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Her Cups Runneth Over: A Frothy, Tasty Tale

By: Fanny Mills, Chera Zade
Published By: Redingote Reads
Copyright: Published by Redingote Reads
22,500 words / 18 chapters
Heat Level:
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Briella is a smart, curious innocent nineteen year old apprentice witch, learning magic under Zarcan, the greatest wizard in the kingdom.

With a bright future ahead of her, Briella ought to be happier. Unfortunately, living and working side by side in a remote cottage with such a handsome and imposing wizard only serves to remind her that her plain looks hold no appeal for him.

But when Zarcan leaves for a few days to visit the ailing King, Briella sees an opportunity to engage in a special experiment. With her spell book in hand, her wand and cauldron at the ready, Briella is ready to transform herself into Zarcan’s fantasy woman.

Maybe Briella should have stuck to the written spell- those rare, extra ingredients she decided to add to her cauldron just might enhance her figure to the point where she is overflowing!

Will Zarcan find out? And if he does, what will her stern instructor have to say about engaging in unsupervised, experimental magic? The last time Briella experimented with magic behind Zarcan’s back, she wound up over his lap, getting a lot more than just a sound lecture...

Can Briella convince Zarcan to relieve her from her excessive plight?

And once he gets a taste of the naughty witch, will he want to make her his?

Expect discipline. For Mature readers.

Chapter 1

Briella woke early to the sound of rustling in Zarcan’s study.

Entering the room, she watched with surprise as the powerful, imposing wizard stacked books on top of his desk.

“I have just received word by Royal falcon. The King is feeling poorly, and the Royal physician suspects it is due to an enchantment.”

She nodded. “One you can undo?”

He snorted. “Some respect you have for me, girl.”

“When do we leave for the castle?”

“We? I leave within the quarter hour. You think I would have you attend to the King?”

“Surely, in a dire situation, I could be of great service. Have I not been exceeding your expectations in my studies?”

He harrumphed. “There is a significant difference between being an impressive apprentice and a full fledged witch. I could not possibly let an Apprentice attend to the King.”

“If I am not going with you to the castle, then—”

“You will stay here and work on your studies. You have gotten behind on your reading.” He gestured to the books on his desk. “I expect to be gone about a week. More than enough time for you to finish these.”

She looked glumly at the large stack of thick, dusty books. She doubted they had been opened since Zarcan was a young wizard.

“I can’t read those,” she groaned.

He gave her a sharp look. “You are fortunate in your literacy, and certainly capable of it.”

“But how will I be able to read all of those books and work on my spells?”

“You won’t. I shouldn’t have to remind you, that you are not allowed to work on any spells unless you are under my direct supervision. You will not touch your wand in my absence, unless it is an emergency situation. Not that I expect such a problem to arise- although you will be alone, you will be protected. The entire cottage will be under a protective cloaking spell- no one else will be able to find it in my absence.”

“No spells for an entire week, or longer? When I’ve made so much progress on my brewing? This will be too much of a setback. Surely, you can arrange to have another wizard supervise me—”

Zarcan shook his head. “Until I know more about the King’s condition, I cannot be certain who cast the spell. I could not have a potentially traitorous wizard inside my home.”

“But surely, some of your oldest wizard friends—”

He shook his head. “Under such circumstances, I could not trust even my closest friends. You will do as I have instructed, without further questions, Briella. I have been more than fair in listening to you, but time grows short, and you are becoming impertinent.”

She grumbled under her breath.

“Time grows short, but that does not mean that I will indulge any surliness. Some problems can be solved in only a matter of minutes. Do I need to sit you down and give you a sound lecture before I leave?”

Briella gulped. She appreciated that he let her speak her mind, but she had gone too far. “I’m sorry. sir. I will be a good witch,” she said. “I will read the books.”

He cupped her chin. “Good. And no spells?”

“No spells,” she said, twisting her fingers behind her back until they crossed.

“Good,” he said. “I’d hate to have to worry about a magical accident taking place.”

“But I haven’t sir, not since—”

“Yes, and we both know why. That experimental spell you were working on behind my back nearly killed you. And,” he said, “if that wasn’t a powerful enough lesson, I should hope the stern lecture you received afterward cured you of such impulsive and disobedient behavior.”

“Yes, sir,” she said, her hand instinctively rubbing the back of her dress. What he referred to as a stern lecture had been far more than just a talking to- his lecture having been delivered while she was over his knee, his words punctuated by the snap of his belt. It had taken several days after his stern lecture before she could sit comfortably again.

“Good,” he said. “Do not be tempted to engage in any magic in my absence. If you do, I will find out about it, and I will not be pleased. And if I am displeased, your backside will wind up even more displeased.”

“Yes, sir,” she said, her fingers still crossed behind her back.

And with that, he took his leave of the cottage, leaving her alone with a stack of terribly boring looking books.

She had not meant to be naughty, she had meant to be obedient. But she could not sincerely promise to abstain from magic while he was gone. She knew that it pleased him to be obedient, but he was asking too much from her. One week without magic might not matter to Zarcan, who was nearly twice her age, but she was a nineteen year old apprentice witch, and a week without any magic was far, far too long.

And besides, she was far more capable than he gave her credit for. Notwithstanding that unfortunate and nearly fatal accident, she had been secretly and safely practicing her own magic spells for the entire six months in which she had been his apprentice.

If he had not discovered her other magical experiments during the six months in which she had lived and worked in his cottage, she did not believe that he was likely to discover any experiments that she decided to engage in while he was away. She would be exceedingly careful, and what he did not know, would not hurt him.

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