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His Filly

The Society : Book Two

By: Vonna Harper
Published By: Unrestrained Publishing
Copyright: Published by Unrestrained Publishing
43,000 words / 11 chapters
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Vonna Harper is an Amazon top 100 erotic romance writer.

Still haunted by her mother’s violent death, Kali agrees to work for Boden, a wealthy and powerful Elite. As an Other, Kali knows her place within the Society. She understands its rules and what she must do in order to support herself. What she won’t do is risk the well-being of the race horses Boden owns. If putting them before Boden’s commanding nature puts her on a collision course with the man, she’ll live with the consequences which include physical correction applied via his strong hand.

New to the racing world but not to being in charge, Boden doesn’t question his decision to discipline the headstrong young woman. He demands obedience from his employees and won’t allow confrontation. Her training begins the first day they’re together with a harsh lesson she won’t soon forget. The lessons will continue for as long as he believes she needs them. Besides, having access to her vulnerable and lovely backside is a true perk of being an Elite. He has every right to order her to pull down her jeans exposing her naked ass and drape herself over his lap. She shudders with every blow, moans when his hands slide between her legs. She can't stop him, can only submit. Experience. Want. More than once.

His Filly includes spankings and intense sexual scenes. If you’re uncomfortable with such material, please don’t buy this book.

Chapter One


“Don’t tie her legs together. She needs to be able to spread them if she’s going to support his weight.”

“If I want your advice, I’ll ask for it. And so there’s no doubt, I never will. I know what the hell I’m doing.”

“No, you don’t.”

As Boden Hunt listened to the argument between his fellow Elite member and the striking young woman, he figured it would only be a matter of moments before Garrison threatened to turn her over his knee. Members of the Other class didn’t disagree with an Elite, not if they wanted to continue to have roofs over their heads.

Garrison slammed his drink on the patio table between the two men and surged to his feet. “Bring the damn stud into the paddock. I’ll take care of everything else.”

As Boden grabbed the whiskey glass to keep it from tipping over, he wondered if the slender, long haired woman knew Garrison was half drunk. He wouldn’t be surprised if Garrison fired her on the spot and only consider the consequences once she was gone. Expert horse people were hard come by. Judging by what he’d observed in the short amount of time he’d been watching her, she knew what the hell she was doing.

“The stud’s staying in the barn until the mare’s ready,” she said. “This is her first breeding. Her muscles are still developing which means she’ll have a hard time handling the stud’s weight.”

Instead of storming off the deck where he and Boden were sitting in preparation for watching several thoroughbred mares get serviced, Garrison gripped the railing and glared down at her. Whoever had designed Garrison’s stables had placed a small corral at the back of the massive house so the owner could keep an eye on much of the operation without having to get his shoes dirty.

Boden wouldn’t have accepted the short-tempered older man’s invitation if he hadn’t wanted to see how Garrison ran his operation. Boden didn’t back down from confrontations, but the way he saw it, it wouldn’t hurt Garrison to let his employee explain why she’d said what she had. His sister had warned him to keep as much distance as possible from Garrison. He’d have to let her know he now got why she’d said what she had.

“What do you want me to do Mr. Thornton?” the teenager holding the rope leading to the agitated mare’s halter asked. He held up several lengths of leather strapping.

Garrison stared at the kid. “Do I know you?”

“Yes sir. You hired me last week.”

“Did I? Do you know what you’re doing?”

“Not really.” The teenager stared at the ground. “I thought I’d be getting foals used to being handled. I’ve never been near a stud with his mind on fucking.”

Boden had watched a handful of breedings back when his sister had managed the stables he’d recently assumed responsibility for so had a pretty good idea what to expect, a wild-eyed excited stallion with a long, rigid cock.     

“When we’re talking about horses, it’s called covering not fucking,” the young woman said.   

“Whatever.” The boy shrugged. “The way the studs are acting today, I don’t want to get anywhere near them.” He indicated a nearby barn.

“Shit,” Garrison muttered. “I swear it’s impossible to get decent help anymore. If I was in charge of the Society, I’d put an end to all random procreation among the Others. It’s getting so there isn’t a brain cell left in them.”

Boden had no interest in responding to Garrison’s comment. Neither of them had any political pull or aspiration. If selective breeding of humans ever became reality, only the Society’s leaders would enforce the law. He was here to get a couple of his mares pregnant, not dive into political waters. He wanted nothing to do with that.

The young woman had been studying Garrison. Now she took the leather strips from the boy and fastened the end of one to the mare’s right front leg.

“What the hell are you doing?” Garrison demanded.

