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Honor and Obey

Honor & Obey : Volume One

By: Piper Stone
Published By: Blushing Press
Copyright: ©2017 by Blushing Books® and Piper Stone
Three Novellas /
Heat Level:
4.8 Out Of 5 (4.8 on 13)   |  Write a review

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Honor and Obey – cherished words from the past, and ones that can be difficult to live by. Relationships are difficult at times, and arguments or bitter feelings can often result in the destruction of love. What if an alternative lifestyle could change everything? What if love and trust could be reborn, wrapped in a blanket of obedience? Will the couples take the chance in the hope of saving their love? 

Her Gift.

Her Request

Her Silence

Three couples. Three stories of heartache. Three reasons to learn to honor and obey.

Do they have what it takes?

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Her Gift

Chapter One

Jasmine Ryan knew she was losing her mind.

“This is an incredible shop. They’ve been in all the best magazines. Maybe we’ll get to meet the owner,” the girl’s voice purred.

She gave a sideways glance to her best friend, Gracie, a woman who had no idea about her other ‘life’. Her reflection illuminated the woman who’d been hiding behind a mask all her life. She wasn’t certain this was the right decision. “As if I care.”

“Someone needs a nap or a glass of champagne,” Gracie teased.

Jasmine knew what she needed.

A hard spanking.

You will obey me. You will understand my needs as well as your own. You will embrace the woman I know you crave. Release the last of your inhibitions. My dearest, you are becoming.

The very words the amazing man had said just this morning stilled her, fueled her. Releasing the last of her inhibitions was exactly what he wanted her to do. Why was she hiding? Why was she having difficulty not only accepting but embracing her dark needs? Fear. She was afraid her fiancé would think badly of her and why? Not even a psychiatrist could give her a solid reason. Of that she was certain.

Jasmine flashed a look of defiance to no one in particular. As she thought about Zach, the man of her dreams, she shivered. Then she wiggled and a trickle of pain skated down the back of her legs. My God, she’d been misbehaving lately, acting out in several uncontrollable fashions. The word ‘spanking’ seemed first and foremost in her vocabulary as well as his. Discipline. Training. They were right there in the top three.

You’re very willful lately. I don’t know what’s gotten into you. I’m honestly unsure of what’s going on, but I’m here to help you, guide you and simply love you. I hope you realize how much you mean to me.

Yes, she did. The thought was simple. Zach Warner was a dominating man, one she respected more than most, but she was having trouble obeying. Misbehaving seemed to be the top item on her already full agenda. Her mind drifted and she thought about the look of disappointment on his face the moment before he pointed to the bed only two nights before. His words lingered in the back of her mind.

Undress and lie across the pillows. I can tell I need to provide you with more guidance.

Yes, sir. Gulping, she’d removed her dress and panties, her entire body shaking as she crawled onto the bed, positioning her stomach over the mound of cotton and foam. She’d closed her eyes, lifted her arms over her head and tried not to hone in on the sound as Zach unfastened his belt buckle. She clenched her ass cheeks just thinking about the hard strikes.


“Shit!” Jasmine jumped then burst out laughing.

“You okay?” Gracie’s voice was filled with concern.

She tried to figure out how to answer the question, given the truth would out her submissive side. “Fine.”

“Uh-huh. That’s four ‘fine’s’ I’ve gotten from you today.” Gracie gave her a look of disdain. By the way, Miss Testy, you look fucking amazing.”

“I’m not testy!” But she knew she was.

“Whatever has gotten into you, I think you need to chill, chickie. We’re going drinking after this. Drinking and ogling men. That’s exactly what you need. Uh-huh. Party all night long.” Gracie twisted and turned in the middle of the store.

Drinking. Ogling men? No man would ever measure up to Zach. Yeah, just what she needed to do, liquor it up. Then again, maybe she’d have a better attitude. Between the tough schedule at work and the increased tension with Zach, she was ready for an extended vacation. Yep, she was definitely on edge. Jasmine sighed, patted her tummy, wrinkled her nose and sucked in her breath. Twisting from side to side she studied her reflection, the almost too perfect white dress, the very one her mother had selected, it was too much. Suddenly, she was sick to her stomach. Raising her middle finger, she snorted and glared at her bestie, the one who not only liked but encouraged all the pomp and circumstance of the white wedding. She hadn’t been a virgin since fifteen and the thought of anything pure, trendy, fashionable and family friendly at this moment gave her an intense series of shivers. “Fuck this shit.”

