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The Warlord's Priestess

The Dragon Warlords : Book Two

By: Megan Michaels
Published By: Megan Michaels
Copyright: Published by Megan Michaels
19 chapters / 50,991 words
Heat Level:
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Her magic spells may save Trexotera and the dragons, but can she conjure up a spell to save herself?

Thistle Tempest’s new life on Trexotera had begun with a spanking astride the hugest, black dragon she’d ever seen, and by a Warlord who not only left his mark on her backside but also upon her heart. Being a Babygirl to Daddy Artemis was a dream come true. But, she wanted more. Wanted the dragons to reveal her gifting, empowering her to change history during The Battle of the Bloodthirsty.

Artemis Shade was a formidable man—not by just his large, muscled body, but by his domineering personality also. But the day he became Thistle’s Daddy was the day he softened toward her. His need to protect her and keep her cocooned within his arms and the safety of the Castle became his goal, first and foremost. However, he couldn’t anticipate that his timid and meek babygirl would have plans of her own--a plan that would also involve the other women in the Quinn Castle. 

These strong, independent, and brave women were ingenious and would be rewarded by their planet, but would it be worth the risk to save Trexotera? Would the Warlords be able to protect them? What the women didn’t plan for, was the dire consequences from their masters.

Publisher’s Warnings: This book is only intended for those over the age of 18.
This is a steamy science fiction & fantasy romance with warlords who have features like an adult toy, unequal power dynamic, explicit spanking and sex, anal activities, humiliation, objectification, and public punishment. If any of these themes upset you, please do not purchase or read this novel.

Note: Artemis is a Daddy Dom--There are no sippy cups or coloring books, and no elements of age play, just a sweet woman who calls her lover Daddy.


Chapter One

Artemis stomped down the path toward the house, frustrated with his day. The damn dragons just wouldn’t cooperate with their training today, and at all times, just before The Battle of the Bloodthirsty. He cringed inside. What a terrible name for a battle.

A dragon war was never a good thing, but this one would be particularly difficult, and he had no doubt by the time all was said and done — they'd be victorious — but the loss and injury of dragons and warlords would be astronomical. Artemis Shade as the largest warlord, with the fiercest dragon, Onyx, felt confidence that the others didn’t always feel.

Entering the castle, he continued down the long hallway leading to the grand staircase which wounds its way to the suite of rooms in the upper levels.

Their planet, Trexotera would win—they always won battles. But if the dragons didn’t start cooperating with their training, it would make the task that much more difficult.

Artemis hoped he would find his sassy girl, Thistle Tempest, obediently waiting for him—naked. At least that’s what he had ordered her to do when he left to train the dragons. Relief flooded him again, knowing that his girl wouldn’t be in harm’s way during this battle. His babygirl would be cocooned safely within of the stone walls of their estate.

But Thistle’s twin, Satin was another story. She had come to Trexotera not long ago, marrying the Prince and Commander, Drayce Quinn. Satin’s bravery and courageousness were equal to that of any male warlord but as a woman warlord, the slender, white-haired beauty was vulnerable, and all the dragon warlords had been given direct orders by Commander Drayce to keep her safe and protected, which the warlords did to the best of their abilities.

But they all knew that if Satin decided to venture out on her own, which she had done in the last battle, there would be nothing they could do to stop her. She was a force to be reckoned with, and Drayce as her husband and commander kept her under his thumb with a sore, red backside many days.

Artemis thanked the Gods of Alpheas that he’d captured the heart and soul of the milder and more timid Tempest identical twin. He pulled the leather strip from his hair, the black hair cascading over his shoulders.

Thistle likes it this way.

He inhaled deeply, smelling Thistle’s arousal before he even opened the door to their suite. The latch quietly snicked behind him, closing the door gently.

The vision before him made him gasp.

By the Gods, I’m a lucky man. How did the evil King Alistair Tempest birth such kind, loving, and gorgeous daughters?

Thistle’s face, shrouded by the silky white strands of her hair, and it was the slight shift in her spine that let him know she heard him enter. She kept her head down, her chest rising and falling with her quick breaths but she successfully kept her nose pressed into the seam of the corner. She knelt quietly on the white carpet inscribed with the words Bad Girl—Are you sorry yet? Bent at the waist, her plump ass pushed out, and her dusky hole peeped from between her buttocks, and the sight had his penis stirring.

He pulled his cock free from the confines of his pants, stroking the length while sauntering toward her.

“Don’t move, girl.”

The pulse in her neck increased, her heart racing.

The puffy peach lips of her sex glistened with the dew of her arousal, and with his fingers he deftly eased the tight seam apart, plunging them into her sex, skating along the drenched sensitive inner tissue.

Thistle swayed her hips ever so slightly, her hot cunt clenching his digits tightly, spasming rhythmically in her march toward her orgasm.

“Don’t you dare come, girl.”

With a keening whine, she responded, “Yessss, Daddy.”

“Is that petulance I hear in your tone?” Slapping her hip harshly, he smiled watching the red bloom rise on the pristine white ass cheeks.

