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Laced in Rouge

The Academy of Carnal Games : Book One

By: Isabella Michelle
Published By: Melange Books, LLC
Copyright: Copyright 2016 by Isabella Michelle
Thirty-eight chapters / 68,000 Words
Heat Level:
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Enjoy an erotic twist that is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat, or bed — climaxing for more.

A relationship established by sex, turns out to be a little more than what Noémie was expecting, once Sofaine admits he is in love with her. Noémie must now decide, if pleasing Madame Cherry and exploiting herself as the one and only Madame that will not submit to coming for the opposite sex is more important, than actually falling in love with Sofaine.


Dear Noémie Marion Vachon,

Congratulations! It is my pleasure to offer you admission to Laced in Rouge Sorority 2016 located at S & D University of Edmonton. The opportunity to join one of the most sought out Sororities by (all) the female bodies, located on the University’s North Face side of Campus. This offer is extended to you in fabulous recognition of your sexual nympho, and personal manipulative achievements over the course of a scandalous career you recently had as a stripper at one of the local hot-spots here in Edmonton. I and the other members of the Laced in Rouge Sorority know that you would be a valued member of our sorority both on and off campus and would like to offer you the title of ‘Madame Vanity.’

In anticipation of the questions you may or may not have, we have assembled an information package in the case of your curious nature, of whether or not Laced in Rouge is the right sorority for you. In this folder for your careful review, you will find several CDs outlining the sexual detail our ‘Laced in Rouge Beauties’ participate in on a nightly basis, along with the Safe Sex Guidelines our girls follow. You will also find a Price List detailing the cost of our services on, and off campus. Believe me when I say you will be well paid.

In order to confirm your intention to enroll as ‘Madame Vanity,’ please return the enclosed response card by Monday, September 12th, 2016, along with the flavored condom of your choice. You may also include a naked photograph of yourself, or else a video for our Frats private viewing, where we may hold a deposit for your first assignment online. If you would like to visit our sorority’s ‘North Face Campus’ location before you make your decision, I encourage you to join us with our counter sorority ‘The Swingers,’ where we have a fun filled night planned with ‘Wetter The Better’ Frat. It is sure to be a thrilling threesome you will refuse to squirt for, with hard penetration to your vagina, and rectum. Also your Orientation will begin on Friday September 16th, 2016 so cum prepared.

On behalf of all of us who had the pleasure of reviewing your online sex tape thanks to your happily satisfied customer, Mr. Biggs, best wishes to you for a successful and enjoyable future with us here at Laced in Rouge. I hope your next steps lead to North Face Campus.

Eagerly awaiting your response,

Cerise Camille Chaffee aka better known as ‘Cherry’

Leader of Laced in Rouge Sorority

Placing the letter down on the pillow, I looked in the mirror to the front of me, and wondered; am I Madame Vanity?

Interview between Madame Vanity and 

Edmonton Journal

June 13th, 2016

InterviewerMinnie Dunn, nickname at S & D University of Edmonton ‘Many Done,’ unknown at time to Interviewee.

IntervieweeNoémie Marion Vachon, nickname at S & D University of Edmonton ‘Madame Vanity’, also unknown at time to Interviewee.

“Ms. Vachon, I would like to be the first to congratulate you on a job well done. Not only have you become the talk all over Edmonton, but you have blown out of control virally as well. Now tell me something, what does it feel like to go from a no name stripper, at the Edmonton Rippers Club downtown, to an over-night porn star?”

Licking my lips, my mouth was wet, but remembered how dry my vagina felt that night with Mr. Biggs. The only thing he ever did for me was pay well, and provide terrible sex. “I never imagined one of my clients would tape me,” I replied, honestly.

“Now, when you say ‘clients’ are you insinuating that you had many clients? Mr. Biggs was not the only man you screwed on the side while working for the Edmonton Rippers, from the sounds of it.”

“My job at the Edmonton Rippers, has nothing to do with the hooking business.” Why does she need to be so blunt? Looking her up and down dressed in her black skirt, with matching black top, shoes were no named, along with the rest of her attire.

“Yes, but you were fired from the Edmonton Rippers, were you not?” she asked, while flipping her black curled hair to the right side of her long, oval shaped face.