“What is wrong with you?” Gracie hissed through clenched teeth as she raised her eyebrow. “You’ve been surly and nasty all day. Honest to God, this is supposed to be the happiest time of your life and you act like you’re going to several funerals.”


“Case in point.”

“Fine.” Jasmine tossed her head back. Yeah, Gracie was right. Why? Why? You know exactly why. Get a grip and face your fears. There was no way to hide from the woman inside, the one who’d been fantasizing, not sleeping. The one who was able to face the increasing anxiety.

Gracie folded her arms. “There you go again, another fine. Fess up. What’s going on? What’s wrong? You’re having second thoughts? You’re not into getting married? What?”

Tick. Tock.

“Do I need to repeat myself?” Gracie said as she huffed.

“What the hell could be wrong? I’m in a tutti-frutti white dress, ready to have some minister perform a marriage ceremony and endure what will have to be the worst food in the history of my life in front of people I could give a shit about. I won’t remember the day because I’ll be drinking like a fish and afterwards everyone will anticipate Zach and I will buy the perfect house, the perfect Golden Retriever and spit out babies in less than a year. And you actually have the audacity to ask me what’s wrong?”

“Wow. That’s sounds sucky as shit.”

“Exactly.” One more look into the oversized mirror gave Jasmine the confidence she needed. The frumpy dress was bullshit. The wedding designed by her mother was… She couldn’t even say the words. Jerking the hem of her dress up she moved toward the edge of the platform, suffocation settling in. Zach would understand.

“Where are you going?” Gracie laughed as she held out another dress. “Fine. I think that’s the freaking word of the day. Now I know it’s time for an entire batch of margaritas. We can ogle thirsty men too. I think you need a wicked girl’s night out. We have no one to tell us what to do and an entire afternoon ahead of us. Let’s get busy. Please tell me you’re game?”

“I’m game.” Tugging out her phone, she pulled up her text window and could feel Gracie’s eyes watching her intently. Try on another ugly bit of lace? One more. Jesus Christ, it was hot as Hades in the place. “I’ll be right there. Geez.”

Huffing, Gracie took a few steps away, but kept her eyes on Jasmine.

I’m leaving the dress shop in a few minutes, Sir. Going with Gracie to get a drink . When she hit send she shook her head. Something had to give. She was nervous as well as worried. Hell, maybe she was frightened.

As she thought about Zach, Sir Zach, the only man she’d been able to open up with and completely let go of all of her fears and worries, she realized she couldn’t go through with the wedding. Of course, she loved Zach with all of her heart. The bond they were going to share would be as complete as a couple joined, but not in holy matrimony. At least not in the way vanilla couples thought of, or believed in. Her mother would throw a fit but the catered event at the poshest hotel in all of Richmond, Virginia just wasn’t going to happen.

“Are you okay or do I need to find a hunky fireman to save your sassy ass?” Grace flanked her side.

“Not enough of a man.”

“Oh, listen to you, Miss Bitchy Pants. Try this last one on and we’ll call it quits.”

Thank God, for Gracie. The rather over opinionated girl was her BFF and knew almost everything about her. Almost. “Why?”

“Because I asked you.” Gracie tapped her foot. “Pretty please, with a dancing man on top?”

Jasmine rolled her eyes. “Last one ever.” She dragged the poofy white dress back through the swinging doors and into the dressing room.

Gracie had no idea what kind of lifestyle Jasmine had agreed to only about two months before. She pressed her hand over the thick woven silver chain around her neck, a ragged breath escaping her lips. There was never a day she went anywhere without the gorgeous piece, a connection that grounded her. Zach was her lover, her friend and the man she hoped to spend the rest of her life with. He was also her Dom and she was going to be a collared woman. Not a single friend or family member knew that she was a happy submissive – not even Gracie. Why was she keeping a mask of normalcy, one laced in vanilla, firmly wrapped around her face? Why did she care what anyone thought about her love and her need to submit completely and fully to Zach?

