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Cowgirl Thrill Rider

By: Sahalie Blue, Sterling Scott
Published By: Blushing Press
Copyright: ©2018 by Blushing Books® and Sahlie Blue and Sterling Scott
Heat Level:
4.9 Out Of 5 (4.9 on 7)   |  Write a review

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Polly Duffy loves riding more than anything. In 1916, at fourteen, she enters a steer riding contest at the local county fair and wins, never looking back. She becomes addicted to the thrill of the ride: relay races, bronc busting, and steer riding.  


Polly's riding skills bring her to the attention of Texas Jack, a Wild West show promoter. She joins his traveling show in 1920, and meets champion steer wrestler and bronc rider Buck Delmar. 


She and Buck join the rodeo circuit where she thrills the audience with her death defying stunts. The hardest, most dangerous tricks earn the most prize money. The excitement and the money grow, but she risks reputation and virtue – and her very life – in pursuit of ever more dangerous thrills 


Can Buck help her achieve her dreams, and keep her safe, with his loving guidance and discipline?  


Publisher's Note: This sweet, spirited romantic Western contains elements of domestic discipline and explicit love scenes. 

Chapter One 


July, 1916 

The Cherry County Fair 


Sweat beaded on Polly Duffys upper lip. As with every summer day in central Nebraska, this day promised to be sunny and hot. However, the sun had yet to reach its apex in the sky, and its rays were not the cause of the fourteen-year-old girls perspiration. 

With a quick shake of her head, Polly flicked off the distracting evidence of her anxiety. Glancing to her left, she caught sight of her parents. Her father stood, blocking the view of those behind him in the gallery. He waved and smiled encouragement to his youngest daughter. Polly noticed that her mother sat, ramrod straight, on the bleacher. With pursed lips, the woman stared at the colorful rodeo clowns in the center of the arena. 

A grunting moo turned Pollys attention away from the spectators to the cowboys herding a steer into the narrow bucking chute below her. The fluid motion of the beasts flexing muscles appeared in hypnotic slow-motion. Rebelling against the intentions of the cowboys, the steer rammed his seething 600 pounds against the wooden gates. The men jumped back to escape the animals rib-breaking fury. 

Polly sat motionless on the chutes top rail as the men dropped a rope with an attached cowbell around the steers body. She didnt give the bell a second thought. Her brothers had told her bells were commonly used in steer riding to annoy the bovine, causing him to buck harder. In addition to the sound it made, the bell gave the rope some extra weight. Once she was no longer on its back, the rope would fall off the steer. 

Steadying the animal, the cowboys wrapped the rope around his chest, just behind his front legs. Pollys saddle was attached to the steers quivering back. 

Sure you can ride ole Volcano, little girl? a cowboy with a missing front tooth asked, as he cinched her saddle.  

Polly can ride him. She can do anything.  

She swiveled her head to see her seventeen-year-old brother, Frederick, standing beside the chute. Polly swallowed, and her heart soared from her brothers vote of confidence.  

Yes, sir, Ive been riding since I was three. Polly swung her legs over the top board and prepared to mount the beast. 

I sure hope you know what yer doin. Why they let females ride steers is somethin Ill never understand. God help ya. Despite the toothless cowboys muttering, he professionally steadied her and lowered her onto Volcanos back. The creature shuddered like the erupting mountain for which he had been named as she eased into her saddle. 

A second cowhand snorted condescendingly, Itd be a cold day in hell fore Id let a daughter of mine wear pants, say nuthin of riding an ornery critter like this. Id paddle her backside good ifn she tried either. He nodded smugly and spat tobacco juice. 

Polly ignored the naysayers and focused her attention on Volcano. She patted his flank in an effort to calm him. Animals seemed to like Polly. Though she knew she couldnt communicate with them, she thought they could sense her intentions were honest. Her father had taught her that she was in charge of the animal. His words echoed in her head, Polly, you must let him know youre relaxed and not afraid. Then, he knows he can trust you. 

Never before had a female been allowed to ride a steer at the Cherry County Fair, but Pollys friend, fifteen-year-old Lillian Hastings, had pestered, cajoled and argued with the fair organizers to let her ride. They relented after talking with the girls parents. 

