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Disciplined Date

By: Mark S. R. Sterling
Published By: Sterling Publications
Copyright: Copyright ©2014 by Mark S. R. Sterling All Rights Reserved
Five Chapters / 45,000 Words
Heat Level:
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Nikki is torn between two powerful men who seek to control her life. 

Mobster Lenny Fusco wants to go straight. Using his knowledge of her past, Lenny coerces Nikki into helping him develop a fetish dating website. This legitimate business matches couples together based on their sexual fetish compatibility. However, a serial killer has found this fertile ground to hunt spanko victims. When his clients start getting murdered and the police are helpless to solve the case, Lenny decides to take matters into his own hands. 

Homicide detective Carl Howard knows that the investigation into the murder of the naked woman on the floor will be far from routine. He recognizes her bare bottom – she was once draped across his lap at the spanking club he attends. As her killer prepares to strike again, the investigation will expose Carl’s own secret life – his relationship with Nikki. 

Each man needs Nikki’s help to solve the mystery, and they will put her over their knee - panties down - to get it. Nikki must decide which man’s discipline to accept. 

This is a fast paced erotic murder mystery with loads of spankings and sex. 

Part I – Nikki’s Story

Sunday, January 12, 1 p.m., Lenny Finds Nikki


I stopped chewing my bite of tuna salad sandwich and looked up to see Mary Margret, standing in the doorway of the break room. 

“I’m sorry,” she continued, “there’s another one in Room six.”

Some intestinal bug made the rounds through the schools last week and its incubation period was up. The urgent care clinic was overrun with sick children, all with the same symptoms: high fever, nausea, and diarrhea.  The hospital emergency room had a prohibitively long wait time and was encouraging the less severe cases to visit us. Using my nursing license, obtained following my Associate degree, I worked in the clinic while continuing my PhD studies in behavioral psychology. Since my undergraduate degree was in child psychology, I was always asked to give the painful injections to the kids.

Mary Margret, seeing that I was in mid-bite, reconsidered her request. “Never mind, Nikki. I’m sorry. You go ahead and finish your lunch. I’ll take care of this one.”

“No,” I said, impolitely talking around the food in my mouth. 

She waited while I quickly chewed and swallowed.

 “I’ll do it. Really, I enjoy working with the kids.” Most of the sick children had been sent home with oral antibiotics, but this was the third one today with sufficiently severe symptoms to require a faster acting injection.

Mary Margret placed the tray, with the paperwork and the injection materials on the table. I re-wrapped my sandwich and put it in the refrigerator. After washing my hands, I picked up the papers and read the specifics – seven year old male, Alexander Fusco. I read on, confirming the symptoms, doctor’s orders, date of birth, etc. Finally, I confirmed that the contents of the tray matched the doctor’s order and that the batch number for the antibiotic had not expired. Tray in hand, I knocked on the door to exam room number six and entered without waiting for a response.

The boy lying on the table appeared lethargic from fever and dehydration. However, upon seeing me, a cloud of fear passed over his face. Perhaps he had already been told that he was to get a shot. Quickly, I placed the tray on the counter, out of his line of vision, and drew his gaze to me, away from the menacing hypodermic needle.

Resting my hand on his forehead, as a mother might check for an elevated temperature, I said, “Alexander, I’m so sorry you are feeling badly today.” I wasn’t attempting to gauge his temperature; I was attempting to reassuringly distract his attention away from the pending shot. However, he was clearly burning up with fever. “You are Alexander Fusco, is that correct?” I stared into his eyes, holding his gaze on my face, but I saw his mother standing on the other side of the exam table in my peripheral vision. She began to answer, and I waved her off to wait for the boy’s answer.

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Do you go by Alexander or Alex?”


“Wonderful, and when is your birthday?” He repeated the date that I had read on the paperwork which was only two days prior.

“Wow, and you’ve just had a birthday. Seven years old—my, you’re getting so big.” I spoke with happy, warm tones. He smiled and relaxed; the fear ebbed from his face. “We want you to feel better as quickly as possible, but to do that I will have to give you a shot. You’ve had a shot before, haven’t you?”

“Yes, ma’am.” The cloud returned over his face.

“Well, we’re going to be very careful to be as painless as possible and you can help by relaxing all of your muscles. You are a strong young man so I know that may be difficult.” Reaching into the tray, I opened two alcohol swabs, unwrapped a band-aid, retrieved a cotton ball, and donned the gloves. “This shot will have to go into your backside.” I patted him on the hip. “So, I need you to loosen your jeans and scoot them down some, and then roll over and look at your mother.” 

I looked directly toward his mother for the first time. The middle-aged, dark-haired woman appeared to be more afraid than the boy. I broadened my smile, hoping she would get the idea before he turned to face her. She struggled to smile, but not very convincingly.

The boy inched his trousers down and embarrassingly reached for the waistband of his underwear. 

“No, you don’t need to do that. I’ll take care of it.” I lifted his shoulder and he rolled to the other side. I pulled down his underwear, exposing several inches of pale bottom flesh, and applied the first alcohol wipe. “As the song says, at times like this it is helpful to think of your favorite things. How does the song go – Raindrops on roses and… something on kittens. I seem to have forgotten. What is it on kittens?” I applied the second alcohol wipe.


“Oh, yes, that’s right! Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens; Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens…” I slipped the needle into his flesh and smoothly inject the antibiotic. “These are a few of my favorite things.” I pulled out the needle and pressed a cotton ball to the injection site.

“You skipped a verse,” he says.

“Oh, so I did.” I removed the cotton ball and attached a band-aid. “Can you sing it?”

Brown paper packages tied up with strings.”

“That’s right. Well, I wish I had time to sing the rest of the song with you, but there are so many sick children today that I really must be going. You did great.” I pulled his underpants back into place. “It was really great meeting you. I’m sure that you will be feeling better in no time. Maybe, just maybe you will even feel like going to school Monday.” 

He rolled onto his back and I winked at him.

“I don’t think so.” He returned the wink.

I looked up to his mother. “Mrs. Fusco, the other nurse, Mary Margret, will be here in a moment to get you checked-out.” 

Picking up the tray, I turned around. And that was when I saw the boy’s father for the first time. I had been aware of his presence in my peripheral vision, but had not looked at him. Now my eyes locked onto the face of Lenny and his Cheshire-cat-toothy grin. I froze as he extended his hand to touch my name badge.

“Thank you… Nurse Nikki.” He spoke slowly and let his tongue glide over his lips. 

“Yes.” I nodded toward him and quickly reached for the doorknob, but he was already there and gripped it first. Dropping my hand and standing back, I watched the grin on his face morph into a devilish smirk as he slowly opened the door. As soon as the crack was wide enough, I darted out and ducked back into the break room. 

Trying to stop my hands from shaking, I pushed the tray into Mary Margret’s hands. “Please, can you finish up? I seem to be having a low blood sugar attack.” I opened the refrigerator door and hid my face. 

Leonard Fusco, aka Lenny, was a gangster. A few years earlier, I had worked for him. I hadn’t recognized the name ‘Fusco’ because nobody ever called him anything other than Lenny.

While I hadn’t known it at the time, I was working for Lenny and the mob when I had taken a modeling job at the Victoria’s Surprise Modeling Agency. I had been a 19-year old starving college sophomore and I was apparently the only person in town who did not understand the innuendo within the agency’s name. I had signed a contract to model underwear, though I had thought it was for photos that would appear in magazine ads and catalogs. What had actually happened was a continuous string of auditions where I modeled skimpy underwear and other lingerie for middle aged men. I had been well paid, but there had been no photographs published in any magazine ads.

Lenny had owned the modeling agency and, in addition to its purpose of peddling soft porn, it funneled girls into his prostitution stable. When I finally figured out the whole business, I had tried to quit. This was when I learned that I had been in the mob, and one did not quit the mob. All I had succeeded in doing was attracting the unwanted attention of Lenny directly upon me. From that point on, I sank deeper into his clutches.

Mostly he had used me as an attractive distraction to entertain his gangster colleagues, but after one session I learned that the man I had been entertaining was later murdered. I had sucked up my courage and went to the police. The information that I passed to the police resulted in the breakup of an international drug deal and ultimately the revenge hit on Lenny’s boss. Following this, the police Organized Crime Unit had gone through the local crime family like a hot knife through butter. Those mobsters not arrested had scampered away, and I had escaped Lenny’s clutches in the ensuing chaos. 

Now, the knowledge that Lenny once again knew where to find me was terrifying. 


Sunday, January 12, 4 p.m., Nikki Confronts Lenny

An hour after the scheduled end of my shift, I made it out the door and headed for my car. My baby blue Toyota was waiting in the parking lot. As I approached the driver’s side door, the passenger door of the black Escalade SUV in the adjacent parking spot opened and Emil stepped out, blocking the path to my car door.

