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Cloven's Only Wish

The Dragon Warlords : Book Three

By: Megan Michaels
Published By: Megan Michaels
Copyright: Published by Megan Michaels
18 chapters / 51,712 words
Heat Level:
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The dragons made them warlords; the gods made them lovers.

Dragon Warlord Wish Thornheart had it all, but something was missing -- the love of a good man. A man who would understand her need for boundaries, but not hold her back--she needed to remain the brave dragon soldier she had become.

Cloven Quinn was the youngest son of the King, a warlord, and a commander. Brash, harsh, and unyielding, there were many who feared Cloven-- with good reason. But all of that changed when he fell in love with the blonde-haired beauty with the emerald green eyes. Nothing prepared him for Wish Thornheart. She softened his hard edges and brought out the sensitive and protective side of him.

Though Wish was independent, fiery, and beautiful, she was also a sexually submissive woman. For Cloven, there was only one thing that mattered to him -- that he make her his, in every way. To the most powerful warlord, he would only ever be one thing to her -- Master.

This book can be read as a standalone. Enjoyment of the novel will be enhanced by reading the previous entries in the series, but it's not necessary.

Publisher's Warnings: This book is only intended for those over the age of 18.
This is a steamy science fiction & fantasy romance with warlords who have features like an adult toy, unequal power dynamic, explicit spanking and sex, anal activities, humiliation, objectification, and public punishment. If any of these themes upset you, please do not purchase or read this novel.

 Cloven shook his head following his girl back to her cabin, her backside very red. He couldn’t believe what these three women had accomplished. It was worthy of every accolade and award that would be presented to them. Trexotera, their planet, would have parades and ceremonies acknowledging their heroism.

But it still scared the shit out of him that his girl, as well as Thistle and Satin,  had jumped right in with the plan. They flew into battle with a woman who’d never flown on her own. Who’d never been exposed to battle. How could they be so impulsive? 

Thistle had come up with her military strategy for The Battle of the Bloodthirsty and had stolen the chemical growth compound from the Planet Zelora, as well as the dragon eggs and hatchlings with the assistance of her friends. They’d killed soldiers, exterminating dozens with their guns and swords. He shivered thinking about how close it could have been that they lost them without back-up and reinforcements of the dragon warlords.

Once Cloven discovered what they had done, he’d alerted the husbands of the other two women, and all of the men had assisted them with the escape—safely. But once they’d arrived back on the Planet Trexotera, their asses belonged to their men. And the consequences were more than they’d anticipated, he had no doubt.

Now that their comeuppance was completed, and many tears shed, each of the men had taken their girl to their sleeping quarters to comfort her, reinforcing their undying love, as well as fucking them senseless. Cloven knew his cock had been hard as steel for hours, and he could barely wait to plunge into her soft, warm cunt.

Once exiting the barn, Cloven had forced Wish to walk in front of him back to her cabin; her tail draped down over her freshly spanked ass. He knew she wanted to be carried like Satin and Thistle, but there would be time to coddle her later. He wanted to press the point of severe discipline a little further. . . now that they had privacy.

“Keep walking; I want to watch that plump ass wobble. It’s so gorgeous all red with bright stripes running horizontally on it, and your purple tail in beautiful contrast. It is just. . . Stunning. I wish you could see it the way I do, girl. It’s fucking amazing.”

As he could have predicted, she stopped mid-step, stomping her foot in the hard dirt before continuing to her cabin.

“Oh fuck, I should probably spank your ass for that bit of temper, but the way it makes the cheeks wobble. Will you do that again for me? Fuck, my penis is killing me.”

 This time when she stopped, she stood in place, her hands fisted at her side, shivering and shaking with pure, unadulterated anger.

Now that’s a temper!

Cloven charged up to her, wrapping his arm around her waist, bracing her with his left leg and hip, before he proceeded to hand spank the living hell out of her ass. “I’ll blister this little backside all day if we need to, Wish. I’ll not tolerate you behaving like a child. You’re a grown woman, act like it!” He then let loose with a flurry of swats that had her dancing in spot, her body crying but no sound coming because the pain had stolen her breath.

He continued to march up and down her rump, focusing the next set of swats on her sit spots and thighs. Her little ass had gone past red and was looking more than sore. Cloven couldn’t remember the last time he’d run across someone with such a temper or sass.

“Oh!  Oh, God. It hurts so bad!”

“It’s supposed to hurt, bad girl.” He pulled her to his chest, tucking her under his arm, he walked with her to the cabin, opening the door, he led her to the bathroom and began to draw her a bubble bath.