“I was fired from the Edmonton Rippers because my service was not up to managements standards. So I was told.”

“We at the Edmonton Journal heard you were fired because you sucked a lot of the patrons, and provided extra goodies on the side.”

“Listen, do you want the story, or do you want to insult me?” I am getting annoyed realizing that being paid four thousand dollars is not worth the aggravation of having to put up with unnecessary insults. No one is perfect. I mean look at her body for example; she is too skinny, and any guy trying to have sex with her would have nothing to hold onto.

“I am sorry, Noémie. The interview is supposed to be about you and your famous sex tape. So tell me, why did you decide on the wet bar? Was it because you were not being paid for a lap dance, and the janitor’s closet was occupied? Kind of like a Burlesque House. I also heard that is why the city went to investigate the establishment of your prior place of business.”

“I don’t know anything about a Burlesque House, or what the Edmonton Rippers’ side business was. In fact I don’t even recall them having a side business.”

You were their side business, Noémie. However, before the investigation you needed to ditch the evidence, but you’re customer, Mr. Biggs, had posted it all over the internet for the entire world to see, including your family and friends.”

“Yes! And you’re fucking point?”

“I am sorry, Noémie, we are not here to talk about my fucking points. The topic of our interview here tonight is to talk about all of your fucking points. Now how did your Dad take the news, seeing his eldest daughters points—all of them if I might add—all over the internet?”

“What the hell is your problem?”

“Please stick to answering the questions, or just like any other unsatisfied customer, you will not be paid for your services.”

“You know what, bitch? Take the money, and shove it up your ass! This interview is over.”

Chapter One

~ Mystery Orgasm ~

“This position does not quite feel right, Mr. Blanchard,” I gasped, as he pulled out of me.

“Then how would you like it, Noémie?”

“I would like it straight to the point,” I responded, as politely as I could. Most unsatisfied, yet relieved the lights were off in the hotel bedroom, and seeing Mr. Blanchard’s pimple filled face was not something I was just popping to see. The red, un-kept curls on top of his head was a major sexual turn off, but the three hundred and fifty dollars I was making for allowing him to shove his dick inside of me for twenty minutes, was well worth it.

“I’m trying to please you,” Mr. Blanchard growled.

“You will be trying for a very long time, Mr. Blanchard, I have told you before. I fuck too much, so cumming does not occur to my vagina anymore.”

“No girl can have so much sex that cumming does not occur,” he huffed, and then the buzzer went off. Pushing Mr. Blanchard off my naked body, I reached towards the nightstand in my hotel room, and grabbed my shirt. “Times up,” I said, politely.

“That is impossible, Noémie!”

“Well, the buzzer does not lie.”

“You know that buzzer of yours is a real boner killer.”

No, actually it is a real life saver! I thought, and then drew my attention back to Mr. Blanchard.

“Should I turn the light on?” he asked.

“No. I always keep it off Mr. Blanchard. I thought you understood the rules.”

“Yes, little Ms. Vain, I know your rules.”

“Then I suggest you follow them, or else you can forget all about this Friday.”

“Don’t forget, Noémie, I am the reason why you are able to afford  living the way you do.”

“No, Mr. Blanchard. My vagina is the reason I can afford to live the way I do.”

* * * *

It was Tuesday afternoon, and just a little over one month before I started at S & D, University of Edmonton. I’d saved up ten thousand dollars over the summer, hooking, and was regretting that my business would finally be ending. Soon I would need to make way for the clean beginning I was headed to at university.

Having no family in Edmonton was rather lonely at times, but having many satisfied customers was a plus.

My nineteenth birthday is next month, and I was currently enjoying the prime of my life, anyway I could, since Mr. Bates, the Edmonton Rippers owner, fired me when he found out I was recently taped by a long-time friend of his, Mr. Biggs.

I cannot believe Mr. Biggs taped us having sex on top of the wet bar at the strip club after hours, and then launched my new porn career online without my consent the next morning. Because of him, my parents moved back to Quebec, and since then have not spoken to me because they hold me responsible for ruining my younger sister Natalie’s life. Although if the table was turned, and my daughter became a huge internet porn star, I would not abandon my child for living her dreams. I would embrace her.