She barely glanced at him. “Making sure the mare doesn’t kick your stud. Also I want her to be able to plant her hind legs so she won’t get knocked to the ground.”

To Boden’s surprise, Garrison didn’t say anything. Instead he sat back down and took a healthy swig of his drink. Boden, who was on his second and last drink of the day, felt the liquor in his system, but it wasn’t enough to hamper his thinking. One thing, the booze-fueled heat filling his veins had increased his interest in the woman. She’d tied one back leg to the front on the same side and was starting to do the same on the mare’s opposite side. Every move she made was both graceful and sexy. Her black shoulder-blade length hair stroked her shoulders like a lover. Despite her slight build, her breasts were clearly visible beneath her oversized t-shirt. Worn jeans caressed a made-for-spanking ass and drew his attention to her long, lean legs. If she was aware of her effect on men she gave no indication. That was probably because as an Other she knew her place. An Elite could go after an Other, not the other way around.

“Now it’s all right to bring in the stud,” she said as she straightened. “Jeff, are you okay with keeping the mare in place while I get him?”

“Hey,” Garrison spluttered. “Who the hell put you in charge?”

“I’m just clarifying what needs to be done.”

Boden had to hand it to her. He couldn’t remember ever hearing an Other talk like that to their better no matter what the situation. Decades ago, he’d been told, things had been different without a clear demarcation of power and responsibility between the classes, but he rarely concerned himself with the past. Maybe she was a throwback to that time.

“Where’s my stud handler?” Garrison asked. “Hell, I can’t remember the last time I saw him.”

“He’s still healing from the ribs he broke when he got thrown. That’s why I’m here, remember?”

“Yeah? And you’re saying you can handle my stallions?”


Up until now she’d sounded confident, even impatient. Something different had made its way into her last comment, sadness maybe. His interest in her increased.

“Maybe. Maybe not. One thing—“Garrison jabbed a finger at her. “If anything happens to either my stud or the mare it’s on you. You’ll be sorry you ever came knocking on my door.”

“I didn’t knock. Your foreman recommended me.”

Garrison shot a puzzled look Boden’s way. Judging by the man’s wide-eyed stare, Boden surmised Garrison had started drinking a while ago.  

“Wait a minute,” Boden said as she spun on her heels. “You’re saying you can manage the studs on your own. I looked in on them when I first got here. The black one goes what, eighteen hands?”

“Almost that.”

She’d angled her body toward him. She was far enough away that he couldn’t see the color of her large eyes. He’d bet any amount of money her coloring wasn’t just the result of countless hours spent in the sun. He wouldn’t be surprised if every part of her, breasts and ass included, was darker than him. She wasn’t much over a hundred pounds, but her hands were larger than he expected and her shoulders were broad. Not that he was a pro when it came to the race horse world, but she might make a decent jockey.

“What about it?” he asked Garrison. “Are you using the black today?”

“It’s on the board.” Garrison shrugged and waved a hand in the general direction of the barn holding the breeding stallions. Judging by the snorts and whinnies, the studs knew at least one mare in estrous was on the property.

“The black, his name is Midnight Two, is slotted to cover this mare,” the woman said. “I don’t know who made that decision, but it’s a bad one. The foal will probably be too big for an easy birth.”  

“Which is none of your concern. Just do your damn job. What you need is a lot of bringing down.”

“And what you need,” she countered, “is someone to handle the breeding operation until George’s ribs heal. That’s me.”

“Damn you. You’re fired.”

“I don’t believe you.”

“The hell…” Garrison frowned. “Now I get why you’re trying to piss me off. You’re one of those pain loving bitches. You’re thinking if you get me mad enough, I’ll go after you with a switch.”

She clenched her teeth, and her knuckles got as white as Garrison’s were. Boden understood what the other man was talking about. More to the point, he’d give a lot to know if Garrison had tagged her right. Some people got off on mixing sex with physical discomfort. The more they hurt, the better the sex felt. Pain wasn’t something he had any interest in receiving, but he had no objection to being on the delivery end of things. In fact, he’d done so more than once.

“I swear you can have her,” Garrison grumbled. “Whatever I’m paying her, I’ll give you double to take this bitch off my hands.”

“I agreed to room and board,” she said. “That’s all.”

Her admission snagged even more of Boden’s attention. A place to stay and something to eat was better than nothing, but he didn’t get why she hadn’t held out for a salary. Maybe Garrison had insisted she had to first prove herself.

“Let me watch her work,” he told the other man. “Then I’ll decide whether I might have a use for her.”

“Maybe I don’t want anything to do with you,” she said.

Damn but the woman didn’t know her place. If they were at his stables, he’d have already started her education—beginning with baring her ass and turning it a bright shade of red.

