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Santa Spanks!

By: Holla Dean
Published By: Books by Holla Dean
Copyright: Copyright © Holla Dean
3 Short Stories / 13,731 Words
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Three fun short stories about Santa spanking and/or being spanked.

Janey's life is out of control. She spends too much money, can't seem to keep her house clean, and is totally disorganized. Santa says he can help her but there'll be consequences if she doesn't do what he tells her. Will Janey let Santa help her?

Abbie's job is running the Santa visiting center at the mall. But one of her Santa's can't get to work on time. He has a suggestion for how to bring him in line, but will Abbie go for it? If she does, will she get more than she bargained for?

Beth is exhausted from working overtime and trying to get her new house ready for hosting her first family Christmas. While having nothing but problems getting her tree trimmed and the rest of her decorations up on Christmas Eve, Santa pays her a visit and gets on her nerves telling her she isn't doing anything right.Beth gets sassy and it doesn't go over well with Santa. How will he handle her mouthy wise cracks?

Warning: This story contains scenes involving adult spanking. Explicit sex scenes. If you are or may be offended by such material, please don't buy this book!


Janey looked around her messy apartment. The same one she’d promised herself last week that she’d get cleaned up. Why was she such a procrastinator? Every day she had good intentions. And every day she allowed herself to get sidetracked by something.

Of course, it didn’t take much to sidetrack Janey. Any excuse to get out of cleaning her apartment would do. But as she stood there looking at the dirty clothes she needed to pick up, the dishes piled in the sink, the magazines scattered on the living room chair and sofa, she knew she had to do something.

Her bills were piled in a haphazard heap and she had no idea if any of them were late. It didn’t really matter because she didn’t have the money to pay them.

The worst of it all was that the reason she didn’t have the money to pay them was she had gone shopping with her best friend, Lisa. They had found such cute things that Janey could not resist buying them. Now the rent was due and she wasn’t going to be paid for another week.

Janey’s cell phone rang and she saw it was Lisa. “Hi, Lisa, what’s up?”

“Nothing, I’m bored. Do you want to go to the mall with me?”

Janey said, “No, I don’t have any money left and my rent is due in a few days. I better stay home and clean up my place.”

“Please, Janey? I don’t want to go all alone. I need you to tell me if something looks good on me before I buy it. And the stores have such great deals for Christmas.”

“All right,” Janey sighed. “I’ll go with you if you promise not to let me buy anything at all.”

“Sure thing,” Lisa said. “I won’t let you buy a thing. I’ll pick you up in twenty minutes.”

At the mall, the two girls went from one store to another. Lisa apparently didn’t have the financial worries that Janey had. She bought something in nearly every store they entered.

Both girls were twenty years old and had great bodies, with full breasts, narrow waists, and tight little asses. As they strolled through the mall they had many a man turning around for a second look at their luscious young bodies.

When they got to the center point of the mall, they saw that the set up for visiting Santa Claus was not busy at all. Being a weekday, the children were in school so Santa and his elves were sitting around bored.

Lisa said, “Hey Janey, let’s go get our pictures taken with Santa.”

“No, I can’t. I’m broke and they want fifteen bucks for a picture with Santa.”

“Oh, come on Janey. I’ll pay for the pictures. You go up and sit on his lap first.”

Reluctantly Janey went to sit on Santa’s lap.

“HO HO HO, little girl,” Santa said in a fake deep voice. “Tell Santa what your name is.”

Janey decided to have fun with this and she sat on Santa’s thigh and wiggled her ass. “My name is Janey.”

“All right, Janey. Let’s look at the camera and smile so we’ll have a nice picture of your visit to Santa.”

She put her cheek up against Santa’s cheek and smiled into the camera. She moved to get up now that the picture taking was over, but Santa held her in place and said, “What’s the hurry, Janey? You haven’t told me what you want for Christmas yet.”

Janey settled back down on his lap and said, “I want cash for Christmas so I can pay my bills.”

“I see. Have you been a good girl all year long, Janey?

“Not really, Santa. In fact, I’ve done a couple of stupid things and now I’m in a big financial mess.”

“I’m sorry to hear that, Janey. It sounds like you’ve been a naughty girl with your budget.”

“Yeah, I guess so. That’s not all I’ve been naughty about either. You should see the mess my apartment is in.”

“It sounds like Janey needs a sound spanking.” Santa slid his hand into the pocket of his big red coat and pulled out a business card. He slipped it into Janey’s hand and said, “You come to my workshop tonight and I’ll see that you get just what you need.”