After hearing Lillian boast, Polly decided to ride a steer too. The organizers added a proviso that the girls ride the steers using their own saddles. Thus they created a cowgirl-only contest, hoping the novelty of girl steer riders would help sell tickets. They decided whichever girl stayed on her respective steer the longest would win. The timer would start when the animals inside front shoulder passed the plane of the chute. The buzzer would sound after eight seconds, and a pickup man would be ready to pull her free of her saddle, assuming she could stay on that long.  

Pollys mother, Irene, opposed the entire idea. She had been annoyed with Pollys tomboyish insistence at spending most of her days in the saddle, and this bronco-busting exhibition went against her dream of raising Polly as a proper young lady. Pollys father, Clarence, had taught her to ride. He beamed at her riding skill and eagerly gave his consent. 

Lillian rode first and managed to stay on for four seconds before landing with a thump on the hard, dusty ground. Polly knew if she could stay on the creature until the buzzer sounded, she would win.  

Pollys heart pounded, but she forced herself to be steady. She wrapped the steer rope around her right hand. As she had seen the cowboys do, she pounded her left fist into the gloved fingers of her right hand. Somehow, this was to stiffen her grip on the rope. She gritted her teeth and nodded determinedly to the gatekeeper. Keeping her brown eyes transfixed on her right hand, commanding it to stay closed, she raised her left hand into the air. The chute gate snapped open, and Volcano erupted out. The wild steer kicked and spun like a cyclone as he tried to throw the diminutive girl from his back. She clutched the steer rope for dear life while her left arm whipped around her head. She lost her hat in the first second of the ride.  

The onlookers whooped and hollered their encouragement.  

Ride em cowgirl!  

Hang on! You can do it!  

But Polly heard none of the cheers. All of her senses were concentrated on the motions of the steer, so much so that her ears didnt register the clanging of the cowbell. The animal ducked his head between his forelegs and humped his back, trying to throw her forward. He spun, twisted, and whirled in tight circles, bucking furiously.  

Finally, after what seemed to be an eternity, the buzzer screeched. A second later, Polly released her grip and, as gracefully as one could, she tumbled to the ground. The pickup man positioned his horse between her and the steer, and the clowns ran around the ring to distract the angry animals attention away from her. 

She jumped up and retrieved her cowboy hat. She slapped the hat against her thigh and yelled, Yee-ha! before racing like the wind out of the arena. 

The crowd leapt to their feet, whistling and clapping for the diminutive beauty who had symbolically tamed the raging beast. She bowed and waved to the crowd, then bounded over to the judges table. Adrenaline coursed through her veins as she waited for her parents and brother. 

As soon as she saw her father, she ran to him, jumping up and down. Papa, Papa, I won!  

Clarence scooped his youngest child into his arms and kissed the top of her head. Of course you did, my little pollywog. Im so proud of you! You won your very first contest.  

With a tight smile, Lillian shook her hand. Congratulations, Polly. 

Thank you. 

Polly collected a bright blue ribbon and the twenty-five-dollar prize. With a huge smile on her face, she looped her arm through her fathers and stated, I think rodeo riding is a fine way to make a living. 

After Pollys ride, the Duffy family returned to their wagon where Hannah, Pollys eighteen-year-old sister, and Walter, Hannahs twenty-one-year-old fiancé, waited. Along the way they passed through the County Fair, viewing table after table loaded with items for purchase. Potted plants and flowers. Squash, beets and cucumbers. Pies and breads. Fruit preserves, jams and jellies. One man was cutting slices of watermelon. A crude cardboard sign placed at the front of his table had the words scratched on it, Winning Watermelon. Pollys stomach growled. 

The annual event, held in the Cherry County seat of Valentine, Nebraska, drew people from fifty miles in every direction. Hopeful cowboys brought their finest horses, sheep, hogs, and cattle to be judged. Walter coveted that first prize ribbon for his sheep. Winning would ensure he would be on the way to providing for his family-to-be since other ranchers would want to breed their sheep with his own.  

The animals milled around their corrals, sending dusty plumes of brown earth into the air. Steers bawled, and broncos kicked at their stalls. Excited children sucked on hard candies and ran laughing through the crowds as their mothers called after them to behave and not muss up their clothes. Carnival barkers called to fairgoers, enticing them to step right up and see the show. Polly thought everyone in the entire county had turned up for todays fair. 

