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Colleen's Laird

Healer Series : Book Two

By: , Char Cauley
Published By: Blushing Press
Copyright: ©2017 by Blushing Books® and Char Cauley
Fifteen Chapters / 49,300 Words
Heat Level:
4.5 Out Of 5 (4.5 on 10)   |  Write a review

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When Colleen, one of the healers in Wolf's keep, is threatened, she tries to convey her fears to the lairds. Assuming that the threat is coming from someone in his clan, Rolland sends his trusted elite guard, Michael, to protect her.

No one will believe that Michael doesn't have Colleen’s best interests at heart until he savagely beats her in public and attempts to have her burned at the stake, labeling her a witch. 

Rolland, luckily, arrives in time to save her. Returning with her to his own keep to heal, the two finally admit their long-time love for each other and make plans to begin a life together, even though there are times when Rolland must take her in hand for her own safety. 

However, they soon realize that neither Colleen or her elderly mother are safe. Someone still wants her dead. But who is it? Surely it cannot be another of Rolland's trusted men, can it? 

Publisher's Note: A follow up to Amanda's Wolf, Colleen's Laird is a love story full of explicit scenes and stern punishments. Please do not purchase if this type of romance offends you.


The king sat at the long table, looking at the six men across from him. Wolf, the most powerful of the lairds was chosen to be the husband of his goddaughter.

As the king looked around him, he decided he was about to do the single most important thing to ensure peace between the kingdom and Ireland. He was going to put the most important person in his life, besides his precious wife, in danger.

His lovely Amanda was the only daughter of the queen's sister. She was taught healing in France. She was a small woman, not more than five foot, with long blonde hair and violet eyes. She was afraid, but she had known from early on, she was to help make peace between the crown and Ireland.

The king was hoping his goddaughter and Wolf would find love. Amanda could be a handful. He knew it would take a strong hand to tame her and not break her spirit. She was many things, but an angel, she was not.

The king held a meeting with the six lairds.

Wolf, with the strongest clan, Aron, the second, Rolland, the wise, Samuel, the playboy, Erich, the manipulator, and Isaac, the record keeper for all the clans—all powerful lairds.

He explained his plan in detail. He wanted a healer from each of the clans to come to Wolf's keep to learn the newest techniques of healing from Amanda. He wanted to blend the old ways with new ways, using the old family healers and the new healers. Each girl would learn from Amanda for six months and return to her own clan to begin practicing what she learned.

Wolf's sister, Melody, was to marry Wolf's most trusted friend, Aron. Both couples were to be married in the same ceremony.

They were married, had a feast for everyone, and later that night, their husbands consummated the marriages slowly and with care. The girls were given medallions signifying that they were healers, protected by both the clans and the king. The women who married into another clan to unite clans were given a ring and were also protected by the clans and the king.

Very early in the morning, all the lairds and soldiers started for home, riding hard. They split up to go to their own clans at the four corners. It didn't take long before Amanda and Melody needed to be taken in hand and their powerful handsome husbands were up to the job.

* * *

Within weeks, Wolf's keep would be filled with five new healers and their guards. Preparations needed to be made. Accommodations needed to be made ready. The first to arrive was Rose, who promptly fell in love with Joffrey, Wolf's second. Next to come was Colleen, a seer and a healer; she came from Rolland's clan. Then came Maria, who brought with her four falcons to breed, so when Maria left, she would leave two falcons at Wolf's lair. Maria had a strong bond with animals.

They all came with guards selected by their lairds to protect them.

They were all strong women but independent and needed strong hands to keep them safe. The guards were all entrusted by their lairds to punish their girls if they disobeyed and put themselves in danger. The guards' most important job was to keep their girls safe.

Wolf's lair was protected by the wolves in the forest. Each girl was taught the special whistle to call the wolves if they needed help. Wolf and Amanda also had a special whistle meant to tell the wolves to attack without mercy. The wolves knew when to attack on their own whistle or not. They took the protection of the all the clan very seriously.

* * *

Three months later…

It was a beautiful summer day. It was early summer; the days were warm and the nights were still slightly cool. Amanda and Wolf had taken a trip to the monastery to observe the work on the new hospital being added.

Wolf wanted to get Amanda away and to himself. It had been a trying few months in the beginning but things seemed to have settled down. There had been months of peace. Wolf felt it safe to take the two-day trip.

