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The Girl from Christmas: Myths & Magic, Book Three

By: Georgia St Claire
Published By: Blushing Press
Copyright: ©2015 by Blushing Books® and Georgia St. Claire
16 Chapters /68,029 Words
Heat Level:
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Eros, the God of Love, has a problem. He has promised a favor be given in return for receiving help during his busy season – the lead-up to Valentine’s Day. To his surprise – and gratitude – his friend, Dominic Clausson has managed to bring together three couples into loving, lasting marriages. Now it is time to pay up and what Dominic has asked in return is for him to give his special attention to Dominic’s cousin, Niccolo Clausson and help him win his True Love. Not a big deal, that’s what the God of Love does all the time – that is until he discovers that Niccolo is in love with a woman in a painting that was created over 250 years ago. To make things even more difficult, Dominic and Niccolo are both nephews and potential successors to Santa Claus and part of the supernatural community. This is not a match that can be taken lightly; he shudders to imagine the damage that could occur if the next Santa has the wrong Mrs. Claus. He’s got to get this right. Unfortunately, making matches for supernaturals is extra complicated because Destiny has a way of stepping in, trying to take control and interfering with the best laid plans...

Niccolo Clausson is content with his life as a volunteer curator at the museum for artist Pietro Longhi in Venice, Italy. He spends his days surrounded by images of his beloved Louisa, who was a frequent model in the paintings and then he is free during the holiday season to do his true work as a Santa Claus wherever he is assigned to go. Then, late one night as he is crossing Piazza San Marco during Carnevale, on his way home after a long meeting with a mysterious Greek tycoon, he spots in the distance, a living tableau of his favorite painting featuring Louisa. As he watches in surprise and envy, two women enact a bit of mischief and are quickly captured and spanked by their victim. Niccolo hurries to get closer to see the one who resembles Louisa, but the trio is gone before he can reach them. A few days later, he spots them again, but is unable to follow-up. He is tantalized, but frustrated.

Lisa cannot believe how badly she has messed up a serendipitous meeting with a handsome, slightly loopy Italian man, who waves a real sword and shouts “Geronimo!” when coming to her rescue during an attempted mugging late on her last night in Venice. She has never felt such a strong connection to a man before. He is brave and kind and funny, so why did she just walk away from him?

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