“N-no, Sir.”

“I should hope not, Daddy expects better behavior from his girl.” With the back of his hand, he swiped her hair from her face, swirling it over her other shoulder.

The bright blue, sapphire eyes peeped over her shoulder to stare at him, and when she noticed his smile, her face lit up smiling back at him before resting her head once again obediently on the floor. Her pink cheeks and dripping pussy betrayed her calm exterior letting him know that she was indeed aroused and ready for his cock.

Artemis pumped his fingers into her slick channel, all the while still stroking his penis with the other hand, priming his girl so when it was time, he could fuck her fast and hard, bringing them both to completion. There’d be time for soft and slow lovemaking – later. Right now? He wanted fast and hard, and he didn’t think she’d balk at his decision since she was dripping onto her bad girl rug.

Slapping her backside, he watched her bottom turn from light pink to dark pink. Jerking his fingers from the pouch of her sex, he thrust into her, bouncing off her cervix, her grunt, and moan of satisfaction spurring him on.

The pulse in his tail increased, and it brushed against his ankle, sliding around his hip seeking her slick, moist channel.

The tail was treasured by the warlords as a physical representation of the gifting rewarded to them by the dragons. The status of warlord transferred from the dragons, and usually, the tail matched the color of the beast who gave them their gifting. The length varied the same as penises but overall was long enough that it draped to their calf or ankle. Whether the tail was in the vagina or anus, once the culmination of lovemaking had ceased, the prongs hidden at the triangular end would spring forth, locking the tail into the channel to promote impregnation and enhancing the length and strength of the orgasm.

He thrust his penis into her sex, his fingers digging into the muscles on her hips while his black tail slithered into her dark channel. The girth of his tail scraping along her small puckered hole, causing him to gasp with every push into her anus.

The smacking of their flesh and the spicy scent of her cunt filled the air, and in short order, Artemis was on the brink of his ejaculation.

“Come for me, Thistle!”

“Yes, Sir!” The walls of her sex strangled him, holding his cock tightly within its clutch and with a raspy shout, Thistle came, her body stiffening, her muscles overpowering him and squeezing his tail in unison.

With a constricted growl, he thrust his cock into her, his seed filling her with every pound until he was completely spent. Momentarily he rested against her back, their sweaty bodies panting and gasping for more air, spasming with the aftershocks. The prongs in his tail locked into her sensitive, dark channel and wouldn’t release until their arousal abated. He swiveled his hips, brushing his cock against her still sensitive sex.

He placed soft kisses on the back of her neck, the small wispy hairs there tickling his nose. Wrapping his arms around her, he scooped her plump breasts into each hand, palming the hardened nipples, slapping his hips against her beautiful ass.

The prongs retracted, and they both sighed with the loss.

Easing up from Thistle, Artemis exited from both her sex and anus, scooping her sated and satisfied body from the corner. Crossing the room, he placed her gently on their bed before crawling in behind her, tucking his soft, warm girl safely against his chest, cupping and squeezing her breast in his hand, his thumb brushing softly against the still hardened nipple.

“I love you, babygirl.” Brushing light kisses on her slender neck, her natural sweet scent filled his nostrils, Artemis thanked the Gods of Alpheas for his beautiful girl. Her pale skin matched the long white hair and accentuated her cerulean blue eyes. He lightly kissed her freckled nose.

“I love you too, Daddy.”

He wasn’t sure when or how it happened, but they had fallen into her calling him Daddy, and he loved it more than any name or nickname he’d ever had before. He couldn’t imagine her calling him anything else.

“Baby, how about we get married tomorrow?”

“What?” She swiveled in his arms, her eyebrows furrowed.

“Let’s get married tomorrow. I’ll call the Ministry of Religious Affairs and inform Drayce, and we can become officially a married couple.” His heart raced, a twinge of fear that she may refuse.

She shuttered her cerulean eyes a few times, staring silently with no indication on her face as to what her response would be, adding to his unease.

Then with a bright, mischievous smile, she giggled. “Yes! I’ll gladly marry you.” She kissed him lightly and then said, “I had you going didn’t I?”

“Is that what you wanted? You wanted to upset Daddy?”

“Well, no. Not really. But…yes.” She broke into uncontrollable giggles.

“I should make you go kneel on your bad girl rug.” He pulled her close to him, her face into his chest, swatting her ass several times—hard.

“Ow! Oh, Daddy.”

“Don’t you oh, Daddy me, young lady. It’s not nice to tease your Daddy, especially when he was asking to spend the rest of his life with you!” Artemis stopped slapping her bottom, kissing her face. “Go to sleep, naughty girl. Tomorrow you’ll be my wife.”

She snuggled into his neck, and he stroked her back softly.

She said yes.

This petite beauty would become his wife tomorrow. His to have and hold for the rest of his life. She would be his babygirl, and he would be her Daddy. He vowed that he’d be the best husband he could be to her. The Gods had brought them together, and he wouldn’t risk upsetting them or the Goddess Gem for their favor.


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