Polly ran ahead and skittered to a stop in front of their wagon. Her sister, having competed in a horse race earlier in the day, sat in the shade watching their five horses munch hay. Each of the three children had insisted on riding their own horse to the County Fair, while their parents had brought the wagon with their lunch and other supplies. Walter had come a day earlier with his sheep. 

Hannah, look, I won! Polly showed her sister the blue ribbon and money. 

Hannah hugged her, and said, Im so proud of you. 

Irene caught up, interrupting the girls, Polly, you and Hannah get my quilt over to the judging area. Theyve got the clothes lines strung up, and I see Mrs. Gottsch has already got her quilt hanging out.  

Polly looked to where her mother was pointing and saw several homemade quilts fluttering in the breeze. She imagined their makers were nervously awaiting judgment of their creations. The contest was to be held later in the day.  

Yes, Mama, well tend to it right off, Hannah replied. 

Polly handed the prize money to her father, stashed the ribbon in her pocket, and climbed into the wagon. Rummaging around, she found the quilt. Unfortunately, in her adrenaline-fueled haste, she snagged the edge of the fabric on a splinter. Her enthusiasm waned as she examined the rip in one of the colorful squares.  

Now youve done it, Polly. Mama will be so mad at you, Hannah exclaimed. 

The young girl hung her head, the excitement of her winning diminished. 

Ill tell her, Hannah added, consoling her younger sister. 

No, Polly touched her sisters arm. Ill do it. 

Polly approached her mother with trepidation. Her request to ride the steer had caused a rift between her parents. Her mother had strongly objected, and during the ensuing argument Irene had been disrespectful to Clarence. His household rules forbade this, and he had punished his wife with a spanking. Polly felt the guilt weighing down heavily on her small shoulders as she had heard her mother crying. Her father later said the argument wasnt her fault, but his statement didnt make Polly feel any better. 

Polly turned to her mother. Mama, do you have some thread and a needle? Im sorry, the quilt ripped a little when I was pulling it out. I can fix it. Pollys voice trailed off as she noticed the scowl on her mothers face.  

Never mind. Ill take a look. Irene marched over to the wagon where Hannah stood with the quilt. 

It doesnt look so bad, Mama. It can be easily fixed. Hannah did her best to ease their mothers anger. 

Hannah, the problem is I didnt bring a needle and thread with me. Didnt think I needed one. And Im certainly not going to ask that busybody Mrs. Gottsch for anything, Irene huffed. She snatched the quilt out of Hannahs hands to examine it. 

Damn it, girl. Why cant you be more careful? She glared at her youngest daughter. 

Clarence Duffy ambled over just in time to hear his wife cursing. Irene, stop that swearing. You know I dont allow it, and certainly not in front of the children. Youve just earned yourself another bottom warming when we get home. 

But, Irene started to protest then thought better of it. 

No ifs, ands, or buts. You should have thought to bring supplies from home, Clarence continued.  

Yes, dear, Irene muttered. 

Hoping to diffuse the tension, Hannah offered, Last time I was in Valentine, I noticed a new dress shop there on Main Street. I bet its open today.  

Clarence fished around in his pocket for a few coins. All right. You girls ride into town and get your Mama whatever she needs to fix the quilt.  

Papa, Ill pay for it from my winnings, Polly offered. 

He smiled and tousled her hair. No need, girl. Im setting that money aside for something special. 


Sheriff Spragues Warning 


Hurry up, lets get this over with. Hannah moaned as she dismounted in front of the dress shop. I dont want to run into the sheriff again. That big oaf. She grunted her annoyance.  

Hannah had ridden with breakneck speed into town. Polly had no trouble keeping up with her. The faster, the better, she had thought.  

The girls entered the store, garnering a few hostile stares from other patrons. Polly overheard one say to her companion, Look at those tight pants on that tall girl. My husband would take a switch to me if I showed up in public dressed like that.  

Hannah ignored the women. She knew that their split skirts showed little more of their feminine curves than did regular skirts. Turning her attention to her task, Hannah quickly purchased the needle and thread their mother had requested then departed. As she was putting the package in her saddle bag, she heard a mans voice growl. 

Thought I told ya never to show up here wearin pants again, missy. Didnt ya hear me?  

Hannah rolled her eyes and turned to see the sheriff standing, hands on hips. Pointedly ignoring his question, she stated, Good morning, Sheriff Sprague. This is my younger sister Polly. 