Finally, she was done modeling dresses. She sniffed as she reached over her shoulders and struggled to release the top button of the ugly dress. Iridescent taffeta wasn’t her bag, never had been. For some reason, she’d allowed the love of her aging mother to convince her that having a white wedding was the way to go. After four failed engagements in her tenure of life, her mother was convinced there would never be any grandchildren. Sadly, she didn’t want kids. Her clock just wasn’t ticking. Beads of real sweat, not perspiration, trickled down the back of her neck.

There was no way she could go through with the event. No way. She wasn’t being true to herself or her Dom. Zach was a sweetheart in allowing her to handle the union however she wanted. This wasn’t it. And today? She was going to become the strong woman she already was in business, the one who could rip the heads off anyone opposing her. Jasmine was going to suck it up and tell Gracie about her life, her real life. Okay, a first step but a good one.

In about two minutes she had the dress off and her clothes back on. Yes, the scarlet dress, the very one Zach had purchased just days before. The slinky piece hugged every curve, accentuating her full breasts and long legs. Licking her lips, she played to the mirror for about two seconds before giving herself the finger. For pretty much her entire life she’d hated looking at the woman staring back at her. For some reason today, now, things seemed different.

This time as she twisted and turned, eyeing her figure, the way the dress sculpted around her thin waist and full hips, she sighed. Yeah, you look good, damn good. Zach seemed to adore everything about her. For a few seconds she thought about him, the stunning six-foot-five-inch gorgeous guy, and inhaled deeply. He was her indulgent fantasy. Inhaling, she could swear his intoxicating scent remained lingering on her skin. He always had an incredible fragrance that was so musky, so masculine. Her fingers brushed across her lips and she could almost smell him, the rich testosterone. He was all male. He was a damn good disciplinarian, too. Swaying her hips back and forth she eased her hand back, rubbing her ass, the one he’d spanked just that very morning.

She swallowed hard as the material scraped across the already bruised skin. A quick groan escaped her lips. Very slowly she lifted the hem, exposing her ass, and turned around. “Ugh.” The stripes were brilliant and well adorned, almost beautiful. Her ass? Not so much. Rubbing her hand over her ass cheek was a reminder she was required to obey him, the few rules he’d imposed. She was a rule breaker at heart. Of that there was no doubt. Zach wasn’t a harsh task master or too severe. He was kind and loving, so caring about every aspect of her wellbeing. The way he was as a man had allowed her to submit, to want more, and to accept his collar.

Jasmine tugged down the dress and ran her fingers through her rather unruly hair. Thank God, Zach liked the wild child who lived inside of her. She reached down to grab her purse when her cell phone rang. Every time she heard the distinctive tone she trembled— not from fear or worry of something her Master would do, but from her intense need to please him. “My Sir.”

“My baby. How are you? Going for a drink, huh? Don’t torture the young men in town.”

“Very funny. We’re leaving the store now. I’ll try not to bring home any young studs.”

Zach chuckled. “Feisty today, I see.”

“No more than usual. I blame Gracie.”

“Does she have attitude today?”

Jasmine laughed. “No more than usual I guess.”

“Hmm… The girl is a handful.”

“She’s been as edgy as I’ve been lately.” When she walked out of the dressing room she snickered as Gracie rolled her eyes then fingered the letter ‘Z’. Jasmine nodded.

“Tell the big man I said hello,” Gracie said, her grin mischievous.

“I heard her,” Zach mused. “Tell her to behave.”

“He said to behave,” Jasmine relayed.

Gracie rolled her eyes. “You know what to tell him.”

“Tell him to fuck off and die? I can’t do that, Gracie!” Slapping her hand over her mouth Jasmine heard Zach grumble.

“That girl needs a hard spanking over my knee. You both do.” Zach’s voice boomed through the phone.

Gracie snorted. “Never gonna happen.”

“Yes, sir.” Jasmine winked at Gracie who looked away, feigning interest in a baby pink silk gown, one with poofy sleeves.

“So, you found the perfect dress?” Zach asked, his tone husky.

