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My Dominic

By: Jaye Vasquez
Published By: Blushing Press
Copyright: ©2016 by Blushing Books® and Jaye Vasquez
22 Chapters / 57,000 words
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Jenna Avery is fierce and independent. With a promising legal career and a place of her own, a steamy romance with her gorgeous client, Dominic James, is just what her life needs.

But Dominic has a secret.

When a partner at her law firm starts harassing Jenna, she is caught between keeping her mouth shut and not risking her chance for promotion… or telling her boss, and risking her career. Can her career and her relationship survive the struggle?


Natalie, my younger sister, and I are on the bus on the way to school.

"Hey Jenna," I hear him say.

I look up and it’s Dominic James, or Dom, as his friends call him. He is such a hottie. He is around my height; he's tan and has these green eyes that make all the girls in school want to date him. He has dark hair parted to the side and he just hangs around mostly to himself and like me has a handful of friends, but that doesn’t stop all the girls from crushing on Dominic, myself included. I move so he can sit.

"What’s going on? Why do you look like crap?" he looks at me and I can see he is concerned.

"I don’t want to talk about it," I respond trying to not bring this subject up now.

"You know, Jenna, I’m your friend. I’m here for you if you need me."

I look at him and tell him thanks.

"My dad left a couple days ago, hasn't come back since then. My mom is giving me crap every day." He looks at me and shrugs.

"I’m so sorry, Dominic. It sucks, doesn't it? You think your parents have their shit together and they are as clueless as we are. My mom told me her and my dad are getting divorced. It’s hard for me to accept it."

He looks at me and gives me a friendly hug. Although we don’t hang out all the time, when we do, he makes me feel so much better and I try to do the same for him. We somehow have managed to stay in the same elementary and middle school. It was not till last year that we started hanging around together and talking.

"We are here," he says as we pull up to our school. "Meet me outside the cafeteria during lunch. We can hang out and talk about our shitty day."

I nod and head off to my homeroom, but not before I turn around and see Dominic is still watching me. I smile at him and continue my walk to homeroom.

* * *

I wait for Dominic during our lunch period, and right on time, the little cutie comes up to me. We make our way to the huge courtyard across from the cafeteria and sit in a shaded spot. Dominic has a couple friends, but everyone knows him as a clown, or a pain in the ass. I see that but it doesn’t bother me too much. He starts talking. "So how is your sister taking the news of your parents?"

I look away to the other students roaming the courtyard. "It doesn’t seem to bother her. I guess she maybe expected it, or she just doesn’t care."

He scoots closer, and occasionally we get one of the stuck up "popular" bitches giving us a look like she was shooting daggers at me. We ignore her, even though it still bothers me. Dominic grabs my hand and I start crying. I am not popular and in the mental state I am in, the “cool” kids take advantage and recently I have become the target for bullies. Dominic, though, whenever he is around, takes me away from all of that. He tells me to ignore everyone and just talk to him if something bothers me.

 It’s not the chick that made me cry, but all the emotions that I have been feeling from my parents, and Dominic just hugs me till I calm down.

"So what happened with your dad?" I ask him, and pull away so I can look at him.

"My dad and mom weren't doing too good. He was leaving the house a lot. He owed a lot of people money, and my mom was drinking, and Dad didn't come back. He packed up and left."

He looks hurt, so I go hug him again tight. "I’m so sorry, Dominic, I’m your friend and if you need to talk I’m here for you." Lunchtime is almost over so I give Dominic a kiss on the cheek and tell him that he’d better make it back to class on time.

He turns his head to give me a return kiss on the cheek, but I pull away as soon as he does. He looks hurt but I smile at him and wave. He is still watching me, so I make my way to my class. I didn’t let him return the kiss on the cheek because he is my friend, and if I’m already crushing on my friend, and he kisses me on the cheek, I’m going to be in trouble and then who will be there for him to help him with his shitty days?

As I walk away, I look over where we were sitting and he stands, looking at me, then runs his fingers through his hair and he smiles. I hear him say loudly, “I will eventually kiss your lips, Jenna,” and then he walks away.