Amanda was anxious to see the progress. The king had written her, telling her of a French scholar who was willing to come to the monastery to teach them basic surgery. He would stay at the monastery for four weeks to teach some of the nuns who would be staffing the hospital, as well as the healers. He would teach them to do basic surgery, like removing an appendix. They would learn how to use ether more effectively. They would practice on a pig. He was also bringing more supplies from France—supplies like laudanum and ether.

Amanda had sent word back to the king that the hospital was on schedule to finish in the next week and everyone would work very hard to have everything ready for the scholar to arrive within the next month.

* * *

The sun glistened off the still lake. The water was slightly cool but so refreshing. Wolf had laid a quilt on the ground, along with some cold fruits and bread and cheese for a snack. The horses nibbled on fresh grass while the couple was in the lake, engaged in play of their own.

Amanda's hair was loose from its usual braid, floating behind her in the water as her head was tilted back. Her legs were wrapped securely around Wolf's waist.

Wolf was sucking on his beautiful wife's breast, teasing first one nipple and then the other, gently biting and dragging his teeth across the nipple. His cock was buried deep in his wife's tight sheath, lifting her and dropping her down on his rock-hard cock. His large hands cupped her bottom. The moans from his little wife were driving him on to pound into her.

Amanda's head was thrown back; she could feel the familiar tightening inside her core.

"Faster, Wolf, oh please, more, harder, please finish it." Her squeals of pleasure were getting louder and more anxious by the second.

Wolf reached one hand down to her throbbing clit and gave it a slippery squeeze that sent them both over the edge.

"Ahh, Wolf, ahh," she squealed.

"Shh, little one, you will scare the horses, I have you, Amanda, I will always have you."

He set her back on her feet as he walked to the shore and grabbed the soap and cloth. He walked back and started to lather the cloth.

"It is a good thing Melody made some of your special soap when we visited; I love the smell of the heather on your skin."

He began lathering her hair, massaging her scalp, rinsing. Then, he started with her beautiful face, down her neck and over her slightly fuller breasts, down to her rounded tummy, to her cunny, taking time to make sure it was clean, down her legs before he turned her around and lathered her back, massaging her lower back that seemed to be hurting her more often these days. He finished with her cute bottom, making sure her little star was good and clean, bringing forth a small squeal of surprise. Gently putting his hand on top of her head, he signaled for her to dunk into the water and rinse. She looked like a goddess coming up, the water streaming down her body. He lifted his precious wife in his massive arms and carried her to the shore, laying her on the quilt. He quickly grabbed his soap and cloth and washed in the lake. Then, he lay next to her to let the warm breeze dry their naked bodies.

They had let the guards go ahead to the keep so they could have some time to themselves at their lake.

Wolf knew the wolves were nearby; he could feel their presence. He knew they rarely left Amanda. The wolves had guarded his clan for generations, but these wolves had an affection for Amanda. She helped heal one of their own. Skelp was brought to her as a pup with an injured leg. She nursed him back to health. Skelp's father was the alpha of the very large pack that roamed the forest. They had only to whistle, for the wolves to come to their aid.

He lay on the blanket, gently running his hands over her extended tummy.

"Three months pregnant with my child and, still, you have just this little bump. My child inside, safe and growing." He bent down to kiss her tummy, whispering to the child inside, "Your mommy is getting quite a collection in her journal. She thinks I forget, but she is in for a good punishment when you are safely in our arms, little one." He looked over to his wife, who was smiling.

"Wolf, you worry too much; the nuns said I can ride astride, if that is what I have always done. You heard them say I was fine. I should do as I always have done. If you coddle me, it will make it harder when it is time to deliver."

"The nuns did not say you could gallop like the hounds of hell were after you. They said ride. Do not try to get out of this. You will write it down in your journal when we get home, with the other misdeeds you will pay for later."

Wolf looked up into the sky. "Hmm, the falcons are circling over us. You know what that means, don't you? The whole clan knows where we are and, I am sure, what we have been doing."

Amanda's face turned red. Wolf was amazed she still blushed so prettily. He chuckled as he helped her up, folding the blanket and packing the rest of the food.

"Time to go home, little Amanda."

* * *

Joffrey could hear the women laughing as soon as he entered the keep. He knew why they were laughing, too. He could tell by the coos and squeals coming from the circle of women. Women, who, by rights, had much to do, but Joffrey shook his head, smiling as he walked up to his own sweet Rose. He rested his arm around her shoulder, admiring how she looked with little Blake in her arms. The triplets were three months old now and thriving. Mira held wee Betsey and Colleen held little Brian.