Janey looked into his clear blue eyes and saw that he was much younger than most guys that played the mall Santa gig. She thought he was hot looking under that fake white beard. But did he just say he thought she needed a spanking?

She thought he looked like he was less than thirty years old; his eyes had hardly any crinkles when he smiled. While his body was all padded to look like a typical Santa Claus, Janey had a feeling that this guy might be a hottie under that Santa suit.

“I don’t want a spanking, Santa. I just need to get myself organized and motivated.”

“You just come to the address on the card tonight and I think I’ll be able to help you with your problems. I’ll be there at eight o’clock. The workshop is in the back, so just come through the backyard gate. I’ll be waiting for you, Janey.”

Janey said, “Okay,” but she didn’t think she would. She didn’t even know this guy or who he was, what his real name was. She did know it would probably be pretty dumb to go to a complete stranger’s house.

She got up and then waited for Lisa to get her picture taken with Santa. It took a lot less time for Lisa to finish and Janey didn’t see Santa slip her a business card. Lisa must have told him she’d been a good girl all year.

The girls admired their pictures with Santa and then continued roaming through the mall.

“You were on Santa’s lap a long time. Were you flirting with him?” Lisa asked.

“No, but I think he’s hot under that suit. He looks pretty young.” Janey replied.

“Yeah, I think he might be hot.”

The girls soon went home and Janey was looking at her messy apartment again but didn’t feel like cleaning. So she cleared off the sofa and made some room for her to sit down and turned the television on.

She couldn’t concentrate on the mindless talk show she had turned on. All she could think about was the card Santa gave her. She dug it out of her pocket and took a look at it. It said his name was Jeff Rogers and he was a financial planner. He offered help with setting up budgets and teaching you how to stick to your budget.

Maybe he can help me, Janey thought. Her budget, or lack of it, was only one of her problems. But it was the biggest problem so maybe that’s where she should start.

Could she really go to a stranger’s house all alone? Janey hadn’t even mentioned her conversation with Santa to Lisa so she couldn’t very well call her now. Lisa would want to know why Janey hadn’t said anything before. Janey didn’t know why, unless it was that she was embarrassed to tell her friend that Santa thought she needed to be spanked.

Should she go? Would he charge her for his services? She already told him she was broke so he shouldn’t be thinking she could afford to pay him.

Janey dug through all the crap piled in her living room until she found her laptop. She logged on to the internet and googled his name. There were a ton of hits with the name of Jeff Rogers. So she changed her search words to include his name, the words ‘financial planner’ and the city.

There he was! With the same address that was on his business card. That must mean he was legitimate, a real financial planner. He had a website so she clicked on the link to learn more about him.

The web site told her Jeff Rogers had worked for a large accounting firm before going into business for himself. It went on to tell of the advantages for his clients that he was not restricted to time limitations as he was with a larger firm. Now he could dedicate the time necessary to be sure each of his clients had the most successful results from Jeff’s consultations.

Janey thought that all sounded good. He must be for real and not some whack job. The only thing that concerned her now was his suggestion that she needed a sound spanking.

In the end she decided to go to his workshop. If he could help her get her budget under control it could be time well spent. She’d just make sure she left before he could get to spanking her.

Jeff Rogers was in his workshop working on client accounts. His workshop was really nothing more than a small guest cottage in the backyard of his house. He used it as his office and met clients there. It was a one room cottage with a kitchenette set up on one wall and a small bathroom with a shower. It was a perfect setup since he’d been laid off from the large accounting firm he used to work for.

He’d been slowly building his new customer base, but things were tight and he’d taken the temporary Santa job at the mall to help tide him over the holidays.

Jeff finished up with the account he was working on and saved his work on his computer. He looked at his watch. It was quarter to eight and he’d told Janey to be here at eight. He wondered if she’d actually show up.

She was sure one hot little number. Jeff remembered how her ass felt sitting on his lap and squirming about as she told him she’d been naughty. Those tight jeans she was wearing hugged her ass and made it seem like her cheeks were just begging to be spanked. The palm of his hand was itching to turn her cute little ass a nice bright red. She’d thank him for it too, once she saw how it straightened out her runaway finances.

Jeff wondered if he could apply his spanking theory to the other areas of her life that she admitted she needed help with. Why not? He’d give her a list of things she needed to accomplish each day and if she didn’t do it, he’d warm her ass with his hand. Or the hairbrush.

