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The People of Zander

By: JefferyB.
Published By: Mill Creek Publishing
Copyright: Published by JefferyB Publishing
7 chapters / 45,290 words
Heat Level:
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Seven years ago a group of successful businessmen formed an organization designed to help bright young people toward fulfillment of their goals in the business world. Within a short period of time the men controlling the association found that the opportunities they were offering were easily translated into gestures of gratitude from those receiving their help. What had been designed as a totally altruistic body quickly reformed as a secretive sexual society. The female recipients of the group’s largesse agreed to private appointments with the Directors to demonstrate their desire to move ahead in their chosen field.

This then is the story of the Zander Corporation; the women who used the services and the people who ran the corporation on a day to day basis.

Given the opportunity, would you use your body to attain your life’s goals? If your answer is ‘Yes’ you’ll want to meet the People of Zander. 

The People of Zander  -  The 1st Chapter


Part 1  -  Kate


Sitting at his desk and reading what must have been his 500th email of the day, Spencer heard a light knock on his office door.  Looking up he was greeted by a lovely, smiling face attached to much better than average body on a woman he didn’t think he knew.  More than happy for the interruption and pleased that it came from a female he said, “Hi.  Come in, please.”

She stepped inside and appeared to be a little embarrassed, but said, “Hi.  I’m Kate.”  She paused a few seconds before adding, “I work down the hall in accounting.  We haven’t actually met, but I know who you are.”  She paused before saying, “I don’t want to take your time if you are busy.”

“Don’t be silly,” Spencer said sweetly.  “Any time a beautiful woman wants to come into my office anything I might be doing becomes secondary.”  He stood up, holding out his hand.  “Kate, I’m Spencer, and now we are no longer strangers.  Was there something that you and accounting needed from me?”  As he spoke, he pointed to a chair indicating that she should sit down.  He observed her as she slipped into the chair, letting her skirt slip about halfway up her thigh.  “Oh my,” he thought. “What an exquisite leg.”

Once she was seated, he said, “How is it possible that someone as lovely as you has been working in this building and I haven’t noticed?  Did you just start today?”

Kate blushed and said, “I’ve been here six months now, but you know how it is in the accounting department.  We don’t get out much.  Besides, there are so many lovely women in this office you would certainly never notice me.”

“As the official office bachelor, it is my job to notice all of the beautiful girls and to make non-appropriate remarks for which the management of this fine establishment will rebuke me.  I assure you, Kate, that if I had seen you previously, I would have certainly given you cause to make a formal complaint to HR.”

She blushed once again, but Spencer thought that he might have caught a twinkle in her eye.  This one was going to be worth keeping an eye on, he thought to himself.  “Was there something that you and accounting needed from me?”

Kate looked down and appeared to adjust the hem of her skirt.  She hesitated before saying, “I’m not here on accounting business. If I’m disturbing you, I can go away.”

“All the more reason for you to stay,” Spencer said giving her his warmest smile.  “I’m always open to anything that involves a beautiful woman and nothing to do with official business.  How can I help you?”

Kate appeared to be working up to something, and Spencer had the good sense to sit quietly and let her get it out.  Finally, she looked up at him and said, “Like I said, I’ve been here for six months.  I’ve seen you around the building, and everyone seems to know you.  Everyone except me.”

“Well then, now that we’ve met, I guess that I know everyone,” he said giving her a smile.

Looking down at her hands in her lap Kate said, “I’ve asked the other women about you.  Maybe I shouldn’t tell you, but I find you very handsome, and I wanted to know about you.”  She looked up at him saying, “I gather that you’ve dated a lot of the single women here. There are some rumors that you might have been with some of the married ones as well.”

“Oh that rumor mill,” he said with a sly grin.  “You should probably believe everything you’ve heard about me.  I never try to discourage rumors about me because they always make me out to be some devilish character that makes the ladies swoon.”

“You certainly don’t talk like most of the men I know,” Kate said while looking into his eyes.  “I don’t think I know any men that would use the word ‘swoon’ or enjoy the reputation of being a rake.”

“Ah now,” Spencer said with a lifted eyebrow.  “It would appear to me that I am speaking with a woman that has read a few romance novels.  I haven’t been called a ‘rake’ in a very long time.  In fact, I think the last person to use that term toward me was Dolly Madison.”

Kate laughed for the first time. Spencer liked what he saw.  “I plead guilty,” she said.  “I’m probably a hopeless romantic, and I’ve spent way too many hours reading romance novels.”

