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A Captain's Discipline

By: Taryn Williams
Published By: Blushing Press
Copyright: ©2018 by Blushing Books® and Taryn Williams
9 Chapters / 32,000 words
Heat Level:
5.0 Out Of 5 (5.0 on 1)   |  Write a review

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A strict captain teaches harsh lessons…

On the colorful planet of Minos, Empresses are selected by vote after their performance in the Crown Competition. When Kylia travels from Earth to fulfill a promise she made on her grandmother's deathbed, she reluctantly becomes a Crown Competitor. The more Minister Mordin tries to convince her to abandon the competition, the more she turns to the strict Captain Mason for the training necessary to win. 

Although only Empresses, never Emperors, rule Minos, no female is ever exempt from discipline, whether Empress, Crown Competitor, or ordinary citizen. Kylia is forced to submit to Captain Mason during her training to become Empress… but will she come to love him?

Publisher’s Note: This dark, steamy sci-fi romance contains elements of power exchange.


Redrabbitt on 08/19/2018 12:40pm
Ms. Taryn Williams describes her stories as dark, intense romance wherein feisty heroines are subdued%u2014and seduced%u2014by strong, dominant, brutal heroes who invariably fall in love with them. After reading this story, that would be a fairly accurate description. Let me point out that this really isn%u2019t what I would call a romance, even in the Sci-fi realm, it is dark, full of power exchange, control, harsh discipline in the effort to train a woman, Kylia to compete and become the new Empress. There is no coddling or cuddling. It is training for a battle, one that will make or break the planet of Minos. The man in charge of her training will become her husband and the new Prime Minister. If you want a story with sunshine and roses, this isn%u2019t it.

The story is a futuristic sci-fi that will have Kylia Caine leaving Earth, having hired a private shuttle to take her to the planet Minos to fulfill a dying wish of her late Grandmom. In the process, she will learn more about her Grandmom, Livia Daniels, that she had once been the Empress of Minos, and that since 2176, for the past fifty-five years, the relations between Earth and Minos has been severed. Empress Livia will leave a letter for Kylia to deliver to Prime Minister Richard Mason, and from there the journey begins to train Kylia to become the new Empress of Minos, but she must compete for the title and is issued a Champion Trainer, Captain Gregory Mason.

The story is full of mystery, suspense, secrets, competition, deceit, and enemies. Kylia was a highly decorated Peacekeeper on Earth, and she has left it all behind to honor her late Grandmom. What she never knew was the reason her Grandmom left Minos and that she abdicated as Empress when she left and came to Earth. Kylia will be assigned Captain Mason to prepare her for the competition, and he is a very strict taskmaster who doesn%u2019t hold back in his methods. He will punish her harshly and has no leniency when doing so.

The story has the good, like Lily, the bad like those who are trying to usurp the order of Minos, and the ugly like Mordin. There is evil powers in play, those who will make false promises and have the power that they use for evil. Several lives will be in danger, evil will put spells on some, and take the life of another and in the process, make it look as if Kylia is responsible.

Kylia will compete for the Crown Competition with doubt and questions to her innocence. She will need to know the history of Minos, judge and sentence at an actual trial, win a race and then her Champion trainer will fight for her. But what happens when Captain Mason abandons her and refuses to do his duty? Will this be the end for Kylia or will she fight for herself, like she always has in life?

I will admit, I was so utterly disappointed in Captain Gregory Mason and how he didn%u2019t have trust or faith to believe in Kylia and turned his back on her, especially at a time when she needed him the most. In the end, he didn%u2019t deserve her.

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