Jeff hadn’t always been a spanker, but a few years ago he had a young lady as a client that just wouldn’t follow his direction and when he got frustrated with her and was about to quit, she suggested that he spank her.

She’d said, “Jeff, I don’t want you mad at me. Maybe you should spank me when I don’t do what you tell me to do or when I spend more than I should.”

At the time he thought she was nuts and there was no way he was going to do that. But after a few more frustrating business sessions with her, he gave it a try.

The first spanking he’d given her was pretty lame, but she’d actually improved. With each spanking he became more confident and spanked harder and longer. And with each spanking she fell more in line and pretty soon she had her budget under control. They parted as good friends and she had actually referred a few of her friends to him for the “special budget treatment plan.”

He looked at the clock and saw it was few minutes after eight. Maybe Janey wasn’t going to show up. That’d be too bad.

Janey was driving around Jeff’s block for about the fourth or fifth time trying to get up the nerve to park and walk to Santa’s workshop behind the small house. She wondered if she should just skip it and go back home to her messy apartment and unpaid bills.

No, that wouldn’t help anything. She parked her car and got out. The little house was dark inside and it didn’t look like anyone was home. There were some exterior lights on so the walkway around the side of the house was well lit.

Janey walked to the gate and peered over the top of it. She could see one side of what she assumed was the workshop. There was a light on in the window. She reached for the gate latch and stepped into the yard.

The workshop door was standing slightly open but she knocked as she called out, “Hello, it’s Janey.”

Santa opened the door, wearing jeans and his red Santa jacket. The jacket was open; revealing the hard six pack Janey had suspected might be there. Nicely developed pecs told her Santa worked out at the gym.

“Hi Janey,” he said. “Come on in.”

“Hi,” she answered as she walked in and looked around. This sure didn’t look like any workshop of Santa’s; it looked just like a regular office.

Jeff saw that she was nervous and he went to sit behind his desk trying to make her feel more comfortable with the span of the desk between them. He motioned for her to sit in one of the chairs across from him.

“Have a seat, Janey. Would you like something to drink? I have soda, bottled water, and beer.”

“No, thank you,” she answered. “Should I call you Santa or your real name?”

“Either one is fine; whatever you feel comfortable with.”

“I think I like Santa. It kind of makes me feel better that I’m getting help from Santa Claus.”

“Then Santa it is.” Jeff/Santa said as he got out his yellow legal pad. “I’m going to ask you lots of questions and I want you to be completely honest with me. I can’t help you if you don’t tell me everything I need to know.”

Janey nodded her agreement and Santa began to ask her a multitude of questions. Starting with what she did for a living and how much money she earned, moving on to expenses, and even wanting to know how many ninety-nine cents she spent every month downloading music to her phone.

He was surprised when she told him she was a pole dancer at a club; but he didn’t say anything about it. When he was done with the questions, he pulled his calculator closer and began punching in numbers. Janey sat quietly while Santa made notes on his pad and shook his head back and forth.

Finally he was done and he looked sternly at Janey and said, “Young lady, do you realize that you spend more on non-essential items than you do on necessary things? You’re making a very nice income for someone as young as you are.”

“I know, I just don’t know how to set up a budget and I have just so many things I should be doing that I’m not getting done. Something else always comes up and I get distracted.”

“I’m going to help you with that.” Santa said.

Santa outlined an easy budget for her and then they talked about the other problems she was having trouble with.

“Janey, I believe your problem is a lack of accountability. I would like to come by your apartment tomorrow so we can assess the areas you’re having difficulty with. Then we’ll make a list of tasks you need to get done in a certain time frame. You will be accountable directly to me and if these tasks are not completed, there will be consequences.”

“Um…what kind of consequences are you talking about, Santa?” Janey asked.

“I’ve found the most effective consequence to be what I mentioned to you at the mall. Knowing a good sound spanking will be forthcoming can be a great motivator.”

Janey sat there, saying nothing. She was thinking. Shit, he wasn’t kidding at the mall. He really does plan to spank me if I don’t get my shit together. Should I say yes?

She made up her mind. “Okay, I know I have to do something so I’ll give it a try.”

Santa got up and went to the small sofa that was across the room and sat down.

“That’s a very wise decision, Janey. Now, I want to be sure you understand what you’re agreeing to and that I mean business. I want you to take your jeans off and then come here and put yourself over my knee for your first spanking.”