There are other kids that are way cuter then Dominic, taller maybe, but Dominic has this personality that makes him more attractive than the other boys in this school. Those eyes he has, every time I see him, it knocks the wind out of me, and that’s why I can’t let him kiss me on the cheek… or on the lips.

* * *

A couple months have passed since my mom told me about the divorce, and now I’m being pulled out of my school and being transferred to a different school, fucking great. After the big announcement, my grades went to hell, so why do they think this will be any better? I’m going to miss my friends! I don’t have many, but my handful of friends are true, and the one I will miss the most will be Dominic. He was going through his own shit and now I can’t even be there for him. The last couple months we hung out more at school and I was seriously crushing on my friend, and now what does it matter? I won’t see him again and he will probably forget me quickly. My mood is just getting worse and worse thinking about it.

Chapter 1

Seventeen years later


Thursday evening, I let Samantha talk me into going to a crazy party at a fetish hotel. It is not like the places you read about in books. This is a hotel with a huge amount of empty property around it. It was a crazy experience, and tonight is an introduction night. On regular nights, people will walk around in fetish attire, or naked, but since tonight is a beginner’s night, everyone is clothed so that people can come to the hotel look around.

They have a kink room where people can go and do their thing as a couple, or multiple couples at once, they have music going outside and alcohol. I decided that if I was going to survive this night, I needed to at least be buzzed. There are a couple people doing scenes, one with fire, and others with some other gadgets I couldn’t recognize. Samantha and I have always found the kink lifestyle interesting, but never learned much about it.

I am hanging around the bar while Samantha is dancing, when an older gentleman approaches me.

“Well, hello there lovely lady, my name is Andrew, and you are?” 

He looks like he could be in his fifties. He makes small talk and asks me if I’m into the lifestyle. I told him why I was here—just looking around.

“You know you seem like you would be an excellent submissive,” he tells me while he is drinking whiskey. I know because I smell it.

“Andrew, it was a pleasure meeting you but I’m not here to be anybody’s submissive,” I tell him and I make my way to leave. At this point, Samantha can find her way home. I don’t want to be hit on by a grandpa.

I get home and think about the men I seem to attract. I am thirty-two-years-old, and single, while other people my age are married and maybe working on their second child. I sometimes feel lonely, but if I am going to have a man who discourages my work, or distracts me, I would rather be single than in a miserable marriage. Samantha doesn’t seem to mind her single status; she actually embraces it. Maybe that is what I should do, instead of expecting relationship material, I should just expect fun. Maybe then I will feel less lonely and happier. I go take a shower and put on my favorite Victoria secret pajamas and lay in bed. I take out my favorite book and start reading till sleep finds me and I’m knocked out.

* * *

I am getting ready for work on a Friday morning, showered and hair done in a simple up do. I walk over to the closet in my white lace bra and matching panty to choose a simple white silk blouse, black slacks, and black boots to finish it off. While driving to work in the hot city that is Miami, I’m in deep thought. I’m thirty-two and working at a well-known law office as a secretary, have had a fair amount of relationships, but I’m missing something. People talk about this connection they have when they meet, this electricity and I’m not going to lie I get jealous of them. I have yet to experience anything remotely similar.

About a year ago, I met someone, and sure there was attraction and we had a good time. But nothing like what others have described. It ended in about a year, after I found out he had been sleeping with his ex. I wasn’t upset as I thought I would be. I never talked to him again but I never wished he would get hit by a truck. Okay, maybe just once or twice. Samantha was good at distracting me during those times.

I always felt that no matter how good the sex was with any man, there was something missing in it. I needed something more. I want a man to take charge and not be timid in bed. I want someone who isn’t afraid to manhandle me a little, and explore every part of me possible. Mind-blowing, take me and rip my clothes of kind of sex is what I am looking for. Handcuff me and have your way with me, and don’t be scared about hurting me kind of sex. A little pain never hurt anyone.

I drive up to work and gather my belongings, ready to start my day. "Hi Michelle," I say as I walk past our lovely receptionist. She just waves and shoots me a smile.

This job is nothing like what I expect. I make my way to my desk, check my phone for any calls.