Jasmine debated and closed her eyes. “Not really.” He hated anything vague. She was required to tell him her thoughts, her worries and fears. She sucked at obeying pretty much all of the rules.



“You don’t like the dress selection?”

“What if…” The words trailed out of her mouth. What was wrong with her? Normally Jasmine would spout off anything and everything she felt like at any given time.

Zach laughed. “My willful creature. Talk to me. What’s wrong? You can select a dress from anywhere. You know I don’t care.”

“I do and that’s why I don’t want to…” She moved out of earshot of Gracie. Another quick gulp of air and she simply said the words, the ones that had been on the tip of her tongue for months. “I don’t want to get married, at least not in the traditional sense. I can’t stomach something I don’t believe in. I want to share my life with you but not in any way society is used to. I just can’t and I hope you understand.” The words were quick, slipping from her mouth before she could lose her courage. When she heard Zach sucking in his breath tears sprung to her eyes.

“Hmmm. Go on.”

“I…” Now the words were strangled in her throat.

“Baby, please. I want to hear your thoughts.” Zach’s voice was soft and comforting.

“I was thinking we could have a ceremony but a collaring ceremony. I read about the white rose too. We could have a party with just a few close friends. We could finally admit who we are and that I long to serve you for the rest of my life.” There. She’d said the words, admitting what she wanted. Serving him, pleasing him in every manner had become a part of her entire psyche. She was so very proud of her courage.

When he hesitated, she cringed. Jasmine moved out of the dressing room area and back into the salon, her head nearly exploding. Gracie was talking on her phone, pretty much as usual. The girl had almost the perfect life; ten boyfriends give or take, a good job, a great sports car and a snazzy condo on the waterfront. What few knew about Gracie Adams was that she was completely unhappy. She also needed a hard spanking. The thought made her smile. Then she fanned her face, growing nauseous. What if he didn’t want this?

“Really? That’s what you honestly want? No marriage but signing a commitment to be my submissive for the rest of your life? You want to allow very conservative vanilla people into our world of D/s?” Zach asked quietly.

The words seemed to be chosen carefully. Was he pissed or happy? She couldn’t tell. “Yes. I want to share our joy and showing everyone my desire to submit is something I have to do.” He was hesitating again. Shit. Shit. Shit. This wasn’t the best choice perhaps. Granted, the wedding was in about a week. No, the wedding was in five days. Throwing this in at the last minute was without a doubt ridiculous at best. She cleared her throat. Now or never girl. “I was thinking we could have a party at the house and just invite a few friends over and exchange our vows, the ones we want and that others then can see us and…” My God she was making no freaking sense. None. A bead of sweat rolled down her face. She was so out of sorts. When he continued to hesitate, she had no doubt he was not ready for this. What had she done wrong?

“I love the idea.”

“Wha… you do?”

“Yes, I love the idea if you’re ready. I want this to make you happy. I want you to be happy. Above all I want you to be satisfied and ready for our future.” Zach seemed exhilarated.

The words, and the way he said them was truly inspiring. Future. Yes. “This will make me ecstatic.”

“Then my beautiful submissive, we will share with our friends who we are. We will open the door to them, allowing them into our happiness. I will be so honored.”

“Thank you, sir,” Jasmine whispered. “There are a few other things I want to talk to you about as well.” She’d been thinking about their last heated conversation, the one in which she’d burst into tears and run out of the room like a child. She knew what he wanted ultimately and she’d been pushing hard away from the thought and perhaps the entire lifestyle. Considering a second submissive was something her brain hadn’t been able to wrap around. Zach hungered for many aspects of kink, including sharing their joy. She just wasn’t ready. Would she ever be ready? Well, they had to talk about the concept at some point.

Zach growled. “We’ll have plenty of time after…” His words trailed off.

“After?” Uh-oh, she knew this tone of voice.

“Indeed, my willful submissive. I found the credit card bill.”

Jasmine groaned and pressed her hand against her mouth. “About that, sir.”

“Be home by six. I think you and I need to have a discussion.”

He ended the call and all she could think about was how difficult it was going to be to sit down for any upcoming event.