“What? No, I haven’t done anything yet to deserve a spanking.” Janey couldn’t believe he wanted to spank her already.

Santa lifted his eyebrows and said, “But you have. By getting yourself into this predicament you’ve earned a spanking. If you want my help, you’re going to have to do as I say.”

Janey took a deep breath and slipped out of her jeans. She was desperate to get things under control. She walked over to where Santa was sitting and just stood there.

Santa took her wrist and pulled her over his knee. He began spanking her bottom through her thin panties. Janey yelled “Ow” with each smack.

Then Santa pulled her panties down and gave her several more spanks on her bare bottom. When he thought her ass was sufficiently reddened, he helped her up.

“We’re done for tonight, Janey. I’ll be at your apartment tomorrow morning at ten o’clock and we’ll get your tasks listed. Then I’ll stop by the next morning to check if you’ve actually completed them. Do you understand?”

Janey had pulled her panties up and put her jeans back on. She had been a little surprised to find her pussy was wet after that spanking.  What was that about? She nodded her head that she understood and left Santa’s workshop.

Jeff watched her get into her car and drive off. He had the world’s biggest hard on right now. Sure, he’d been aroused before when he spanked a hot chick; he’d even fucked a few of them. After all, spanking was a definite turn on. But he’d never experienced anything like this. Janey seemed different from the other women he’d used his special plan on. She was more innocent, more naïve. He sure had been surprised to learn she was a pole dancer with that innocent air she had.

He went back and locked up his ‘workshop’ and went to the house. He’d have to be very careful not to become too attached to Janey or she’d be able to talk him into being lenient and then he wouldn’t be much help to her. He needed to be strong and remain strict with all his interactions with her.

At home, Janey was a whirlwind dashing around her apartment. She picked up everything off the floor, threw away a bunch of old magazines, gathered up dirty clothes and tossed them in her hamper.

That spanking had hurt! She did not want another one. Maybe this was exactly what she needed.

She was tired, it was after ten when she got home and now it was nearly midnight. She quit her crazy frenzy of activity and went to bed. Santa was coming tomorrow morning to give her tasks to do; he wouldn’t spank her unless she didn’t do them. There would be no spanking in the morning so she didn’t have to do anything else tonight.

Janey woke up at nine thirty, barely giving her time to shower and dress before Santa knocked on her door. She wished she could have had time for some coffee before he showed up.

Santa wasn’t wearing his red suit today but he did have on his red hat with white fur trim. She let him in and he looked around the small apartment. It was a mess, but he could see that she had attempted some kind of cleaning up.

“Hi, Santa,” Janey said. “I’m just going to wash the coffee pot and make some fresh coffee. Would you like some?”

“That’d be good, Janey. While you do that, I’ll just walk around the place and jot down what needs to be done.”

Jeff found a number of things that Janey needed to get done. They ranged from dusting, vacuuming, cleaning the bathroom, making her bed, washing floors, cleaning the oven, doing the dishes, laundry, and so many more.

When the coffee was done, they sat down and he went over everything with her. Then they went over her work schedule to determine what she could accomplish by his next visit.

Santa handed her the list of three things to be done by the following evening when he would come by after his shift at the mall. He didn’t want to overwhelm her and she had to work till eleven tonight.

“Remember Janey,” he warned her. “If any of these items are not done when I come by tomorrow night, you will get a spanking.”

“Okay, Santa.” She replied. “I’ll have them all done, I don’t want another spanking.”

Janey’s shift at the club was from three in the afternoon to eleven that night. When she was done working she hung around the bar with some of the other girls. Before she knew it, it was three in the morning and the club was closing. When she got home she fell right into bed thinking she could sleep in since she was off the next day.

It was noon when she woke up and she was still groggy. How many drinks did she have after her shift? Too many.

She went to the kitchen and made some coffee. There were no more clean cups so she had to wash one out. She sat on the sofa and clicked on the TV. Her favorite soap opera was coming on and she settled back to watch it.

Then she watched another soap opera, then a talk show. She fell asleep again while watching the talk show. When she awoke it was five o’clock and she was starving. She showered, got dressed and went out to get something to eat. When she returned to her apartment and saw the messy kitchen, she suddenly remembered that Santa would be stopping by.

She hadn’t done any of the things on her list! Quickly she threw a load into the washing machine. She cleaned the bathroom which turned out to be a much bigger job than she had thought. It had really become pretty icky. The last thing she was supposed to get done was cleaning the kitchen. But she was out of time.