"Ms. Avery, can you please come to my office?"

Ah, yes, our pain in the ass boss, the head partner in the office.

“Yes, sir. Be right there." As I make my way to his office, I wonder about what job he is going to throw at me. I have been working here five years. We work mainly with civil things—contracts, wills, etc.—sometimes we may luck out and get a well-known person to draw up some contracts for them. But in these past five years, I have never been giving the opportunity to move forward.

I have a paralegal degree, yet I’m here doing minute work. I understand the phrase “work your way to the top,” but this is years we are talking about. I probably do the same work as Michelle, and I get paid less.

I take a seat in Mr. Klein’s office. It’s truly amazing in here. His office has a beautiful view of the city, and his furnishings are all oak wood. It smells like "man." He is about sixty, I would guess, but still takes care of himself and his appearance and always smells good. I wait for him to take a seat and start.

"Ms. Avery, I called you in here because we have gained a new client. He has a business and is looking for us to build some contracts for some of his employees. His name is Dominic James, and if everything goes smoothly, he will continue to use us for his company needs. I am telling you because I want you to be as involved with this case as I am."

I sit there and wait. Why does that name give me butterflies? It sounds so familiar. I continue to think of the name, but I remind myself there must be some sort of catch or something in here.

"I know you have been working here for a while and have wanted to take on more responsibility. If this client works out I will be happy to make you a paralegal and take on the responsibility you have looked for. Along with that would be a raise, and I would assign you to one of our other attorneys."

I’m in utter shock. I just stare at him for a few minutes trying to let this sink in and I finally respond, "Yes, of course, sir, whatever you need with this case, I’m available. Thank you so much for this opportunity.”

He continues to tell me that the client will be in later this afternoon to start the process.

I go over to my desk after the meeting with Mr. Klein and get to work on the files that need to be put away. When I finally look at the clock, it’s a little after noon. I usually just sit in the break room and have my granola bar and diet Pepsi—I can live of diet Pepsi alone. I do take my time though and spend an entire hour in the break room. Uninterrupted, I think about how I got to this point.

I think back to school days. They were horrible. I wasn’t really a bookworm or smarty pants. I left school when I was in ninth grade. My parents were going through a very ugly divorce and it took a toll on me and my education. I decided to get my diploma through night classes and made up for my bad school days with college. That was a complete change. I was living with my mom when I was eighteen, and decided that the legal area was something I was always interested in, and as a paralegal, we are "the legs of the attorneys." I decided to go to school to become a paralegal and got nothing but A's and B's and went full-time never missing a day.

My mom and I did not get along, we argued with each other almost every day. Our arguments over the smallest things were intense and even at eighteen she scared me. She was a very bitter woman after her divorce and the fact she hadn’t been laid in a while didn’t help the situation. I got out of there as soon as I could. I started sharing a place with Samantha, and when I was hired at the firm, I decided to find my own place. I dated, but not so much it would interfere with work.

I met some pretty awful guys just looking for one thing. I was, okay with it for a while but it gets boring after a while. And now I am contemplating doing the just fun thing again. I was always subtle beauty, you know the kind that without makeup I look okay, and being five-feet-eight, I still had some generous curves. Men sometimes saw those curves and immediately saw "sex."

Eventually when I was done with school, I interned here at K & S. When my internship was over, I was offered a job in a starting position as a secretary. I have one good friend who stuck with me through everything, Sammy. I love her. She doesn’t live to far from me, and I have known her since childhood.

She, on the other hand, works for a local newspaper. She has more dates than should be allowed, but every Friday is our night to go out and let go of everything. I look at my watch and notice I have been sitting here for a while and head back to my desk. The new client will be here at two. I start to arrange a new file for the client and prep the conference room.

While I’m setting out paperwork, I hear Mr. Klein approaching but it’s not his voice that gets my attention. It’s the voice of whoever he is with, a deep masculine voice that sends a quiver through me. It sounds familiar. I try to shake this disconcerting feeling and I regain my composure as Mr. Howard Klein opens the door. Behind him is a tall man, I’m guessing around 6’4”, tall as hell. He is lightly tanned, dark hair that is styled with spikes and these beautiful green eyes. He is lean and very muscular and wearing a black polo shirt that seems to accentuate all the muscles in his arms and torso, dark jeans, and a pair of timberland boots. I can see the signs of a tattoo on his right upper arm… this man is a god.

