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The Fire of Submission

By: Leanna Carr
Published By: Blackout Books
Copyright: ©2017 by Blackout Books® and Leanna Carr
Four Chapters / 28,700 Words
Heat Level:
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Jasmine Walker loves her husband but the emotional distance between them is increasing. Jake is sexy, successful and a complete bore. Their once incredible sex life is now nonexistent. Jasmine is successful in her career, sexy, and miserable in her very vanilla life. Longing to live the life of a submissive and a well-disciplined woman, she also yearns for the soft hands of a woman’s touch in her bed. The craving is something she believes she could share with Jake, but he wants no part of her erotic dreams. Divorce may be in their future. 

Her secret desires lead her to a special friendship. Luciana Darcet is powerful, rich and very dominating. Jake isn’t a stupid man and establishes his own relationship with the Domme. An afternoon adventure begins an amazing journey, allowing Jasmine to experience her ultimate fantasy by having her darkest needs met. 

Will a change in their dynamic create a permanent rift between the couple or will it be a permanent addition? Can Jake overcome his doubts and give Jasmine what she desires most? Can Jasmine continue to be married to Jake if he cannot fulfill her needs? 

Publisher’s Note: This romantic, steam-filled journey is for adults only. It includes elements of explicit sexual scenes including f/f, discipline of an adult woman, elements of BDSM, and adult language. If any of these elements offend you, please do not purchase.

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Chapter One

“So, what are you getting the big J-man for your anniversary, a blow job under his desk? Maybe a pair of handcuffs to entice the dud?” Her sparkling laughter filtered in the small space moments before the buxom redhead turned up the pulsing disco music.

“You’re so bad! God! I… hell, I don’t know,” Jasmine Walker hissed as she glanced out the passenger window, but Gina was right. Her sexy but uptight husband had turned into a dud lately. Then again, maybe they both had. What in in the world could she give Jake to spice things up again? Married nineteen… correction, almost twenty years, they had certainly experienced their shares of ups and downs like every attached couple, but lately they barely talked and hadn’t made love in almost a year. She loved him. Sure. She did. Then you need to tell him every once in a while. 

“You make his birthday event sound like a day at the dentist, complete with a root canal.” Gina gave her a heated look.

“I know.”


“What’s that supposed to mean?” Jasmine demanded.

Gina tilted her head. “You have the most gorgeous husband of any of our friends. Drop dead sexy if you ask me. Why not a pair of handcuffs?”

She adored the way her best friend teased, but she had no response that didn’t sound jaded. Yes, Jake was insanely good looking. No, the man was gorgeous and all her friends thought he was  all-that-and-a-bag-of-chips. Tall and lanky with sandy blond hair, cerulean blue eyes and a carved body, it had been his enthralling Aussie accent that grabbed her the moment she met him that wild night in a bar. She and Jake had partied until dawn after dancing to every wicked number the later 80’s offered and somewhere in the middle of the night’s sultry events they fucked like wild animals in the club’s bathroom.

Then again, she knew exactly what she craved, complete domination. She longed for Jake to force her to submit to him, at least in the bedroom, but Jake’s difficult past kept him wary of turning into his suffocating mother. While they had explored many kinky things during their years together, she’d stopped asking to become a submissive and now their relationship was suffering from denial and boredom. But the memories were sweet indeed  . Mmm.Wiggling in her seat, Jasmine knew she wanted an intense session of spanking. She could envision her naked body draped over his knee trying to be a good girl while he wielded a brush or paddle, whipping her with long, hard strokes until he determined she had enough. Fanning her face, the thought was delicious and forced her pussy to clench.

“You’re chuckling.” Gina sniffed as she jerked the car into a parking lot and stole a gaze in Jasmine’s direction. “And you’re flushed.”

Jasmine shrugged. Whew! She was hot all over. “Yeah. I was remembering the first night I met Jake. I was head over heels in love.”

“You mean in lust, girl. You forget, you told me about that shameless night of sucking him while… I think you said ten people looked on.” Throwing the gear into park, she turned off the engine and licked her lips.

Jasmine growled and eyed her best friend of twenty plus years. “Yeah. Okay,” she giggled and slid a single finger into her mouth. “And let me tell you, no man ever tasted so deliciously tangy, yet sweet. I could have sucked his thick cock for days.”

“Why didn’t you then?”