Spencer leaned forward in his chair and said, “Well now that we’ve become better acquainted, was there something that you wanted to talk to me about?”

He sensed that she was gathering up some courage until she almost blurted out, “I’ve been told that you sometimes do audition films and I was hoping that maybe you could shoot me.”

Spencer felt the floor drop out from under his chair.  An ‘audition film’ she had said.  “What The Fuck?” was flashing through his mind.  A test film!  He was going to have to wrap his mind around this one.  Very softly he asked, “Kate do you mind telling me where you heard that I make audition films?”


“Did I say something wrong?” she asked him, naturally very concerned that she had said something that she shouldn’t have.

“Of course not,” he said offering her a warm and sincere smile.  “I’m just a little surprised.  I know that the rumor mill has a lot of information about me, but I wouldn’t have thought that little tidbit would be available.”

Kate smiled at his reassurance before saying, “I was out with some of the ladies in the office a couple of weeks ago and mentioned that I found you very attractive.  I asked if anyone had been out with you and there were some laughs.  Everyone seemed to know something about you.  They all agreed that they would like to be included in your list of lady friends, but no one had a lot to offer in specifics.  Then later in the evening one of the women, I think her name is Amy, pulled me aside and told me that doing an audition film with you was worth the price of admission.”

“Did Amy explain what is involved in an audition film?” he asked her.

“Not just then,” Kate related.  “But she took my personal email address and sent a message the next day giving me the details.”

Spencer sat there quietly listening to Kate, but his mind was spinning like a top.  He had spent a little time with Amy, who worked in their marketing department.  Amy was a long legged brunette that his friend from Texas described as a woman with legs from her ass to the ground.  She was three kinds of sexy and one hell of a ride.  He had made an ‘audition tape’ with Amy one night about four months before she came to work with his company.  How he and Amy got together was a somewhat guarded secret.  To have a stranger open up the topic of conversation was certainly a surprise.

Finally, he spoke to Kate, “So Amy filled you in on making an audition tape, and you want to make one with me.  Is that what you’re saying?”

Again he could see her gather her courage and reply, “She explained it to me in great detail and, yes, that is what I’m saying.”

“And when would you like to make this tape?” he asked not exactly certain what else to say.

Now she looked at him for the first time with a look that showed something other than a simple interest in what might have been a hobby.  “I’d like to do it as soon as possible.  Right now wouldn’t be too soon for me, but I guess that our employer wouldn’t appreciate it,” she said softly as if making certain that no one would overhear.

Spencer was still confused.  “Are you confident that you know what is involved in an audition tape?”

Kate glanced back at the doorway and then stood up in front of his desk.  She leaned over placing her palms flat on his desk and maneuvered so that he could see down the front of her blouse.  Letting him get a good long look at her generous milky white globes she answered, “I know exactly what is involved.  I could probably play games with you for several months, but I’d rather not waste time.  This afternoon I’ve been thinking about it, and my panties are so wet I’m afraid that I would leave a wet spot on a chair I sat in.”

She took a breath and continued, “Let’s just say that I’ve been a typical accountant type trying to work her way up in the financial world and missing many of the pleasures of life.  You come highly recommended as a man that knows how to show a girl a good time.  I promise to be a good student and follow my instructor’s guidance.  I see what I want, and for the first time in my life, I’m stepping forward and reaching for the gold ring.  Can you help me?”

He could only imagine that the rest of her body was as wondrous as her breasts.  Sitting quietly he let her watch him as he scanned her form until finally, he said, “I think that I can work you into the audition schedule.  And if you really want to make the tape right away we can do it Friday evening.  Are you available?”

Standing slowly Kate narrowed her eyes and smiled.  “That would be ideal for me.  Where and when?”

Spencer picked up a pen and pad, scribbled something down and handed it to her.  “That’s my address.  Can you meet me there at 7:30?”

She glanced down and nodded.  “Sure.  7:30 it is.  Is there anything special I need to bring?”

“Just remember to dress for the camera,” he answered. “I believe that you understand that I will be filming you in your clothes, partially dressed and naked. Keep in mind that your objective is to get the interest of the Directors that will be viewing your audition tape. Pick out some lingerie that is sexy, but not whorish. The clothes you wear should be simple, stylish as well as easily removed. I’ll look forward to seeing you at my place.”

She actually folded the paper with directions and stuffed it inside her bra.  “You won’t be sorry,” she said as she turned slowly and walked out of Spencer’s door making certain that he had the time to take a careful look at her ass.