Mira wanted to name the lass Amanda but Amanda protested, saying she had already picked out the name and since it was such a beautiful name, she should keep it, so they compromised. The wee girl was named Betsey Amanda.

That thought reminded Joffrey why he had come. He cleared his throat to get the women's attention.

"I see the falcons about five miles out. I am riding out to meet the Wolf and Lady Amanda. I will meet them this side of the village." The women all turned at his words.

Colleen spoke. "You have much to tell Wolf and we have much to tell Lady Amanda, so hurry them home." They all knew what was five miles away and had a very good idea what was going on there. They all would give them the time they needed.

Joffrey nibbled on the back of his wife's neck, turning her for a goodbye kiss.

"I will be back soon; I am sure they will be hungry and tired."

His eyebrow rose in the same way the laird's did when he expected something. Most of the ladies nodded and left to arrange a special meal as a welcome home. The laird and lady had been gone for over a month to the laird's sister, Melody. The lady, they had been told, delivered to Aron and Melody a beautiful baby boy. Mother and child were doing well. Aron, of course, was over the moon, as was Wolf. His first nephew. It was an easy as they come delivery, with no complications.

A month later, they went to the monastery to check on the progress of the new hospital at the four corners.

Joffrey couldn't wait to meet Wolf again and give him all the news. Truth be told, he was ready to hand the reins back over and spend more time with his wee Rose and make some babies of his own.

The falcons were flying high in the sky over the location where the Wolf and Amanda rode. Somehow, the wolves and the falcons each knew what their jobs were. The falcons kept track of them and the wolves protected them.

As soon as Wolf saw Joffrey, he smiled a weary smile.

"It has been a long journey, brother, please let us eat before we get down to business. Can you meet me in the study after we sup tonight? I know I have used you long enough but just a little longer." With that, Wolf looked down at his wife, wrapped in the quilt in front of him, supposedly sound asleep. Joffrey smiled a loving smile.

"Lady Amanda is worn out, she will be sorry she missed the girls with the babies in the bailey waiting for her."

Instantly, Amanda sat straight up. "No, no, I am not that tired."

Both men laughed. "You are a faker, little one."

Amanda smiled. She loved this man more than her own life. She loved Joffrey and Rose, too.

"Is Rose at the keep or teaching already?"

"She is at the keep and I think they are waiting anxiously for you before they put the little ones down."

Joffrey turned to Wolf. "Jacob is almost ready to move back home. Mira's sister and mam are all waiting to help Mira with the babies. The addition is finished for the babies. The animals and hay are moved and the fields are tended, but Jacob wanted to wait for your return to leave. Willie will stay in the stable in the room Mica had before he moved in with Tillie. He is learning very quickly, according to Mica. He says he can take more days off now and depend on Willie."

* * *

As they entered the bailey with a friendly wave from the guard of the gate, Wolf and Joffrey heard a loud fracas. Joffrey sighed. "It is the two guards that came with Colleen and Maria. I wonder what is the problem, this time?" a frustrated Joffrey grumbled. They rode hurriedly up to the crowd and fought their way through it, Wolf taking in the fight.

"Hold," he roared. Everything became silent. When Wolf roared, you stopped. The two men, unaware of anything around them, continued fighting. Wolf grabbed one and dragged him away and Joffrey grabbed the other and took him the other direction.

Amanda stood with her wee hands on her small hips. She was barely five foot and lucky if she was a hundred pounds but she was the lady. She shook her finger at the men who stood around and had been watching the fight.

"You men get back to your business. I can nay believe you stood around and watched two men pummel themselves and did nothing to stop it. For shame, do you think me and my girls have nothing better to do than patch ye up because of foolishness? Be gone." She was done scolding. As soon as the crowd dispersed, she turned with her head high, her little nose in the air, and sniffed and walked into the keep to see the babies. Wolf and Joffrey both started laughing.

"Wolf, you haven't tamed the little lady yet?" one of the villagers commented.

"Nay, and I don't think I want to; I love her just the way she is." With that, they took the men to the stable, both of them the worse for the wear, both looking at the ground. To be hauled up by the laird was not good.