“Hello, Nikki, great to see you again.” He smiled. 

Emil was a goon working for Lenny and he had been my handler for the auditions. Looking around for an escape route, I spotted Mary Margret across the parking lot, but she only waved and turned away before I could call out to her. 

After a moment Emil continued, “Lenny wants to talk with you.” His emphasis was unmistakable. 

I turned to run back into the building, but another man stepped from behind the Escalade and blocked my exit. I didn’t know his name, but I recognized him as one of the young men who had worked for Lenny. Lenny had a squad of young, lean men working for him.

Pinned between the two cars, I turned back to Emil. “I’m not getting in the car with you. Been there, done that, and I’ve gotten the bruises to prove it. I’m not doing it again.” Every other time I had been called to talk with Lenny I’d lost my pants. 

“Easy, Nikki.” The giant of a man displayed his empty hands in an open, disarming gesture. “We’re a kinder, gentler organization now. But no matter, you can drive yourself to see Lenny. He is in his new office at the Sugar Baby’s Modeling Agency. Do you know where that is?”


“Oh, it’s on Pioneer Avenue between 10th and 11th Streets, on the right coming from this direction. Think you can find it?”

“Yes.” I began plotting my escape.

“Good, we’ll follow you there.” He took a step backward, clearing the path to my car door. I pressed the unlock button on the key fob. When the lock clicked open, he opened the door for me. I slipped into the car seat, intending to drive in the opposite direction—fast. But, Emil held the door open. Leaning into my face his broad, bent nose came dangerously close to mine. As I wondered who broke his nose, he said, “I’m serious about being kinder. You don’t have anything to worry about. However, I want you to know… now is not the time to do anything stupid.”  He spat out the last word as though it was a curse.

Yeah, right – I’ve heard that before, I thought to myself. 

However, Lenny and most certainly Emil now knew where to find me and they were not ones to cross. No matter how fast I drove away, Emil would follow me. I didn’t have any choice but to do what he said. Hoping for the best, I nodded my agreement.


Four years earlier, when I had attempted to quit Victoria’s Surprise, it was Emil who came to fetch me. I hadn’t actually met him before that, but I had seen him around the Agency office and the auditions several times. Being afraid of what I had come to understand to be the Agency’s true purpose, I had not gone into the office to hand in a resignation or anything like that. I had simply decided not to show up for any more auditions. I figured they would quickly forget me.

Not so.

I had been walking from my car to the front door of the grocery store in broad daylight when an unmarked white van slowed beside me. I hadn’t noticed Emil walking behind me, and when the van’s side door had popped open the big man simply picked me up and tossed me inside. Jumping in behind me, it had taken only two seconds for them to kidnap me—and no one had noticed.

The young, but strong man inside the van had caught me with one arm and pinned my arms to my sides. With his other hand clamped down tight over my mouth, he had silenced any scream I might have thought about issuing. Emil closed the door. I immediately recognized his acne pockmarked face and crew-cut black hair as he bound my feet and hands, and then he gagged me. I had realized where I was going.

“Lenny wants to talk with you.” He had snarled in my face, as adding the emphasis to the operative word: talk. “You’re in trouble now, so don’t resist and make it worse.” His warning had been a wasted effort; I was helpless to do anything. These men had done this maneuver before. Kidnap and extortion was a mob specialty.


Remembering these past events, I blinked back tears as Emil closed my Toyota’s car door. I watched as he climbed back into his Escalade to follow me. As I backed out of the parking space, I saw the younger man was already in the SUV’s driver’s seat. The big black vehicle rode my bumper all the way to the elongated, rectangular building containing the Sugar Baby’s Modeling Agency and a half dozen other innocuous store fronts. I parked in front of the entrance, but the Escalade parked on the other side of the parking lot. Emil and the other man did not get out of the SUV. Looking around, I examined several cars scattered around the parking lot. Sure enough, in the far corner of the lot, I spotted a car with two silhouetted heads, both turned in my direction. The kinder, gentler organization still required sentries. 

After a pause to steady my breathing, I exited my car and walked to the door. The place was closed; the sign and all the interior lights were turned off. I couldn’t see anything of the shop’s interior through the darkened glass. Nonetheless, I reached for the door handle. It spontaneously opened of its own accord and another of Lenny’s younger goons held it open for me. This guy I recognized as the timid young man who had politely escorted me to the last audition I attended, but I never knew his name. It had been a long time ago, maybe he remembered me and maybe he didn’t. Either way, he didn’t speak as he gallantly removed my coat. Then, he pointed to the doorway at the back of the small lobby. 

The unoccupied lobby had several uncomfortable looking chairs lining the walls, intermixed with small tables covered with magazines which showcased the latest in fashion, makeup and hair styles. On the walls were headshots of beautiful people, mostly female, but some males, intermixed with mirrors. Model wannabes could stand and look at themselves in the mirrors as though their headshot were on the wall. A small desk with a multi-line phone, and computer blocked the path to the doorway.

I suspected that, as before, this modeling agency was a funnel that supplied both fresh prostitutes and young muscle men into Lenny’s organization. Stepping around the desk, I eased my way down the hallway which was lined with closed doorways. Except one—the second door on the left was open and inside the room were three women dressed in stereotypical hooker outfits watching TV. They all turned to study me. Still in my hospital scrub uniform, I quickstepped by them.

After I passed the second door on the right, it opened and another young man entered into the hallway behind me, blocking my potential exit. I recognized him from before as well. 

“The door at the end, just knock on it,” he said, with no hint of recognition and proceeded to follow me.

Reaching the last door, I knocked as instructed. 

“Come in,” returned Lenny’s icy voice. 

I opened the door and stepped into Lenny’s office. On the left side, a couch and two chairs were clustered around a small coffee table, which was piled high with fashion magazines. On the right side of the room was a bar stocked with a variety of liquor bottles. The bar stools were piled high with papers. A TV was tuned to a football game, but the sound was muted. At the end of the room, Lenny sat behind a cluttered desk. Two overstuffed, fake-leather chairs faced the desk; one was empty and one contained a man that I didn’t recognize. He was dressed in blue jeans and a yellow T-shirt instead of the typical mob gray and black ensemble.

“Nurse Nikki.” Lenny chuckled at my name a second time. “So nice to have you with us again.” He gestured to the empty chair, and I sat. 


Four years earlier, the white van had parked behind the Victoria’s Surprise Modeling Agency. Emil had slung me over his shoulder like a sack of fertilizer and carried me in the alley backdoor. He had taken me to Lenny’s office, which was significantly more spartan than his current one. Still bound and gagged, I had been deposited in a hard wooden chair, alone in the room with Lenny.

Lenny had ignored the fact that I was gagged and couldn’t respond when he had sarcastically said, “Nikki, so nice to have you with us again.” While I had seen him several times before, I’d never had a conversation with him. Lenny had waited for a moment, and then asked, “Why did you miss your appointed audition?”

Like the mouse bound in the snake’s coils, I had been unable to do anything more than stare at him. After a long moment, he had walked around the desk and reassuringly patted my shoulders, and then he released my gag. He asked his question again.

“I’m sorry. I guess I just forgot. It won’t happen again,” I had blurted out, hoping to ease his ire as he walked back to his chair.

“Yes, I’m sure it won’t happen again. I’m also sure that you didn’t simply forget.” He picked up an amber colored drink and took a sip. “Your failure cost me. It cost me money and it cost me prestige. I cannot afford to be embarrassed by my employee’s failures.  You only get one chance here. Now think hard before deciding what to say next.” He took another sip. “Why did you fail to show up?”

I had licked my lips and swallowed hard.

“I-I was a-afraid.”

He chuckled. “Afraid of what? That your panties would fall off? Has anyone ever hurt you?”

“I was afraid… that… you would make me… make me do sexual things.” 

He snorted and drained his glass. Walking to the bar, he poured another shot of whiskey over his remaining ice and returned to his chair.

“Why did you think that? Did anyone say such things to you?”

“No, it’s just that… I-I saw what happened to other girls and I didn’t want to become a… prostitute.”

When I had spoken of sex, I suddenly became aware that the whole interaction had awoken my own sexual desires—I had become aroused. This powerful man, about 35 years old, was dripping with self confidence and sexuality. I’d never before seen an older man as being sexy, other than the charismatic movie stars. I would learn later in my psychology classes that women are commonly attracted to ‘bad boys’. It is genetically advantageous to mate with powerful, risk takers and, in our modern times, these were frequently members of the criminal society. 