After she cleared the doorway, Spencer thought to himself, “How could I have ever missed an ass as beautiful as that in this building?  I must be losing my touch.”  He stood, walked to his door so that he could watch Kate walk down the hallway.

“Damn,” he thought to himself.  He closed his door moved to his desk and placed a quick call.  When the phone was answered, he only said, “This is Spencer.  I have a new candidate and will be filming Friday night.  Please alert the directors that the DVD will be delivered to them on Saturday.”  He hung up and smiled.  Looking out the window, he said aloud, “I love my job.”


Arriving home a full two hours before his scheduled meeting with Kate on Friday, Spencer checked to make certain that his place was presentable for company.  He had lived alone for many years and done more than his share of entertaining women here.  His experience had taught him that women were always surprised to find a man’s home to be clean and tidy.  He was also of the opinion that many times they were so startled that it had an almost erotic effect on them.  Maybe it was because most men left to their own devices were complete slobs, but it always worked in his favor.

He also wondered if modern women had just learned to expect too little from their men.  But whatever the thinking, Spencer had a magnificent record with the ladies when he got them into his home.  It was masculine, but not too macho.  It was comfortable, but certainly a man’s home.

He quickly did an inventory to make certain that he had an ample supply of wine and finger foods.  White wine was chilled and ready to be served with cheese and grapes.  If Kate was a little more hot-blooded, he had red wine with cheese and crackers.

He checked to see that the bed in his studio was made and that the overhead fan was slowly turning.  Finally, a stop to check the music available for the evening.  He had a standard set-up that would run for a little more than two hours, beginning with soft and soothing and moving to music with a more ‘urgent’ beat.  Tonight was going to be the first audition tape that he had made in almost four months, and he wanted to make certain that everything was in order.

At precisely 7:30 his doorbell rang.  He opened the door and found Kate waiting and offering a big smile.  “Please come into my home,” he suggested as he stood back and let her walk inside.  As she walked into his entryway, his eyes quickly ran a survey.  She was wearing a tight skirt with heels and no stockings.  They were certainly not “hoe shoes,” but probably a 2” heel, making her appear even taller.  Her blouse was silky with the top two buttons undone.

Spencer ushered her into his living room.  “Before we go to work,” he said matter-of-factly, I always like to relax a little with a glass of wine, have something light to eat and chat a little.  Is that OK with you?”

Kate nodded her head, and Spencer noted that she appeared more nervous and a little less self-assured than she had been in his office that afternoon.  As he moved into the kitchen to pull out the things that he had already organized he turned to Kate and asked if she had any trouble finding his place.

As she began to speak, he once again began to take inventory of this lovely woman.  5’ 6” and maybe 125 pounds.  She was certainly not thin, but not an ounce of fat on her.  Her hair was curly, blonde and just a little over shoulder length.  Hair that short was probably uncommon for women her age, but after all, Kate was working in the accounting field, and she might be expected to be a little more conservative.

He determined the coloring was ‘dirty blonde’ and her eyes were big and beautifully brown.  As he checked off the boxes, he was thrilled with the brown eyes.  It was a Spencer secret that brown eyed women were always more passionate and without question had the longest and loudest orgasms.  To his mind, she was the perfect lady.  If he had gone to the “girl store” to pick out a date, he simply couldn’t have done better than Kate tonight.

“Sit down, please,” he said.  “Do you prefer red or white wine?”

“I drink both,” Kate answered, “But if I have a choice I think I’d like red tonight.”

“That’s an appropriate option,” Spencer said as he turned to open the bottle.  “Tonight we will be involved in some heated activities, and the red will increase your body temperature and get you ready.”

He handed her a glass of wine and touched his to hers.  “Here’s to good luck and a relationship that will bring you success and happiness.”  She gave him a big smile, and they both tasted the excellent cabernet sauvignon that he had selected.

After some light conversation, Spencer stood, walked into another room and returned with some papers in his hand.  He placed them in front of her before he sat down again.  Moving to sit beside her, he took her hand and said, “Kate.  I’d like to start the audition filming at 8:00.  We will be finished before 11:00.  I’ve done this a few times, so I know how long it takes.  This will be your first experience with Zander, and I hope it will be a long and happy relationship.  I have two jobs tonight.  First, I’ll take you through the requirements, and you’ll sign a contract.  Should you choose not to sign the contract, our evening will end.  Assuming that you sign, and I certainly hope you will, we will move to my studio.  Are we good so far?”

Kate only nodded.

