flee � this time from Andrew Buchanan’s unwelcome intrusion into her life. Still barefoot, but dressed otherwise far too warmly for the evening in two sweaters and a shawl, over which she was wearing her good red woolen coat and matching muffler, she pried open the bedroom window and began the now familiar climb down Mrs. Thistle’s rusted drainpipe, carrying an enormous bundle on her back.

The plan went awry, however, when the malevolent, sharp-eyed Claude stopped picking his nose long enough to betray her for the second time that day � by gesturing toward the parlor window and screeching for his aunt.

As he strode out the front door, Buchanan paused long enough to reward the young traitor’s vigilance with a dollar. “Well done, Claude. You’ll make an excellent prison guard someday, or a hangman, perhaps.”

�Moments later, having navigated the final stretch of her escape on the splintered, none too sturdy trellis, Susannah lost her footing and dropped the last few feet � directly into the captain’s waiting arms. The bundle she was carrying fell to the ground and burst open, revealing a tangle of Susannah’s meager clothing and personal articles, along with a large number of items belonging to the Widow Thistle. The pilfered goods included several serving spoons and an ornate creamer from the lady’s wedding sterling, a porcelain clock in the shape of a terrier, and a water-globe depicting a ship in a storm that Susannah had fancied from the day she arrived. The burglarized whatnots had been wrapped in a number of Mrs. Thistle’s best hand towels, and bundled into one of that lady’s warmest woolen blankets.

After a brief struggle, terminated by a painful swat to her rear end, Susannah found herself being forced back into the cab, where she endured the trip to Throckmorton’s Ladies’ College in sullen silence. The captain had made it clear that if she continued to shriek obscenities at him, she could expect to have her mouth washed out with brown soap and to have her backside “set on fire.” Unaccustomed to these sorts of vulgar and obviously sincere threats, Susannah contented herself by glaring at her captor the remainder of the way.

They arrived to find the school offices closed due to the lateness of the hour, and when Susannah suggested innocently that she should simply be trusted to go back to her dormitory, the captain not only repeated his crude threats, but added several disagreeable details about what she might expect if she uttered “even one more word” on the subject.

Susannah Holyfield had been corrected physically only once in her entire life, and only rarely, verbally. The single but excellent spanking had occurred at the age of eight, after she had taken several bottles of cologne from her governess’ room and emptied them into an ornamental fishpond. The overwrought governess had responded im

Marybeth Renn on 01/10/2016 04:35pm
The story is about Susannah and Andrew. They meet in a jail when Andrew bails out his crew and the whores they had been entertaining. Susannah is there because she did not have the money for her rent and her landlady had her thrown in jail. It is definitely an inauspicious way for them to meet. We learn quickly that Andrew is enamored of Susannah and that he wants to marry her. He learns about her unconventional family and her unconventional way of being raised. When he meets her siblings he is both amused and shocked. Once they are married, Andrew tries to keep Susannah under control, but he doesn't succeed very well. They have a very unconventional marriage. I enjoyed this book, it was a different kind of historical novel. I give this 4 stars.
Marybeth Renn on 01/10/2016 04:35pm
The story is about Susannah and Andrew. They meet in a jail when Andrew bails out his crew and the whores they had been entertaining. Susannah is there because she did not have the money for her rent and her landlady had her thrown in jail. It is definitely an inauspicious way for them to meet. We learn quickly that Andrew is enamored of Susannah and that he wants to marry her. He learns about her unconventional family and her unconventional way of being raised. When he meets her siblings he is both amused and shocked. Once they are married, Andrew tries to keep Susannah under control, but he doesn't succeed very well. They have a very unconventional marriage. I enjoyed this book, it was a different kind of historical novel. I give this 4 stars.
Miss contrite on 10/30/2015 01:55pm
What a fantastic book, I did not want to put it down and considering its length I went a long time between housework. Susannah is a very sassy upfront character Andrew is more laid back but Susannah brings out his alpha side. This book has it all spankings, humour, and down right male/female antagonism. A most red
Miss contrite on 10/30/2015 01:55pm
What a fantastic book, I did not want to put it down and considering its length I went a long time between housework. Susannah is a very sassy upfront character Andrew is more laid back but Susannah brings out his alpha side. This book has it all spankings, humour, and down right male/female antagonism. A most red
Beth MIles on 10/28/2015 10:17am
This is a fabulous tale of daring do and high adventure with a little spanking spice added for fun. I loved it! The heroine is so great and instead of being petulant she's simply wise and smart! Loved the setting on a sailing ship and Susannah's conflict with the Captain. Loved, loved this book!
Beth MIles on 10/28/2015 10:17am
This is a fabulous tale of daring do and high adventure with a little spanking spice added for fun. I loved it! The heroine is so great and instead of being petulant she's simply wise and smart! Loved the setting on a sailing ship and Susannah's conflict with the Captain. Loved, loved this book!

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