His voice had turned soft. “Nikki, I don’t want you to be a prostitute. I would never force any girl to do that.” He didn’t deny that he had them working for him. ”You believe that, don’t you?” I had been pretty sure this was a lie, but like the Bonnie of Bonnie and Clyde, I looked at him pie-eyed and nodded. His voice turned stern again. “You signed a contract with me, and you agreed to show up as required for all auditions—right?” I nodded again. “And, just now you lied to me when you said you forgot?”

“Yes, I’m sorry—”

“Yes, you are sorry. I don’t like my employees lying to me. I’ll have to do something about that. Also, I will need to make an example of you. I can’t have any of the other girls thinking that they can simply walk away from their contracts.”

“Sir, I—”

“I think a naughty liar should get a spanking on her little bare bottom.” He had said the last three words slowly and distinctly.

What? The hell you will!”

“You’re already in trouble. Get snarky with me and I will use my belt.” He had stood up and pulled his belt loose from his trousers; he folded it and carried it around the desk. Standing over me, he continued, “You know, your action earned you this punishment. You deserve a spanking.” My eyes had followed as he slowly passed the belt from one hand to the other. His eyes, somehow comforting, looked down on me and he waited 

“Yes,” I had said.

“Yes - what?”

“Yes, I deserve a spanking for lying to you.” 

He dropped the belt onto the desk.

As he pulled me to my feet, I had opened my mouth to beg for forgiveness, but then shut it. My pussy muscles clenched and sent a squirt of dew into my panties when he gripped the waistband of my jeans. In the following year, I would learn in my psychology class exactly why my body betrayed me, but even with that knowledge, I would have been unable to resist the influence Lenny had on me.

Lenny sat in the hard wooden chair. With my wrists crossed and bound in front of me, I stood sideways between his legs; his thighs pinned my knees between his. His left hand gripped my waistband and pulled slightly forward while his right hand cupped my bottom. Bracing my hands on his shoulder to keep from falling, I looked into the cool, confident eyes of the man who planned to spank me like an errant schoolgirl. I knew that I would do nothing to stop him.

Lenny’s hand released my bottom, leaving it suddenly chilled, and then he smacked my right cheek. I gasped and he smacked my left butt cheek. 

“EEWOoche,” I had yelped, although it was more from surprise than pain. He had said he was going to spank my bare bottom, but he had mercifully left my jeans in place. Lenny continued my swats and I clenched my mouth shut to conceal my embarrassment from anyone else in the office building. I’d never been spanked before. Maybe my parents gave me a swat or two on the butt as a toddler, but I had no memory of ever being spanked. However, Lenny’s swats were not the pain I had feared; they were more warming than painful.

Then he stopped, but he did not release me. Both of his hands went to my waistband. I wasn’t wearing a belt, and he quickly opened the button and pulled the zipper down.

“NO, Please!” 

He tugged the fabric down to my knees.

“You can cry and plead for mercy all you want. It is exactly what I want the other girls to hear,” he had said. 

I had moaned, but I clamped my jaw shut as my moist panties joined my jeans pooled around my bound ankles. In traditional schoolgirl fashion, he pulled me down across his lap. His left arm pinned me to his thigh while his right hand caressed my tender skin. Lenny began to spank my bare bottom in earnest.

I had closed my eyes and clenched my jaw shut as his stinging swats alternated sides of my ass. He covered my exposed flesh from thigh to the top of my butt crack. Some of the swats hurt badly, but none were so hard as to make me cry out. The worst of it was the humiliation as I visualized myself as a naughty child being punished. With tears streaming uncontrollably down my face, I sobbed as quietly as I could.

Lying as I had been, across his thigh, I became aware that my clit was swollen, being pressed into his rigid thighbone. That was when waves of pleasure mixed with the painful swats. My pelvis was flexing, rocking with the impact of his swats, and an orgasm had begun to build.

He continued for another minute and then abruptly stopped.

His hand pushed my thighs open and explored my secret parts.

“No, please,” I had groaned as his finger penetrated my entrance.

He laughed, “Your body says ‘yes’. I can smell your arousal. Nikki, you enjoyed it, didn’t you?” 

I hadn’t been able to tell him the truth.

I squealed, but kept my mouth shut when a second finger joined the first inside my cunny. His two fingers explored deeper and touched something hot inside me.

“OH, GOD… no!” 

He pressed his fingers into what was clearly my G-spot. I’d heard of it, but never found it. I had limited sexual experiences with boys, but none had known how to please me. Now this gangster, who had just spanked me like a child, had awaked my body. He turned his hand palm down and used the two fingers to press my hot spot against my pelvic bone from inside my channel. His thumb found my clit, and began to gently push back and forth against it.

“OH… YES – YES!” I had loudly pleaded with him to continue as my hips involuntarily pumped his hand. The pleasure convulsions had begun and my orgasm shook me to the core. It had been the strongest orgasm I’d ever had, and my first orgasm not of my own creation.


Seeing Lenny again, so many years later, my moisture oozed into my panties as his cool confidence enveloped me.

The young man followed me from the hallway into Lenny’s Sugar Baby’s office, and busily worked at the bar mixing drinks. He handed me a glass of white wine, and then passed two identical glasses of ice and amber fluid to Lenny and the other man. Finished, he wordlessly exited. The two men sipped their drinks and I reflexively followed suit. Lenny continued to silently stare at me for a few moments and then addressed me again. 

“Our sweet little Nikki Dean is a nurse. I never had any idea. Next time I need my blood pressure checked, I’ll know who to call.”

“I didn’t know you were ill, sir, but I’ll be happy to help you with that BP.” I attempted to radiate a confidence that I did not have. As his grin turned into a snarl, I quickly softened the mood by adding, “How is Alex doing?”

Lenny chuckled. “At the moment he is snuggled in bed milking the experience for all it’s worth. But, as he was singing that silly song all the way home, I think he will recover pretty quickly.” 

I smiled. “And how is your wife? I thought she was going to faint.”

“She’s fine too.” He chuckled again. “I do thank you for the compassion you gave my family.”

“My pleasure, sir.”

Dismissing the subject, he picked up a piece of paper. “We are all high tech these days and after discovering your secret nursing identity I did a Google search on you. Graduated with honors with psychology and nursing degrees.” He glanced up from the paper to study my eyes.  From nowhere, a disembodied hand landed on my shoulder and gave an encouraging squeeze.  Looking backward, I saw that Emil had quietly entered the room and was now standing behind me. Whatever it was that Lenny wanted to talk about, I wouldn’t be leaving until he was finished. 

Emil was a nasty character. He had been a Marine and had an innate ability to sneak up behind me.


After my first spanking over Lenny’s lap, after my first real orgasm had faded, Lenny lifted me up and turned me around. He had tugged on my arm and I sat in his lap like a child sits on her father’s lap. My dripping wet pussy had been square on his hard thighbone. He wrapped his arms around me and I had pressed my tear streaked face in his shirt.

“There - there Nikki, you’re not going to lie to me again, are you?”

“No, Sir,” I had choked out between sobs.

“And, I won’t make you into a prostitute. You don’t need to be afraid to do what I say—right?”

“Yes, Sir, I’ll do what you… tell me to do.”

“Good, but from now on I will be asking you to do more, more to entertain our clients. Okay?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Give me a kiss.” 

Lifting my face to him, it had seemed to be the most natural thing in the world to kiss him. His gentle lips melted my anxiety away. When I opened my mouth, his tongue took possession of me and I flowed into his chest. Feeling his swollen penis against my side, I would at that moment have given him anything my body had to give, but he didn’t ask more of me.

“And, now,” he said, as I had snuggled warm and safe in his arms, “we must deal with your failure to attend the audition, your discipline for all that your offense has cost me.”

“What?” I pulled away to confront him; I had just received a spanking.

And this was when I had seen Emil standing in the doorway. I had no idea how long he had been there or what he had witnessed. Additionally, with the door open, I had imagined how far had the sounds of my plight had traveled through the building?

“Emil takes care of the punishments,” Lenny said as he stood me up. 

Emil stepped forward to clasp his giant hands around my arms from behind. He pulled me backwards and I stumbled over my bound feet to fall into his chest.

“This is Nikki’s first offense and she has an audition Friday, so don’t leave any bruises,” Lenny had said to Emil.

The big man scooped me up and tossed me over his shoulder. With my pink bottom and dewy, glistening lady parts leading the way, Emil had carried me out the door and down the hall. 

My diaphragm had frozen the breath in my throat and I could neither scream nor breathe.

I had no idea who saw the production as Emil carried me. All I could see was the floor behind Emil’s feet. But, we didn’t go far. After only a few steps Emil opened a door and we stepped into darkness. He closed the door behind us and set me on the floor. In the darkness of a windowless room, he propped me up against something firm yet cushioned.