Spencer continued.  “The papers in front of you represent a contract between you and Zander.  In essence, it says that in return for your making an audition video and spending the required amount of time with the selected Zander directors, the group will do all in its power to advance your career within our community or even beyond per your wishes.  There are 30 Zander directors.  After they have viewed your audition video, they will make arrangements to meet with you privately.  These meetings will take place over the next 90 days, and you will be expected to make any requested meeting.  Those meetings will generally take place on Friday and Saturday nights so as not in interfere with your weekly work activities.”

He turned the page and continued, “Each session with a Zander director will be scheduled for three hours.  The meetings will generally be held at a local hotel.  Your time with the director will probably include sex, but may not always.  Three of the Zander directors are female, and it is possible that they would spend the three hours with you in conversation, but between you and me, I rather doubt it.”

He took a drink of wine before saying, “There is no exchange of money in our agreement.  You simply agree to meet privately with the Zander directors.  The idea is that they will become acquainted with you and find a way to help you attain your personal and professional goals.  In signing the contract, you agree to never mention your Zander agreement or association.  You will be instructed by email as to your meetings and will be told when and where to meet the Zander director.  Before you ask I will assure you that nothing will happen in these meetings that you do not want to happen.  To a large degree, the directors will be guided by your audition video.  All of our directors are accomplished professionals and are not interested in anything that would tarnish their reputations.”

Spencer noticed that Kate was calm, but her eyes were wide with excitement.  “That’s a good thing,” he thought to himself.  “She’s already decided this is going to be a positive experience.”

“We will make your audition film tonight, and by tomorrow I will have it edited and turned into a DVD.  Tomorrow the 30 directors will receive a copy and will have reviewed it within 24 hours.  In the next 24 hours, you will receive an email from Phyllis Zander giving you instructions for at least your first meeting.  Your meeting will always begin at 8:00 and end at 11:00.  You will be scheduled to meet with each of the 30 directors if possible.  But you will only be expected to meet each of them on one occasion.  If after your 90 day period you and/or a director wanted to meet again, that would be between the two of you, but I am not aware of that happening in the five years I have worked for Zander.”

Kate leaned forward, put her hand on Spencer’s and asked, “Are you a director?”

“I am not,” Spencer answered with a smile.  “I am responsible for all auditions, so I have the opportunity to meet everyone first.  I am the first face of Zander you see, and hopefully, it’s a face that you can trust and enjoy.”

“When we met, I thought you were very handsome,” Kate said, “And I can’t tell you how excited that I am to be making the audition film with you.  I already feel comfortable.  When do we start?”

“Put your signature right here,” he said, pointing to the signature block on the contract.  Once Kate had signed the paper, he folded it saying, “Are you ready?”

“You bet!” she said standing up.

“Let’s top off our glasses, and I’ll take you to the studio,” Spencer said as he rose.  “This is going to take a while, and we’ll need some refreshment from time to time.”

With freshly filled wine glasses in hand, Spencer led Kate down a hallway to the back of his home.  At the end of the hall, he pushed open a door and allowed Kate to enter ahead of him.  There she observed what appeared to be a lovely bedroom inside a photographer’s studio.  There was a large, overstuffed chair sitting close to a large bed.  In fact, it reminded her of a hotel room she had been in last year.  It looked roomy and comfortable, except for the photographer’s lighting that was scattered around the chamber.  She also noticed that there was a bathroom at the far end of the room.  The lights were on, and it also looked warm and roomy.

Spencer took her by the hand and led her to the end of the bed.  He patted it as if instructing her to sit.  Once she was seated, his instructions began.  “Kate,” he said, “This is going to take us a little over two hours.  In that period of time, we are going to explore your sexual limits.  My job is to film you as best as I possibly can to give the best audition tape to our directors.  I will not only be filming you, but I will be your partner in everything we do.”  He pointed around the room.  “You’ll notice that there are five cameras around the room that are stationary.  They will always be filming from the time we begin until we end.  I will also use this camera,” he said pointing to a video camera mounted on a tripod.  “I have two smaller, handheld cameras that I will use for special shots.”  He stopped talking for a minute and let her take it all in.

He leaned over and took her hand saying, “This is what I want you to remember.  We are going to be having sex in every way imaginable.  You will be the star of this film from beginning to end, and it is important that you make a good impression on the directors.  So what I’m asking is that you not forget about the cameras and remember to let out your emotions.  The camera will be on your ass, your breasts and yes, there will be close-ups of your pussy, but there is nothing more important than your face.  Let the people watching your film know that you love every second.  OK?”

