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The Yielding of Rose

Terran Captives : 2

By: Trent Evans
Published By: Shadow Moon Press
Copyright: Published by Shadow Moon Press
38 Chapters / 96,000 words
Heat Level:
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Being abducted by an 8 foot tall alien was either the worst thing to ever happen to young Rose… or it was her one last chance at finding forever…

Rose had always dreamed of finding the “one.” But she’d never dreamed he’d find her first — and promptly spirit her away from everything she’d ever known. Alone, adrift, and seemingly lost on Earth, the young woman had exchanged a life of youthful rebelliousness for a life of strict, trained obedience, painful consequences, and the dark depths of pleasure unlike any she’d ever imagined. But there was a small problem: she hadn’t chosen that exchange. The muscled, glowering, Alpha male from another planet had chosen it for her — whether she wanted it or not.

The dazzling red-headed beauty with the spitfire personality and the dramatic curves to match was a danger to Lieutenant Kosha, an officer of the Yaanfahr Survey Corps assigned to observe the emerging human civilization on the planet Terra. But the female in question wasn’t any sort of physical danger — it was because the alluring human female was irresistible. Especially this one. Though he’d risen fast in the ranks by following the rules, by excelling at his job, the power of Rose’s beauty called to him to do something else entirely. To break those rules — and to break her utterly to his will.

Lieutenant Kosha entertained more than ambitions for making the rank of Admiral in the Yaanfahri navy someday. No, he entertained far… darker desires too. And those desires would be realized courtesy of the little buxom beauty stowed securely away in the hold of his ship. He’d always wanted a well-trained, well-disciplined creature he could call his own. His plaything, his possession. Rose’s luscious body would fit the bill quite nicely indeed, the canvas upon which he would paint the realization of his most deep-seated, twisted fantasies.

Did he dare take her for himself? Train her, mold her, and transform her into the perfect human pet? Or would crossing that line change more than the voluptuous human captive? What if it changed his heart as well?

Publisher's Warning: This dark science fiction erotic romance is intended for mature readers. 18 and over only!

This novel contains the following themes or activities: pervasive M/s, dubious consent, capture fantasy, intense sexual situations, rough and explicit sex, spanking, piercing, anal play/punishment, pet play, humiliation, objectification, forced exhibitionism, voyeurism, forced lactation, medical play, and other acts of (very) unequal power dynamics. If any of these might be offensive to you, please do not buy or read this book.

You have been warned...



Tomorrow, his pet human would be used by another male.

He would watch it — all of it — and he would enjoy it.

But tonight was for her Master.

His last night when she truly was only for him, his very own island of utterly subjugated female, her body craving his lash as much as her mind yearned for his caresses. He’d always make sure she had plenty of both, no matter what might come in the morning.

The sight of her naked, cruelly bound body never failed to quicken his heartbeat, and harden his cock. He found her as he often did, the little female curled up in her cage, the polished steel bars both an alluring signal of her debased status in his household, and a frustrating impediment to his visual enjoyment of her luscious form.

Standing over her, he watched the sweet creature for a long while, the auto-filter of the floor-to-ceiling glass darkening as the afternoon sun angle flattened, until only a sliver of its golden brilliance peaked over the craggy mountains west of the teeming city, its dazzling lights glittering in the valley below. The Three Sisters would be aloft soon, looming huge in the night sky, the welcome nocturnal company of every soul on Yaanfahr.

She stirred, as if knowing her Master was nearby. And waiting.

He’d exactingly trained her, through her agony and tears and hoarse, pleading cries, to never, ever, make her owner wait.

Pale blue eyes, framed by the thick black straps, peered up at him, the delicate brow furrowed in fear or concern. The soft, pink lips worked around the thick rubber bit gag, the corners of her mouth glistening with collected saliva.

He didn’t need to give her a verbal order — she could see it in his eyes now, what he wanted, what he demanded of his little pet human.

She knelt up, her form tight, still, just as he’d trained her, the heavy, round breasts quivering, the skin gleaming with oil.

Kosha walked around the cage, and her head swiveled to follow, his pet maintaining eye contact with him the entire time. He allowed himself to drink in her constrained, nude form at his leisure.

He’d coated her dramatic curves in the soft, fragrant oil before sending her into her little prison. Occasionally — as today — her attentive, but exacting Master would find fault with her comportment, with even the smallest break in form, and she’d have well-laced buttocks to go along with her freshly massaged and gleaming flesh. The oil rendered the swollen marks left behind by his whip into purpling welts.

Kosha would trace those emblems of pain with his fingers and tongue later, then paint them with thick, sticky ropes of an entirely different liquid tribute.

He might even remove her paw-gloves for her, and make his pet massage it into her own skin, a soothing balm for her punished flesh, if not her dignity.

“Are you my good girl?”

Her dazzling red hair, caught up in a neat ponytail, bobbed as she nodded vigorously.

She stiffened as he reached back to palm the welts, the oil slick and warm against his skin.

