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Stranded With Charlotte

By: Mark S. R. Sterling
Published By: Sterling Publications
Copyright: Copyright ©2016 by Mark S. R. Sterling All Rights Reserved
Five Chapters / 29,000 Words
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Sometimes the best path between two points is not the straight line. 

A voyage of self discovery awaits Jon Howard as he travels across the country for his mother’s funeral. Leaving his beloved Charlotte, North Carolina behind, Jon and his troubled psyche travel to Hawaii where his detested stepfather awaits. Along the way, both his soul and the airplane break down. To pass the time, his fellow stranded travelers each tell a short story of their own sensual discoveries. Through these tales, they teach Jon not only about sex, but also about life, love, and, forgiveness. 

Karen is not sure why she is attracted to the shy engineer. His gentle manners and the fact that he has a job are a welcome change from her previous lovers. When fate intervenes, and the couple finds that there is no room at the inn, they discover what truly binds them together.

Reality eclipses his dreams, and Jon discovers that the distance he has traveled has been much farther than merely achieving his destination. 

It may be too late to change the past, but the future has yet to begin. 

This story contains adult themes and is intended for mature readers. If spanking imagery offends you, do not buy this book.

 Flying With Charlotte 

“Twist the tail on this jet and let’s go!”

Quiet, Jon silently admonished Mikey, his inner child. Turning in his seat, Jon looked out the window to ensure that his luggage was being loaded into the plane. I hate it when my luggage doesn’t arrive when I do. 

As was always the case, he was not able to spot his luggage being loaded. Once again, he would spend the entire flight worrying about his lost suitcase. Returning his gaze to the plane’s interior, Jon settled in for a nap. Airplanes always made him sleepy.

Hurry up and wait; that’s what flying is all about. 

“There’s a cute one,” Mikey alerted him.

I’m tired, Jon continued to ignore his subconscious.

“She has red hay-er.”

In the aisle, Jon spied the woman working her way toward him.  She was a bit younger than he, around twenty-five years old. She was wearing skin tight blue jeans and a yellow, button-up blouse. The shoulder area of her shirt had ample room for her generous cleavage, but the shirt’s sides tapered to form a snug fit at the waist. Then, the tailor styled a fashionable flair to showcase her hips.  Her shirttail was not tucked into her jeans. 

“She had no trouble losing her baby-weight gain.”


The attractive new passenger was herding along a three year old toddler, carrying a baby, and towing a small rollerboard suitcase with an infant car seat attached.   The toddler was a pretty girl with a smile and auburn hair that matched her mother’s.  The baby was dressed in a blue onesey that provided the only clue to his sex.  The circus worked its way past Jon.

“How’s her butt?”

Jon swiveled his head to follow the parade.  Her blouse’s tail covered most of her rump, only the round bottoms of her cheeks were visible.  I can’t tell for certain, but I bet it’s a fine one, Jon finally gave-in and answered his horny, juvenile inner voice. 

The parade stopped two rows back, and the woman used her knees in an attempt to prod the girl into the row of seats while retaining control of the luggage and baby in her hands.  The girl wanted to continue onward.  The adjacent passengers had taken their seats and the aisle was clear for several rows. So, she made a break and marched onward.  The woman abandoned the luggage, which fell over, and gave chase. A game had begun.

“Help her,” the subconscious voice goaded Jon.

He unbuckled and stepped out into the aisle.  Pulling the suitcase back upright, he detached the car seat and placed it into the adjacent seat just as the woman returned with the errant child, who was no longer smiling.

“Is-is this owa-one of your seats?” Jon asked.

“Yes, thank you.”

“Can I-I put this, uh-up there?” He picked up the suitcase and nodded toward an open overhead bin.

“Oh, yes, please. Thank you very much.”

After exchanging smiles with the auburn-haired woman, Jon returned to his seat. 

“Well played, Sir Galahad.  Did you get a kiss?”

Shut up and look out the window.

Once again, Jon settled into his seat and closed his eyes, imagining what it would be like…

“Charlotte, I’m home,” I announce, closing the front door following my long day at work.  Charlotte appears from the kitchen wearing my favorite dress, the one that gathers tightly around her waist.  The skirt portion is pleated and flairs along her legs. As her auburn hair flows around her face, she floats into the room and presents me with a welcome home kiss.  Then she says, “Dinner’s almost ready, Jon.  Carol has a new coloring that she made for you.  Be sure to make a fuss.”  She takes my hand and leads me to the kitchen.  Little Carol beams up to me, “Daddy, look at what I drew for you.”  I hold the drawing of a man, woman, girl and baby standing before a house flanked by a cat and a dog.  Both the woman and the girl have auburn hair.  “It’s so beautiful,” I lean down and kiss the girl’s forehead. She beams upward again.  Jon Junior giggles and shakes his rattle while sitting in his highchair, clearly impatient for his dinner.  I kiss his forehead too.