Squinting, Hannah pulled the brim of her hat lower to shade her eyes from the sun. The mans height forced her to look up to see him. 

Polly nodded a greeting, but the sheriff was oblivious to her. Given the familiarity of their banter, she judged that this was not Hannahs first conversation with the sheriff. 

Dont think you kin sweet talk me, young lady. He wagged a finger an inch from the tip of Hannahs nose. 

Um, I dont know what you mean, sir. I was only trying to be polite, Hannah whined. 

Lets go over to my office and have us a little chat.  

Sheriff, please. My sister and I just came from the fair. She pointed towards the fairgrounds, as though there was some question as to which one. Were running an errand for our mother, and we need to get back. 

Oh. The sheriff deliberately slowed the pace of his speech. What I have in mind wont take long. You come along, and bring your sister. He paused to study Polly for the first time. I see shes wearing pants too. He spat on the ground.  

Snaring Hannah by the arm, he marched her across the street to the wooden jail. Polly thought for a moment about taking their purchase and high-tailing it back to the fair, but the sheriff had specifically said she was to follow. Not wanting to run afoul of the law, she trailed behind. Once inside, he plopped down on his chair behind his desk. He motioned for Hannah and Polly to sit, facing him. Polly had never been inside a jailhouse before. She studied the faces on the wanted posters.  

The sheriff ran his hands over his face. How is it your pa lets you girls run around wearing pants? That kinda outfit isnt respectable for pretty young ladies to wear. Miss Hannah, I hope when you git married your husband-to-be puts his foot down. Ya look like cowboys when ya should be wearing long riding skirts. Or better yet, you should come ta town in a wagon wearing them floor-length hoop dresses with corsets, or whatever it is that proper young ladies wear. He blushed slightly. 

Sheriff, these arent pants. They are split skirts, Hannah argued. Polly and I made them ourselves. Hannah proudly lifted her nose into the air. We cut our skirts up the middle and sewed them together to make divided legs. Besides, Polly and I were in riding contests at the fair this morning. It was simply more practical to wear the split-skirts than full ones, she sniffed. And anyway, there is no law saying women cant wear pants if they want to, is there? 

Well no, but, it taint proper, and in my town, I want you gals to look like a gal and not a man. 

There is nothing improper about women wearing pants. The suffragist Miss Lucy Stone wore them sixty years ago, and the lady ranchers, and the nurses, wear them too. It is 1916, after all. Hannah had apparently anticipated this argument and had come prepared.  

The sheriff shook his finger at her. Dont be insultin. I know what year this is, he spat. Lucy Stone, eh? Now there is one busy-body you best not mention hereabouts. The church dont allow pants, and I dont allow pants. He pinched off a piece of tobacco and stuffed it in his mouth. Hannah, I warned ya that if I caught ya wearin one of those pant, skirt-things to town again, Id spank your butt. He cocked an eyebrow. 

Sheriff Sprague, I think its ridiculous that I cant wear pants just because Im a woman. Hannahs words spoke of self-righteous determination, but Polly sensed that her sisters confidence had faded. 

He got out of his chair and reached for Hannahs arm. Growling, he said, “Come with me, young lady. 

With a sudden need to defend her sisters honor—and her bottom—Polly spoke up. Sheriff, she meant no disrespect. It can be dangerous to ride with a long, bulky skirt. Our cousin got the fabric caught up in her stirrup. She got dragged beneath her horse and was hurt. Surely you can see that. 

He didnt reply. Apparently, to his way of thinking, there was no acceptable excuse that could be made. Polly followed him as he led Hannah down a hallway lined with empty jail cells. He directed her inside one. 

Sheriff, please, Im sorry. I didnt mean to be disrespectful, Hannah pleaded one more time, her voice quivering. 

Now you git yerself in there. Kneel down, and bend over that there cot. 

Hannah knelt on the stone floor and turned back to look questioningly at the man. 

Butt-side up, girl. Dont make me say it again. 

Polly watched as her sister lay over the narrow cot. Polly gritted her teeth as though it was her own backside in jeopardy. The sheriff rolled up his right sleeve, bent down, and firmly swatted Hannahs bottom with his palm.  