"Before I put you in the brig or have you publicly whipped, explain yourself. You first, your name and what caused this. "

"My laird, my name is Kenneth; I come from Samuel's clan of Mccaulough. I have come to guard Maria. I am one of Samuel's elite guards. This…" He pointed to the other guard "This is Michael, from Rolland's clan of McDonald. I overheard him telling some of the village people that Colleen is a witch. I do not think this man is a good guard for her." Before Wolf could open his mouth, Kenneth continued, "Nay, I think he means her harm and not help, and I doona like how he tells tales about her to the village folk. It will cause trouble down the road." Kenneth stood straight and proud, a big man, putting his arms across his chest.

"What do you have to say, Michael, and it had better be good."

Michael looked like an angry bear caught in a trap. "She is a witch, But Rolland sent me to guard her and I will guard her with my life, I don't like her at all, but I am the head of his elite guards and demand to stay and guard her."

Joffrey watched as Wolf called some of his guards. "Put this man in the brig. I will pick some guards to make sure he gets home, with a message for Rolland. Gossip like this gets out of hand too easily, I won't have the girls put in danger. Get him out of my sight until tomorrow. We will send him home. Until we receive another, please, Kenneth, can you handle the two of them?"

"Yes, Laird, I will, and thank you, I don't like the way he talked to her or about her."

Michael was taken away, shouting and protesting all the way.

"I should talk to Colleen and find out more about this. It confuses me why Rolland would send this man who clearly hates her. Bring her to the study after our talk. "

So much for plans, now to head back to the keep and his wife. As he entered the keep, it was already quiet. It had taken over an hour to straighten this mess out. Food and drink were waiting for him. When he asked where his wife was, he was told she was in their room, resting. Grabbing a bite to eat and hurrying to their rooms before his wife fell asleep, he quickly climbed the stairs. Too late, there was his beautiful wife lying on her side, sound asleep. Wolf sighed, shook his head and headed for the tub. He curled around his wife after his quick bath and promptly fell asleep, spooned against her.


A couple of hours later, Wolf felt his wee wife squirming around. "Wolf, I need to use the…" Her face turned red. She still blushed so easily. "I need to, you know."

Wolf rolled over so she could get up. He told her, "I will need to talk to Colleen. It seems Rolland sent a guard with her who does nay like her at all. He was found by Kenneth, telling the village folk she is a witch. I need to get to the bottom of this quickly. I am sending Michael home, in the morning, with a message for Rolland. He is supposed to know and trust his men. I don't understand but I will get to the bottom of this."

"I will take the rest of the girls to the infirmary after we sup. Wolf, you do what you must to protect us."

After sup, Wolf and Joffrey were holed up in the study while all the girls followed Amanda to the infirmary. Why would Colleen's guard do something so cruel? Colleen was usually quiet and so smart. Amanda told Maria about how the falcons and the wolves seemed to be working together. Maria smiled that beautiful smile that had Amanda wondering why she wasn't married yet. She had a way with animals that amazed Amanda.

When it came time, Amanda took Colleen aside and told her Wolf wanted to talk to her about Michael. Colleen made a face but nodded her head. She left for the study, carefully planning what she wanted to say.

Wolf and Joffrey both were waiting for her. Wolf bade her to sit as she entered. This room always made Colleen feel so warm. The furniture was masculine and the smell of pipe tobacco still lingered in the air, but there were feminine touches as well. The curtains were very pretty, not something a man would pick out. The office was clean of clutter and the desk shined with polish. The book case covered one wall, all the books neat and orderly.

"Colleen, we have serious questions about Michael. Why would Rolland send him with you and why does he hate you so? I am really confused."

Colleen looked down at her hands, twisting them. She cleared her throat. She was a small, young woman but used to being on her own. She began to explain how she and her mother were given a small piece of land and a house to live in by the old laird, Rolland's father. Her mother was a seer and a healer, just like Colleen. When Rolland's father died, Rolland naturally became the laird his father had trained him to become. Rolland's mam wanted him to marry. She thought it was his responsibility. The harder she tried to get him to marry, the harder he fought her. They had terrible fights until she went to live with Colleen's mother. He built them a house of their own just inside the gates and provided for her but mother and son could nay live together.

Rolland was very protective of his guards, proud of them all, and they covered for him when his mam lived with him, so he could go to the inns and get his women and she would not know. He became beholden to them and they protected him with their life.

Wolf kept listening, as did Joffrey. It was not yet making any sense.

Colleen continued," My mam and I stayed away as much as we could; what went on between Rolland and his mam was none of our affair.