“Management threatened us. Something about calling the police finally jerked the sinful adventure to a halt.” Jasmine gave the voluptuous woman a daring gaze and grabbed her purse. “So, what’s up for this hot little event? I’ve never been to this club.” Glancing across the shadowed parking lot at the pulsing tangerine neon sign, she sighed.  Naughty Naughty was only the hottest club in town and, in truth, one she had longed to carouse for months. Unfortunately, Jake didn’t care about her after hour needs. After all, they were well-respected business people now, considered conservative and the perfect couple.  Yeah right.

Gina burst into laughter and poofed her hair. “Let’s just say this, Teesha says the club is anything goes where the erotic meets kinky and not only is there a Chippendale’s show, supposedly the entire male wait staff take to the stage to entice us. Sounds scandalous and scrumptious to me. Think of it this way, if nothing else we’ll all have a wonderful time ogling men and drinking way too many delicious cocktails. Besides, it’s a bachelorette party. We have to send Teesha off in fashion with this hunky man she’s found to whisk her off her feet.”

“Joe is pretty darn yummy,” Jasmine admitted. Tall and muscular in all the right places, he was the epitome of a statuesque black man.

“Yep. Wouldn’t mind a taste of him myself.”


“Hey, just because you haven’t gotten laid in like a hundred years doesn’t mean I can’t get some,” Gina sniffed as she grabbed the door handle. “Don’t worry. I don’t poach my friend's treats, but a girl can look and want.” Her grin mischievous, she bounced out of the car and closed the door with a thud.

Their self-imposed abstinence certainly felt like a hundred years. When had they gone so wrong in their marriage? Fingering the silver locket, she sighed and thought about the card that came with the special gift. Jake was very good at surprising her with her favorite treats. A night out might do both she and Jake some good. Jasmine felt a shiver trickle down her spine as she glanced at the myriad of women and men gliding toward the entrance. It had been way too long since she had relaxed and allowed the completely uninhibited side of herself to emerge from her seriously conservative shell. As she climbed out of Gina’s car, she shook her head.

“You look dazed.”

“Just thinking about something Jake said to me.” You know what you crave. Find it and enjoy. I’m giving you a very special gift.

“Spill it!” Gina demanded as they walked toward the entrance.

“He’s allowing me a free card.” Jasmine could have heard a pin drop.

“What? I don’t think I heard you.”

“That’s what he calls it. For our anniversary, he suggested that I have a little fling.”

Gina stopped short and yanked Jasmine’s arm. “What? What did you just say? Are you freaking kidding me?”

“No. Jake’s not kidding and I’m not sure what to think about this gift either.” Jasmine sighed. While the thought stunned her and they had shared a passionate kiss simply because of the way he told her he loved her, the mere thought of having an affair had bothered her all day. Leaving her alone to get ready for the night hadn’t helped. Damn it, she’d masturbated twice trying to relieve tension and instead, the sinful acts made her hornier than ever.

“Wow! He loves you girl. I can see by that look on your face you’re terrified, but think about it. What if this kick starts the passion you guys shared again?”

“How’s it going to do that if I have an affair with a hot stud?”

Gina laughed and tugged them forward. “Silly girl! You know how men are. Jake will get jealous and that’ll make him hunger for you more. Maybe he’ll start doing all those wicked things he did when you two were first together. Then again, maybe I’ll see that sparkle of wickedness in the girl I used to know again. It’s been too long.”

“Grr… I don’t know, Gina.” But it had been too long.

“Why don’t you just sit down and have that talk with him.”

“What talk?”

Gina huffed. “I know you too well, remember? The one about exploring the wild side of BDSM.”

Jasmine flushed and gulped. The extreme concept regarding what she envisioned night after lonely night certainly wasn’t public knowledge. In truth, she was terrified her friends would think she was kinky and weird. “I…”

“Oh, stop it! You spilled your guts over a martini at a bar years ago, girl! Besides, I’ve been known to enjoy being tied up and flogged more than once.” Gina fanned her face and gave Jasmine a shameless grin.

Jasmine giggled. “The secrets we harbor could burn down a house.”

“Or light its fire. Look, Jake knows what you want and he’s willing to give kink a try to keep you. I think that’s pretty damn amazing.”

“How do you know that?”

Gina shook her head. “You get nothin’ out of this girl except I know.”

“I need to know.” They’d talked, argued, ignored and shoved the very idea under a thick rug more than once. There was no way Jake would be able to tolerate any level of BDSM.

“No. I’m not betraying any confidences. All you need to know is that he’s serious and he adores you.”

