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Bella Bryce

Bella Bryce

Bella Bryce is a Top 100 Amazon bestselling novellist of literary fiction in the niche market of clean, adult domestic discipline. She wrote her first screenplay at the age of thirteen, which turned into a novel when she realised she had a lot more than 20,000 words to say, but stopped writing at eighteen and didn’t pick it up again until she was 23. It didn’t work. At 26, Bella had an idea for a book and after eight weeks it was finished. She submitted to Blushing Books and her career was launched. She has since written nine books ranging from standalone novellas to 100k novels. Bella is a passionate storyteller with a need to worldbuild in great detail. She believes that when people pick up her books they should see it unfolding as a movie in their minds with memorable characters.

Aside from writing, Bella’s other favourite things are drinking good espresso (in all places at all times), international travel, playing piano and violin, cooking and putting together mismatched outfits. Bella and her husband left the UK in 2013 and moved to the mid-Atlantic region of the US where they currently reside.

Visit Bella's website at: & her Amazon page HERE.

You can also follow her on social media at:  Facebook, Instagram, & YouTube.

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