Santa would be here in ten minutes. Janey could already feel the sting of his hand coming down on her ass. She quickly shoved all the dirty dishes into the oven, wiped down the counters, and rinsed the sink. It looked all right; she thought she’d get away with it. Now the only thing she couldn’t finish was the laundry. She was to have washed all her dirty clothes and the dirty towels. Hopefully, it would be enough.

Janey heard the knock and went to answer it. Santa was wearing his red jacket and hat, but not the pants. He had jeans on instead of the red Santa pants.

“Hi, Santa! Come on in,” Janey said.

Santa stepped inside and asked, “How’s it going, Janey? Did you have a good day?”

“Yeah, I did. Except that I didn’t get home till real late so I slept late and didn’t get all the laundry done.”

“I see,” Santa said. “Did you have to work late?”

“Well, not really, I just hung out with everyone until the club closed.”

Santa went into the bathroom and looked it over. Janey had done a pretty good job cleaning it up. Her hamper was more full than empty. Next, he went into the kitchen and it looked real good. He wanted a glass of water so he opened the cupboard that he remembered held the coffee cups and glasses but it was empty.

Hmm…if there were no dirty glasses in the sink, and no clean ones in the cupboard, where were they? He looked over at Janey and saw her face turn red. There was no dishwasher in her apartment. What was she hiding?

Santa opened the oven door and saw all the dirty dishes stuffed in there.

“What the hell is this, Janey? Were you trying to deceive me and let me think you’d done all the cleaning you were to have completed?”

Janey didn’t answer. She hung her head and looked at the floor. She felt so guilty now, more for trying to trick him than for not doing what she was supposed to.

“I’m sorry Santa,” she said in a little voice. “I just got home too late last night and needed to sleep. I promise I’ll finish it all tomorrow.”

Santa sat on the sofa and motioned Janey over to him. She was scared, but she went and stood beside him. He started lecturing her about responsibility, accountability, and how disappointed he was in her.

“I’m going to spank you now, Janey. Please take off your jeans and your panties.”

“But Santa, I really did try to do it all, I just ran out of time. Please don’t spank me again.” Janey begged in her best little girl voice.

“Why did you run out of time? Was it because you watched TV or found something better to do?”

“Well, maybe I watched a little TV. But I really did try.”

“That’s enough, young lady. Take off your bottoms and get over my knee. Now!”

Janey did as she was told. She could tell by his voice that she better do it or she’d be in even more trouble. As she bent over his knee, he put his left arm around her waist to hold her in place. Then he reached inside the big pocket of his red jacket and pulled out the wooden hair brush that was shaped like a paddle. Janey never saw it coming, but she sure felt it.

When that hair brush smacked her ass, Janey let out a yelp. Santa spanked her with the wooden side of that hair brush what felt like a hundred times. And every smack was followed by a loud yelp from Janey.

It was only twelve spanks, but the hair brush stung much more than his hand had. After the twelve spanks, Santa paused and rubbed her butt.

“Those were for not finishing your assigned tasks, Janey. The next spanks will be for lying to me by putting the dirty dishes in the oven.”

Janey didn’t think she could take any more spanking and immediately started to cry when the spanking started up again. “Please Santa, stop! It hurts too much! I promise I’ll be good and do everything I’m supposed to. Pleeeease!”

Santa gave her five more whacks with the hair brush and then he used his hand for five more hard smacks. On the last spank, he let his hand rest on her red ass and it slipped between her legs and he felt the dampness of her pussy. Hell, it was more than damp, her pussy was soaking wet.

He lifted her up from his lap and held her close. His cock was so damn hard he wanted to take her right there. His hand wandered down to her pussy again and she opened up her legs a little more so he could put his fingers inside her.

“That feels good, Santa.”

“Yeah, it feels real good,” he answered. “Janey, do you want to go in the bedroom?”

“I’d like that, Santa. You spanked my butt so hard and now it’s really sore. I think I’d feel a lot better if you fucked me.”

Santa picked her up and carried her to the bedroom. He lay her down on the bed and opened her legs wide. Her pussy was glistening, just begging him to bury his face in it. He slipped off his red jacket, then his shoes, socks, jeans and boxers.

Janey looked at him from under her lashes and thought he must be the best damn built Santa she’d ever seen. His cock was huge and so hard. She wanted it inside her and shivered in anticipation as he lowered himself to her.