Exhaling, Jasmine studied the club, allowing her mind to wander. What if she could enjoy an incredible experience then share every detail with him? What would Jake really think? Would they be able to share their own experience? There were too many questions. “I have far too many reservations.”

“But you’re intrigued.”

“Yeah, I guess I am.”

“Excellent. Then go with tonight and enjoy all it has to offer.”

“Why do I have the feeling I’m being set up here?” Jasmine thought about how many nights she’d imagined being tied up and taken by Jake and by another woman, completely and utterly dominated. She read every highly erotic book and blog about the art of S & M and head of household she could find and was left dazed and hungry and needing more. So much more.

“I can see you’re getting excited. It’s about damn time. You want to try the lifestyle, admit your desire at least to me if not to Jake.”

Jasmine nibbled on her bottom lip. “Shit! Okay, I admit that a fire of submission burns deep within me, but Jake can’t handle being a dominating man. Not with his mother’s wretched behavior toward his father.”

“You underestimate him, girl.” Gina scanned the myriad of customers heading for the entrance to the club. “If you don’t do something to break the monotony, you’ll lose not only your relationship but yourself. I don’t want that to happen.”

“I don’t know, Gina. Opening up about what I want is something I haven’t been able to do for a long time.”

“I know that, honey. I don’t think you’d even be going out tonight if this wasn’t a freaking bachelorette party. You’ve turned into a hermit. You know you don’t want to live this way.”

“I have not!” But Jasmine knew damn good and well she had. She and Jake almost never went out and while they blamed their long days and being exhausted for the reasons, she knew better. They had no idea how to make each other happy.

“Uh-huh. I can see the light of day finally dawning. How about this? Trust your instincts and enjoy the eye candy if nothing else tonight. You’ll know what’s right and if you don’t want to touch the merchandise, then just lust for a sexy hunk until you go home and ravage that God like creature that you sleep next to every night. Do something spicy for God’s sake.”

Jasmine chuckled. Gina knew how to turn everything into a good time. “Sounds like a plan.” Or a trip straight to hell. Shivering, she wondered if she could taste another and perhaps bring a ménage into their relationship and not just on a one-time basis  . No, you can’t think like this. She rubbed her temple, confusion furrowing into every corner of her muddled mind.

“Come on, girl. Time to let go of all your inhibitions. This snazzy little club could drag every wild desire out of you.” Grabbing her hand, Gina jerked her toward the neon lit entrance.

As they walked into Naughty Naughty, the sounds of pulsing disco music blasted from every corner of the oversized space. Luminescent lights in vibrant shades of fuchsia and chartreuse pulsed in time with the music and flashing streamers of color sparkled down in long strings from the ceiling, giving the entire club a feeling of electric heat.

Eyeing the huge crowd of customers, dancing and partying on several dance floors or hovering around sleek ebony tables, Jasmine inhaled deeply, catching the whiff of musky colognes and floral perfumes. This was exactly the kind of place she frequented when she younger. The smoky haze floating down from the ceiling added to the sultry ambiance, as the fresh scents of exotic spices seemed to waft from every shadowed corner of the room. “This is incredible.” As she drank in the sensuous atmosphere, gazing around the perimeter, she envisioned long nights of dancing and drinking until dawn, wearing her signature skin tight leather mini skirt and animal print stilettos. Her wild mane of hair and slinky scarlet tops had secured her look of wicked and wild. Those had been the days. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed a tall woman standing at the corner of the long mahogany bar gazing back and forth across the crowd and something about her sparked her nerves. While she was dressed in a tight black dress and heels, her air of authority clearly stated she had something to do with the club.

“I know. Perfect pick for tonight too and dear Lord, there are some hot little boys to play with in here. Yes indeed,” Gina cooed. “Look at the thick cock between his legs.”

“Gina!” Jasmine admonished and watched the stunning woman give directions to a bartender. She tingled as a flash of hunger washed over her system.

“Hey, I call it like it is. There are some men good enough to eat here, girl. I could drop to my knees and suckle one of these pretty babies.”

“You’re incorrigible.” Gazing down the length of the sensuous raven-haired beauty, Jasmine sighed as her pussy clenched. Shocked, she pressed the back of her hand over her mouth and felt the first trickle of juice slide into her panties. She was as turned on as she’d ever been. Blinking furiously, the shameless thought of peeling off her thin dress and lapping the woman’s cunt forced a scattered thump of her heart. Why the hell was she so turned on by a woman?

“You’re a fuddy duddy girl. Get with the program!”