* * *

Zach hit the end button and sat back in his seat, swiveling the high back leather chair until he had a full view of the beautiful afternoon. A collaring ceremony? He had to admit he was surprised. Jasmine had almost insisted on a wedding, something he wasn’t fond of. This change was interesting.

As he rubbed his finger back and forth across his lips, he tried to determine what kind of mood Jasmine was in. She’d certainly not been herself lately. Not only was she acting out on a regular basis, but she was completely unfocused and her behavior was more like a child than an accomplished woman.

Her admittance she didn’t want to have a traditional marriage ceremony didn’t really surprise him, but the timing did. Then again, Jasmine’s mother was not doing well and to see her only daughter getting married, hopefully, was huge on the woman’s bucket list. Martha Ryan would have a cow if she knew Jasmine was not only cancelling the wedding but committing to a life of becoming a true submissive. He sighed and leaned his head against the soft leather.

“What am I going to do with you, my sweet?” he whispered.

He had to admit, he’d been out of sorts himself. He was itching to take their relationship to a higher level. Jasmine merely wasn’t ready. A quick glance at his watch and he realized he had a few minutes before he had to leave to see his next client. Turning around he scooted close to the computer and pressed the space bar. After a few clicks, he was connected to FetLife. The BDSM website allowed them both access to rather kinky ideas. They’d been very open about their respective desires and her increasing need to push to the edge of her boundaries only fueled his sinful cravings. No one could ever say he was a traditional man.

Jasmine was a wonderful submissive, a truly incredible woman, but he still wanted to explore more. The thoughts racing through his head he’d shared with Jasmine, only to see her eyes fill with trepidation. She was changing. Perhaps her admittance would lead them into another level of their journey, one that would never end.

Grinning, Zach pulled up his profile. There were no new messages and no likes on his various pictures he’d posted recently. Then again, he was a guy. The thought giving him a chuckle he surfed to the groups he was a member of. After making a few comments he grew bored and flicked to Jasmine’s profile—Bodaciousgirl. The name so suited her. She was bold and opinionated, full of life and verve, and generally refused to take any shit from man or woman.

She was also extraordinarily seductive in her beauty and no matter that she would be fifty in a few months, she continued to attract men like bees to honey. Younger guys seemed to crave all that she had to offer, something he hated to admit but brought him bouts of jealousy. While there were no nude photos, not that he would allow them anyway, her sexy pics usually drew them in.

She had three new friend requests. One trait of his Dom side included being pissed at basic stupidity. Jesus Christ, could assholes not read or did they even pay any attention to the fact she was owned by another man? No, they didn’t give a shit. The wanna-be Doms simply saw a beautiful woman and decided he had the right to do anything in his power to get into her pants. He longed to rant like a maniac, but what purpose would terse words serve?

He was already growling as he scrolled down her page then grew curious when he noticed a new picture taken of herself. Clicking on the photo he could tell the dimly lit lingerie shot was selfie, a damn good one. For some reason, a slice of raw jealousy rushed through him like wildfire. She’d posted a couple pictures of herself before, and similar in nature, so why did this one bother him? Perhaps because there were a solid thirty plus comments on the single photograph.

A quick read of the top few were sexy but innocuous. The next two were a bit more gregarious in nature, offering to become her Dom. He sat back and rubbed his eyes. Her profile clearly stated those interested in becoming a friend or any freaking thing else, for that matter, were to contact him. There was none of that. None. As he continued to read his hackles were raised, his cock twitching given the fact four men thought she made good slave material— as in auctioned off slave. Huffing, he leaned over his desk and contemplated what if anything to say or do. Damn the motherfuckers.

Then he noticed she’d friended a man, a Dom. His blood boiled. Why in the hell would she do this? He trusted her implicitly but the single thing he asked on the social site was that all male friend requests went through him. She’d defied him. He had no idea what to think.

“Is that Jasmine? Holy mercy in hell that is. Jesus. She looks fucking hot!” The male voice reverberated in the expansive space of Zach’s office.

Every move deliberate Zach tilted his head, eyeing his business partner of fifteen years, a man who had zero clue he was in anything other than a vanilla relationship. “Wally. Don’t you knock?”