Colleen sighed before she continued," I saw Rolland when he fell ill and nursed him for a couple of weeks. In that time, I am sorry to say he worked his charm on me. Not to say he did anything he shouldn't, but I fell for his smile and quick wit. I became fond of him and I think he became fond of me. Michael didn't like this at all. He saw Rolland every day and could see something was happening between us but he was jealous of sharing the laird. He started telling lies about us to the laird and Rolland believed him. It hurt to be betrayed by someone you trust and care for so I left to live with my mam as soon as I could."

Colleen took a deep breath and continued, "Michael was always mean. When his father was ill, they refused to send for my mam, saying she was a witch, until it was too late. By the time they called my mam, she could not save him. They blamed her and started calling her a witch to whoever would listen. My mam and I moved farther out into the country, away from others, back to our old home in the forest. When my mam told the laird, he would not believe the head of his elite guard would do such a thing. So, we both stayed away from the keep as much as we could. Rolland would never believe his guards would do anything he didn't want them to do."

She shook her head as she finished, "I was just as surprised as any that he asked me to come here or that he sent Michael along. I can't believe he didn't know how Michael treated us, so I must assume Rolland wishes me harm. I don't want to go back to his keep but my mam is with his clan. I cannot leave her alone with Michael. If you send him home, I will go, too, to protect her."

Wolf listened to every word Colleen said. "We will let you know what we decide, in the morning. In the meantime, find your bed and sleep. Joffrey and I need to talk about this."

As soon as she left, Joffrey stood up, running his hands through his hair in frustration.

"Damn it, Wolf, we cannot send Michael home, knowing what we do. That girl's mam will be in danger. Better he stays here and we watch him very carefully so he doesn't poison our people with his hatred."

"I agree, but in the meantime, I will send Rolland a message and a copy to the king. We can send one of the monks to do both. We will see what the king has to say. We will wait for a message back before we proceed, but we need to keep a very close eye on Michael and he must no longer be Colleen's guard. I trust him not."

Joffrey nodded his head. "It has been a long day, Wolf. I seek my wife and my bed. "

As soon as Amanda saw Colleen leave the study, she went to her. She put her arm around the girl.

"Seek your bed, sister, but first, I would like to ask you a favor. I am just dying to know and I know you can tell me. Please, do you know if I carry a boy or girl?"

"Yes, I know, but I will nay tell you. I will tell you it is healthy and will be born into the world screaming for all its worth, just like its mam. You will both be happy, that is all I know and will tell you, my lady. Tis enough, yes?"

Amanda nodded her head yes. She had confirmed she knew Amanda was pregnant. They had told no one yet.

The next day, Wolf sent his message to the king and Rolland, explaining what had happened, asking for advice. Michael was released from the dungeon; he was not happy when told about the message or that he was to stay away from Colleen.

When the other guards heard him saying things about Colleen, they ignored him or told him to shut up and went to Joffrey or Wolf, who would haul him into the study and berate him again. They gave him guard duty far off in the country, where he would be alone, just to get rid of him for a while. The wolves watched him closely, knowing something was not right with him. Wolf gave him all the worst jobs, jobs no one wanted—cleaning out stalls and the stable, much to Willie's delight.

Finally, the message from the king came back.

Wolf, Rolland must come and straighten this out. He must come to you immediately. I have sent him a copy of this letter. He must leave a trusted guard, not Michael, to hold the keep until he returns. Keep me informed. How is Amanda?

Will take care of it. Amanda just informed me she is with child. As you can imagine, we are both delighted.

He sent the message out immediately and prepared for Rolland's arrival. He would not tell Michael so he could prepare his lies. He would make sure he had Rolland all to himself when he came.

He let Amanda know to get the maids to prepare Rolland's room down the hall from theirs and Joffrey's and that this was to be kept a secret.

In the meantime, the girls were all excited to help Mira move back home, even though they would miss the babies.

They were to be baptized very soon, as they had waited for Wolf and Amanda to return. Wolf, Joffrey, Mica and their wives were to be god parents.

* * *

That night, the clan was all invited to a huge feast. Amanda was so excited Wolf had to threaten her with a spanking to settle her down. Not even Joffrey knew the reason, although Wolf suspected he knew. If Colleen knew, he could predict it was not a secret from the other girls and husbands.