Jasmine swallowed hard as her nipples scraped against the thin crepe material of her dress and every part of her tingled in anticipation of tasting her, licking her… fucking her.  Stop it! You love men. You hunger for men… you…But the little voice couldn’t lie. She had yearned to taste a woman for years. The few experiences in college left her breathless and dazed and while the single relationship she’d experienced with a woman had ended badly, the taste remained fresh in her mind, exotic and succulent. She and Jake had played on a couple of occasions early in their marriage, but even the infrequent events seemed mundane.

As the woman turned her head slowly, she locked eyes with Jasmine and studied her for a moment before giving her a sultry smile.

“I am. Very tasty indeed,” Jasmine managed as she fought the whimper threatening to give her lust away. There were various attributes about the woman that reminded her of someone, but she couldn’t quite put her finger on what or why in the dim lighting. Nodding to the sultry vixen, she slid her finger across the seam of her mouth involuntarily, pressing just the tip inside.

“Thought you’d like it. Come on girl, we got partying to do and I see our table right now.” Gina grabbed her hand and yanked her through the dense crowd toward the back of the bar.

“There they are! Thought you guys got lost!”

Jasmine eyed the lanky mocha skinned girl and the bride to be, forcing her lust filled thoughts in the back of her mind. “We were enjoying the views, Teesha. I see you have everyone at your beck and call already.” Laughing, she glanced across the expanse of the large table at the scattered presents that held an interesting mixture of sex toys.

“I see they couldn’t wait to open the treats either,” Gina hissed, picking up a purple vibrator. As she brushed her fingers down and back the length, she giggled and flipped the switch on the dildo. The vibrating whir fluttered across the table. “I’m going to assume we all get one of these.  Yummy!

“Course you do and I couldn’t resist opening a few naughty treats. Some of these are really going to come in handy too,” Teesha giggled.

“I don’t think you need any help with that hunk of a man you have,” the girl mused, wagging her finger.

“Now, now, Ginger. Toys always help,” Gina cooed. “Where are the drinks, ladies?”

“A pitcher of margaritas is on the way,” the blond purred.

“Glad you could break free from your acting class or from the acting boy toy you’ve been humping, eh Mandy?” Jasmine couldn’t resist teasing. After a long relationship of anticipating a marriage proposal, Mandy’s ex told her he was taking a new job in Switzerland and wasn’t taking her with him. The blond boy half her age she groped every day in a local play was perfect for her.

“You hush!” Mandy giggled and threw a handful of napkins in her direction. “Eric’s almost thirty so I’m not robbing the cradle but so much!” Tossing her long blond hair over her shoulder, she stole a glance at the small stage nestled in the corner of the room. “Squee! I think the show’s about to begin.”

Lights swirled around the stage, illuminating the raised platform in a dazzling blue hue.

“We got here just in time,” Gina huffed as the bartender approached. “They grow ‘em big and tall here. I love that. Love? Jesus, listen to me. I need one in my bed and my cunt.”

“Lord, girl, you and me both,” Ginger added.

Jasmine followed Gina’s famished gaze as she slid onto the barstool. The shirtless brawny waiter was indeed a delicious looking morsel, but as the beautiful woman approached their table, she fought to control the raging kitty cat. The Italian woman was tall and voluptuous with a stunning hourglass figure and striking midnight blue eyes. Her full lips were stained a deep ruby and the vibrant hue suited her dark complexion perfectly. Jasmine couldn’t take her eyes off her. As a flash of memories flooded her mind, long lunches and languishing touches, incredible fantasies that had filled Jasmine’s every night for several months, she fought gasping. Oh fuck, Luciana!

“Welcome to Naughty Naughty, a club that caters to all things wicked. I’m Luciana, one of the owners. I understand this is a special occasion?” Her voice raspy, she gazed across the girls before settling her look on Jasmine, giving her a nod of recognition. “The lovely Ms. Jasmine Walker, I thought that was you. I’m very happy to see you here. I wanted to thank you for everything you did for me with the house. The location is perfect for my rather unique needs.” Holding out her hand to Jasmine, she dropped her eyes quickly to her breasts, a subtle purr pulsing from her mouth.

Was the woman coming onto her? Jasmine opened her eyes wide. Remembering their heated conversations, she knew instinctively Luciana had an attraction for her, just as Jasmine did for the long-legged beauty that sizzled every cell in her body. She had no idea Luciana Darcet was part owner of the club. On her application, Luciana had listed accountant and her credit check was clean. As a matter of fact, the woman made a significant amount of money.