“What you do or don’t want is beyond the point,” he said. “Someone who has to barter for a place to sleep isn’t a position to make demands.”

She shut then opened her eyes. He guessed her intention had been to shutter her emotions, but she hadn’t done a good job. Despite her continued defiance, he’d spotted a touch of fear. She was far from the only Other to ever feel that way, with good reason.

“How about we get this going,” he said. “I have two mares ready to get knocked up. Standing here arguing isn’t going to get the job done.”

She didn’t bother to respond, just nodded before heading toward the barn. The way the teenager stared after her had Boden thinking the boy would have a hard time sleeping tonight. Boden had no regrets about leaving his teen years behind. His fast paced and sometimes high stress life was easier to handle now that he wasn’t thinking about sex all the time.

Just this afternoon.


Despite the need to stay focused, Kali Larson couldn’t stop berating herself. Her mother had always said the two of them were too much alike in that they often spoke before thinking through the consequences of their words. It was a matter of pride and self-confidence which didn’t mix well with the need to never forget one’s station in life. She was an Other, would never be anything else. No matter how proud she was of her intuition and skill where horses were concerned, those attributes didn’t necessarily pay the bills. Life would be much easier if the Society didn’t run everything and if the Elite weren’t in charge.

Unfortunately, wishing had nothing to do with reality which meant it was time to get a rope on Black Two and line him up behind the poor unsuspecting mare. From what the visitor had said, she gathered he didn’t own this mare and thus didn’t have a say in what happened to her. Hopefully he was more knowledgeable about horses than Mr. Thornton. That wouldn’t take much. For someone who’d made an unbelievable amount of money providing proven studs for the racing world’s mares, he—

Black Two squealed as she opened the half door to his stall. The stallion had been at stud long enough that he knew what was going to happen.

“Patience big boy, patience,” she soothed. “You’ll mount her soon enough. First you need to let me get you to her.”

The stallion had been rearing and kicking at the walls when she came in, but the sound of her voice was already reaching him. Muttering softly, she stood between the massive animal and the door while showing him the rope she’d taken off a hook. She’d ridden her first horse almost before she could walk, had been thrown countless times, and had stayed on the big, powerful animals’ backs much more than that. The idea of being afraid of one only rarely entered her mind. As long as she remained tapped into what was going on inside a horse, she knew what they were going to do before they did. 

“That’s right. No need to be in a rush. Take a moment to think and analyze today’s situation.” She held out her free hand. The stallion sniffed it then mouthed her fingers. “Good. I have your attention. I want to talk to you about something important. The mare out there, she’s a virgin. I need you to be gentle.” She slid closer and snapped the rope onto the halter. “Gentle might be a foreign concept to you, but I hope you can figure out what I’m talking about.”    

Black Two aimed his body at the door, prompting her to pull on the rope while swatting his shoulder. He swung his head toward her.

“Knock it off. You’re used to pushing your weight around but that isn’t going to work with me. I’m as tough as you are.” She laughed at the absurdity of what she’d just said. “Okay, the difference is I think while you—it’s like they say, you think with your cock.”

The stallion’s long erect penis put her in mind of an unnaturally thick snake. She again felt sorry for the mare. Some men saw their cocks as nature’s gift to women, but their organs came in a pathetic second to a stud’s. She wondered if men ever felt inferior when making the comparison. Too bad she didn’t know any she could ask.

“That’s better.” She rubbed where she’d swatted. “Just remember your manners. That way you and the mare will both have a good time. At least I think she will. Can’t always tell.”

The word carried her and Black Two out of the barn and into the sunlight. Even with the need to keep the horse under control the most important thing she’d do today, she couldn’t completely block off the reality of what her life would be like if she didn’t have a job. She hated having to be dependent on an Elite for so much. Her mother had tried to convince her to stop wishing things were different, but the truth was Mom had felt the same way.

Yes, they were a lot alike.

“Had been,” she whispered as she led Black Two into the corral.

The mare whinnied and flung her head, causing the teenager to nearly lose his hold on the rope.

“Can’t someone else do this?” he begged. “I really don’t know what I’m doing.”

“Just turn her so her back’s to the stud. Look at her tail. She’s ready.”

Jeff was so focused on not getting his feet stepped on he didn’t do as she’d suggested, but Kali had no doubt hormones ruled the mare. Her tail was to the side and she’d lowered her hindquarters a little, proof she was ready to allow a cock inside her.

“You remember what I said, right?” she asked Black Two as she lined the prancing stud up. Hopefully the soothing sound of her voice would keep him from ravaging the mare. “Be a gentleman.”