When he snapped on the lights I had screamed, “OH, JESUS NO!” 

The object I had been leaning against was an over sized sawhorse with a padded cross-member and straps on each of its four legs. I had never seen one before, but this was clearly a punishment horse. Additional confirmation as to the room’s purpose had been afforded by the row of whips, paddles, leather straps, and canes along one wall with manacle chains attached to another wall. 

“NO NO NO… PLEASE GOD NO!” I had screamed, standing in a dungeon. 

Emil laughed. “Scream all you want. I like it. And besides, my reputation needs a boost.” He grinned and I shut up to stare at him.

We had stared at each other for a long moment, and then he began speaking in a steady, quiet tone. “I’ve been told not to leave any bruises, so you don’t need to worry about any of these things today.” He gestured to the spanking implements hanging on the wall. “However, you will be in agony.” He smiled again and tears once again flowed from my eyes.


He laughed. “Your punishment will last thirty minutes, and I will extend that by five minutes for every resistance you present. Do what I tell you, and accept your punishment, and this will be over in half an hour. Resist, and we could be here all day. Understand?”


“Good. Bend over.” He pointed to the padded punishment horse.

“I thought you said—”

“That’s five extra minutes.” 

Emil had stared at me, and I had quickly turned around and laid across the padded cross-member. He used a broad leather belt to secure my waist to it. As my hands and feet had been bound from when he had kidnapped me, he left these dangling.


 “Is that right?” Lenny’s sharp words jerked my mind back to the present. I struggled for a second, recalling what he had said while Emil’s encouraging hand gently squeezed my shoulder.

Remembering that Lenny had asked about my psychology and nursing degrees, I lifted my eyes to meet his and answered, “Yes, sir.” Lenny paused to take another sip from his drink. The as-of-yet unidentified man and I reflexively followed his lead. The large warm hand relaxed on my shoulder. Lenny only had entertainment assignments for me once or twice a week, so I was able to continue my college classes while working for him.

“And then,” Lenny prodded, “you got a master’s degree in psychology.”

It was a statement, but nonetheless the hand squeezed my shoulder. “Yes, sir.”

“And, what is it that I am reading? Exactly what ‘behavioral’ aspects have you been studying?” He made quote marks in the air with his fingers.

The hand on my shoulder squeezed to encourage my answer. I wet my lips, but said nothing. The hand squeezed a bit harder. “Sex… I study human sexuality, sir.” The hand released. Lenny coughed and the unidentified man stirred in his chair.

We all paused to take sips from our drinks once again. Then Lenny changed the subject. “While I still have my… entertainment business, we are moving into many legitimate enterprises.” Lenny had been the captain of the crime family’s prostitution ring. Lenny ran girls from down and dirty streetwalkers to very expensive entertainers—like me. Now that the crime family had been shattered, it was unclear exactly what all his businesses were.  “For example, this agency is completely legit.” He waved a hand through the air gesturing to the office around us. “Though, of course, I do provide an alternative path for those who can’t make the grade.” He chuckled. We all sipped our drinks. “I have a position for you in one of my completely legit operations.” He paused to stare at me.

The hand squeezed. It squeezed again, harder. “I’m sorry, sir, but I have a job. I really can’t take on more. I’m sorry.” This man was not accustomed to hearing ‘no’ and I had no idea what he would do next.

However, Lenny only snorted his disappointment and returned his gaze to the piece of paper. “And now you are working on a PhD in psychology.” He looked up to me and the hand squeezed.

“Yes, sir.” Emil’s hand had trained me well.

“How are you progressing?”

Without waiting for the hand I replied, “I have maybe a year to go. Mostly I am working on my thesis research.”

“And what is it that you are researching?”

I bit my lip and swallowed. The hand tightened and held its slightly painful pressure. Emil was not a man to resist for long.


Just as that day in Emil’s dungeon four years earlier, I had instantly learned not to resist his commands. I had quietly waited as he prepared my punishment. With me belted to the punishment horse, he stood behind me examining my spanked ass and swollen sex. His finger traced along my wet slit from clit to asshole. 

“Are you a virgin?” 

“No.” I wondered if Lenny’s promise would restrain Emil from using me in this helpless position. To test the truth of my statement, his finger had entered me while his thumb pressed against my tight puckered bottom hole.

“Have you ever been taken… anally?”

“OH, GOD no, please don’t do that!” I squirmed in my bondage which only succeeded in pressing his fingers into my holes. Emil laughed, knowing that my words had echoed down the hallway.

“That will be five extra minutes,” he flatly stated. After a silent pause his thumb painfully penetrated deeper into my sensitive tissue, “What is the answer to my question?”

“No,” I had stated without resistance. His fingers released me.

“Well, you needn’t worry. I’m not going to do that today.”

I bit my lip to keep silent. I stared at the floor while he was busy doing something behind my back. After a minute, Emil walked around and stooped down to show me what he had been doing. He held something under my face. It looked like some sort of vegetable, like a carrot, though this was more tan in color. From one end he had peeled off its thin brown skin and tapered it with a small knife. 

“Do you know what this is?”


“It’s a ginger root, used to season Chinese food. It has also been used for thousands of years to punish naughty girls.” He held it inches from my face and I smelled the pungent aroma of ginger, but couldn’t image for what purpose he was going to use it. “Nikki,” he said with a warm fatherly tone, “I want you to be assured that this will not damage you in any way. This will give you a powerful burning sensation. You will think that your ass is on fire, but when it is over in forty minutes, you will be unharmed in any way. Do you understand?”

I had strained to look up into his face. “I guess so.”

“I’ve no idea who first discovered this trick, but like I said it’s been used for thousands of years. Figging, it’s called. The ancient Greeks used it to train captured noble women and turn them into docile domestic slaves. The Romans did this as well. In Victorian times it was used to punish female prisoners.  I am going to put this into your ass and when it is removed, you will never disobey Lenny again. Well, it usually works. If there is a second offense, you can rest assured that I will think of something new.” He chuckled.

Suprized, I had started to blurt out, oh no, you aren't going to put that in my ass, are you? But I clamped my jaw and my butt cheeks tightly closed instead. 

Emil looked at his watch to mark the time and then walked back behind me. He pried open the halves of my bottom and I tried not to resist. At first there was a cool sensation as he spread lubricant around my puckered bottom hole. He pushed his finger inside to fully lubricate my entrance. My body spasmodically tightened around his invading finger, which caused him to chuckle. He spread the lube deeper inside and I had groaned, but gave him full access.

Then he inserted the ginger root.

The thumb-sized plug initially create only the pressure of the object in my anus, but then, “OH SHIT,” I screamed and bounced up and down on the cross-member as the volcano erupted in my bottom. 

Emil laughed at me for a while as I had struggled and screamed, and then he pressed down on my back. “You should stop that. It only makes the burning worse. Hold as still as possible to ease the pain.”

I labored to still my gyrations and the fire in my ass did ease—some. Once I had calmed myself, Emil unfastened the belt and slowly stood me up. I cringed and cried as the movement reignited the fire now spreading deep within my belly. Emil untied my feet. He pulled my panties and jeans back into their correct positions. He zipped up my fly and fastened the button.

“Come on.” He opened the door and gently pulled on my still-bound hands. I had stiffly walked as he pulled. Every couple of steps I had to stop and wait for the pain to subside, but eventually he sat me in a chair in the Victoria’s Surprise Agency’s waiting room. There were four other girls seated there; two I knew and two I didn’t. 

While the four girls had watched wide-eyed, Emil asked, “Nikki, you’re not going to disobey Lenny again, are you?”

With un-wiped tears dripping off my face I had emphatically said, “No, sir.” I now understood that a portion of my punishment had been humiliation, and that I was being used to convince these girls to do Lenny’s bidding without further encouragement. This whole business had been carefully orchestrated.

“And, you are not ever going to talk about Lenny’s business are you?”

“No, sir.”

“Whatever happens in here, stays in here. You won’t tell anyone?”

“Absolutely not, sir,” I had squeaked.

“Okay. I’ll be back to get you in thirty minutes.” Emil had walked back down the hall. The four girls had looked at me, but fortunately said nothing while I held stone still gritting my teeth against the burning pain in my ass. Sitting on the hard chair had pressed the ginger root deeper into my butt and I had prayed that it would not get stuck.


The resumption of the pain from Emil’s hand on my shoulder brought my mind back from the memory of four years earlier. “What are you researching?” Lenny asked a second time.

“I-I am researching how people cope with their sexual fantasies and fetishes, sir.” I gave the answer that Lenny must have already known from the paper in his hand. He chuckled. Following his lead, the strange man and Emil also chuckled.

