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Bad Bride

By: Fanny Mills, Chera Zade
Published By: Redingote Reads
Copyright: Published by Redingote Reads
20,500 words / 11 chapters
Heat Level:
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Until the Masquerade at Blackmore House, voluptuous but innocent nineteen year old Lady Florentia Thorpe thought she might fancy one of her stablehands, a strong, handsome laborer who works on her estate. But, at the Masquerade, a mysterious and devilishly handsome man awakens her to her own dangerous carnality.

Her body suddenly flooding with desire, Lady Florentia is left confused by the encounter. Her entire life, she had been taught to be good, but the Masquerader has taught her something else. Confronting passions she never wished for and cannot properly indulge, she finds herself hating the Masquerader just as much as she finds herself lusting after him.
Returning to her home in the country, Lady Florentia assumes she will never again cross paths with the Masquerader, until her parents receive a letter from him. A letter in which the Masquerader asks her father's permission for marriage.
Faced with an engagement to a man she distrusts as much as she desires, Lady Florentia decides to rob the Masquerader of his victory, intending to bestow her first gifts on her loyal stablehand.

Lady Florentia just never expected to get caught by her new fiancé.

Faced with two strong men, neither happy to discover the existence of a rival, what is this bad bride to do?

Two men. One lady.

And will one afternoon be enough?

Expect discipline. For Mature readers only.

Chapter 1


A Masquerade. The very word had sent a thrill through Lady Florentia Thorpe's body when her Great-Aunt Agatha showed her their invitation. It was to be her last event of the Season, her last chance for some excitement before she went back home to her family.

The Season had proven to be far less interesting than she had hoped. At each event that Great-Aunt Agatha brought her to, she was surrounded by other young ladies eager to secure a prominent husband. They would giggle and simper and flirt, all trying to catch the eye of an eligible aristocrat.

Lady Florentia found the behavior of the other ladies to be particularly embarrassing, given that the gentleman in Great-Aunt Agatha's social circle were all quite, quite old. Far older than her own parents. If she were to marry, she wouldn’t want a husband who walked hunched over on a cane, she would want someone strong and virile.

"Oh, you will enjoy the Masquerade, dear girl,” Great-Aunt Agatha said with a cackle, interrupting Florentia's thoughts. “It is the best part of the Season- held every year by a dear old friend of mine. My, but Lord Blackmore was quite the reprobate in his day!"

"A rake? You are taking me to the home of a rake?"  Florentia asked, raising her eyebrows. One could never wed a rake, of course, but what a prospect for an adventure!

"At four score, Lord Blackmore is hardly the rascal he once was. But there should be some youngsters there."

Florentia nodded, although she was unsure exactly what Great-Aunt Agatha considered a youngster, as her aged relative was getting rather close to four score herself.

“Great-Aunt Agatha, I must say it sounds intriguing, but I'm afraid my parents would never--"

"Afraid they won't approve? Well, we don't have to tell them. A young thing like you ought to be able to kick up her heels once in a while. But," she said with another cackle, "you might be amused to know that I took your mother there as well when I chaperoned her for her first Season. My memory isn't quite what it once was, but I'm fairly certain Blackmore's Masquerade is where your mother met your father."

“But that is impossible!” Florentia said, unable to imagine either of her parents, both terribly respectable, attending anything as risque as a masquerade. And certainly not a masquerade held by a known rake, however much older he might be.

Great-Aunt Agatha shrugged. “But then again you are an only child. I'm getting on in years, and it is hard to remember one debutante from the next. Perhaps I have confused your mother with her younger sister Lavinia? Your Aunt Lavinia is the one with seven children, is she not?”

“Great-Aunt Agatha, you cannot mean that there is any connection between meeting one's spouse at a Masquerade and the number of children one has!”

But Great-Aunt Agatha merely gave her an odd smile. “I'm afraid I promised your mother that I wouldn't discuss anything of that nature with you. A shame really. I'm certain your Aunt Lavinia would not be nearly as prudish.”


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