Santa kissed her inner thighs, ran his tongue over her soft, swollen labia, and then moved on to her clit. He flicked his tongue over that sensitive bud and at the same time slipped his fingers into her pussy.

Janey moaned and opened herself even wider. Santa was doing wonderful things to her. She wanted to make him feel good too. So she scooted around until she could reach his hard shaft with her mouth.

While he was busy kissing, sucking, and fingering her pussy, she licked him and fondled his balls. Janey slipped one of his balls into her mouth and rolled it around gently while she stroked his cock with her hand. Then she released his ball and began licking and sucking his cock. She moved her head up and down on him in perfect timing to what his lips and fingers were doing to her.

Faster and harder, the sensations were building up into what she knew would be one incredible orgasm. She wanted him inside her when she came.

“Santa, please fuck me! Fuck me now!”

They shifted their bodies and he plunged his cock deep into her pussy while he sucked on her breast. He pulled out almost completely, and then thrust back in to the hilt. She felt his balls slapping against her ass.

Now he was kissing her, thrusting his tongue into her mouth as he pumped into her.

“Oh Janey, you are so fucking tight. I’m gonna come now.”

“Yes! Santa, now! I’m coming now!”

They came together, Janey’s body convulsing in the throes of her orgasm and Santa’s body stiffening as his cock emptied into her.

Before Santa left, he sat down with Janey and gave her a new list of tasks and they went over her budget. She had three days to complete this list. Since Janey was working for the next three days, she was given extra time to finish them up.

She was to maintain the now clean bathroom, get her dishes done and keep up with any other dirty dishes, get her laundry caught up, and get her bedroom clean. Once she did all that, all she’d have left to do is maintain the neatness. It sounded so easy, but Janey knew she’d probably just stop cleaning and then in a few weeks her apartment would be a disaster again.

Janey rubbed her sore bottom, maybe if Santa spanked her before the apartment got so bad, she’d keep it clean.

The next morning Janey did all her dishes and put them away in the cabinets. Her kitchen looked good. Then it was time for work so she’d start on her laundry tonight and her bedroom tomorrow.

She took a shower and got ready for work. Still feeling the sting of her spanking had her wiping down everything in the bathroom and leaving it looking sparkling clean. Janey was proud of herself.

That evening when she got home from work, she remembered to put a load of wash in, and then she went to bed thinking she’d put the load in the dryer in the morning.

Santa called her the following morning to see how she was doing and if she was on track or procrastinating on her tasks. Janey was proud to report she was on schedule and sure there’d be no need for another spanking.

She started to clean her bedroom but decided to leave the vacuuming and dusting for the following day. She spent the rest of the time before she had to leave for work, surfing the web and playing a few games on her laptop.

While she had a few missteps with her tasks, overall she did very well and when Santa came by on the evening of the third day, Janey had everything done.

“Looks like no spanking tonight, Janey. What do you say we go get a pizza and then see a movie?”

They had a great time and when they got back to Janey’s apartment, she invited him in. Sitting on her sofa, Santa talked about her budget and how he’d want to see what she had spent her money on at the end of the week.

Before long, Janey was running her fingers along his thigh, telling him she’d be ready with her budget.

“But for now, I’d like to suck your big cock, Santa.”

She undid the button on his jeans and then reached for his zipper and slowly pulled it down. Her hand slipped inside and pulled his already hard cock out. She got on her knees in front of him and began to lick him. Her hand was wrapped around his shaft and moving up and down while her tongue was teasing the rim of the head.

Janey tugged at his jeans, they were in the way and she wanted to get to his balls. Santa lifted his hips and helped her lower his jeans. She gently squeezed his balls while her head bobbed up and down on his cock, taking him in all the way. Then she switched and now her hand was on his dick and his balls were being rolled around in her mouth.

Santa moaned and said, “Oh Janey, you are so good at this. You better let me fuck you, I’m about to come.”

Janey switched again, now his cock was back in her mouth and she was sucking hard and fast. He moaned again and held onto her head, letting her take him in until he felt the tip of his dick touch the back of her throat. He came in her mouth, spurting his come down her throat and Janey swallowed every bit of it.

“That was fantastic, Janey. Now it’s your turn.”

He took her to the bedroom and undressed her. She lay on the bed, naked and spread out before him. Santa took a nipple in his mouth and sucked it. With his fingers he teased the other nipple. As Janey moaned and wiggled her hips, Santa worked his way down her belly trailing kisses as he went. He went right past her pussy and continued kissing and flicking with his tongue down her left leg. Then he moved over to the right leg and started working his way back up.