Once again Kate’s eyes were wide with excitement, and he had a feeling that this was going to be exceptional.

He gave some more instructions.  “When we begin, I’ll have you stand in front on the camera, and I’ll probably have you sit on the bed.  I’ll ask questions, and you’ll answer.  My questions will be mostly about sexual matters, and you should answer them honestly.  Once that part is finished we’ll move on to things that don’t require clothes.  Are you good with that?”

“Oh yes,” Kate answered sincerely.  “So you’ll be my director and co-star?” she asked with a laugh.

“Director, yes.  Co-star, no.” he laughed.  “There are parts of me that will be seen in your film, but my face isn’t one of them.”

Kate actually blushed a little at that remark.

Spencer placed Kate standing at the end of the bed and moved the camera a few feet away.  He checked the lighting and moved behind the camera.  After making the adjustments he wanted, he stood beside the camera and asked, “Ready?”

After checking her lipstick, she answered, “I think so.”

She heard a click coming from the camera and listened as Spencer spoke, “Directors of Zander.  May I introduce you to our newest candidate, Kate Sandler.”  He had the camera zoomed in on her face and slowing broadened the shot.  “Kate is a mid-level manager with a specialty in accounting.  She is currently employed with the firm of Marshall and Belding but looking to grow in new directions.”

Now Spencer turned to her and said, “Kate. You are a lovely woman, and we’re glad you could join us.  We all hope that our association will be mutually beneficial.  Why don’t you tell us about yourself?”

Kate looked into the camera and noticed that Spencer was holding a card that said, “Name – Age – hometown – interests.”  She smiled warmly and began, “I am Kate Sandler.  I am 29 years old and as mentioned am currently employed by Marshall and Belding.  I graduated from the University seven years ago and have worked for three different firms since then.  I am single and have never been married.  I was engaged once for about a year, but that didn’t work out the way my mother had hoped.  I grew up in a small town and was a bit of a tomboy.  I’m afraid that for the past two years I haven’t done much other than work.  I have a few friends here, and we sometimes attend concerts, but I’m a fan of professional football and during the season prefer to stay home and watch the games on television.”

“Thanks, Kate,” Spencer said from behind the camera.  “Let’s give the directors a chance to get a closer look at you.”  He panned back a little more so that the camera took in all of her body.  “Kate, would you please turn around slowly for the camera?”

As she turned, she noticed that behind and to the side of Spencer there was a video monitor that was displaying the view from the main camera.  She also noticed another monitor that had the pictures from the other cameras around the room.

When she completed the circle, Spencer said, “Wonderful, Kate.  Directors, I’m certain that you’ve noticed that Kate is all woman and now we’ll expand on that view.  Kate if you would please, I’d like for you to remove your blouse.”

Without hesitation, Kate began to unbutton her blouse.  When it was entirely undone and pulled from her skirt, she undid the cuffs and let the shirt slid down her back and onto the floor.  Underneath she was wearing a coral, lacy bra that showed her beautiful breasts off magnificently.  Spencer couldn’t help but think that she had chosen this bra carefully.

“Now if you would, please,” Spencer asked, “Please remove the skirt.”

While looking into the camera, Kate unzipped the skirt and let it fall beside her blouse on the floor. She stood quite still for the camera.  The panties matched the bra and perfectly complimented her skin color.

Spencer felt the first of a growing bulge in his pants as he asked, “Would you please turn around slowly for the camera?”

By the time she had made the 360, his erection was full.  “Damn,” he said under his breath.  The panties were thongs and displayed her assets to the fullest.  Truth be known, Spencer was an ass man, and he had just witnessed one of the best asses ever displayed before his eyes.  “Thank you, Kate.  Why don’t you have a seat on the end of the bed and we’ll talk a little more.”

When she seemed comfortable, Spencer said, “Kate, you’ve told us that you were engaged, so I guess we can assume that you are no longer a virgin.”

She giggled, and her eyes twinkled, “No.  I am certainly not a virgin.”

“Can you tell us when you lost your virginity?” he asked.

Kate looked upward for a few seconds and replied, “It was my senior year in high school just before Christmas.  I was with my boyfriend in my parents’ home.  They had been to a party and came home a little drunk.  My Dad pulled my mother down the hallway to their room making noises about more celebrations.  We could hear them, and it got us both turned on. We decided to try it ourselves.”

“Did you enjoy it?” Spencer asked.

“Not really,” she answered very truthfully.  “But we tried again a week later and found that it got better with practice.”