Luciana chuckled. “Don’t look so surprised. I had to do something other than accounting work. It was turning me into a drone. Besides, you must remember I enjoy spicy things.” Grasping Jasmine’s hand, she held it tightly and pursed her lips.

An instant flash of white-hot electric jolts swept through her body. Barely able to breathe, she tried to focus on what the gorgeous woman was saying, but the intense ringing in her ears kept her from comprehending a word. Hearing the pitter patter of her heart as the muscle thumped against her chest reminded her that she was in a room full of her best friends. They were women who had no idea she craved tasting a woman’s pussy, driving her tongue deep inside her slick folds until the sweet treat came in wave after wave.

Gina leaned in, a mischievous smile crossing her face. “Incredible place.”

“Why, thank you,” Luciana said as she held a perfect smile. “Dark yearnings are my specialty.”

Jasmine held her breath. Only Gina knew of her basic desires. However, the part of domination she kept from almost everyone had everything to do with having two masters and Luciana was the epitome of a perfect dominatrix. Ballsy and brash, the woman took no prisoners when it came to her personality. Jasmine had envisioned her with a long whip wielding punishment to the bad little girl kneeling at her feet. Shuddering, she fought the dazzling vision and steadied her nerves. “I’m sorry?”

“Mmm.” Luciana breathed, her voice silky. “Being a part of  Naughty Naughty is much more to the style of my personality and needs, don’t you think so, Jasmine?”

Jasmine opened and closed her mouth, unsure of what to say.

Luciana gave her a long, heated look before continuing, “I had the opportunity to buy in with a friend of mine and, in truth, I jumped at the chance.”

“The club is fantastic,” Gina said as she bumped Jasmine. “We’re having an amazing time, right sisters?” Chuckling, she gave Jasmine a scrutinizing look as she pushed a tall margarita in her direction. “Thank you for having our rather scandalous group.”

“Oh, my pleasure. We truly do cater to various types of proclivities and we love bachelorette parties,” Luciana purred as she took her hand away and smiled, her eyes never leaving Jasmine’s. “I just wanted to tell you how much I love the house. The space is everything you said it would be and playtime has become so much more delicious now that I have space to train. It’s truly a shame we didn’t continue with our fabulous lunches.”

Train? She knew from Luciana’s insinuations and pointed questions that training meant something other than for an aerobics program. “I’m so glad and I’m sorry we were unable to. Work just became insane at that point.” Why was she lying to herself? She’d run away like a scared kitty cat the moment their conversations turned into emails and phone calls late at night. Jasmine smiled but felt the corners of her mouth twitch as she remembered back to the two months they spent together trying to find the perfect house. And one that would allow her to bring home her treats.

Selling real estate had its share of ups and downs and given the state of the economy, her income had plummeted from the once high that afforded her the convertible Mercedes. Lately simply paying their over inflated bills was getting tough. Luciana had been one of her best clients, paying top dollar for exactly what she wanted. They’d shared many a lunch after visiting one of the more upscale homes in the city, languishing over a glass of wine or two. After a few weeks, the conversations had turned overtly sexual. Get it together, girl. As she brushed a single bead of perspiration away from her forehead, she grabbed the margarita and took a sip that turned into a gulp. This is ridiculous. “I think you made a great investment with the club. It’s incredible.”

Luciana gazed across the periphery of the room. “I completely enjoy being a part of this sultry place. Owning a club of this nature is very exciting and something I’ve longed to achieve for years.” Turning her head slowly, she smiled and pinned her shimmering eyes directly on Jasmine. “I have a few things to do to get the show going. I think it’s something you ladies are going to completely enjoy. I’ll check to see if you need anything later.”

As Luciana took long strides away from the table, Jasmine watched her luxurious hair bounce back and forth across the sway of her back. The sounds of Donna Summer’s Hot Stuff suddenly erupted on the sound system and the entire audience screamed and whistled.

“Formidable woman,” Gina breathed. “Wait, you sold her that house, right? The house you told me that garnered you a fortune and is like the perfect get away? Private. Posh.”

“Yeah, that house and about six months ago.” Why was her pussy quivering?

“You weren’t kidding when you said she was gorgeous!” Gina smiled and licked her lips.

Jasmine inhaled slowly and watched Luciana’s sultry swagger.

“Hey ladies, look at the hot ones on the stage here! Last night for me to taste so come on. Let’s get closer.” Teesha beckoned them as she grabbed her drink, slid off the barstool and danced her way toward the stage.