By the time he got to her pussy, she was writhing and squirming, begging for more, begging him to fuck her.

“Santa please, fuck me now. I want your cock now. Please.”

Santa licked her pussy; he shoved his tongue inside her and lapped up her pussy juice. He put three fingers inside her as he took her clit in his mouth and sucked on it, bit down lightly on it, licked and sucked it more.

Janey came, more violently than she ever had before. She bucked her hips up and screamed with the intense pleasure of it.

And then, Santa moved on top of her and rammed his cock into her soaking pussy and fucked her fast. Fast and hard while she cried out, then faster and even harder until they came together.

Breathing hard, barely able to speak, Janey said, “I’ve never, ever, had sex this good before.”

“Me either, Janey.” Santa said.

They fell asleep and Janey slept all night in Santa’s arms.

Janey managed to complete all her tasks for her next meeting with Santa. When he came to her apartment he was very pleased with the condition. Everything was clean, the dishes were washed and put away, and the laundry was under control.

They sat down at the kitchen table to go over her income and expenses since their agreement. Her rent was up to date and all her current bills were paid. However, there was a receipt for an expensive pair of shoes that were not in the budget and another receipt for several items of clothing.

Santa looked at Janey and asked, “I thought you understood that you were not to buy any further clothing items until your credit cards were paid and you had started your retirement fund.”

“I know, but then Lisa called and wanted to go shopping and I found these absolutely beautiful shoes and I just had to buy them.”

“And the clothes? Did you have to have them as well?”

“They were so cute, and some of them are for work so it can count as an expense.”

“Janey, you know you’ve been naughty again, don’t you? You know what we have to do when you’ve been naughty, right?”

Janey looked down at the table and said, “I know, Santa. You have to give me a spanking.”

She felt a little thrill run through her when she said it. Actually, she’d gone shopping on purpose just so she could get a spanking. The spanking did hurt, and she didn’t really like it all that much when it was happening. But for some reason it made her so hot, her pussy got so wet when Santa spanked her.

She was hoping he’d get hot too, and then he’d take her in the bedroom and they could have hot sex after the spanking.

“I’m disappointed in you, Janey. You did a very good job on cleaning up your apartment and I had hoped you stuck with your budget.”

“I’m sorry, Santa,” Janey said. “Are you going to spank me now?”

“Yes, I am. Let’s go into the bedroom.”

Janey got up and felt her pussy getting wet already. In the bedroom she took off her jeans and was just about to pull down her panties when Santa said, “You can leave your panties on.”

He sat down on the bed and pulled her over his knees. He told her again how disappointed he was that she was unable to follow his directions. Then he began to spank her with his hand through her panties.

It didn’t hurt as much through her panties and Janey wondered why he let her leave them on. Santa started with lighter smacks to her ass and then increased the strength of them steadily. Just as they started to really hurt, Santa pulled the panties down to her thighs.

“That was your warm-up spanking, Janey. Now I’m going to spank your bare bottom until it’s very red. You will not spend over your budget again. Do you understand?”

Santa spanked her hard. Each smack was painful and caused Janey to cry out loudly with an “Ow!” But each spank also caused her pussy to contract and tingle with anticipation.

Janey began crying and started to beg, “Please stop, Santa. It hurts too much! I promise I’ll stay within my budget, please stop spanking me!”

Santa finally stopped. He felt bad that he’d made her cry. He got up, undressed, and climbed into bed with her. Holding her close, he spoke softly, “It’s all right, sweetheart. No more spanking tonight.”

He slipped her blouse off and began caressing her breasts. His hand moved down to her wet pussy and he couldn’t help himself; he had to have her. His cock was hard and he needed to be inside her. He turned her onto her stomach and lifted her hips up until she was on her knees. He took her from behind, bringing one hand around and making circles around her clit with his finger. He pinched it lightly and pulled on it. Janey moaned and drove her ass backwards into his cock, taking it in deeper.

Again and again he pounded into her as she met every stroke with a backward thrust. She cried out over and over again as the intensity built up until they both came. Santa pulled her hips back tightly into his groin, emptying himself into her as he felt her pussy repeatedly contract around his cock.

When they finally rolled onto their sides, Santa said, “I guess I’m just going to have to marry you so I can keep a closer eye on you.”

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