“So, have you had a lot of practice now that you are in your late 20’s?” came the question from behind the camera.

“I’ve had my share,” she said with an embarrassed smile.

“Do you mind telling me how many men you have known intimately?”

Kate didn’t hesitate and was quite obviously answering honestly, “Counting my high school boyfriend, six.”

“Are you currently intimate with anyone, man or woman?”

“No,” she answered quickly.  “Since I’ve moved here I’m afraid that I’ve worked too much to actually search for a relationship.  I’ve had a few dates since moving her, but nothing more than that.”

“So you don’t believe in casual sex?” Spencer asked.

Kate’s eyes twinkled, and she giggled.  “Now don’t make me out to be some kind of a prude.  I’m confident that if the right man walked in the door, I wouldn’t play hard to get for long, but I’m somewhat picky about people I want to snuggle with.”

“What about women?” he asked.

“What about them?” she asked back.

“Have you ever had sex with a woman?”

Another slight blush before Kate answered, “Well yes, but not since I was a freshman in college.  My roommate and I were very curious about sex, but not interested in taking on every male in the school like some of our classmates.  We explored together in the privacy of our room, but that stopped in our second year when we moved into an apartment with two other friends.  We didn’t want them to think that we were gay.”

He asked, “Would you have sex with a woman now?”

“Oh, I think so,” Kate answered.  “Women are very sexy and can be great lovers.  I think if you are both interested in mutual pleasure and nothing else, it would be great.  I’m pretty confident in my sexuality and believe that I could have sex with a woman strictly for the pleasure without being concerned that I would cross over to the other side.”

Spencer said, “Then you prefer a cock?”

“Absolutely,” she answered with a confident smile.

“OK, Kate,” he said while remaining out of sight, “I’d like for you to stand up and take off your bra and panties.”

She quickly rose and did as requested.  Once she was completely naked, she began to turn 360 without being asked.  Once again Spencer thought that his cock would rip through his trousers.  “What a body!” he said to himself.  When she completed the circle and was facing the camera, he asked, “Your breasts are exceptional, Kate.  Are they natural?”

Kate looked down and cupped each of them with her hands and looked into the camera with a smile.  “Yes, they are.  Just as natural as they can be.  Maybe someday I’ll need some help, but these are all mine.”

“I’ll say again, they are beautiful,” Spencer told her.  “Are your nipples sensitive?”

“They really are,” she answered like she was surprized he would ask.

“Have you ever had an orgasm from a man playing with them?”

This time, her blush was a little deeper.  “One time I guess that I did.  I mean, I did, but it wasn’t exactly because of a man playing with them.  The man I was engaged to put his cock between them one night and humped until he came all over them.  It got me so excited that I had an orgasm when he did.  It was just really sexy and erotic.”

“So, you like a man to pay attention to your breasts?”

Another big smile from Kate.  “Oh yes.  I love it.  I guess that I’m not different from most women in that I enjoy foreplay.”

“Are you loud when you climax?” Spencer asked.

She stood there completely naked in front of the camera and seemed to be as comfortable as if she was fully dressed and discussing banana pudding.  “I think that probably depends on my partner.  I know that I have been quite loud, but I guess that it depends on the arousal.”

“Have you had multiple orgasms?”

“Again, I think it depends on many circumstances,” she said honestly.  “I’ve had as many as three orgasms in one night, and I’ve had sex for over an hour and never had even a single orgasm.”


Spencer was getting a little uncomfortable standing behind the camera and watching this naked beauty.  He wanted to move this filmed interview along but had to calm himself.  “Kate,” he said, “I’d like for you to go to the bed and kneel down in the middle.  I have a few more questions for you from our Directors.”

Once she was on the bed, the camera and Spencer had an even better view of her excellent body.  “I notice that you have no pubic hair,” he said.  When did you decide to do that?”

Kate gave him a big smile and answered, “As soon as I was away from home.  I had wanted to shave there since I was probably 16, but my mother insisted that only ‘bad girls’ were bald.  The good news was that my pubic hair was blonde, so it was almost invisible.  But the first day I was away from home I shaved it off and have kept it that way.  I think it is very sexy and maybe, more importantly, it allows me to wear all kinds of clothes and lingerie that I couldn’t if I had a bush like my Mom’s.”

Spencer almost laughed at Kate’s honesty and freshness.  So many young women were totally phony, but Kate was very different.  “One more question,” he said.  “Before we move on to other things, please tell me if you masturbate.”

Her answer was small and perhaps a little embarrassed.  “Sure I do.”