Im just getting started, he said, sternly. He pelted the young womans backside with hard, fast swats as he lectured. Its a disgrace to see females dressed in trousers. Its an offense to the very fabric of civilization. 

Polly thought, Im surprised he knows such big words. 

Hannah wailed. Stop! Oh, you stubborn, pig-headed old coot. Wait until I tell my papa about this. 

Now you done made me good and mad, girl. He pulled the fabric of her split skirt tight across her round bottom and applied several hard smacks to her sit spots. As the pitch of Hannahs squeals increased, he worked his hard hand down the backs of her thighs. 

Ouch. Ouch. Im sorry! Hannah begged. It wont happen again. 

Please, sir, stop! Polly implored. She reached out to touch his arm, but thought better of interrupting him. 

Ignoring the pleas of the two young women, the sheriff applied his steely palm over and over again on Hannahs right cheek, her sit spot, and her thigh. Slowing the pace of the swats, so as to allow Hannah to feel the pain of each one, he repeated the sequence on the opposite side, and back again.  

Is your butt burned yet, young lady? He laughed as he further scorched her tender flesh with his swats.  

Hannah had stopped her complaints. She held silent, crying. 

Finally, he stopped.  

All right now, you git up and sit on your stingin backside for a while. I want you to think about what you done. You, he motioned to Polly, get in there and join your sister. 

Polly almost protested, but knowing it would fall on deaf ears, and afraid she might suffer the same fate, walked docilely through the jail cell door. She watched as the sheriff clanged the rusty iron door shut and turned the key in the lock. Reaching through the bars, he stabbed a finger at Polly. 

Yer getn this lesson on the cheap, little miss. Best make sure that Ive no cause to bring you back here again. Next time, youll get the same. The corners of his mouth morphed into a snarl. Ya hear me? Polly nodded, and he strode back to his office.  

Hannah took advantage of his absence to lay on her side. Polly sat next to her and stroked her hair. Are you okay?  

Yeah, it didnt hurt near as much as I let on. Mama can do much worse with her strap when she sets her mind to it. Hannah sniffed and wiped her tears with the back of her hand.  

Polly started crying. Oh, Mama is gonna be upset that we arent back with the thread yet. She had her heart set on winnin that quilt competition. The tears spilled down her cheeks. Im sorry. Its all my fault. Nothing I do ever seems right.  

Hannah winced as she sat up to hug the distraught girl. Shh, its okay, its not your fault. That ogre wont keep us here but a minute. All the jerk really wanted was to feel up my butt. She chuckled. Im sure he knows deep down that someday we women are gonna be able to wear whatever we want, where ever we want, regardless of what anyone thinks. 

Polly thought, And were gonna do whatever we want too. 

Penny Gwen on 02/28/2018 05:24pm
I liked reading this story as it follows Polly through her life as a trick rider and bronc buster. I was excited to learn that women like Polly really did exist and that they went through some of the same hardships.
Redrabbitt on 01/18/2018 04:37pm
First off, I have to say, WOW, this was an amazing story, and knowing from previous books by this duo, the research and historical additions that I know they are famous for, made the story even more fascinating for me. I loved the characters, the spunk and sass of the women, and the dominance of the men. They didn%u2019t rule their lives to hold them back, but instead, they were supportive of the women. The men spanked, and the women knew the rules.

From an early age, Mathilda, better known as Polly Duffy loved riding and with the encouragement of her father, she didn%u2019t just ride and compete, she became a champion. Not everyone was happy about her performing because her mother was against it and didn%u2019t hold back in stating her opinion. At the age of fourteen, in 1916 she will win her first competition that will propel her to live her dream.

Starting in 1920, Polly will leave home and start traveling and will perform with a wild west show where she will meet and eventually fall in love and marry another performer, Buck Delmar. There will be plenty about Buck and his career and performances too.

The story covers over 30 years, starting in 1916 in Sandy Hill Country of Nebraska, will move to 1920 when Polly joins the Wild West Show in Texas and meets Buck, and then their Rodeo days starting in 1926 and ending in 1948.

The plot of the story oozes with creativity around historical events and incorporating the lives of some amazing men and women. The American frontier and wild west came about by forward-thinking dreams of individuals who weren%u2019t afraid to reach out and grab hold of their futures, even if it involved hard work. At the end of the story, the authors will share historical facts of people, places, and events that helped shape the characters and events that take place in this story.