Black Two reared and lunged for the mare’s hindquarters. If she moved, the stallion would miss. Fortunately, she held her ground and widened her stance as Black Two settled his forelegs around her middle. His cock swung about. Kali dropped the rope, grabbed the cock, and aimed it squarely at the mare’s vagina. The stallion’s weight pushed the mare forward as Kali again claimed the rope. He started thrusting, the potent action highlighting great muscles. Black Two’s head was down, his body curled around the stoic little mare.

As many times as she’d been in such a position, the breeding shouldn’t still get to her, but it did. Her pussy twitched in anticipation of being on the receiving end of such fierce determination. She wouldn’t be forced to submit, would she? But what if she was? Ropes on her and naked because that’s what the man—not a horse—demanded. Maybe naked and available to some human male for days at a time, being punished simply because he could.

“How long does this take?” Jeff asked bringing her back to reality.                 

“Not long.” She hoped no one guessed the reason for the sweat on her upper lip and at the base of her throat. “You’re doing fine.”

“I’m not doing anything. Damn but he’s strong.”

“This is what studs live for.”

The boy didn’t reply. Before she could check on the men’s reaction, Black Two screamed while shoving his cock even deeper into the mare. His hindquarters shuddered.

“Good,” she said to no one. “Deed done.”

Black Two stepped back and dropped onto all four legs. He nipped the mare’s flank followed by looking around as if trying to figure out what he was doing here.

“That’s it?” the visitor asked. “All over?”

Knowing Black Two would soon recover and be ready for another round, she divided her attention between humans and animal. Even though the men were sitting, the visitor was obviously taller than Mr. Thornton. From what she could tell, he didn’t have any extra flesh on him. His shoulders were wide, his chest so broad she stared. She couldn’t see him below the waist. As Elites often did so there’d be no question about their position in life, he wore a dress shirt and slacks. The breeze had messed with his medium brown hair, giving him a not completely civilized appearance. The fact that the top two buttons of his shirt were unfastened helped her come to that conclusion.

He was watching her, not just watching but closely observing. She knew many of the Elites who were involved with the horse racing world, but he wasn’t familiar. She didn’t want to care about why he was here or what he might be thinking.  

“Hey Boden, what did you expect?” Mr. Thornton punched his companion’s shoulder. “Foreplay?”

“Of course not. My stable manager said two of my mares were ready. We’re shorthanded so I needed to get them here asap. Otherwise I wouldn’t have. Obviously I have more to learn about horses than I thought I did.”

“Obviously.” Mr. Thornton laughed. “Are you sure you want to take over Hunt Stables?”

“What I want and what I do aren’t always the same thing.”

She recognized the name Hunt Stables. What horse person didn’t know about one of the most successful thoroughbred operations in the country? She’d heard there’d been some management changes and had allowed herself to dream they might decide to add to their staff. However, so far she hadn’t heard of any openings. His comment about the stable being shorthanded made her wonder if she’d missed some important gossip which didn’t surprise her.

She couldn’t imagine Boden whoever he was doing anything he didn’t want to. She might be wrong, but Boden struck her as a supremely confident man. The fact that he didn’t mind admitting he wasn’t a horse expert said he had a number of skills and successes. Whoever owned Hunt Stables wouldn’t have put the operation in just anyone’s hands.

“Now what?” Boden asked.

“I want to get something clarified,” he said. “You aren’t a permanent employee of Garrison’s?”

“No sir. Just until George heals up.”

“Got it. Then what will you do? Are you on loan from another stable?”

“No sir.”

She couldn’t say how she felt about being so close to him, more off-balance than she wanted to acknowledge. His eyes were a deep, penetrating green and more intense than she was used to. Before speaking, his gaze had raked over her from her hair to her boots with pauses at her breasts, waist, hip, and thighs. He was hardly the first Elite to look at her like that. She didn’t like it, but there was nothing she could do about it.   

“In other words you don’t have a permanent job?”

Determined to keep the truth to herself so she wouldn’t risk stumbling into emotional territory, she shook her head. The stallion was getting more agitated by the second, but she knew better than to turn her back on an Elite before he’d dismissed her.

“Why not? Did you get fired somewhere?”

“I’ve never been fired. My reputation—there’s nothing wrong with it.”

“What’s this?” he demanded. “You want me to pull your background out of you? Maybe you’re playing mysterious or—never mind. You have a job to do.”

“Yes, I do.”

He frowned. “Watch that mouth of yours, young lady. It’s going to get you in trouble.” He glanced at the roan mare. “Once you’re done working for Garrison I want to talk to you, got it?”

“Yes sir.”

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