“In a few minutes you will not only accept my job offer, but you will be begging me to allow you to work for me.” I wasn’t sure where he was going with this conversation, but a few minutes alone with Emil and I could be begging for almost anything. “Considering your initial negative attitude I have decided that you will not be compensated, but I will permit you to work for free.” 

He hadn’t asked anything, but the hand was becoming painful once again. “I don’t understand what you want from me, sir.” Lenny finished his drink, rattled the ice in the glass, and set it down. The other, seated man also finished his drink and set his glass on the desk. I sipped my wine and continued to hold the half-full glass.

Lenny chuckled again. “This is really very funny. Back in November, I started a new service. A sort of dating service that specializes in connecting people with various sexual fantasies together, so they can act them out. You gave me the idea. Rather funny isn’t it?”

“How did I give you the idea?” I responded ahead of the hand squeeze.

“Oh, it was your first performance with Bunny.” While I had not been a prostitute, or at least I never provided sexual intercourse, Bunny was a prostitute who had frequently accompanied me when I did my entertaining work. The event Lenny was referring to was the time Bunny had been pretending to be unwilling to perform as instructed, and I had been the madam forcing the girl to service the customer. I had made the mistake of telling Bunny that I would spank her if she did not please the man. He had heard this comment, and had become more excited by the prospect of watching the girl get spanked than by having sex with her. In the end, I had spanked her while he watched.

I took a big slug of wine and Lenny resumed his diatribe. “As word of that got around, a demand for similar services bloomed.” This part I already knew: I had been one of the girls who provided the service allowing customers to spank me. “While I do still provide such services for hire, a demand for a person-to-person connection materialized. Mark has been running the operation.” Lenny gestured to the unidentified man to effect an introduction. I pivoted to examine the late 20’s nerdy-looking guy for the first time. “Mark has been gathering the information from the clients and matching them up. The clientele list has grown such that he can’t do it effectively on a one-on-one basis, and we want to automate the process. Also, we need someone who knows more about reading between the lines when these people describe their fetish. We want to be more accurate with our matches.”

Shit—wow, Lenny was right! I did very much want access to his database. No sexual fantasy researcher on the planet had access to such unbridled, unbiased information! I desperately wanted my hands on Lenny’s client database to enhance my PhD thesis.

I bolted upright in my chair and put my glass on the desk, “Yes, I do see your point, but what exactly do you want me to do?”

Before Lenny could answer, Emil’s phone chimed. He answered it. “Yes… Yes… Okay… give me a minute.” When he disconnected the call Lenny’s eyes were on him. After a moment, Lenny gave a slight nod and I heard Emil’s footfalls as he left and closed the door behind him. This was a fantastic relief. While I might still lose my pants before the meeting with Lenny ended, it was now a sure bet that I would not have trouble walking when I left the room. While Lenny had frequently spanked me, he had never actually hurt me. His spankings could be painful, but his were mostly about discipline and intimidation. Lenny’s punishment had come through Emil, who was the true sadist in the group. My first visit to Emil’s dungeon had not been my last. 

Lenny gestured to Mark, who spoke for the first time. “We want you to enhance our questionnaire to better target clients’ desires. Then we want you to take over the task of matching them, but only for a short while. We want you to write down the rules and guides you use to match them, and then I will create a computer program to emulate your rule-based system. From your ideas, I will automate the database matches.” 

“After you test the system, we will release you from further obligation. This might take, maybe, three months,” Lenny added. “But, we may call upon your expertise again should something change.” 

My boyfriend Carl would be really pissed when he found out that I had allowed myself to be taken back into the mob’s clutches. However, this was a legit business and the data was such a fantastic gold mine for my research. 

“Okay,” I said.

Lenny gave a dismissive wave. “You two go work it out.” 


Sunday, January 12, 5 p.m., Nikki Gets Instructed

Mark escorted me down the hall. I was glad to escape Lenny's office with my pants intact. Inside Mark’s much smaller office were several computers. He was a computer geek. 

“I built all this,” he proudly proclaimed. 

“I hope you got your fee up front.” 

He chuckled and nodded towards the break room where only two hookers were now waiting. 

“I see,” I said. Mark’s indication was clear, he received his payment in trade.

Mark closed the door and began to explain how the system worked. “It is a two-computer system with one computer connected to the Internet and one that is isolated. While every effort is made to protect the Internet connected computer from hackers, it contains no actual personal information. Only the isolated computer has the actual client information such as names, addresses, and credit card numbers. Each client is assigned a name like Linda Three or Sam Six, and a password. With these credentials they can access a dropbox on the Internet computer.” Mark handed me some papers. “I pass these questionnaires and matched profiles to the clients through the dropbox. When two clients agree on a match, I set a database flag that allows these two clients to pass information to each other via their dropboxes. When the clients decide that they want to meet, I arrange a date at a local bar which has an attached motel. The two meet and if they want, move to a pre-paid room to experience their mutual fantasy.  

“The real value we are selling,” Mark explained, “is the safety and security. The arranged dates are supervised, that is, we unobtrusively observe the clients meeting in the bar, and if they move to the motel room we ensure that both are happy with the results before either leaves. They know we are providing this protection so that they can have a worry free fantasy experience. That is, no one will take things too far. And, there is no concern that they will be… discovered.”

“Yes, I understand.” I nodded while studying his questionnaires.

“The couple does not have to share their real life information, unless they want to continue meeting privately, without our chaperones. When a client signs up, they pay for three months at $30 per month in advance. They get one chaperoned date with this, and can buy additional chaperoned dates for $50 each. After the three months they can either pay monthly or switch to an automatic billing; we give a 10% discount for those with automatic billing. And they continue to get one free date every three months. Part of the beauty of this is that Lenny also owns the bar and motel that we use.”

“Clever.” It was quite possible that the rooms were bugged and had video cameras. Lenny could be selling some of the prime footage as porn, and was probably watching for blackmail opportunities. I had been his bait for this type of setup in the past. Lenny's current schemeprovided more or less the same advantage and the guys brought their own bait. Additionally, these gangsters were slowly, but steadily accumulating a vast collection of credit card numbers. I wouldn’t trust them with mine.

“Yes. Of course, if they hit it off, the couple will drop out of our system and begin dating privately.” Mark sat back and folded his arms.

“A success story. Do you gather testimonials?”

“No, but I guess we should.”

After Mark completed my instructions, I left with a USB memory stick containing the database, sans real names and such, and an administrator password to access all of the dropboxes. The password reset every few days and I would have to call Mark frequently to get the new one. With my treasure trove of information, and my pants still in place, I gleefully headed for the exit. While walking down the hall, I noticed that there was only one hooker left in the break room. She completely ignored me. 

In the lobby, the same young man helped me put my coat back on, and then opened the door for me. Thrilled to still have my pants on, and filled with excitement over my new task, I confidently spoke to him. “I’m sorry, but I have forgotten your name.” I lied as I had never had his name.

“Anthony Jones,” he quickly said, and then realized his mistake in telling me his name. I smiled and patted his arm to reassure him that I wouldn’t rat him out as an inexperienced gangster.

“Do you go by Tony?”

“No. No one calls me Tony.”

As though from a puff of smoke, Emil materialized. “What’s going on?”

“Oh,” I patted Anthony’s arm again and replied, “Tony and I were just catching up on old times.” Without a backward glance I strode to my car and got in. I paused for a few seconds to get my heart rate back down and for my hands to stop shaking.

 I started the car, but before I could back out of the parking spot my phone rang. The caller ID did not recognize the number, but I answered it anyway. “Hello?”

Lenny’s icy voice returned. “Our conversation is not finished. There is some more I need to talk about—in private. Turn right on Pioneer Avenue, go about a mile, and look for the strip club, Pink Nugget, on the left. Go inside and wait for me.” The call disconnected before I could respond. My pants could be history after all. Damn.

In a few minutes, I arrived at the Pink Nugget, but this was Sunday and it was closed. The neon signs advertising topless girls were dark. There was a small cluster of cars parked on one side of the lot. Perhaps a cleaning crew was inside working. I parked nearby and waited for Lenny. After a moment, a man exited the club and drove away. As Lenny had told me to wait inside, I got out of my car and walked to the door.

Like the door to the modeling agency, this door also opened by itself. The tiny entryway was dark and a large, dark-suited man stood, holding the door for me. He pointed to a curtained doorway and I followed the sound of music inside. I couldn't see anything in the dark room. The small stage in the corner was illuminated and I could see the scantily clad dancer as she suggestively gyrated to the loud music. She was not topless.

In a few moments, my eyes adjusted and I could see three men seated at the bar all staring at me. Against the wall were two other scantily clad women sitting at a table; they were also staring at me. I moved to a table away from the bar. Taking off my coat, I folded it over a chair and sat in another. Moments later, one of the women walked up to me.