“It seems to me that a young, sexy woman such as yourself wouldn’t need to satisfy herself,” Spencer opined.

“A sexy young lady without a partner might need some satisfaction,” she said with a significant amount of self-assurance.  “It’s probably better than jumping a stranger on the street.  Women don’t have different needs than men.”

Spencer was delighted with her answer but tried not to let her see it.  “You make a good point.  Since you’ve told us that you masturbate, give us some more information.  Where do you masturbate and how often?”

Spencer could see her eyes cut upward as if thinking before she looked back at his behind the camera and said, “To be totally honest, I wake up horny most mornings.  So it isn’t at all unusual for me to pleasure myself in the morning before I get out of bed.  It sort of wakes me up and gives me a good start to my day.”

“And other times?” Spenser asked.

“Sometimes at night when I get in bed,” she replied.  “I usually sleep naked and sometimes just slipping into the crisp sheets I get a little aroused.  And then when I’m finished I slip right off into sleep, so it’s kinda like my own personal sleeping pill.”

“When you pleasure yourself,” Spencer asked, “Do you use your fingers or do you prefer toys?”

Kate giggled again.  “It’s a combination of both.  In the morning, I’m much more likely to use my fingers because I’m just waking up and don’t want to start looking for my toys.  But at night, since I don’t have to get up I can take more time, and I’ll take the time to find something to bring me to a long, slow orgasm.”

“I know that the Directors appreciate your honesty,” Spencer said.  “Now I’d like for you to give us a demonstration of what happens in the morning when you wake up and need a little pleasure.”

Kate slipped off of the bed and turned back the covers on the large bed.  She put one pillow on top of another and slipped in between the sheets.  Then remembering that she was being filmed, the covers were tossed aside to expose her lying naked on the sheets.  She closed her eyes and let her hands move slowly up her trunk until she was holding one full breast in each hand.  Her hands slipped lightly over her breasts until even the camera could see that her nipples were hard.

She pinched them lightly before letting her right hand slowly slip down between her legs.  As her left hand continued to stroke her breast and squeeze the nipple, the fingers of her right hand moved lightly over the lips of her sex, before beginning to go inside the lips.  The camera clearly picked up when her middle finger disappeared into her folds, and it was quite obvious that her nipples became more erect.

Kate’s mouth opened just slightly as she released a sigh while Spencer and the camera watched as her finger appeared and disappeared over and over again.  After a minute, she withdrew the finger, and the camera caught that it was glistening due to being covered with her juices.  She applied the finger to her clit and began to stroke it from side to side.

For the first time since they had started, Spencer removed the camera from the tripod and used the zoom effect to bring the viewer closer to the action.  Her finger moved quickly from side to side over her clit, and the camera could clearly show her efforts.  When Spencer began to hear her breathe rapidly, he pulled the camera back so that he could show her face as well as her fingers.  In another two minutes, Kate’s mouth opened wide as she gushed a sound of pleasure.  Her finger stopped sliding over her clit and once again disappeared inside her pussy.  Her body was quite still until a couple of after-shocks ran through her.  Spencer’s camera caught it all.

He moved to the side of the bed with a smaller camera in his hand making certain to catch everything in the lens.  He sat beside the naked woman and asked, “Was that good, Kate?”

She opened her eyes just slightly and smiled.  “Oh, Hell yes,” she said.

“You liked that I was here and watched, didn’t you?”

Her eyes opened a little wider, and she said, “Yes I did.  It was exhilarating.  I was hoping that you might join me.”

Spencer gave her a smile and a wink, “As they say in the movies, your wish is my command.”

Kate watched as he got off of the bed, moved back behind the camera and then re-emerged without a shirt, but still holding the smaller camera.  He stepped to the foot of the bed, set down the camera and took both of Kate’s feet in his hands.  In one swift move, he pulled her to the edge of the bed with her ass just at the edge.

He handed the camera to her and said, “You are getting ready to have another orgasm that will be caused by my tongue and fingers.  I want you to keep the camera pointed at your face because I want to capture your expression when I make you cum again.”  With that said he dropped to his knees, opened her legs and let his tongue run over her sex and circle her clit.

Kate pointed the camera at her face and almost screamed as she felt his tongue run over her.  He was a confident bastard, stating without any question that he was going to make her cum again, but as he continued to assault her private parts, she became a believer very quickly.  While his tongue circled, licked and sucked on her tender clit, his finger slipped inside her pussy like a secret agent and was massaging her g-stop before she knew what was happening.