“Are you upset, C-Cloven?  Are you going to leave me?”

“What?  Why would I leave you?  No, not in the least.”  He kissed her deeply, his tongue delving into her mouth, and he cupped the back of her head, his other hand lightly grasping her throat.

“You’re my one and only, Wish, I’d never let you go. You’re kind of stuck with me forever, girl. You can take responsibility for your temper on the way home, but spanking you cleared the record. It’s all over.”

He tested the water, assuring it was just a bit above his body temperature, and the bubbles filled the whole of the tub. It was perfect. He helped her into the tub with a hand to cup her bottom and the other holding her hand, keeping her balance.

“It’s going to sting a bit on your sore bottom, baby. It’s the price naughty girls have to pay for temper tantrums—and you’ve had a few of them today.”

She hissed, dipping just a bit of her ass into the water, tears filling her eyes and then with a determination he’d grown to love, she took a deep breath and sat in the water, pushing down any reaction to the soreness in her backside.

 “There, the water will make this better. Just relax in the bubbles, while I get your jammies. I’ll wash your hair when I come back.” He pointed his finger at her from the doorway. “Behave.”

She pouted at him and he had to admit to himself, her cuteness tugged at him in a way no other woman had ever done before.

Walking into her bedroom, which looked like a small bomb went off in it, he shook his head. The woman needed discipline, in many areas of her life. He opened a drawer in her dresser, pulling out a sexy two-piece set of pajamas—pale pink with shorts and a top with the appliqué of a kitten on the back.

He walked back into the bathroom to find her sleeping with her head tilted back on the rounded side of the tub.

She’s sweet like this.

Placing her clothes on the counter, he opened a cupboard looking for a washcloth and shampoo.

“In the cupboard, the third shelf, there’s a bottle of blue shampoo. That’s the one.”

“So, you’re still awake.”

Kneeling at the tub, just behind her, Cloven nudged her to sit up and with a large cup he had found on the edge of the tub, he poured the warm water over her hair several times, drenching it completely. Applying a generous amount of shampoo to his hand, he lathered it into her hair, massaging her scalp gently.

Wish sighed, obviously pleased. He continued with the massage until her breathing steadied once again, and he wondered if she’d fallen asleep.

He filled the container again, rinsing her hair completely, and once satisfied there was no soap, he squeezed the water out, letting the makeshift ponytail drape down her back.

“Stand up, and I’ll wash you.”

“I can do that myself; you can leave.”  With a bent wrist, she flicked toward him, motioning for him to leave the bathroom.

“Nope, I said I’d give you a bath and washing you is part of that.”  He grabbed the soap and lathering both hands he squatted at the tub patiently waiting for her compliance.

He shook his head, the damnable girl just dug her heels in whenever the mood struck her, forcing him to assert his authority. Discovering that she would once again be obstinate, he said, “Is this how you would like to proceed, Wish?”

“I can really do this myself, you know.”

“Yes, I know. But you also know I can paddle your ass again today, right?”

“You wouldn’t, would you?  I mean after the last time…” She nibbled her lip, looking at him cautiously.

“Don’t push me. Now, stand up.”  He quirked an eyebrow at her, hoping his stern expression would force her to obey him.

With a disgusted sigh, she stood up, bubbles and water sluicing down her slender, petite body. She wasn’t any bigger than most teenagers on their planet, and he liked the feeling of protectiveness he had toward her. It shocked him because it wasn’t something he’d ever felt before.

He started with her legs and then worked his way up to her pussy, slipping his fingers into her sex to wash, doing his best to not portray any sexuality with the act, wanting her to feel coddled and cared for with the bath, not thinking he used it as a means to have sex.

Her cheeks flushed with embarrassment when he washed her anus and bottom, being careful to not rub too hard on her abraded skin.

He stood, lathering his hands again and washing her belly, back, and breasts before washing her arms and neck. Grabbing the cup and filling it, he rinsed the soap from her, watching the water slide over her body and breasts, dripping from her sex and down her legs.

His cock ached, and he swore he was ready to lose control, but reminded himself he was doing this for his girl, not for himself. There would be time for sex later.

“There. Now there’s no evidence of our terrible dragon battle.” He glared at her and liked that she dropped her eyes in deference. “No evidence of the battle and you’re nice and clean, just a very sore backside.”

“I’m sorry.”  She barely whispered the words.

“Sweetie, you took your consequences bravely. You were such a good girl. It’s over. However, I’m more concerned about the level of temper tantrums  you have, which you can control and don’t.” He narrowed his gaze at her.

Wish dropped her head again, nodding quietly.