I can’t stop staring at him. He looks and smells incredible. All I’m thinking is what he would feel like to rub my hands up and down his muscular arms. I’m drooling like an idiot, and yet, there is something about this man that is familiar but I can’t put my finger on it. I compose myself as the two men reach the room and Howard introduces the new client to me.

"Ms. Avery, this is Dominic James, he is our new client. Mr. James, this is our best secretary in the office, Ms. Jenna Avery. She has potential in moving up with this firm." I’m flattered by Howard’s praises.

I reach out my hand to shake the god’s hand, but instead he grabs it and gives it a nice chivalrous kiss. "Nice to meet you, Ms. Avery," he says as he stares at me.

"Thank you, Mr. James. Pleasure to meet you as well" When his lips touch my skin, I swear I almost combust right then. His lips are so soft.

"Please call me Dominic, Mr. James was my father."

I laugh and he is still staring at me. Did I have something stuck in my teeth? As I take a seat next to Howard, and across from the god, I subtly sneak in some looks at Dominic. This guy must be married and have a butt load of kids. If I had a man this hot in my bed, I would constantly be on top of him.

They begin talking. Dominic lets us know what it is he wants from us, and Howard goes through options. I take notes. We agree on the paperwork that needs to be done, and go through the steps. We finish the meeting, nice and short. When we are getting ready to leave the room, Howard looks over at me and tells me he is going to see Mr. James out.

I gather all the paperwork not noticing that Mr. James is walking towards me.

"Ms. Avery it was a pleasure to meet you. I hope to see you again," he says as he winks.

I hold out my hand and shake his goodbye. "You too, Mr. James."

I walk to my desk and the next couple hours go by in a blur. This man, this god, has left me in a haze since the damn meeting. I have never had so many sexual fantasies as I did during the meeting and after the meeting. I did at least find out during the meeting that Mr. James is not married (but he might have a supermodel girlfriend) and he has no children (that he knows of at least).

It’s a good thing today is Friday, and its Sammy and Jenna night. Six o’clock rolls around and I’m the last one in the office. I grab my stuff, lock everything down, and head to my car. I need a major distraction tonight after I met this delicious and unattainable man, at least unattainable for me.

Once I’m home, I call Sammy and confirm our plans. At nine, we are heading to a new club that opened about a month or two ago. I jump in the shower, shave, pluck, groom. When I’m done, I blow-dry my hair and rummage through my closet. I choose something a little sexy, something that’ll show off my curves. I pick out a gray form fitting, low cut dress. The material is soft. It has a slit on the right side and hugs my curves in the right places. I also pick some four-inch silver, strappy sandals to show off my French manicured toes. I head off to the bathroom to get my makeup done. I look at the mirror when I’m done getting dressed, and I have to say I look fucking hot. I need this. I need to distract myself from that lovely man that came into the office today. I would never be able to attain a man like that. He goes for supermodel types and I am far from that. I fix my hair one last time, and head out the door.

At eight, I’m headed to Sammy’s apartment once I’m there and she opens the door, she’s starring.

“Oh, my God, Jenna, fuck! You look amazing!”

I laugh and slap her shoulder. "Thanks, bitch," I tell her as I walk into her apartment. She is wearing a little red barely-there dress, and I wonder if she’s wearing underwear or a bra with that getup. I love Sammy, she’s beautiful. I am sometimes jealous Sammy was built different then I am. She is petite and has a nice rack on her. She paid for her rack, but she is able to pull off little outfits, while I struggled to cover my ass and tits. We take a couple shots of Grey Goose and call a car to come pick us up and take us to the club. We have no intention of driving. As the car pulls up on the curb where the club is, I pay the driver and Sammy makes her way out.