“Can I get you anything?” She was maybe ten years older than my 23 years of age.

“Ah-ah, a Bud Light.”

“We’re not serving alcohol today. We’re not actually open.” She winked.

“Oh, a bottle of water then.” She stepped to the bar and returned with the plastic bottle. She opened it and placed it on the table.

“How much is it?”

She snorted. “It’s ladies’ night. It’s on the house.”  She returned to sit with her companion.

The dancer was now topless, but the three men at the bar continued to stare at me, although I was covered from head to toe with the baggy hospital scrub suit. Minutes passed and I downed about a third of the water. The dancer exchanged places with my waitress’s companion. Then Lenny entered the club. He paid no attention to me or the other patrons, but paused for a moment near my waitress. She nodded to him, and he ducked through a curtained doorway. I sipped the water and waited to be summoned.

Two minutes later, my waitress again appeared beside my table. “Do you want a lap dance?”


“Come on,” she tugged on my hand, “a lap dance. It’s on the house too.” Like a schoolmarm leading a lost child she pulled me through the curtained doorway.

This opened to a hallway lined with additional curtained doorways. The third one on the right contained Lenny, sitting on a couch in a small six by six foot room. Despite the pervasive loud music, he was wearing headphones attached to a boom box on the floor. He gestured to the space next to him and I sat beside him on the couch. The woman closed the curtain, removed her costume bra, and dropped it on the floor. She was surprisingly small- breasted. I had expected a stripper to be well endowed and probably surgically enhanced, but her breasts were significantly smaller than my own rather average sized ones. However, her nipples were huge and rigid. 

Lenny passed her the headphones and she placed them over her ears. Lenny opened his thighs. Wearing only a tiny thong panty she began to dance between his legs. She tightly closed her eyes, and turned around as she gyrated to the music only she could hear—grinding her nearly bare bottom into Lenny’s crotch. 

Lenny’s gaze shifted to me for the first time. “Why didn’t you tell me that you knew Jug? That you two had a relationship?” Jug was what Lenny’s boss had been called; I had never heard anyone use his real name. This direct question was ice in my veins and the vision of my pants clumped around my knees floated through my brain. I had assumed that Jug had told Lenny nothing about me. I had assumed that my secrets were gone with Jug’s death. What else did Jug tell him? Jug and I had been in a Dominant-submissive relationship, of sorts. 

“I didn’t, we didn’t have a relationship,” I stammered out. Whatever Jug may have told Lenny about me, I was certain that he had not talked about his own special sexual problem. Jug liked to spank me and watch while I masturbated. As this was more or less what Lenny had me doing with customers, I had seen no reason to tell him about it.  “I met him once…,” I began formulating a lie.

“Jug was damn pissed when I brought you to the party. He was fix’en to do his interrogation thing on you. I was saving your ass, or maybe I was saving something else.” He chuckled.  

“I thank you for that.” However, I had no idea what he was talking about.

Lenny reached around the woman and lightly gripped her large nipples between his thumbs and index fingers; she leaned back into his arms. “Tell me what happened at the hotel with Bunny and the Congressman?”

“I didn’t see anything. Bunny and I were entertaining the guy. He spanked both of us, and then had Bunny… go down on me… while he fucked her. When he finished, it was over. He was alive when we left. Later the cops questioned me and I told them exactly what I just told you. That was the end of it.” I hoped this was enough detail for him. What I didn’t tell him was that I had called the cops when I saw on the news that a Congressman had been murdered and I recognized his picture. 

“How did the cops know to question you?” Lenny recognized that not everything in my story added up.

“I -I have no idea. I always guessed we left fingerprints or some other evidence for them—like on CSI. We weren’t trying to be sneaky.” I again lied to Lenny.

“Why didn’t they arrest you?”

“They did take me to the police station. They interrogated me for hours. Asked me the same questions over and over, but I didn’t know anything so they finally let me go.” This was pretty close to the truth, but in reality I freely had told them everything I knew about Jug’s operation. I had been pretty sure that he had killed the Congressman, but I had no idea why. “You didn’t get arrested either.” I glared at Lenny.

“True. Yet, given that everything went to hell shortly after that party, I think you had more to do with it than you have said. But, I don’t need you to say anything more. I wouldn’t believe you anyway.” My jaw dropped open, but I remained silent. “I am not in the drug and murder business, and I don’t want to be. That said, I still don’t want the cops snooping in my organization.”

Lenny patted the gyrating woman on the exposed flesh of her bottom. She stood, turned around, and with her eyes still tightly closed she knelt down between Lenny’s thighs. She began to massage Lenny’s groin with her face. She unzipped his fly and gently lifted his swollen member free. Then she slipped him into her mouth and rhythmically sucked him.

Lenny’s eyes were on me. “You can work for me, at this completely legitimate business, but you keep your mouth shut about it. No one is to know anything about my business.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Any time you think about betraying me, think about all the reasons why you need to keep your mouth really tightly closed.” Lenny stroked the woman’s cheek and traced her lips where they wrapped around his shaft to ensure that I understood exactly what he was talking about.

“Yes, sir.” Emil was another very important reason to obey.

Lenny placed a finger under my jaw and pressed upward, closing my mouth. “Start practicing.” I swallowed hard.

Lenny leaned back and closed his eyes. He sighed deeply, and then filled his lungs. The dancer swallowed him deep into her throat. Lenny’s legs tensed and his knees pulled up. I watched as her throat muscles stroked Lenny’s cock; she was really good! With a soft moan Lenny first stiffened, and then slumped with a full exhale. He completely relaxed as she continued to suck him.

His eyes opened and locked on mine. “I’m not a violent man, not like Jug. But, when I tell someone to do something, I expect that it will be done.”

“Yes, sir.”

“We now know that you are a smart girl. With this little demonstration, I expect that you understand how I will deal with a girl who doesn’t keep her mouth shut.” He looked down at the woman and he stroked her cheek again. I watched her glossy red lips slide along his still swollen penis.

I reconnected with his eyes, “Yes, sir. I won’t tell anyone anything about any of this… anything about your business.” I hoped I could keep the secret for three months. If Carl found out, he would punish me for keeping my mouth shut. However, this would be preferable to Lenny’s punishment with my mouth open.

He nodded. Then he lifted the headphones off the woman’s head and her eyes popped open for the first time. Lenny pointed at me and then the curtain. With a soft slurp she slid her lips free of his limp member. Leaving him hanging, she picked up her costume bra with her left hand and held my hand with her right. Again, like a lost child she led me through the curtain and back to the main room of the club. Amazingly, my pants were still in their proper position. 

This is a first!

In her stripper platform shoes she was a couple of inches taller than me, so she had to stoop when she hugged me. The six eyes of the three men at the bar bore tunnels through the smoky air as they watched us. She whispered into my ear, “I’m Brie. Come back and see me sometime.” 

“Sure.” Then she released me and helped me put my coat on. The six eyes tracked me with laser beam accuracy as I walked through the exit. I expected that the lap dance business was going to pick up really fast.


Sunday, January 12, 7 p.m., Nikki’s Interrogation

I sat motionless in the car for several minutes, waiting for my shaking hands to steady. My phone once again rang, but this time the caller ID identified Carl. Shifting into my best gleeful voice, I answered, “Hi, lover boy!” I started to say something sexually suggestive then recalled that this was his weekend to work so he might not be alone.

“Hey, baby,” he responded, “what are you doing?”

“I’m just out running some errands on my way home from work.”

“Okay, look, I’m gonna be a little late tonight, but I thought you’d hold dinner for me?”

“Sure, I’m running late too.” I’ll needed some time to get my game face together before seeing him.

 “Yeah, I’ll let you go. I love you!”

“I love you more, bye.” I kissed the phone’s microphone and disconnected the call. 

Carl had been a homicide cop investigating the Congressman’s murder. When I called the police and said I had information, it was Carl and his partner who had come to see me. After only a few questions, when I had revealed that I was indeed an insider to the mob’s organization, they took me downtown for an official interrogation.

They held me for a long time, but it wasn’t a rubber hose and bright light kind of interrogation. I freely told Carl everything about Jug, hoping that I could get into the witness protection program and escape the mob’s grip.

“You say you are in a sexual relationship with Jacopo Mengatti?” Carl had asked. He was the taller, younger of the two detectives, about six feet tall, and I was surprised when he walked into the interrogation room alone. However, I’d seen enough cop shows on TV to know that his older partner, and God knows who else, were watching on the other side of the big mirror.

“Jug, yes.” This had been the first time I had heard his whole name spoken. “Well, sort of, he doesn’t… have intercourse with me. I just help him get erections so he can fuck—sorry—make love with his wife.”