Tilting her chin up with his forefinger he said, “I’ll spank you whenever and wherever it is necessary. We’re done now. Hold my hand and step out of the tub. I’ll dry you off.”

She put her tiny hand into his large one, and he helped her step onto a waiting towel, while he used a soft white towel to dry her off. He probably spent more time drying her breasts than necessary. But he needed to dry around the nipple, over and under, lifting the hefty globes to assure no moisture was left under the generous breasts.

But it was when he focused on her pussy that his sexual restraint fell apart. His fingers and the towel dried the seam of her sex, dipping between the labia to soak up any water left in the creases.

Wish’s hips thrust with her arousal and from that point on, he knew she was as hungry for him as he was for her.

Cloven straightened, scooping his girl up into his arms, and carried her to the bedroom 

“On your knees, head down on the towel.”

She scrambled up onto the bed and to the white towel, lifting her ass up and resting her head on her arms.

The redness of her ass probably should have upset him, but knowing the disobedience and defiance that had caused the severe discipline, as well as her most recent temper tantrum, he felt a sincere satisfaction that a harsh lesson had been learned by her today.

Viewing the marks of the quirt, the knowledge that it was ultimately his care and protectiveness for her well-being and safety that caused the thrashing, his thoroughness filled him with pride.

There was a sense of accomplishment, and he was cognizant of the fact she’d exhibit behavior that was much more reserved and obedient, and maybe she’d even be a little hesitant about putting herself at risk again.

As a Dom, her Commander and Master, it was his goal to bring her to the highest level of character (and career) he could coax from her, and sometimes that would manifest as a very discolored and sore backside.

So be it. It was necessary. He didn’t wimp out or pale when faced with the task of administering severe or harsh discipline for his girl.

He understood the gravity and risk of being permissive. He would never put his submissive in a position of being hurt because he was afraid to leave marks on her ass.

“Widen your stance.”

She spread her legs, her pussy peeping from between her thighs, the plump pink lips, warm and moist from her bath, dripping with her need.

“I’m not feeling gentle tonight, Wish. This fucking will be fast, and with your ass looking like this and knowing your personality, I’m assuming you’ll be going off like a rocket as well.”

“Yes, Master.”

Her anus winked her arousal and the clenching of her sex, affecting the sphincter.

Yep, she’s ready to come before I even touch her or enter her.

Unbuttoning his pants, dropping both his pants and drawers to his ankles, releasing his tail and cock, the cool air in the room brushing along the hot appendages, had him dripping.

Kneeling behind her he lined up perfectly with her, and with one hard thrust, he impaled her, his cock bouncing off the mouth of her womb.

She pressed back, gasping when her sensitive bottom bumped harshly against his body. She eased back softly, a little more hesitantly.

His tail slithered up her ass, and Wish moaned again, her ass pulsating, the entrance opening and closing rhythmically. The tail filled the little hole to overcapacity and plunged, burrowing its way into her tunnel.

“Oh, by the gods!”

Cloven pistoned into her, his soft belly slapping into her ass, the sounds of sex filling her cabin as well as the natural scent of her cunt. Her soft, slick walls cocooned his penis in warmth and arousal, and he skated along the sensitive areas, increasing her arousal exponentially.

With every thrust of either his tail or cock, she moaned and gasped, the rhythm increasing, and with little warning, he had just enough time to yell, “I’m coming, Wish.”

He spurted his seed into her, and the warmth of his come spurred her orgasm and stiffening, clamping down on his appendages until he swore he saw stars, she screeched with her release.

Wish rose up onto her hands, and she rocked on her hands and knees, milking him mercilessly.

The snap of the points under the head of his tail, punched into her bowel, locking him into her.

Wish shivered, her body trembling and quaking with the remnants of her orgasm as well as the burning pain of the pronged tail.

“Such a good girl. I love you, Wish.”

“I love you too, Cloven.”

He bit along the area between her neck and shoulder, loving the softness of the muscled area.

His tail released and slipped from her, as did his penis. Rising he chuckled, “Well, it looks like we’ll be bathing again, except this time, I’ll join you.

Helping her up, he assisted her to the bathroom, placing her on the covered toilet to rest, which he emptied the water from the previous bath, refilling it with warm water. Dipping his fingers into the water, it was pleasantly just above his body temperature. Nodding his head, he shook the water from his hand and grasping her much smaller hand in his, he pulled her to stand, cupping her backside he assisted her into the water.

His cock was already hard, bobbing in front of him, and he chuckled when her eyes widened at the length. He climbed in behind her, cuddling and caring for his girl.


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