“I did. You weren’t paying a damn bit of attention and I can see why.” Wally leaned over Zach’s shoulder as he sipped his coffee.

Zach held back his temper and moved closer in front of the computer. “Is there something you need?” A few seconds ticked by and he could tell Wally was more than intrigued with FetLife. Great. Just what he needed, his partner and best buddy condemning him for a kinky lifestyle.

“Need? I need a winning lottery ticket. I need a house full of sexy girls. I need to have Mr. Santiago sign on the dotted line so our next business venture stays alive and we become rich and famous. That’s what I need.” Grinning, Wally looked down then wrinkled his brow. “What is it that you need my friend?”

The sound was teasing but pointed. “Something you wouldn’t understand.”

“Right. Do you think I have no clue about this site? Do you think I’m some lily white boring old guy?”

For some reason Zach had no idea what to say. “You are rather conservative, ye old partner of mine. And I do mean old.”

“Very funny. I’m a year younger than you so that must make you a dinosaur.” Stepping away, Wally shoved his hand in his pocket and polished off his coffee. “So, you’re marrying a kinky chick, huh? Good for you. Wish I could find a wild and wicked woman, one who enjoys the same tastes.”

Coughing, Zach took a few more glances down at the comments, making mental note to check his anger, and logged off. He stood up and grabbed the Santiago file. “Hold on here. Kinky? Do you know what kinky is?”

Wally gave him a heated look. “You should have stayed on the site. Perhaps you should have looked up Master of Arms.”

“Master of Arms? What the hell is that?”

Raising his eyebrow, Wally took a step forward and exhaled slowly. “I guess we all have dirty little secrets, now don’t we?” He allowed the words to linger. “I’ll meet you downstairs in five minutes. I’m driving.”

Zach watched him walk out, a decidedly authoritative air about him, and stole a look at the computer. Unable to stop himself he sat back down and logged onto FetLife under his name. He held his fingers above the keyboard before he typed in Masterofarms. Instantly the profile surfaced and while the profile picture was of a lovely young woman in chains, the information regarding the Master himself made him smile. The dude was from Richmond, was the same age as Wally, seemed to have some similar interests in music as his partner and… “Holy fuck.”

As he scanned the profile he began to tingle all over. There was no way the information was completely true. As he flipped to picture after picture, certain photographs were more than revealing. He’d recognize the tattoo anywhere. The Dom was none other than his partner.

Zach couldn’t race downstairs fast enough. He scanned the parking deck and when he found Wally’s Mercedes he grinned from ear to ear. Hearing the screeching tires as Wally showed off his darling sports car, backing up and jerking the beast to a halt was too funny. He glared down as he opened the door, sliding into the passenger seat. “The perfect ride for a Master Dom?”


“How long, man?”

Wally lifted his sunglasses and winked. “Long enough.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Why didn’t you tell me you and Jasmine are exploring the lifestyle?”

“All right. I concede,” Zach said as he jerked his sunglasses from his briefcase. He remained quiet as Wally drove out of the parking deck and down the busy streets of Shockoe Bottom, on his way to the interstate. He hadn’t seen a single clue Wally was into anything other than a traditional relationship. Granted, he’d been divorced for almost six years and his girlfriends seemed to come and go, but to not know this? Really?



“Anything you need to know. Just ask.” Wally shot him a look. “You want to know how long? Almost all my life. My dad introduced me. He had a submissive on the side and I was utterly fascinated about the entire lifestyle from that day. I found I wasn’t the vanilla guy like all my buddies. Boring. I hungered to be the dominant. That’s why my first marriage didn’t work out. I tried to fit into a mold and failed miserably.”

“Did Tina know you were a Dom?” Zach asked quietly. He remembered Tina as an ultra-conservative woman who had zero clue what Victoria’s Secret sold.

Wally snorted. “Hell no. Tina and her family were like lily white of the valley.”

“Then why the hell did you get married?”

“I have no fucking idea.”

Zach burst out laughing. “Okay, I get it. Now?”

“Do you mean do I have someone, a sexy slave perhaps?”

“Yeah, something like that.”

Wally drove in silence for a few minutes before answering. “I had one, a woman I adored. She left me about a year ago. I dabble now.”