My parents spent little time with me after having my sister. It was as though I became obsolete, and grew up starving for attention so much that shortly after turning eighteen I hungered to be appreciated and, during a night out on the town, I ripped my shirt off at the Edmonton Rippers, and was offered a feature spot on their Thursday night ‘Wet T-Shirt Show Down.’ After appearing for three straight weeks, I was offered a full time position.

It was sunny and bright outside. Coming to a stop, reaching in my leather purse, I grabbed my set of name brand shades, and placed them over my blue eyes. Taking my long blonde curly hair, I pinned it up into a loose bun, then began walking back to my Hotel.

Walking the downtown streets of Edmonton on a Tuesday afternoon was not going to bring much attention from prospective customers; instead, it brought unwanted attention from police officers, who were probably observing the area for a free fuck.

Suddenly I feel an unwanted arm brush up against the left of my shoulder. “I am very sorry, Madame,” the gentleman said, with a French accent.

“Well, you should be,” I replied rudely.

“I should really watch where I’m going.”

“Yes,” I agreed. “You should really watch where you’re going. I don’t let guys brush against me for free you know.”

“Wait a minute.” His dark eyes widen on me for just a moment, and then he reached quickly into his pant pocket, and pulled out one of those new fancy cellphones everyone including me could afford to have.

“What am I waiting for?”

“There...” He pointed, showing me the other side of his cellphone that displayed the porn tape Mr. Biggs posted all over the internet.

“Yes and what’s your point?”

“You’re the girl everyone at my university has been talking about.”

“Yes, I’m the girl that almost everyone in this city has been talking about for the last two months. What’s your point? Do you want me to autograph your dick or something?”

“No, actually, I would like you to fuck me.”

“You want me to fuck you?”

“Yes, Madame, please.”

“And what makes you think I would just fuck you?”

“I can pay you one thousand dollars.”

* * * *

My dad always told me money talks, and bullshit walks. Thinking about this as I was looking up at the mirror I asked for above my Hotel bed, where I have been having sex, and making money for the last two months.

“I want to tie you up,” the man said.

“Go ahead and tie away, if you brought something to tie me up with.”

“Oh I have something.” Suddenly he got up from on top of me, and went to the black briefcase he was carrying with him earlier today when he brushed shoulders with me. He pulled out some black furry cuffs, and closed his briefcase at once.

“Hold on, and wait just a minute, sir!” I demanded.

“What’s the problem?”

“You don’t think I’ll just let you tie me up willingly, do you?”

“I’m paying for a service, Madame. I expect to get what I want.”

“So you would like me to let you tie me up?”

“Yes, that is correct.”

“Ok, but you better not kill me.”

“No, Madame, I’m going to pleasure you.”

“You’re going to pleasure me.” I laughed with great amusement.

“Yes, is there a problem?”

“No, not at all. Good luck.”

“Merci, Madame.”

Taking the black furry cuffs, the man grabbed both my arms gently, and starting cuffing them together. Then, he raised my arms over my head and managed to hook my cuffed hands to the spindly headboard. I looked into his eyes that were a dark brown color. I paid close attention to his hair, his head was shaved, and the stubs of hair looked to be a dark brown color. I couldn’t touch his muscular body, but it looked delicious, and his skin perfectly tanned. He was the most handsome man my eyes have had the pleasure of gracing upon in a very long time.

His eyes met mine then. “What are you doing, Madame?”

“I’m looking at you.” 

“Well, I will take care of that problem in just a moment, after I cuff your feet,” he replied. Then he attached a cuff around each of my ankles, spread my legs wide, and then, rather ingeniously I thought, attached each of them with this small hook to the springs beneath the mattress.

She watched his eyes roam the room, then return to hers. “Do you have anything that I can put over your eyes?”

“There’s a face cloth in the washroom.”

He walked into the washroom, grabbed one of the white cloths hanging over the sink, and then walked back over to where I now lay helpless on the bed. Slowly he placed the cloth over my eyes. “Lie still,” he demanded.


I didn’t understand what the heck he was doing, because all of my clothes were still on.

Suddenly, I felt my pants slipping downwards to only slightly above my kneecaps, leaving my purple thong in perfect position.