“Mengatti has erectile dysfunction?” Carl had displayed his dimples when he reflexively flashed a sadistic smile.

“Ah, yes, and he won’t take the pills. He’s afraid of what the other guys would do if they knew… that he is… impotent.”

“Does his wife know about you?” His voice cracked with a hint of a laugh that forced me to also smile. I had an urge to run my fingers through his wavy hair.

“Oh, yes, she does. Sometimes she even watches.” Talking about sex with the muscular, square jawed Carl had begun to turn me on. He was tall and lean, not much over 30 years old. His blue eyes and short blond hair gave him a boyish look which contrasted with his forceful, confident questioning tone.

“Watches what?”

“Watches how I help Jug.”

“How do you help him?”

“Uh, he likes to, uh, spank me. He likes to humiliate people. That’s what turns him on. I am the fodder he uses.” An odd look appeared on Carl’s face. His hand had touched mine; my pussy had contracted and squirted some dew into my panties.

“Uh, what… exactly?” he stammered.

“He makes me masturbate while he and other men watch, as well as spank me.” His hand had given me a light squeeze and then withdrew. My cunny began itching from the wetness in my panties. I squirmed in my chair.

“Are you nervous about something?”

“No, it’s just…”

“Is that why you are here? To get back at him? To get even with him for… hurting you?” Carl asked with a sudden harsh, commanding tone.

“No, Sir.” I reflexively responded with my submissive voice to his dominant tone. “Not really. I’ve wanted out of the business for some time, but can’t seem to escape. Jug doesn’t really hurt me. Ah, actually, ah, I kind of like it.” I grinned sheepishly. Carl’s face turned stern.

“You like being spanked and humiliated?” He had such an odd look on his face while he said these words using a much softer tone of voice 

“Well, yes. It’s not an uncommon sexual fetish.” Carl silently nodded.

“Mengatti pays you for this?”

“Ah, no, I’m not really that kind of girl. It’s complicated.”

“Explain. Why do you do it?”

“Uh, he tells me to, and… it makes him feel good. It… makes… me feel good to-to please him. In return he protects me.” The tough cop had softened his gaze.

“How long has this been going on?”

“Only about six months.” The police had seemed to know nothing about the connection between Lenny and Jug, so I didn’t tell them about the prior year that I had been working for Lenny. Jug had seen one of my performances six months earlier and had approached me to perform for him. Everything snowballed from there.

“Okay, tell me why you think Mengatti had something to do with the death of Congressman Willard?” He became almost fatherly.

“He was there, but I didn’t know he was a Congressman. He was just a fat old guy named Harry.”

“Who was where?”

“In Jug’s house? Harry was in Jug’s kitchen, two days before he was murdered. And then… again… in the hotel.”

“YOU saw Congressman Harry Willard in Jacopo Mengatti’s kitchen two days before the murder?”

“Yes, and another guy that I didn’t know, called Jack.”

“What were they doing?”

“Spanking me and watching me masturbate.” Saying the words to the steely-eyed man had made me tingle. 

“In the kitchen?” His hand had again touched mine.

“Yes, I was on the kitchen table… on my back and the two old guys, Harry and Jack, stood beside me. They each held a foot and spanked me while I masturbated.” Carl’s face morphed into something pleasing as he visualized the situation. “It was the diapering position,” I added, sensing that he would know what that was.

“You were naked?” His hand caressed mine. 

“Yes.” The look in his eye had caused me to squirm and soak my panties.

“And you were doing this because…” His hand again withdrew.

“Jug told me to. He was in this power – control mode. He wanted to show the men how powerful he was. Of course, I really only did it because I wanted to.” An interesting smirk filled Carl’s face.

“And then, they had sex with you?” He made a stern sideways glance at the mirror.

“NO! I don’t do that. Well, Jug pretended to fuck me, but he was nervous about something and didn’t achieve an erection. I put on a good show to cover for him, so no one would know. Bunny and Lori did the old guys.”

“There were two other women there?”


“And you said something about the hotel the next day?”

“Yes, Harry wanted more so Jug told me to take Bunny to his hotel.” This had been a lie. It had been Lenny who had sent us, but I saw no reason to confuse the issue. “This was the afternoon he was murdered. I took Bunny there and spanked her while…”

“Who is Bunny?”

“She’s a prostitute that I work with. I warm ‘em up and she nails ‘em. We-we sort of specialize in men with E-D.”

“Oh, go on.”

“Anyway, Harry was just supposed to fuck Bunny. I was along to watch over her. But, when he saw me, he started talking about the spanking show I had given him in the kitchen. He asked for more and he watched while I spanked Bunny, and then he took turns spanking both of us. When he was ready… you know—ready, he started to fuck Bunny. After a bit he wanted me to have her… have Bunny… go down on me while he… did her from behind. I don’t do that sort of thing, so I said ‘no’, but he said he would complain to Jug, so I did it. Then Harry had a big finish, and then Bunny and I left.” 

“And then?”

“Nothing, that was it.” I had displayed a crooked smile and shrugged. 

“So what about the murder?”

“Yesterday, I saw Harry’s picture in the newspaper. It said he was murdered that afternoon in that hotel room. I just knew that Jug had done it. He had sent me and Bunny there to distract Harry.” Actually, Jug had sent Bunny, and Lenny had sent me to accompany her.

What I was soon to find out was that Homicide Detective Carl Howard was secretly heavy into BDSM. Carl had arranged for me to move into a safe house while the police dismantled the mob organization. However, Jug had been killed by one of his underlings, thus eliminating any need for my testimony. By this time, Carl had approached me and revealed his secret, superman identity, and then we began dating. I moved into his apartment a few months later and Carl began my training as his submissive. We have now lived together for over two years.


Friday, January 17, 6 p.m. – Nikki Keeps A Secret

Carl was not in our apartment waiting when I arrived. While his normal shift ended at five o’clock, he rarely left work on time. Thus, his absence was not a surprise. I put the groceries away and started to cook the lasagna. After I boiled the noodles and simmered the sauce, he was still not home.

I considered calling him for a split second and then rejected the idea. He was clearly working on a case and would not appreciate my interruption. By seven o’clock I had layered the noodles, sauce, and cheese into the pan and placed the mixture into the oven. Carl was still not home. Assuredly, he remembered that this was my weekend off. 

When the lasagna was finished baking, I took it out to cool. Carl was still not home and had not called. This disappointment was not a surprise. Long ago I came to the understanding that his work was demanding. When he got home, he would be stressed and in a bad mood. I would have to carefully tread a light path around his mood to relax him.

I ate alone. Wrapping foil over the pan, I put it back into the oven to keep it warm. Then I changed into a red baby doll nightie and its matching frilly panty. From the box on the floor of the bedroom closet, I retrieved some sex toys. I had planned a special evening with Carl and I had painted my fingernails and toenails to match the red color of the sexy tiny nightdress, but I sat on the couch and read alone.

At ten o’clock, I finally heard Carl’s key turn in the lock. Scampering to greet him, I reached up on my tiptoes to kiss him. I didn’t say a word; at times like this he didn’t want to talk. He casually returned my kiss and put his gun, badge, and handcuffs on the table by the door. Silently, I helped him take off his suit coat and tie, and took his hand. Leading him to the kitchen table, I pulled out a chair for him. He quietly watched while I mixed him a scotch on the rocks and placed it on the table. Sipping his drink, he stared as I prepared a plate of lasagna and steamed vegetables. We still didn't exchange a word.

Setting the plate on the table, I cut a few bite sized pieces from the main portion and sat beside his feet. I removed his shoes and socks, and rested my head on his thigh. He started to eat. After about three bites, I heard the ice rattle in his glass so I got up to fix him a second drink. I massaged his stiff shoulder muscles.

“I’m sorry, Nikki,” he finally said.

“No need to say anything. Everything is fine.” Long ago, Carl had confessed his obsession with murder cases and we agreed to keep the work demons from coming between us. If my psychology training had taught me anything, it was that people could not control their obsessions. Carl didn’t ignore me in favor of the cases, I knew that the cases were not more important to him than I was. 

“This is really good,” he said, speaking of my homemade lasagna. He finished the last bite. “And you look sexy. Did I miss anything?” 

“Nope, I waited for you.” I was horny and the thought had occurred to me, but I had not masturbated. Carl didn’t care if I masturbated; he knew that it only made me hornier.

“Do you have something planned?” His mood was lifted.