Food was prepared and laid out in the great room. Food was also in the bailey so everyone from the clan far or near could hear the great news. As all who would fit gathered inside, Wolf stood and held up his great golden goblet for all to see. That was a sign from many years past and many lairds past that there was a babe on the way. The laird's great line continues, either lad or lass.

A roar was heard for miles as the clan welcomed the news. Amanda was shocked at how loud the cheer was and felt comforted that so many would be happy to have the news. The feast and party started. Ale was put outside in barrels for all. Music was playing inside and out. All the people were congratulating both Wolf and Amanda. The party would last most of the night.

Michael was out in the wilderness pulling guard duty around the forest, so another loyal clansman and guard could celebrate. No one missed him. He was not due back for a week and that suited everyone, including Wolf, who expected Rolland any day.

Wolf put his little wife to bed late into the night. She didn't want to leave and argued to stay, but a sharp swat on her bottom from Wolf's big hand convinced her.

Joffrey laughed when he saw the argument. Wolf had his hands full and so did he but they both loved their little wives.

Kenneth drank very little, taking his duty to guard both Colleen and Maria very seriously. At midnight, Kenneth shooed them both to their beds. It was about the same time as Joffrey and Wolf took their wives. The party continued without the healers. Surely, by morning, they would be needed.

Little did Kenneth know, but Colleen snuck back down as soon as she was sure he was gone. She wanted to enjoy the party a little more. It wouldn't hurt anything and she was an adult who could make her own decisions.

* * *

No one saw the large, handsome laird ride in or the falcons flying overhead as Rolland rode up in the middle of the party.

Rolland was a big man, well over six feet and muscular, in his early thirties. He had longer than normal dark hair and deep blue eyes. He had the build of a man who practiced sparring with his men often in the courtyard.

It was very late; he had ridden hard and long to get here and find out what in the hell was going on. He didn't like getting these kinds of messages. He was tired, dirty, hungry and mad as hell. As he strode into the keep, he got the good news and was fed and a cup of whiskey put into his hand. That took care of a couple of his needs. He looked around and, not finding the laird, sent one of the guards up to get him, while he sat and watched, enjoying another cup of the finest whiskey. He saw Colleen dancing; she had a cup of mead in her hands and was dancing with one of the younger guards. She was laughing with another of the guards, flirting for all she was worth. Rolland felt a pain around his heart but shrugged it off. What had he to be jealous of? It wasn't like Colleen was his. He had ruined any chance of that, long ago.

Rolland did wonder what was going on and where Michael was and why he was not guarding her. He had heard there was a problem but, surely, it should have been worked out. Michael would have told them it was not true. His guards would not do such a thing, and when he saw Wolf, he would tell him so. Why was Colleen alone now, at this time of night? A guard walked up to Rolland.

"My laird, Wolf, bids you welcome and has had a room prepared for you. Also, one of the girls is getting a hot bath ready for you. Eat, drink and all will be ready in a few minutes. I will show you to your room very shortly."

Rolland crooked his finger in a signal to come nearer so the guard could hear. "Why is my healer here without a guard? Is this how you protect your girls? If so, I will take her back where she belongs so she can be properly protected."

The guard turned around and saw Colleen dancing, drinking mead.

"No, sir, I saw Kenneth take her up to her room an hour ago. I will go get Kenneth and then come back for you. It will be taken care of in the morning, believe me."

The guard hurried away to find Kenneth. Wolf would not be happy about this.

Rolland smiled. He would take care of his little healer in the morning, that was for sure. He would dream of his hand on her bare bottom and the rosy glow. She had disturbed more than enough of his sleep the last year. She didn't even know he was here; that was obvious. He could hardly wait. When he saw her guard, he motioned to him before he could get to Colleen. He whispered in his ear. Kenneth nodded his head that he understood. He would have to face Wolf in the morning and he wasn't looking forward to this.

Rolland disappeared but not before he witnessed Kenneth grabbing Colleen's arm, leading her away, and scolding her every step back up to her room. He left her with her maid, threatening to wake Wolf, if she disobeyed again. But he did not tell Colleen about Rolland being here. That was going to be his revenge in the morning. He would warn Wolf but Colleen was on her own. He would have to face Wolf; that was going to be hard enough.

