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Storm Warnings

By: Desiree Holt
Published By: Blushing Press
Copyright: ©2017 by Blushing Books® and Desiree Holt
2 Novels / 30,600 Words
Heat Level:
4.4 Out Of 5 (4.4 on 10)   |  Write a review

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Stormy Weather:

The storm raging outside isn't nearly as intense as the one in Zane Colby's head. The last thing he wants to do is rescue someone from a bay whipped to frothing whitecaps by a wicked wind. Little does he know that Dara is as damaged as he is. In the quiet of the little cottage, could his teaching her about the true wonders of Dominance and submission heal them both?

After the Storm:

For Dara and Zane, the storm that brought them together was a lucky break – a veteran with PTSD, and a girl escaping a brutal monster. Fishing Dara out of Estero Bay was the best thing that happened to Zane. Now they're settled into a healthy D/s relationship, but they both have to learn to trust again, and the reappearance of the man who held Dara captive for five years leads to a case of missing young women. Could Dara hold the key to finding them?

Publisher's Note: This two book set includes the USA Today bestselling Stormy Weather, as well as a brand new sequel.

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susan landowski on 12/05/2017 01:02pm
This is a 2 novella book set . This is definitely needed as without it one can get lost in trying to understand this relationship and how it developed so quickly. This novella compares abusive BDSM relationship versus a sane consensual BDSM relationship and how the power of love and trust and gradually heal broken hearts. This is a fast pace paced book but sometimes hard to believe in how fast they heal in such a short story. Give it a try.
charlotte Huelsemann on 11/23/2017 07:09pm
Storm warning two book set by Desiree Holt
This is a story of Zane a wounded Warrior. After losing much of his team he needed time alone. He wasn%u2019t fit for human company. He finds a woman as wounded as he is. Dara has been severely abused by her dom. She is in a small boat in a storm and Zane rescues her. I was given this advanced reader copy to voluntarily review. I found this book to be exciting and warm. A story that love can conquer all. There also is a nice little mystery tucked into this story.
Redrabbitt on 11/18/2017 01:20am
The book is two parts. The first, Stormy Weather, was featured in the Hero to Obey box set and the second, After the Storm, will be six months after Zane and Dara met on that fateful night. After reading Stormy Weather, it left so many unanswered questions but with this combo, adding After the Storm, the reader now has closure.

The story emphasizes the difference between a cruel dominant, and one who practices safe, sane, and consensual. The chemistry between Zane and Dara includes love and respect with plenty of pleasure in their BDSM practices and D/s lifestyle. The scenes do include explicit sex scenes.
Penny Gwen on 11/17/2017 08:56pm
I loved reading this story. I can%u2019t wait for more stories about Zane and Dara. In the first story, we meet Zane on an island in a self induced solitary confinement. He is trying to find himself after being betrayed by his long time sub and witnessing truly horrible things in war. During a rain storm, he risks his life to fish Dara out of the water. She is running from an abusive Dom wannabe. Neither wants to discuss their past with the other, but Dara needs Zane to take control so that her life stops crumbling.
The second story picks up with the two of them celebrating the fact that Zane and Dara were able to find each other. After a run in with the wannabe, Dara and Zane uncover a group of men who kidnap women%u2026 just like Dara was. With the help of some of Zane%u2019s friends, the couple go after the man responsible.
lillie1922 on 11/17/2017 08:26pm
I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.
Book One: Stormy Weather
Zane is taking a break from the trauma of his life. He is damaged from both love and war when he rescues Dara. She is equally damaged. Shy, scarred and afraid, and obviously a sub. They decide to explore the attraction between them.
Book Two: After the Storm
The story continues as Dara learns to trust Zane as the kind of Master she needs. Their relationship is intense and loving and her nightmares of the brutal man who mastered her before are slowly fading. Has she truly escaped him? Is she truly free to love Zane and belong to him?
PJB on 11/17/2017 04:33pm
I really enjoyed the first tale from Hero To Obey and so I was delighted to find this sequel- book 2! I loved the relationship that develops between Zane and Dara, the fact they are both emotionally hurt, damaged by circumstances beyond their control means they bond and are able to help one another. This is a well written D/s story with plenty of heart. I love the fact that in book 2 we find out more about the man who damaged Dara - The end is very gratifying!
madpuss on 11/16/2017 06:27pm
This is a lovely story where 2 damaged people meet at the right time and are just what each other needs to help them heal and become whole again. Steamy, hot and heartwarming.
Rhonda on 11/16/2017 09:30am
2 novella BDSM set

I'm not a fan of relationship cliff-hangers so I was happy to see that the duet of Stormy Weather and After the Storm were included in this offering.
Zane and Dara have both been scared by the events and people in their lives. Thrown together by a storm, they begin a healing journey. The kindness and patience Zane shows to Dara is such a wonderful peek into what BDSM should be about. A perfect pairing of tender and sexy.

I received an Advance Reader copy of this book.
JigsawGirl on 11/16/2017 01:00am
This is a two book set. Book 1, Stormy Weather takes you through Zane and Dara's first meeting which is interesting enough in itself. Zane and Dara are both so damaged that you can't imagine how they will be able to interact.

Book 2, After the Storm is set when an extended period of time has passed, where both Zane and Dara have begun to heal. Their relationship is really the foundation of the book. A subplot of a criminal investigation hangs around the edges which provides some interest and suspense. This investigation pulls in information from the first book.

Storm Warnings was a fairly quick read. I would have enjoyed it more if the subplot had played out a little longer, but the premise of the book was the D/s relationship between Zane and Dara.

I voluntarily read and reviewed the Advanced Reader Copy.
Tami on 11/15/2017 12:16pm
Zane is a man who is battling PTSD and the betrayal of his last submissive. When he rescues Dara from the water he is reluctant to give in to his attraction to her. When he learns that she escaped an abusive D/s relationship and has some demons of her own he wonders if they might have a chance together.

I read Stormy Weather when it was part of the Hero to Obey anthology, but as much as I enjoyed the story I always felt that the end was too abrupt. I am thrilled that After the Storm is the continuation of Zane and Dara's story and enjoyed reading the book very much. This end was much more satisfying.

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