The airplane seat shook abruptly and Jon opened his eyes to see a very large man dropping into the aisle seat adjacent to his window seat.  The invader’s ugly face gave Jon a nod, and then he elbowed Jon while searching for his seatbelt.  He buckled in as the stewardess announced that the cabin door had been closed and that the plane was pushing back from the gate. Then she began her speech about safety.  As instructed, Jon looked to find the nearest exit.  

Window exit, three rows back, he memorized. The row behind the auburn-haired woman. He imagined rushing to her rescue as the plane was being evacuated.

The airplane grunted, groaned, snapped, and popped with the familiar, but inexplicable sounds of flight preparation. The plane taxied to the runway.  The whine of the flap extension announced the final preparations for flight.  Jon glanced out the window to confirm their correct extension.  The plane came to a jarring halt, and the pilot encouraged the engines to full throttle.  Eager for flight, the passengers felt the strain as the brakes struggled to hold them Earthbound.

With a jolt, the brakes released and an invisible hand pressed Jon into his seat; the airplane gave him a comforting hug.  The plane did what it was born to do, and surged faster and faster down the runway.  This was Jon’s favorite moment in the whole flying process, which in general he hated.  The power - the strength - the confidence of the machine.  Jon wished he could feel so powerful and confident, if only for a moment as short as a takeoff.

“Up up and awaaayy,” the voice in his head announced as they took to the air.  The whirl and bump as the landing gear retracted put the final punctuation on the plane’s freedom from the bonds of gravity.

The giant man in the aisle seat pressed his seat backward and folded his arms, invading deeply into Jon’s personal space.  Jon studied the man and determined that he looked like Kevin, his stepfather. 

I hate him…

Jon recalled the old argument with his mother. “Jon, Kevin is your father now, in every way.  He loves you.  Would it hurt you so much to call him Dad?” He may have been her husband, but he was not Jon’s Dad.  He knew who his Dad was, or rather who he had been.  Jon had his picture.  Jon’s father died years before, in the Marine barracks bombing in Beirut; before Jon was one year old.  There had no pictures of them playing catch, or even one with the father holding his infant son.  The two had never met.  When Jon had silently refused to acknowledge his mother’s request, she shouted, “Go to your room.” Grateful to be left alone, he entered his sanctuary and closed the door.  Jon didn’t slam it; he wasn’t stupid.  Holding the picture of his real Dad, he knelt on his bed and looked out the window to the west.  The sun was low in the sky.  Jon watched the sky change from blue to orange to black. “We’re going to be just fine,” his inner voice soothed him for the first time, “I’ll stay with you. I won’t abandon you.” Jon studied the clouds and the myriad of objects he could see in their shapes.

The airplane’s flaps whined as they retracted. The pilot announced over the public address system his prediction for a smooth flight to Houston and an on-time arrival. Jon strained his neck to see past the Kevin-lookalike, to scrutinize the pretty young woman. She had the toddler girl settled in window seat, and the car seat between them. The toddler had the seatback tray lowered and was drawing a picture. The baby-in-arms was sucking on a bottle. 

“I knew those coconuts were full of milk.”

Damn you, be quiet.

The woman was cradling the baby boy as though he was breastfeeding and Jon wondered if he was the least bit fooled by the plastic nipple.

Jon closed his eyes.

“Charlotte, I’m home,” I announce closing the front door following my long day at work.  Charlotte appears from the kitchen wearing my favorite dress, the one that gathers tightly around her waist.  As her auburn hair flows around her face, she floats into the room, holding a cold beer which she doesn’t give to me. Instead, she gives me a moist, warm, welcome home kiss. Her pillow soft globes snuggle into my chest. 

“I’ve missed you so much Jon.” She glances into the living room. Three year old Carol is watching a cartoon movie and infant Jon junior is napping in his playpen. Charlotte’s face breaks into a devilish grin. “Carol’s movie has at least thirty more minutes, and dinner won’t be ready for at least twenty-five minutes. Jon has just fallen asleep.” Still holding my beer, she pivots and ascends the stairs toward the master bedroom.

She has missed me!

To ensure Carol is not disturbed, I tiptoe up the first few stairs behind my wife. When she reaches the top landing, her free hand reaches down for the hem of her skirt. Seductively, she slides her fingers along her tan thigh as the pleated material gathers. Her fingers don’t stop until they have reached her hip. A large patch of pink panty is visible. Her index finger tucks inside the elastic, her fingers retreat back down her thigh, this time, with her panty in tow.

For a brief instant, a patch of white bottom flesh is visible. Charlotte always wears a conservative bikini bottom when she sunbathes. She knows I like the contrast between her tan legs and back, and her snow white butt. This was what Playboy depicted desirable women to look like during my formative years. Besides, Charlotte knows that I like to watch her fanny turn pink. Not from sunburn, from a spanking.