Dabble. He could tell Wally didn’t want to delve into the past. “I get it.”

“How long?”

“Me?” Zach asked.

“Yeah, you.” Wally shot him a look. “If I’d have known I would have introduced you to the BDSM scene in Richmond.”

“Maybe you still can. About five years.” Zach tried to honestly remember. The first time he was introduced was a biker chick who begged him to tie her up. And so, he did. The experience had been incredible and he hungered for more, much more.

“Long enough. And Jasmine?”

Rubbing his mouth Zach exhaled and the way his entire body tingled was enlightening. He loved the woman more than any he ever had. She was the light to his dark. “We’re not getting married.”

“Oh shit, man. I’m so sorry.”

“No worry needed. Trust me.” Zach studied the road, thinking about Jasmine and the collaring ceremony. He was also craving his dark proclivities. Most men would find his needs harsh, perhaps even sick.

Wally laughed. “Wait a minute. You’re going a less traditional route?”

“Yep. Collaring ceremony and I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing.” Zach pushed back in the seat. “But Jasmine definitely doesn’t want to get married.”

“That I can help you with my friend, and I’m very happy for both of you. Amazing. The power of a D/s relationship is the most incredible feeling.”

“Yeah, it is.” They sat in silence for a few minutes. “That’s not what I wanted to ask you.”

“Okay. What do you want to know?”

He debated asking, had no idea if Wally could understand his needs, not that he understood them himself. The talks with Jasmine had been open but difficult and while he would let the concept go if necessary, he wanted. Yes, he wanted.

“Go on. We’ve just opened Pandora’s Box so spill it.”

“Have you ever owned two submissives?” When Wally remained quiet he cringed then was surprised when he heard the blinker. This wasn’t their destination.

Wally exited the freeway onto a side street and remained silent until he drove into the parking lot of a Sheetz gas station. He pulled into the furthest parking space and cut the engine. When he turned to face Zach, he removed his sunglasses.

And Zach could see tears in the man’s eyes.

“We need to talk.”

Sam on 09/25/2017 06:41am
This is a great collection of three short stories. It is great for when I only have a little time to read. I liked all of the stories and the characters in them.
I received an ARC of this book.
Goldie Nut on 09/16/2017 03:49pm
A very good novel. The novel contains 3 different stories about 3 different couples.
Their stories are all unique. Jasmine and Zach practice domestic discipline and prior
To marrying her fiance she decides that she does not want to marry him in the
Normal way instead she wants to be his Submissive for life now to tell their families.

Tony and Jordan are having trouble in their marriage until Jordan finally tells
Tony she needs domestic discipline. This helped to start their relationship over
After years of existing only day to day. Jordan's best friend Macy was always in
trouble with no consequence. Things are going to really heat up with lots of
twists and turns.

Raven and Chad are apart a lot so when Chad comes back home he makes
sure that he offers her consequences for her bad behavior. Raven understands
that Chad has a problem with keeping her safe but she forgets to check in. When
Chad gets home it is time to pay the piper.
DB on 09/14/2017 06:13pm
Three separate stories in one book. All stories are stand alone full length, all have spankings and all older couples. I liked the second and third ones the best. All were a little short on dialogue but they all had good stories.
Pettigg on 09/02/2017 06:46pm
Honor and obey is a set of three stories that are all stand alone but they all have a central theme. Women in a relationship with the man of their dreams but they just need more from them. They need to submit and know that their men will be there for them. Great stories really enjoyable read.
Redrabbitt on 09/02/2017 01:49pm
The book is actually three short but very satisfying and complete stories that take the reader on a journey into the lives of the characters. It includes raw, open, honest discussions, regarding their feelings, and their lifestyles. What happens when people reveal their unusual lifestyle to their friends and business partners? Are they opening the door to Pandora%u2019s Box? Maybe they will discover that it is more acceptable than they previously considered. Another plus, these are mature adults in their early fifties.

The stories are about the trust and respect each couple has. For the woman to give total submission to her dominant and for him to cherish her gift and nurture her as his submissive. The story is strong in the D/s lifestyle, respect, submission, consequences, punishments, and acceptance. As you read, you will feel like a voyeur observing their intimacy as the stories unfold.