DB on 08/08/2017 09:54pm
I did enjoy this book more than the first of this series. To me this book showed more love and caring of Colleen from Rolland. Their love for each other grew as the story progressed. All the characters from the first book are in this one and they are a lot to keep track of but you will by the end. This book had a big mystery, loving/caring friends, spankings from Rolland (nothing to harsh), a very harsh whipping by the bad man - but he was taken care of!, new characters, witty dialogue, surprises and hopefully more books to come! 5 Big Stars
eva wade on 08/04/2017 04:57am
Great read. This has lots of drama and mystery. As with the first one there is spanking but this one also has some triggers of heavy wipping and
fires. The main characters get a HEA but the author definatly leaves you wanting more from the 2ndary characters
Dyane on 07/29/2017 04:51pm
I enjoyed the first book in the series but liked this one better. The plot is peppered with danger, intrigue, traitors, as well as loyalty, love, and passion. The main love story is between Colleen and Rolland, but several subplots keep the reader updated on the other characters in the series. It seems that all of the healers are strong minded with a hefty dose of mischievousness. But their men are vigilant to remind them of the consequences of placing themselves or their relationships in danger. I look forward to the next book in the series. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.
CC Barr on 07/27/2017 11:35am
Warning: It is recommended that you read this series in order otherwise you may be unnecessarily confused. The %u201CPrelude%u201D is complicatedly long, void of emotion and reads like stereo instructions as it summarizes Book 1 for the reader. The author has a creative storyline however you may need to take notes to keep up with so many characters. Book 2 (like Book 1) is written simplistically and contains short choppy sentences in a few sections which makes it seem unnecessarily rushed. Book 2 felt like it was in a race to finish, however it didn%u2019t sacrifice important details. I remain optimistic for the next installment by this author.
Sam on 07/25/2017 06:04pm
This is overall a good book but there were a few inconsistencies that earned it a lower rating. Colleen has plenty of reason to be afraid and distrustful after being beaten by the man assigned to guard her. Despite this she relatively quickly moves on and begins a relationship with Rolland. This book did have great supporting characters which makes me interested in reading more books in this series.
I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
Nancy Hughes on 07/24/2017 09:26pm
I don't want to tell too much, then it becomes a spoiler. This is the story of Colleen, a healer, and Rolland, a laird. He is dominant, and at times has to take Colleen in hand. There is plenty of romance with explicit sex scenes, spankings, and suspense. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.
Redrabbitt on 07/24/2017 11:41am
The plot will have Rolland saving Colleen, and both he and she will admit feelings for one another, which has both their mothers happy. Rolland will take her for his wife, but that does not stop the multiple attempts on her life. There are many who would like to halt the King's plans for healers and uniting the clans. He will learn that you keep your friends close and your enemies closer.
The story is full of mystery, suspense, betrayal, deceit, plots, attempted murder, angst, as well as new beginnings. Rolland will come to terms with his reckless behavior and realize it is definitely time to take a wife, but not just anyone, there is only one woman he loves, Colleen.
He will prove he will protect her, and discipline her when required. Their new marriage will come with plenty of angst and danger. Along with the happy, will be some sad times too. Thus is the way of life.
In this story, we will meet a couple of new healers and a surgeon that will help train the healers in other medical procedures. A few more marriages will also take place. The story includes many punishments, including one that was a beating done in hate by an enemy. The other punishments were all done within the guidelines of loving discipline. The sex scenes are explicit
Pettigg on 07/22/2017 01:08pm
A wonderful series! Colleen has tried to tell Rolland that his second in command is spreading rumors about her and her Mother. But he won't believe Michael would betray him like that, until he sees Michael whipping her in public and trying to burn her at the stake for being a witch. Rolland saves her from that but she is hurt badly and now has to decide if she can trust him again. The continued problems with his bodyguards certainly don't help the issue.
Joanie Miller on 07/21/2017 10:01pm
I love the background of this series, which was well-developed in Amanda's Wolf and continues beautifully in this book. The many characters are unique, deep, and realistically fallible. Colleen's story is an emotional one with suspense and plot twists along the way. Rolland is a dominant laird with a tender, caring side. Once it gets going, the romance between the pair is erotic and touching. The connection between the people and the animals adds even more depth to the story. The book was interesting and easy to read from start to finish. I'm eager to read the next one.
Margaret Corcoran on 07/21/2017 08:39am
A great addition to this wonderful series. The story is well written and interesting. All the characters are well described and developed. The era is vividly described. There are spankings of naughty sassy girls but lots of love and hugs. Colleen and Rolland both grow to love and support eachother. I received an ARC copy of this book and I highly recommend it.

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