It was just before she became pregnant with Carol that we discovered spanking as a part of our sex life. I had come home from work and after dinner she began the oddest conversation. “Jon, I really missed you today. I miss you every day, but today was extra special.”

“Extra special? How so?”

“Well, I was naughty. Very naughty.”

“What do you mean?” I imagined that she had a fender-bender, or forgot to pay some bill.

“I was in the backyard sunbathing. After a while, my skin got hot and I figured that I had had enough sun. But, I just wasn’t ready to come back inside. So, I pulled my towel over myself, as a cover. I closed my eyes for a short nap. That’s when my fingers found their way down there. You know,” she glanced into her lap, “down there.” I believe that my jaw dropped a bit and she went on. “My fingers just… touched myself. I giggled and squirmed and told them to stop. But… they didn’t. Instead, they found their way under the elastic. When my finger touched my… love button, well, everything just got all hot. That is, my lady bits puffed up and tingled.  Jon, I know it was naughty – mother always told me not to do it – but I just couldn’t stop.”

“You made yourself come?”

“Yes, twice.”

“That was naughty.”

“I know, but honestly, I was thinking about how much I missed you. I am ready to make amends.”

“Make amends?”

“Yes, you can spank me and then do whatever you want.”

“Spank you?”

“Yes, that is what mother said she would do if she ever caught me touching myself.”

“And then, do whatever I want?”


Sitting on the couch, I pulled her across my lap. Lifting her skirt, I planted the first spank on her pink panty clad bottom. I was surprised how firm and toned her butt muscles were.  She groaned and squirmed with my swats, but she didn’t cry out. I swatted each cheek in turn – back and forth.

“Not only did you do this naughty thing, you were outside. Someone might have seen you,” I scolded. 

I pulled her panty down to her knees and continued with firmer smacks on her baby-soft skin. I watched as the pale white flesh, framed by tanned legs and back, began to turn pink – just as if sunburned.

“Oh, please, Jon! I won’t be naughty again, I promise,” she squealed. However, her bottom had continued to wiggle seductively. 

“We’re not done yet, young lady.”

I watched the halves of her bum open and close with each impact of my hand. I increased the intensity and the flexing flesh exposed her anus. The tight, puckered hole had been off limits before, but this night I could have whatever I wanted.

“Oh, Jon… Oh, Jon!”

One final smack had exposed her pink puffy womanhood. She was wet.

“Very well, see to it that you have learned your lesson. Now go into the bedroom. I will be there in a minute to administer the second half of your punishment.” She climbed off my lap and, with her pink panties bunched around her knees, she hobbled to the bedroom. I retrieved a beer from the kitchen and imagined how my rod would feel nestled in her tight entrance.

Approaching the bedroom, I had found her panties in the hallway, her dress across the bedroom door’s threshold, and her bra on the floor at the foot of the bed. She was under the covers, on her back, eyeing me.

I pulled the bedcover away to expose her beautiful body, naked as nature intended.

“Roll over,” I commanded and she complied. I took the two pillows from my side of the bed. “Put these under your hips.” Charlotte scooted over, on top of the pillows. Her rosy bottom held high. “It looks like you have a nasty sunburn,” I had said as I gently caressed her derriere. She giggled. “Your mother told you that naughty girls get spanked, but she probably didn’t tell you that naughty girls take their husband’s cocks in their bums.”

Her giggling ceased. Looking over her shoulder, her eyes warily examined me. I opened her cheeks and touched my finger to her clenched hole. 

“Relax for me, and let’s get this punishment behind us. I push my digit into her behind’s entrance. 

“Oh please, Jon, your manhood is so, so big. I don’t think I can take it.”

“If you relax, you can take it. And, you’ll think twice before being naughty again.” Releasing my penetration of her, I opened the nightstand drawer and retrieved her lubrication. She had purchased this because of a TV advertisement proclaiming that it would add to her stimulation. I coated her inside and out while she squirmed and pressed against my finger.

Then I stripped and crawled between her knees. She opened for me and I pressed my boner inside.

She had been so tight!

“Oh, Jon… Oh, Jon, that feels so good. I never imagined it would feel so good this way – in the bum.” I continue my pumping thrusts until she screams with her third orgasm of the day. Only then, did I release my seed.

Returning from the memory, I glance to ensure that Carol is still mesmerized by the TV. Charlotte might have been naughty today as well. But, naughty as she may have been, her warning words about how little time we have implies that this is going to be a quickie. My attention once again focuses on her long, tan leg and fingers holding the hem of her skirt up at her waist. The fingers toy with her panty’s elastic waistband. Captivated, I watch her fingers drag her panty down. When everything, fingers, panty, and skirt hem, all reach her knees, she stops. Her legs are spread just wide enough to hold her panty in this new place. I become aware that she is watching me - grinning. Then she hobbles into our bedroom.