Her Gift is the relationship of Zach and Jasmine. I love how she refers to him as My Sir. Planning a wedding will take an unexpected turn when Jasmine admits to Zach she doesn%u2019t want or need a wedding and would prefer a collaring ceremony. How will their friends and family react? When Gracie learns of Jasmine%u2019s lifestyle, she is intrigued. Zach%u2019s business partner shocks him with his admission to being a Dom also. Just ordinary people who enjoy an extraordinary lifestyle of D/s and kink.

Her Request is the relationship of Tony and Jordan, who have been married for twenty-seven years but are in a rut and she is so miserable in their marriage that she is ready to call it quits. She wants him to dominate her and spank her. When they sit down and talk openly and honestly, will they be able to rediscover the two people who fell in love? A stark reminder that complacency can destroy a relationship and that the lines of communication must always be open and exercised.

Her Silence is the D/s relationship with Raven and Chad, who have been together for less than a year. She has had multiple past relationships, including one that will resurface. Chad is divorced, after catching his wife in bed with two of his friends. Raven is known as Rocker Chic and does radio interviews; Chad is a businessman. Sometimes his works will affect them getting together, and it causes her doubts. She is not known for her patients, and he feels she doesn%u2019t trust him as she should. In the end, they learn that the give and take of their D/s relationship are exactly what they need from each other.
PJB on 09/01/2017 08:06am
What impressed me most about these three very sexy relationship based tales, was the depth of understanding this author gave to each character's emotional feelings about their decision to live either a DD or BDSM lifestyle. Yes, it is hot and there are some great discipline scenes in the book but it also has great empathy. I really enjoyed the read!
PJB on 09/01/2017 08:06am
What impressed me most about these three very sexy relationship based tales, was the depth of understanding this author gave to each character's emotional feelings about their decision to live either a DD or BDSM lifestyle. Yes, it is hot and there are some great discipline scenes in the book but it also has great empathy. I really enjoyed the read!
PJB on 09/01/2017 08:06am
What impressed me most about these three very sexy relationship based tales, was the depth of understanding this author gave to each character's emotional feelings about their decision to live either a DD or BDSM lifestyle. Yes, it is hot and there are some great discipline scenes in the book but it also has great empathy. I really enjoyed the read!
lillie1922 on 08/31/2017 04:36pm
I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book. Three women who reach out for what they need. Three stories of desire, lust, heartache and pain. Jasmine who gives her Sir what for her is the ultimate gift. Jordan who who finally asks for what she needs before it's too late. Raven who wants to surrender so badly to her master, but the past hold her prisoner. BDSM, master/slave, spanking, anal.
Margaret Corcoran on 08/31/2017 10:05am
This is an anthology of three stories about older relationships revitalize with domestic discipline. It's well written and very emotive. This is a story that the reader will laugh and cry with. All the characters are well written and described. Each story is different, so memorable. A very entertaining read. I received an ARC copy of this book and I highly recommend it.
BlueDiamond on 08/30/2017 08:06pm
This volume has three very steamy stories, and I liked them all, but %u2018Her Gift%u2019 was my absolute favorite for its riveting BDSM theme. Lovers Zach and Jasmine, living in a D/s relationship, further explore the BDSM lifestyle. The choices they make deepen their level of trust and bond them together in this very hot erotic spanking story. Move this one to the top of your reading list.
Pico1 on 08/30/2017 04:34pm

These are 3 separate stories about women who needed structure and discipline in their life from a strong man. In Her Gift, it is the husband who has to learn to be strong. In the other two stories, Her Request and Her Silence, it is the boyfriends. The stories are well written with a lot of focus on how the women are feeling about lack of discipline, and then getting the discipline they desire. As the stories develop, there are scenes of discipline and love that are well done.
Tami on 08/30/2017 09:26am
Honor and Obey is a compilation of three stories. Each of the stories is a stand-alone story, none of the couples appear in the other tales. Nevertheless, I was fond of each of the couples. My favorite was Jasmine and Zach with Tony and Jordan and Chad and Raven a close second. Each spanking story was unique and steamy and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

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