“Are you wearing a bra?”

“Yes.” My heart started beating a little faster.

“Perfect.” Slowly he started to lift my shirt up to my lips. “I would like you to bite down on your shirt, and don’t let go,” he ordered.

I did as I was told. Biting down on my shirt, and then slowly I felt the man lift the bottom of my bra, until the band was tightly over the top of my tits, making my breasts sensitive to touch.

Slowly I felt the tip of his tongue slide between my bare cleavage, and as I tried to move my hands, I realized I was totally helpless; I could not push his face away, or else move to a different position because all his weight was directly on my hips, lying on top of me.

I jerked when I felt his wet tongue licking my left nipple, swirling every which way his mad tongue could, and I started squirming. Helpless and unable to move, as the nameless man began to twirl his tongue faster around my left nipple, his right hand cupping my right breast, and I started to feel myself getting wet. 

I released my shirt from between my lips. “Please, I get the point,” I begged, but didn’t get any answer back to my plea. Instead, my left nipple reacted to his sucking motion from his mouth locking, and then pulling on my nipple, furiously tormenting it.

Soon I couldn’t stop myself from screaming, “Fuck!” And then started squirming more as I tried breaking the hold his mouth had on my nipple. His left hand was cupping my left breast, and his right hand let go of the other, while his mouth insanely wrapped around my nipple.

“Shit, shit,” I gasped.

After only a few moments, his tongue started to linger and nibble down my bare stomach, and his right hand was back on my right breast, cupping it, and playing alongside my left one.

As his tongue found its way down to what I like to call ‘the end of the line,’ I was gasping quickly because I didn’t want to lose control, and then it happened. My legs started to shudder, the rest of my body convulsing from pleasure I have not felt in three years.

Afterward, he lifted his head and said gracefully, “Thank you.”

“What are you thanking me for?”

“For the pleasure of making you cum, and in the process, myself as well.”

“What the hell is this? I thought we were going to fuck?”

“No. I told you I wanted to fuck you, but I didn’t say what I wanted to fuck with most.”

“I don’t understand?”

“And there you have it, Madame, fucking of the mind.”

“Who the hell are you?”

“My name, Madame, is Sofaine.”

* * * *

Journal Entry #1

July 27th, 2016

The strangest encounter happened today. I have never had a man dominate me, get me off, and get paid for it. That is not the way ‘the real’ hooking world works. I mean, get off, and get paid. What have I been missing?

No one has gotten me off in over three years, and today, out of nowhere, I meet a young man while walking the streets of downtown Edmonton, and he knows me, but I have not a clue who he is. Then the next thing I know, this guy is negotiating a price to have me fuck him, and when we get to my hotel room, he is handcuffing my hands and legs?

I have never let anyone handcuff me.

I don’t understand why I let him do it. I couldn’t refuse a paying customer, right? Even if I didn’t know the guy, he was still paying. It was with the understanding he was paying to be fucked, instead, he was paying to fuck with my body and my mind. Who the hell does that?

I wonder if this guy is sexually complicated or something? He didn’t want me to fuck him. I have never had a paying customer not want me to fuck them.

This complicated guy was so turned on by the fact my video was online, and I gathered from his desperation to get me into closed quarters, that he was dying to let me have my way with him. My thoughts blew up in my face, and I caved to cumming for the opposite sex. I just hope this guy didn’t bring some sort of a recording device, because if he did, I would be exposed as an easy cummer. Being known as the girl online who ‘just doesn’t cum for you’ is my trademark. It is the entire reason why I stayed here in Edmonton, and let my parents fuck off back home to Quebec. At least big cities like Edmonton can have an appreciation for someone of my sort of talents.

After losing my virginity to an abusive boyfriend at the age of sixteen, I promised myself I would never cum for the opposite sex again. After refusing to cum for him, he kicked me to the curb, and I no longer had to fear for my safety. If my parents had not been too busy admiring my perfect little sister, and actually gave a fuck about me, maybe I would not be so sexually warped.

I am still trying to wrap my head around Sofaine, and his penis I didn’t get to see.

Ok, I’m done now.

Sadly wondering why I am writing about today’s events,


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