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Taking the Human

Terran Captives : 1

By: Trent Evans
Published By: Shadow Moon Press
Copyright: Published by Shadow Moon Press
23 Chapters / 70,500 words
Heat Level:
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He took everything from her ... and she found the only thing she ever really needed.

For Alisse Southwick, the problem wasn't just the musclebound 8 foot tall alien who'd taken her from everything she'd ever known. No, the problem was she was seriously contemplating trading the knowledge that unlocked the secrets of the universe, in exchange for her freedom — sexual and otherwise. She was a woman of science, yes, but why did the alien holding her captive have to look like something out of her darkest wet dreams?

From the moment he'd set eyes on her​,​ Lukanos knew only one thing: he had to have her. But there was ​one minor problem — she was​ ​a human. To even show himself to a human — ​let alone abducting one — was against every law of his people. But each time he looked at her, those sparkling, keen eyes, the long, sable hair, and the lush, shapely body human females were notorious — and celebrated — for, his resolve to follow the law, to obey his people's sacred Directive, was in serious danger of crumbling. He knew he wasn't supposed to want her — but he knew somehow, some way, she would be his ... whether she was ready for it or not.

Taking a human being was much more than an abduction though — it was a taboo act. Fearing he'd lose more than his commission in the Survey Corps, Lukanos quickly learned he was far from the only one of his people obsessed with human females. He wasn't the only one keeping a female slave.

The repercussions for capturing humans were serious, but Lukanos was prepared to endure them. He'd endure almost anything to make the gorgeous human his, in every way.

But what's a captor supposed to do when he begins to fall for his captive? Does he keep her as the only thing she'll ever be on his world — a sexual plaything? Or must he — for the first time in his life — do the right thing?

Publisher's Warning: This science fiction dark erotic romance is intended for mature audiences. 18 and over only!

This novel contains the following themes or activities: pervasive M/s, capture fantasy, dubious consent, bondage, intense and explicit sex, spanking, anal play/punishment, humiliation, objectification, forced exhibitionism, voyeurism, total power exchange, and other acts of unequal power dynamics. If any of these might be offensive to you, please do not buy or read this book.

Word Count: 70,57​8 words​

Note: This title was originally published as a short novella (21K words) in the USA Today best​-​selling anthology, "Bound, Spanked, and Loved."

The story has since been GREATLY expanded from 21k words to over 70k words. For readers who read the original story, this is a much deeper, richer story and, in many respects, is essentially a new book.



Opening her own bottom for her owner was never an easy thing to do.

Bent over the side of a bed so tall her toes just brushed the cold floor below, her fingers trembled as she spread her buttocks apart for him. Long, painful training had ensured she always pulled them wide such that she felt her crease might split. Only then had she demonstrated the required level of compliance with his dictates.

It was made worse this time by the way her ass ached, the still visible marks from her punishment three days prior just beginning to fade from her skin, if not from her heated memory. He’d made her stand in front of the huge mirror afterward, the tears still drying on her face, forcing her to look at the swelling welts left behind, a testament to his handiwork with the hated cane.

In the glass, she’d watched his heavy cock rise as he’d ordered her to trace the deepening wheals with her fingertips, until he was hot and hard, jutting against her hip. It hadn’t taken long before he’d made her kneel, her tongue lovingly paying homage to the congested veins along the shaft of that big penis.

He stood behind her now, looking down upon her prostrate form, drinking in her surrender as she knew was his way. Hers was but to be silent, and listen for his next order. Her well-flogged breasts throbbed below her as she waited obediently, the soft mounds pressed into the silky bedspread. The punishment was her penalty for refusing to be walked around his property attached to his new leather leash. She already wondered if the pain had been worth being spared that particular indignity.

When he’d finished painting the lines of flame upon her helpless flesh, her fresh tears dripping onto the slopes of her burning, heaving breasts, he’d told her eventually she’d come around to seeing things his way.