Yes,” I said with a surge of relief. I put the stiff leather paddle, bondage tie, and ball gag onto the table. Tonight I was going to get my punishment for making the deal with Lenny. Carl wouldn’t know why he was punishing me, but I would. I chose the leather paddle as it would provide many stinging swats without hurting Carl’s hand. As I was not doing anything really wrong with Lenny, I did not select the hard wooden paddle. That would have been too much punishment. The ball gag was so that I could scream my heart out without annoying the neighbors, and the bondage tie was for the emphasis that this was a discipline spanking and not foreplay. If Carl never found out about my working with Lenny, this discipline would be my atonement. However, if Carl did find out – well, there would be more punishment to come. 

Carl picked up the ball gag and I leaned my head back with my lips parted. With one finger pressing down on my chin, to open my mouth wider, he slipped the ball into my mouth, over my tongue, and behind my teeth. He fastened the strap behind my head. The ball had holes in it to allow me to breathe through it. However, it held my throat open so that any screams were muted to a simple rush of air. I raised my wrists toward him with my palms together. He folded the supple leather bondage tie in half and looped it around my wrists. Passing its two free ends back through the loop, he pulled it snug. He wrapped one of the free ends between my palms, and around back up between my elbows. The other free end was wrapped the opposite direction. Thus, he completed the knot, binding my wrists firmly, but not painfully together.

With a tight grip on my elbow, he lifted me to my feet and pulled me to the couch. He eased me down over the arm of the couch until my elbows were supporting my torso on the seat cushion. Being only five-foot, four-inches tall, my toes dangled an inch or so above the floor. He pushed the short nightdress up to expose the frilly panty covering my bottom and most of my bare back. My spanking began with mild hand swats on the panty. These were only indicators of what was to come as Carl warmed up. His mood continued to brighten and he tugged the panty down until it fell free of my feet. My bare bottom endured the firm stinging swats, although still from Carl’s bare hand. My clit awakened and she too was pleading for attention. My labia swelled as my flower opened and my moisture flowed.


I squirmed and squealed as Carl’s stinging discipline became earnest. Since my feet didn’t touch the floor, I was helpless to shift from my position. My bottom could do nothing but endure the ever increasing intensity of Carl’s spanking swats. The gag effectively muffled my cries as each swat stung more than the previous one. I couldn’t see it, but I knew that my bottom was a bright red when Carl finally picked up the leather paddle. His hand must have started to hurt.

The burst of flame caused by the first paddle swat elicited a muted scream from me. I began to earnestly plead for mercy. Ignoring the unintelligible sounds oozing around the gag, Carl paddled me unabated. Despite my inflamed bottom, my pussy was also screaming and pleading to be touched. The moisture from my sex entrance had begun to flow freely. The river flowed over my clit, teasing it.  The agony attacked me from both front and rear. 

My body demanded an orgasmic release. I pressed my face into the couch cushion so I that I could reach my hands down to give my clit the release she demanded. With my hand bound in front, I couldn’t use them to protect my bottom, but I could touch myself. Just as my fingers touched my hard nub, Carl gave an extra hard smack. 

“No, you will wait for me!” 

I withdrew my fingers an inch or two. I wanted them close to my sex, and ready the moment Carl gave me permission to come.

Either I had gone numb, or Carl was showing mercy. I didn’t imagine that he had weakened. Nonetheless, the sting of his swats lessened. Another half-dozen and he stopped altogether. 

This is just the beginning 

Carl’s hand scooped the moisture up from my sex to my bottom—to my pucker hole. His fingers pressed my juice inside my most private entrance. His other hand released his belt and he stepped out of his pants. His thumbs pressed between my sore bottom cheeks, to open my folds. The tip of his hard-on pressed first against my anus, but it smoothly slid down my slit to tease my clit.

“Don’t come,” he said, as I press my button against his firm member.

Returning to my womanly entrance, he entered me. I was soaking wet and he easily slid fully inside my channel with a single thrust. Instantly, the fullness of his erection pushed me to the brink. I was afraid that I would come without addition stimulation—without Carl’s permission.

“Okay, now come.” 

Carl’s breath pulsed along my neck as he partially withdrew, and thrust again. This time, he pressed his erection hard against my G-spot. My fingers reached for my clit to squeeze it. Before I could touch myself, I exploded with a pleasure tidal wave surging from head to toe. Were it not for the gag, I would have broken a window with my scream of ecstasy. 

Carl did not come. My cunny squeezed around his shaft, but I didn’t feel its familiar jerks. He was waiting for something else. When my waves of pleasure ebbed, and my pussy released her grip, then Carl gently withdrew. His tip slid an inch upward and touched my second entrance.

This is discipline and naughty girls get their come in the butt. 

Still covered with my wetness, Carl easily slipped into my tight hole.

“Arguh,” I groaned with the pain-pleasure of being stretched by his swollen cock. Carl’s orgasmic pump was primed and I felt his erection twitch within me as his semen flooded my back channel.

I orgasmed again! My second orgasm was a mild one, but the ripples of pleasure paralyzed me, if only for a moment. Carl’s penis continued to spasm with dry heaves a few more times, and then he became motionless. Still deep within me, he held my sore bottom with his hands. His breath came out in short quick pants. After only a moment, he released the strap holding the gag and I pushed it out with my tongue. I filled my lungs with a much needed deep breath. 

For what seemed like several minutes, we remained motionless, panting. When Carl withdrew from within me, he raised me from the couch arm. Sitting on the couch, he pulled me into his lap. Snuggling tightly against his chest, I was small and secure, protected by his powerful arms. 

Lenny can’t get me here.

“So,” he whispered, “what naughty thing did you do today that deserved my discipline?” He, no doubt, expected me to confess to another speeding ticket.

“Oh, nothing.” This was not exactly a lie as the meeting with Lenny had been on the previous Sunday. “I was just in the mood and I thought you could use some stress relief.”

He grunted, indicating that he didn’t believe me, but was willing to drop it.



“I have to tell you, that was the most powerful orgasm I’ve ever ever had. You are one powerful lover!”

He grunted again, but this time there was a hint of a chuckle behind it. He continued to hold me warm and safe as my body slowly returned to normal. I leaned back and held my wrists up for him to release them. Without a word, he untied the bondage strap. Getting up, I collected the gag and paddle, and then put the toys away in their box in the bedroom closet. Returning from the bathroom with a warm wet washcloth, I placed a foot on the couch beside Carl and opened myself. He watched as I washed myself, front and back. Then, I knelt between his thighs to wash him. 

I cradled his cool, soft penis in my hand and gently kissed it.


I looked into his eyes. His fingers caressed my chin. I crawled up into his lap as he brought my face closer. He kissed me and entered my mouth with his tongue. He gently sucked my tongue before releasing me. 

“Whatever you did, I love you, but I can’t forgive you until you tell me about it,” he said.

I gave him a quick kiss and said, “I love you too.” But, I didn’t confess that I had a meeting with Lenny.  Instead, I attacked the wet spot on the arm of the couch. “I’m going to have to get some upholstery cleaner for that,” I said, after a few moments of failed attempts. 

Carl chuckled. 

I put away the leftovers, loaded the dishwasher and cleaned the kitchen.  “Come on to bed,” I said, tugging on his hand.

“You go ahead. I’ll be there in a minute.”

Taking off the remains of the tiny night dress, I wadded it together with the soaking panty and placed the bundle into the dirty clothes hamper. I crawled nude into the bed and waited for him. After a few minutes, I heard the clink of ice in a glass as he made himself another drink. Frowning, I knew he would not be coming to bed. His thoughts had returned to his current murder case as his restless mind sorted through the catalogue of evidence and case details. Sometimes he talked about the cases with me, and sometimes he didn’t. I’ve learned that if he didn’t initiate a discussion about the case, he would not welcome my intervention.

I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep alone.

Sometime during the night, I awaked from a bad dream. Carl was asleep beside me and I snuggled against his warm back. I wished would he roll over and hold me as I pushed the vivid dream from my mind—being forced to give Lenny a blow job as punishment. In the dream, Emil had pinned my wrists behind my back with one of his massive hands and gripping my hair with the other. He had been forcing me to my knees between Lenny’s thighs as I took his erection into my mouth. All the while I had been wondering if Emil was simply providing the muscle, or if he was in line to be next. 

I certainly had no desire to service Lenny, and I desperately did not want to have anything to do with Emil. However, it was not the simple idea of being forced to give Lenny oral sex that was so disturbing.  I enjoyed giving blow jobs and I adored the intimacy of pleasuring Carl. Rather, the agony was that Lenny’s punishment was be a devastating violation of my committed relationship with Carl. 

I contented myself by pressing my face against Carl’s back and filling my mind with an image of waking him up with a surprise blow job. I would let Carl sleep, but this was how I would wake him in the morning. 

No doubt, he will reciprocate.

I closed my eyes and fell to sleep – safe and snug with my lover.

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