“Then why did you force me to give you these? Do you wish to displease me, slave?”

Her eyes went wide as she shook her head, even more frantically.

As he’d rubbed the oil into her skin, he’d brought up the holo showing her exercise session earlier that day, the images hovering in the air above and behind his increasingly anxious slave girl. He’d kneaded her plump buttocks for her as he softly admonished her for not trying harder during her required exercises, loving the way his gentle remonstrations made her blush, hiding her head in her arms.

He took great delight in viewing these accounts, reliving the eroticism, enjoying her blushing shame —and her reluctant arousal — all over again. He found he took deep pleasure in everything about his little spitfire human. Not long after bringing her back from Terra, he’d taken detailed holos of every millimeter of his reluctant pet’s body, and made her file openly accessible to any of those select few Yaanfahris fortunate enough to own humans.

His cock never failed to come up as he remembered how many times her files had been accessed since then. Her big breasts, with their long, pale pink nipples and broad, smooth areolas were particular favorites among those who viewed her files. In particular, the full-length motion file that captured one of her extended sessions of breast punishment still garnered immense numbers of views.

But as he’d slowly transformed her, from shivering, weeping slave girl, to wanton, primitive, deeply sexualized — and just as deeply debased — human pet, the views of her files had exploded. Soon, he’d had requests for viewings, showings, even offers of huge sums for a night with her.

Though Kosha very much enjoyed showing her off, and indeed was quite generous in that regard, none had yet used her.

Many had seen her sashay her naked body before them, display for their pleasure all of her that made her sexual and feminine and human. He’d even let more than a few feel of her soft, vulnerable curves. Other fingers had smeared her tears across her cheek, tasting the salt of her woe upon their tongues, savoring her surrender, her complete and total submission.

Still, he’d allowed none to use her.

Until tomorrow morning.

Then it would all change, and the next step would begin in her journey to truly understanding what it meant to be her Master’s pet human.

“Ah, so much to look forward to, isn’t there? This was just a general reminder to obey and submit as you’ve been trained.” He smiled down at her, and the bright ponytail bobbed again, the girl returning his grin as much as the thick bit secured between her teeth allowed. “You are my good girl after all, aren’t you?”

Her cheeks flushed a faint pink, but she had the good sense to nod.

“Let’s get you out of that cage and you can show me just how grateful you are to have a Master who takes such good care of you.”

Plucking her out of the enclosure as if she weighed nothing at all, he took her over to the broad couch that afforded the best view of the city far below. Depositing her on the broad ottoman, he twirled a finger. “Turn around, pet. Let’s see that big bottom of yours.”

Blushing an even deeper red, she obeyed, dropping her head to the leather as she knew he expected, the position rounding and exaggerating the breadth of her already wide hips, her buttocks yawning apart to expose the wetness of her cleft, the dark, adorable whorl of the anus. Her lush thighs trembled slightly as she waited upon his attentions.

Her plump outer lips were plump, swollen, and he thought for the hundredth time, that they would look fetching indeed pierced with a few heavy gauge golden posts. He might even adorn the delicate bright pink of the inner lips with more hoops of gold. The effect would be dazzling, though it would be quite the painful trial for his slave girl when the time came.

Perhaps someday.

Another larger hoop could be pierced quite deeply into the clitoral hood, and he’d choose a vertical orientation to ensure the metal frictioned her delightfully prominent clitoris, her arousal left on a slow boil any time she moved. The effect would be dramatic indeed, he had no doubt, for he’d seen accounts of other slaves who’d had it done.

Something else for the future.

“Does that bottom hurt?”

The movement of her head against her folded arms confirmed it.

“You’ll remember those sore buttocks of yours next time you think to slack in your fitness regime, will you not, sweet girl?”

Another nod, accompanied by a soft whimper of shame.

“Good. That’s very good.”

He touched one of the purple welts, and she hissed.

“Now, these… these are quite tender indeed.”

The girl groaned softly as he worked her well-lashed buttocks between his hands, loving the way her sounds became even more frantic each time he gently squeezed a swollen weal.

Finally, he’d had enough, the snap of his fingers causing his pet to wheel about on her ottoman and drop to the floor between his spread legs. He made her wait as he slowly pulled his hard penis from his pants, the broad head angry and red. She watched it avidly as he stroked his shaft, taking his time, secure in the knowledge that he had all the time in the world.

Loosening the gag enough to allow him to pry it from between her teeth, it fell to her chest with a wet slap, her chin soaked with her saliva, her cheeks blushing scarlet as she looked upon his fist pumping his cock.

He throbbed at the sight of her licking her moist, pink lips. He could hold out no longer, taking firm hold of her ponytail and drawing her forward. He slapped her swollen, gag-abraded lips with the heavy head of his penis.

“Get to work.”

He watched the sun finally set as his pet sucked hard, her lips and tongue working upon him with a feverish devotion, the sounds of her obedient oral servicing the perfect musical accompaniment to the beautiful sight of the Three Sisters rising in the deep violet of the evening sky.

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