Taking the stair steps two at a time, I follow.  She is standing at the foot of the bed. With her knees together, her panty has fallen to grace her ankles like a pink bow. She sits down on the bed. With her feet still on the floor, she lays back.

I silently close and lock the door.  Standing over her, I unbuckle my belt. She reaches to the head of the bed and retrieves a pillow. Propping her head upon it, she splays her arms wide as though her hands were tied to the corners of the headboard. 

Bondage, we’ll try that next.

I release my pants and let them fall to the floor. My boxers follow. Then I lift her skirt to reveal her light auburn bush. She keeps it trimmed, but only as much as required by her bikini. The white skin of her hips accentuates her curly mound.

She lifts and opens her knees. She tries to kick her feet loose from the binding panty, but it has become entangled in the straps and buckles of her sandals.  I watch her flexing, pink lady parts while she struggles. But, her feet remain bound.

I grip one of her calves in each of my hands to quiet her struggle. Leaving her feet entangled in the panty, I lift them to the edge of the bed, and spread her knees wide.  Her puffy, petal-like folds open. She glistens. My erection stands out like a battering ram. As I lean forward, my flesh touches hers, and I enter her soft, moist channel.

Oohh,” she groans in my ear as I lay down atop her.  Flexing my hips, I drive deeper into her warmth. Her fabulous love muscles grip my member as though it were in her fist.

Suddenly, reality intruded as an elbow prodded Jon ribs, and then again - harder. Reluctantly, he opened his eyes to see the ugly man seated next to him on the airplane. He was staring at Jon.

“Sir, would you care for something to drink?” the stewardess behind him asked, impatiently. She was twenty-something with a brunette ponytail. She bent over holding a napkin. Jon’s cock twitched when her blouse gapped, revealing the generous curve of her left knocker. Jon glanced down to ensure that his jacket was still in place over his lap.

Ya-yes, a light beer pa-please.” While reaching for the beer with his right hand, his left hand slipped out from under the jacket and lowered the tray table.  

Sipping the beer, Jon looked out the window as the blue western sky faded into orange. He studied the clouds; they looked different when seen from above

The voice in his head said, “I’ve seen the clouds from both sides now.  

However, Jon ignored Mikey. His mind’s eye returned to the flows of auburn hair belonging to the woman two rows behind him. My life is an illusion, without love.

An hour into the flight the Kevin-lookalike got up and headed for the lavatory. Jon took the opportunity to get up and stretch his legs. He walked a few steps aft. As he passed the young mother, she looked up and smiled. Jon paused and smiled back.

“You-you have two beau-beautiful children.” Both the boy and the girl were asleep, radiating innocence. 

“Thank you, they are a handful.”

“Is Houston your de-destination?”

“No, we are traveling onto Los Angeles.”

“Ah, I’m on my-my way to Hawaii.”

“That sounds like fun.”

“Yes, I’m sure it will be, ba-but it is a-a business trip. Do you li-live in Charlotte?”

“No, we’ve been visiting my parents. We live in LA. Do you?”

“Charlotte, yes.”

She nodded one of those I’ve-had-enough-of-you nods, and Jon continued a few more steps along the aisle.

“Excuse me,” a thin young man with thick, curly hair asked, “did I hear you say you are flying on to Hawaii?”

“Yes, Kauai actually.”

“That’s so cool, so are we. It’s our honeymoon.” Jon’s eyes drifted to the man’s bride. She was blond with her hair pulled back in a ponytail. Her eyes were closed as she listened to her music player. She appeared to be unaware that her miniskirt had ridden up her thighs to expose most everything. 

Wow, what a delicious drink of water,” Mikey exclaimed his approval. Jon leaned on the seatback and caught sight of a sliver of white panty between her thighs.

Returning his eyes to the man, he continued, “I’ve been there several times before, if you would like me to give you some pointers.”

“Oh, thanks, but I’m keeping everything a surprise from her.” 

Jon’s giant seat mate reappeared. Jon hustled back to get into his seat before the man filled all of the available space. Closing his eyes, Jon imagined being on a honeymoon… 

I place my hand on Charlotte’s bare leg. When I’m sure no one is watching, I slide my fingers up under her miniskirt to her soft, cotton panty.

Nooo,” Charlotte whispers, pulling my hand out from underneath her miniskirt.

“No one can see us.” I whine. “Besides, it’s our honeymoon.” My fingers retrace the path along her silky thigh until I touch her panties. I knead my fingers into her puffy mons. She turns and presses her face into my neck.

“Stop that right now,” she slowly whispers. But, this time she does not pull my hand away. She moans and opens her thighs.


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