The story is about dreams, goals, and breaking the status quo for women entering a man%u2019s sport of rodeo performance and trick riding. Even questions arise about the clothing the women wear while performing as being indecent. There is also a beautiful love story that comes about between Buck and Polly. Along with her father, Buck has been one of her biggest cheerleaders and supporters as she pursues what she loves doing.

The story does have sex scenes and many spankings. Even the children are aware of the father spanking their mother for her bad behavior.
Hope W on 01/15/2018 06:22pm
I truly enjoyed this wonderful story. The plot was during a time when girls did not usually partake in the rodeo, but this female character, Polly, was going against the times and doing what she loved. The main male character accepted that she lived for the thrill, challenge, and the adrenaline rush the same as he did while he made his living on the circuit too. It was nice to see the deep respect, love and friendship between the main characters and see him accept his woman working in the male profession. While he was deeply devoted to Polly he also knew when to draw the line and expect her to submit to him and his choices. When she pushed past this point he thought nothing of putting her over his knees and making his displeasure known in the form of a sore bottom. The authors wrote the characters to be humble, loving, real, heartwarming and true to the time frame of the story. They included plenty of secondary characters through family and friends that played a real part of the story. I enjoyed all the facts that the authors included to help the reader understand the time and place of the storyline. Overall, I really enjoyed this story and highly recommend this book for a great read! I voluntarily received an arc copy of this book.
Tami on 01/14/2018 03:38am
Cowgirl Thrill Rider is about the life of Polly Duffy. It starts when Polly is a teenager and ends when she is an older woman. The main story is about Polly joining the travelling show as a trick rider. It is not easy at this time and age to be a woman, because it is normal that woman are spanked at the circuit. She is also not the only woman who happens to land over someone's knees. Polly falls in love with Buck and they are a truly awesome couple.

Sahalie Blue and Sterling Scott brought the characters alive with their great writing style. There is a lot of information about trick riding and I found that very interesting. The romance was sweet and the love making was exactly right for my taste. I was completely immersed in reading Cowgirl Thrill Rider and loved this book from start to finish.
PJB on 01/12/2018 02:15pm
Polly, she is actually born Mathilda Duffy but Polly is her family nick name. She is born at the turn of the 20th century. Her mother wants her youngest daughter to be a lady and not behave like a hoyden, whereas her father loves his daughter%u2019s spirit and riding abilities. Polly enters competition after competition and wins mush to her mother%u2019s distress and her father%u2019s pride. As an adult she leaves home to join a Wild West show where she learns trick riding and meets the love of her life, Buck. I loved this domestic discipline tale set amongst the western sports. I enjoyed learning the history and the skills of the different events, including rodeo. The plot is good and the pace fast. A great read!
rjr on 01/11/2018 11:51pm
A very unique storyline!
I guarantee you have not read a domestic discipline romance with a storyline like this one. Polly is from small Nebraska town and learns to ride a horse almost as soon as she begins walking. She is fantastic at it and learns trick riding as well as riding bucking broncs. Although her father and siblings are generally supportive of her desire to push the limits, her mother wishes she would give it up. Her mother's reaction is certainly understandable considering the dangers. Following her goals, Polly joins a wild west traveling show at 18. There she meets Buck and the book follows their romance. The story begins when Polly is 14 and she is a grandmother when it ends. The authors cleverly skip long periods of time to hit on the highlights of Polly's and Buck's lives. Each chapter starts with the year and often the location due to Polly's travels. The story challenges societal norms over the years and Polly's struggles to overcome them. Her relationship with Buck is loving, sexy, and includes many spankings. The very best thing about Buck is that he considers Polly a true partner. He doesn't shut down her dreams out of hand just because most husbands in his position would. While following their story the reader learns a great deal about the history of women in trick riding. It's very interesting, very well researched, and makes this a very entertaining read. Do not miss this one!
lillie1922 on 01/11/2018 07:18pm
I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book. This story begins in 1916 and is Polly Duffy's life story. Polly is a trick rider at rodeos and later in a wild west show where she meets Buck Delmar, a cowboy in the snow. This is a spanking romance that incldes the main couple, the show's owner Jack and his girlfriend Lulu, and Polly's parents. Fun story with lots of trick riding facts and spanking.

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