She knew he was right.

Now though, other things were required — and as in all else in his great house, she was required to submit to them. In this place, obedience was the only thing that mattered, the only thing that might keep her ass from getting even sorer as the day wore on.

“Your little plug — it looks so cute tucked in between those trembling cheeks of yours. Does it hurt still, girl?”

Swallowing hard, she knew an answer was expected. “No, sir.”

A huge palm caressed her bottom, squeezing her welted flesh, thick fingers exploring the presented cleft to press on the stout smooth steel spreading her anus uncomfortably wide. She couldn’t help but tighten reflexively upon the hard plug, reawakening the slight tenderness in her well-stretched bottom hole.

A fingertip flicked her blatantly exposed, still-swollen clit. “Make sure none of that drips on the bedspread, slave. If I have to have the blankets laundered again, it’s going to be worse for this big bottom of yours.”

He slapped her ass sharply, and she jerked, but thankfully managed to keep her buttocks spread wide for him.

Her well-used pussy still dripped with his semen, a rough fucking her reward for her standing obediently still as her breasts had bounced and wobbled under the fiery rain of the flogger’s tails that morning. Her punished nipples still ached, their steel hardness not abating one bit, no matter how much the merciless leather implement punished them.

The bed dipped at her side as he sat down next to her. “Let’s have it out then,” he murmured, tapping the steel between her bottom cheeks. “Come… push it out.”

She grunted, squeezing her eyes shut, the most mortifying part of the process upon her. She willed her bottom to open, to push out the intruder she’d become almost used to over the past two days.

“There you go,” he said in a soft voice, patting her bottom again as she finally expelled the body warm steel, his fingertips tickling the edges of her labia as he held his palm open, waiting for her shaming offering. “That’s a good girl. You’re learning control now, aren’t you?”

He pressed a gentle kiss to the crown of one of her buttocks, then her plug in hand, he stood up. Her stomach sank when she heard the unmistakable sound of something being lubricated. She craned her head around, looking at him over her shoulder, careful not to break position.

The sight of the gleaming steel of the heavy plug — an even bigger one this time, the next size up in the set — made her mouth go dry, her heart in her throat.

Oh no…

Blue eyes narrowing, his handsome smile faded instantly. “Face forward, bad girl. You know better.”

She pressed her face into the covers, her cheeks burning hot against the cool fabric.

Already trembling as the cold gel was rubbed into her presented crease, his finger pressing more of it just inside her stretched opening, she yelped as the heavy, icy steel was presented to her anus.

“You know what I expect. Be a good girl now.” It pressed forward, slowly, inexorably, a long gasp drawn from her as her flesh spread impossibly wide.

“Please… I can’t…”

“Shh, you can do this. It’s only a little larger. Just push out, let it in.”

His hand gently stroked her quivering thighs, his palm easing up and down soothingly. “That’s good… more. Good girl.”

She whined as the widest part pressed her still wider, her bottom hole aching around the unforgiving steel.

“Almost there, sweet girl. One last push.”

Her whole body shuddered as she exhaled a long breath, the widest part of the plug swallowed up by her body, the stretching of the tight muscle easing.

“There, that wasn’t so bad, was it?”

Her breath was little more than quick panting.

“N-no, sir.”

“I knew you could do it.” His palm slapped her hip. “Now, you may let go of that cute little bottom and kneel down.”

She slid to her knees, turning to press her back to the side of the bed as she knew he demanded.

“Present pretty.”

Spreading her sore ass on her bare heels, she thrust her shoulders back, her hands laced behind her head, gaze upon his as she knew he liked.

He snapped the leash to the stout silver ring embedded at the front of her thick collar, his deep blue eyes sparkling, his grin bright.

“Ready for that stroll we talked about, my beautiful slave girl? Or do you have any other silly ideas about refusing me?”

With a hot blush, she shook her head. “No, sir.”

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