“Woot!” Ginger grinned and sloshed her drink as she followed.

“You okay? You look nervous,” Gina said, taking a sip of the frothy drink.

“I’m fine. Just wasn’t expecting to see her here. Not that it matters.” Jasmine grabbed her glass, wrangled in her libido and gave Gina a mischievous grin. “Let’s go see the boys in all their regalia or out of it hopefully.”

“Now you’re talkin’ girl!”

* * *

Thirty minutes later and Jasmine was hot all over, but it had nothing to do with the nearly naked men on stage. Now in varying stages of undress, they flaunted their carved muscles, preening back and forth across the stage. Rubbing her eyes, she headed back toward their littered table needing another drink and a cold shower. Managing to pour a hefty glass without spilling, she sipped the watered-down drink and shook her head, fingering the locket. Would she? Could she? Concentrating on watching the group of women act like high school girls, she kept her glass filled hand at her mouth, fighting back the urge to gulp the drink down.

As the memories of their extended and uninhibited lunch discussions filtered into the far reaches of her mind, Jasmine remembered feeling dazed and confused after each meeting. For some reason, she’d blocked the delicious memories of discussing houses, wine and food out of her mind. Oddly enough, they’d never talked about men. Their conversations always steered to pleasure and sometimes pleasures of the flesh but never about men.

“Your friends seem very nice,” Luciana breathed behind her.

“They are the best of friends and there are days I thank God for them.”

“They’re the ones you were telling me about?”

Jasmine turned slowly and felt her blood sizzle. Every part about the sultry woman made her shiver and as the pulsing lights flashed around them, her vision was marred as specs of luminescent bursts shimmied back and forth. “Yes. We’ve been through thick and thin together.”

Luciana nodded and gazed in their direction as she took a sip of a glass of wine. “Mind if I join you?”

“Of course not. Please.”

“I haven’t seen you here before.”

“I don’t usually go out that much at least to clubs any longer,” Jasmine murmured and gulped the rest of her drink. “Being married tends to lead to a more sedentary lifestyle.”


“You remember.”

Luciana slid her tongue across the seam of her mouth. “How could I forget? You two seem very happy together.”

“We are!” Jasmine realized the words were said a little too emphatically. Her finger twitched as she traced a circle around the rim of her glass, her mind reeling, her heart racing.

“I’m glad.” Absently Luciana brushed a strand of hair away from Jasmine’s cheek. “I’m really happy to see you. I enjoyed so much getting to know you.”

“I know. Work was just tough with the economy.”

“I can understand, but we shared some wonderful moments, you and I,” Luciana said as she gazed longingly into Jasmine’s eyes.

“Yes, we did.”

“We could certainly have more.”

As Luciana’s fingertip brushed the heat of her cheek, Jasmine shivered and clenched her legs together. This was getting out of hand. She loved Jake and wanted nothing more than for everything to work out. His words of encouragement remained floating in circles in her mind. She allowed the sizzling thought of spending one long night with the stunning woman to remain in the forefront of her mind. Every part of her on fire and in desperate need, she was fearful she was going to blacken out. She knew now that her suspicions about Luciana’s particular proclivities were true. While the thought of domination thrilled her, it was also terrifying to admit. Still, as she envisioned their moment of passion together, Jasmine turned away, imagining sharing an intimate moment together. Desperately hungry, her pussy quivered.

“Perhaps we could arrange a lunch date,” Jasmine managed.

She envisioned Luciana lying on top of red silk sheets, her long silky hair fanning out across the crimson material, commanding Jasmine. Naked, she imagined Luciana’s full breasts and long legs as Jasmine dragged her gaze down the length of her body, savoring the look of the exotic beauty like fine wine. She could see slipping between Luciana’s legs, pushing them back against her chest and dipping her head to dart a series of licks across her glistening cunt, tasting the tangy flavors of the woman who would be her lover. She could also clearly see herself shackled to a cross as Luciana flogged her until she was ready to fuck Jasmine hard, thrusting a hard strap on cock deep inside her pussy.

The round of screaming and clapping women dragged her out of her fantasy. Blinking furiously, Jasmine concentrated on the stage, eying the almost completely naked men as they leaned down into the crowd, accepting kiss after kiss from the leering women who wanted nothing more than to rip the tiny slip of loincloth off their bodies.

“These guys have been a godsend to the club,” Luciana stated as she took a long languishing sip of her wine.

“I can see why.”