His movements were practiced and certain, but his noises were growls of uninhibited pleasure.  In seconds Kate was drawn up into his magic, and her mind and body were swirling.  There wasn’t any question that another orgasm was waiting and as it approached, she became aware that it would be massive.

The cymbal crashed, and the wave washed over her.  It took only minutes, and she would never know how loud she screamed or how her body convulsed as the orgasm hit her like a tidal wave.  Only the Directors who viewed the audition film would see the full impact of Spencer’s actions on this beautiful young woman.

When Kate’s eyes opened, she looked between her legs that had been opened for Spencer’s mouth only to see that he was gone.  She raised her head and was about to call out to him when he appeared from the shadows.  Now he was naked. She could see his angry looking hard cock.  She had certainly seen larger ones while watching porn, but this one was dark, hard and beautiful.  There wasn’t any question in her mind that she was about to get fucked.

Spencer stepped up to the bed and literally flipped her over from her back to her knees.  He spread her legs apart, but before impaling her with his staff, reached over, picked up the hand-held camera and handed it to her saying, “Keep the lens on your face, baby.  The Directors want to see your beautiful face.”

Seconds later she felt his stiff cock slam into her pussy.  She was so incredibly wet that it slid into her like it was small and skinny, which it was most certainly NOT.  For the next several minutes he hammered her.  The cameras picked up the video while the mics picked up the exceptional sound of his cock pounding her dripping wet pussy.

Had Kate ever seen the video, which she never would, she would have never believed the sounds of their coupling or the sounds that came from her.  When it was all over, she would have no recollection of what she had done because the entire experience was almost an out of body experience.  Her brain that always issued caution took a vacation, and her body’s needs took over.

Kate screamed as she begged for more.  She pushed Spencer down on the bed and mounted his cock, taking it as deeply as possible while rocking back and forth in reverse cowboy to the viewing camera.  She rubbed her clit and screamed again in another orgasm before trying her best to completely swallow Spencer’s cock.

Kate didn’t understand what Spencer was doing, but he certainly knew exactly what was going to happen.  He spun her around until she was lying across the foot of the bed and directly in front of the main camera.  She had no idea how long the session lasted and almost forgot she was being filmed.  He moved her from one position to the next.  She lost track of her orgasms.  She only knew that she was having the best sex of her life.

He was behind her in a spoon position when he put his mouth beside her ear.  “Listen to me, Kate.  We need a grand finale for your audition film.  I know what we need, so go with me.  Trust me, baby.  I’ll take care of you.”

Spencer stood up and pulled Kate off of the bed.  He put her on the floor on her knees with his hard, angry cock in her face.  While she gave no indication that she was aware of what she was doing, Kate looked up into Spencer’s eyes and gave him a look of understanding.  With both hands, she grasped his cock and said, “Please baby.  Cum in my mouth and let me taste you!”

The camera was on Kate’s face.  She pulled his cock into her mouth and sucked it until the camera picked up the sounds of Spencer’s soul-bending orgasm.  Anyone could see pulse after pulse of cum exploding from his cock and into her mouth.  Anyone could see the joy with which she accepted it.  And only a fool would have failed to see the body-shaking orgasm that Kate had as she sucked every ounce of his seed into her mouth.

When her body finally relaxed, the male Directors all reached for their cell phones within seconds to call the Zander secretary to book an appointment with Kate.  The three female Directors thought first of calling Spencer.  Each of them considered it for a long time before contacting the Zander secretary to book their time with Kate.  In that last one minute scene, Kate’s future was locked.  All 30 of the Zander directors would book their 3-hour appointment with this fresh young woman.  Before her 90 days was finished, she would have met each of them and left with their promise to assist in her future.

On Monday morning, Kate waited until 9:30 to open her personal email.  She looked down the list until she found:

From:  Phyllis Zander

She opened it to read:


As per your agreement, please note the following appointments –

Friday  8:00 – 11:00  with Phillip Zander

                   Meeting to be held at Westin Hotel.  Details to follow

Saturday  8:00 – 11:00  with Donald Zander

                   Instructions will be delivered by Phillip Zander

Request for Exception

                   Dora Zander has asked for a meeting on Wednesday, 19th from 8:00 – 11:00

                   Please confirm your availability.

All correspondence with Zander should be run through me.  I hope that I can be of assistance to you over the next few months.  I am here to help you in any way.



Phyllis Zander

Raggedy Ann on 03/28/2018 04:38pm
Awesome sample chapter!

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