The line to get in wraps around the building, but luckily, one of Sammy’s friends has pulled some strings and we are on a list to get in. You can hear all the people in line complaining that we just got there and are getting in. It makes me laugh.

We head straight to the bar. The music is pumping, people are dancing and grinding. We wave to the bartender and he starts to make his way over to us. Sammy tells him she wants a vodka tonic with lime.

He looks at me. "What about you, sexy?"

I blush and tell him I’ll have a vodka and cranberry. If I weren’t still thinking about Dominic, I would have hit on the bartender. I am so turned on from earlier that a bumpy bus ride would make me come right now. We wait for our drinks taking in all our surroundings while I’m telling Sammy about what happened today at the office with "the god."

"Oh my God, Jenna, are you serious? On a scale from one to ten, how hot was this so-called god?"

I tell her he was like a 20 but she doesn’t believe me. We take our drinks and toast. "To an unforgettable night, Sam." I wink at her and down my drink, ready to get to the dance floor. It’s getting hot in the club already. It is extremely crowded.

They are playing some Pit-bull song that I’m not really into but I’m dancing to it anyways. We work up a sweat dancing to a couple more songs before finally making our way back to the bar and downing some vodka shots, now "to more sex," Sammy says.

Of course, she would say that, this girl has the mind of a guy. We down three shots and make our way back to dancing, the club is getting busier and now they are playing J-LO “on the floor.” Appropriate.

I start dancing with Sammy although she’s grinding her ass on some dude. The alcohol is kicking in and I lose control and dance like I have never danced before. I feel some hands on my hips and I keep dancing. I grab his hands and hold onto them, grinding my ass on his crotch. This man smells good, too good…


He smells masculine, with a hint of spice. I slowly sway my hips while I turn to this stranger and I’m taken back. Dammit!

"I knew I would see you again," he whispers in my ear.

I look at him confused, what a small fucking world. He doesn’t look nearly as shocked as I am. He has a fucking smile on his face.

Where did he come from? Sammy just noticed and is ogling the god. I walk over to the bar in utter shock. He follows, so I take the time to ask him what he’s doing here.

"This is my friend’s club. I came tonight to let out some steam from the workweek. Besides, I live not far from here," he says.

My buzz is starting to wear off and I see Sammy make her way over to us with a hot guy behind her, grabbing her ass. She is just giggling. I introduce Sammy to Dominic and she winks at me and whispers in my ear, "Oh yeah, he’s a twenty.”

"So, Jenna, are you seeing anyone?" He asks the question with ease like if he does it all the time, but look at this man. I am sure that women drop their panties the moment this man just looks their way.

"Why do you want to know, Mr. James?"

He tenses his jaw before leaning in and whispering in my ear, "Because I want to know if anyone else is touching that delicious body of yours, Jenna. And the next time you call me Mr. James, I won’t hesitate to take you over my knee and spank you till your squirming."

I stare at him while he takes another sip of his amber drink. I let out a snort and respond to his brazen comment. "Dominic, why would you be interested in someone like me? I’m sure there are plenty of women around here that would be up for a one-night stand with you. Aren’t there some size 0 women waiting for someone like you?" I stare at him waiting for him to come back with some smartass comment, but instead he continues with his amber drink. "Well, Mr. James, it was a pleasure seeing you here. I do hope you have a wonderful evening." I grab my clutch as I finish the last of my drink and leave before he can say anything else. I mean he did approach me, but I thought maybe he would put up a little more of a fight to get my number or something.

I look around for Sammy and I can’t find her. I check my watch and its almost 2:30 am. I grab my phone and send her a quick message. Hey, I looked for you in the club and couldn’t find you. I’m calling it a night. Talk to you tomorrow! I call the car service and make my way outside, and in no time, I’m jumping inside, headed to my place. As soon as I’m inside I stumble out of my clothes and into bed naked. I know I’m going to feel like shit tomorrow. All I can think is how his hands felt on my hips, the look in his eyes, his scent. I start sliding my hands down to my pussy. With my free hand, I grab my vibrator and put it on my clit. Maybe if I pleasure myself I will get him off my mind. I come within seconds and drift off to sleep.

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