Lowering her gaze, Luciana set her glass down. “I’ll be right back. We have a group of our waiters that join in the festivities and some even give the women a bit more of a thrill if you know what I mean.” As she moved away from the table, she allowed her hand to brush across Jasmine’s back very slowly. Inviting.

“I do indeed.” Jasmine closed her eyes and exhaled. Steeling her nerves, she stood slowly and gripped the table. It was time to throw cold water on her face. She glanced around the perimeter of the bar and the flashing neon sign indicated what she needed, time and space to collect her wits and rein in her sanity. Fantasies were wonderful but she had a real life and marriage to try and figure out. Climbing off the bar stool, she threw her head back and chuckled as she moved toward the far back corner. Laughing to herself, she managed to make it to the long dark hallway housing the bathrooms as well as the emergency exit without stumbling.

Pushing the restroom door open, she waited until a stall was free, imagining anything and everything but the attraction she felt for Luciana. Was she feeling this way simply because Jake gave her such an unusual gift for their anniversary, or was her reaction because of longing that had been building from before? While she knew the answer, she continued to refuse to allow herself to break down the final wall of inhibition.  This is not happening.

Memories of illicit admittances and kinky hungers burned in the back of her mind. Luciana had been the single person she’d told about her cravings not only for a woman but to be completely dominated. While she and Jake played with spanking, he wasn’t the kind of man to understand her needs. During several points in their marriage, Jasmine had mentioned them to him in the heated throes of wild passion. She’d garnered from his lackluster reaction he was less than enthused. When she had pressed him, he’d finally opened up about his mother’s behavior. Since then they had not talked about it again.

During the long lunches Luciana had asked questions, delving into her likes, her yearnings then nurtured and encouraged Jasmine to admit wanting to become a slave and her need for discipline. As the two women had grown closer, the fear forced her to discontinue with their meetings. First her job had kept her busy and unable to make two scheduled outings then time became a convenient excuse. Why? She shook her head and knew what Luciana was thinking.

Luciana was ready to take their relationship to another step, providing Jasmine with everything she desired, including absolute domination. She gripped the counter and counted to ten. This was exactly what she craved, needed to break free of the chains holding her down. She wanted to submit in body and soul. What am I going to do?

As Jasmine turned on the spigot, waiting for the hot water, she stole a glance at her reflection. The slip of a vibrant shocking purple dress suited her complexion and her hair color, and the thin spaghetti straps and low-cut bodice accentuated her full perky breasts perfectly. She gazed down at the small waist and further to the slit that ran the length of the dress, barely covering her crotch and shook her head. The tiny dress was by far the most risqué piece she’d purchased in years. Too many years. Sensual and clingy in all the right places, she was thankful Jake has insisted she purchase it. Jake. Just saying his name gave her pause.

She washed her hands and pulled out the small compact, powdering her nose. Adding a hint of lip-gloss over the twenty-four-hour lipstick and fluffing her curls, she nodded to the rather wicked looking woman staring back at her and inhaled, her decision made. This was going to be a damn good night with her girlfriends and some incredible treats, then she was going home to seduce her husband. Yes. That was it. That was… that was the right thing to do. Throwing her head back in acceptance, she sauntered to the bathroom door, swinging it open with a vengeance and stalking out into the dark hall.

Immediately strong hands grabbed her arms. Jasmine gasped. As she was pushed into the furthest corner of the hallway she shivered. When she realized by the scintillating scent of the woman who was pushing her buttons as well as her body, her legs trembled. “Luciana,” she whispered as if saying her name too loudly would mean this was real.

Luciana chuckled darkly and cupped Jasmine’s chin, lifting as she pressed against the heat of Jasmine’s body until their lips barely touched. “I’ve wanted you for months. I wanted to taste you the moment I laid eyes on you. You knew that and were afraid. It’s time for you to enjoy everything you desire and everything you admitted to me. I’ll teach you everything you long to know. I’ll take you to new heights of ecstasy if you’ll learn to trust me. Pleasure and pain.”

As her hot breath skated across Jasmine’s face wafting a hint of cinnamon and something spicy, her pussy quivered. Clenching her muscles, she wanted nothing more than to kiss the woman. “Really?” Her voice barely a whisper, Jasmine gripped Luciana’s arms, stroking up and down slowly as she tried to control her breathing. This isn’t happening. I can’t be… I can’t…

Luciana brushed her lips across Jasmine’s, inhaling deeply as she feathered just her fingertips up and down Jasmine’s naked arms.

Her breath caught, Jasmine closed her eyes and darted her tongue out, tracing a line around Luciana’s lips as the scattered jolts of current pulsed around them in dazzling currents.

Luciana captured her mouth, pushing her tongue inside as she pressed her body into Jasmine’ s, grinding her hips back and forth. Their breasts crushed together and she slid her hands down Jasmine’s arms, gathering the hem of her dress in her fingers. Inching the thin material up slowly, the kiss became more passionate and she thrust her tongue in the back of Jasmine’s throat until their tongues entwined, tasting.

Her heart racing, Jasmine trembled as the kiss became a manic roar, until tiny pin pricks of light sparkled in her field of vision. Wrapping her arms around Luciana’s neck, she intertwined her fingers in the woman’s silky hair as another trickle of her juice flowed into her already soaked thong.

Luciana caressed her thighs, kneading the tender flesh between her fingers as she inched them up further on the inside of her legs, dragging the dress with her until her fingertips grazed across the thin lace of her panties.

Freezing, Jasmine knew that Luciana was going to touch her. Unsure of what to do, she closed her eyes and tipped her head back just as Luciana broke the kiss. Inhaling, Luciana nipped Jasmine’s bottom lip, dragging the tender flesh between her lips. As the single finger slipped past the thin elastic, she quivered, her legs thumping back against the wall. When one finger pressed against her wet heat, a moan escaped her lips.

“Do you want me?” Luciana growled as she moved back and gazed into her eyes. “Do you want me to fuck you?” She brushed the tip of her finger across Jasmine’s clit in lazy circles.

“I… I…” Uncertain of what she wanted, she tried to focus, to control her breathing rate but every sensation was suddenly off the scale.

Luciana slipped her finger inside Jasmine’s pussy, sliding in and out slowly as she skated puffs of breath across her face, her neck and down to the swell of her breasts. “Do you? Do you want me to give you a moment of pleasure?”

“Um…” Licking her lips, she knew there was nothing more she wanted at that moment. She blinked several times as her thumping heart echoed against her chest. Could she let go? Could she allow herself to be the woman that she’d hidden away for too long? “Yes.”

Grunting, Luciana pressed a second and third finger inside, thrusting with deeper strokes as she nipped Jasmine’s lower lip, her chin, then grabbed the material of her bodice in her mouth, dragging down the thin material until she exposed her breast. “God, you’re beautiful.”

And Jasmine felt beautiful. Wanted. Every part of her body on fire as the excitement surged through her, she fought a whimper that raced to the surface of her mouth and brushed her hand across Luciana’s breast, cupping the incredible voluptuous flesh in her hand. For the first time, the level of hunger ravaged her body until she could barely contain her raging emotions. Kneading through the soft material, she moved her finger back and forth across Luciana’s nipple until the bud became hard, scraping against the thin slip of her dress.

“I want to fuck you, taste you.” Growling, her tone low and husky, she lowered her head and took Jasmine’s nipple into her mouth, flickering her tongue back and forth across the soft bud until it became hard. Biting down, she drew the tender flesh between her teeth.

“Oh, God.” Jasmine panted as she heard the sounds of comings and goings in the hallway. Suddenly her memory flashed to her friends waiting for her. Wondering. “Luciana, wait.”

In response, Luciana dragged the other strap off Jasmine’s shoulder and licked a circle around her nipple. “Why?”

The woman’s lust filled voice sent a series of shivers dancing down her spine. “Not here.”

She nipped Jasmine’s nipple before easing back slowly. “Not here?”

“Um, no.”

“Does that mean you want more?”

As time seemed to slow down until she wasn’t sure if it was night or day, she wasn’t sure what to say.

“I asked you a question. Do. You. Want. More? Will you succumb to me as you long to do?” As if for encouragement, Luciana nipped her chin, licking up to trace a single circle around her mouth.

“I…” Gripping her arms, Jasmine groaned. “Yes.”

“Then ask me.”

“What?” What did she ask?

“Ask me for what you want.” Her tone demanding, Luciana was not going to take no for an answer.

The second time stopped and she knew her answer Jasmine heard Gina’s sparkling lilt coming from down the hallway. Fighting back laughter bubbling to the surface, she stared directly into Luciana’s lust filled eyes. “Fuck me.”

lillie1922 on 07/28/2017 08:23pm
I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book. Jasmine Walker has dark desires for the pleasure/pain of BDSM that her husband isn't ready to accept. The need for discipline and control. Suddenly those desires are being met - with Jake's permission. Good read. m/f, f/f, spanking, restraint, figging, and anal

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